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    Yes it actually is. Should be back in ~15 minutes
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    Same on 350, huge improvement, looks like it is back to normal, thanks a lot @lilpanda
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    It's just courteous as well to free up the beaches as soon as you're able for new players coming in. Though personally I also move just to keep things interesting instead of sticking to the same beaches and flying to the same resource hills every time. This time around, I've set my starting cabin up on the top of an inland cliff, which has been pretty helpful in keeping predators out. Predators run off of the cliff, then land to get killed by the Theri I also have trapped down there and can't get rid of no matter how many predators drop on it.
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    Played Valguero and absolutely love it. Like Ragnarok, but prettier and not laggy. Built a stone house and garage, parked Berries (parasaur) in it. Had a Ptera fly into our house, so I closed the door and tamed it!
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    Let me know how the move works for you guys. Should see a big boost in performance
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    Out of the ordinary for unofficial without thousands of people to trade with, yeah. Those arent ordinary stats,years of mutation stacking hehe Congrats on the nice rexs though
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    SP, "Ultimate Ark" - The Island A very busy and productive day today. I had debated checking out Valguero but Syntac started a new series on it so I can watch that while doing my best to catch up to him. Obviously having finished The Island map already, he's very, very far ahead of me. But the advantage I have, besides UA being off for 2 weeks, is that I don't have an audience to pander to. He is definitely a good player but he has to play to his audience and that means a lot of wasted time on screen. At least from my observations. Started off at level 30, obviously I want to get airborne as soon as possible so Bull farmed up tons of berries and we mass crafted narcotics. I also pre-fabricated an argent trap, then built a small taming pen up the beach, away from the sarco spawn point. Don't need a dinocroc sneaking up on me while I'm trying to tame, after all. As soon as I hit 38 I crafted a ptera saddle and went hunting for one--got lucky, there was a 110 not too far up the coast from me. This is why I tamed an icthyornis. I KO'd the ptera, found a nearby dodo and used my seagull, Gulliver, to hunt it for prime meat. A nice quick tame. Then a very short trip north just into the edge of the snow to whack one crystal and make an awesome spyglass. Luckily the ptera was just high enough level to carry my taming supplies. With the spyglass acquired we were able to scout for our next target immediately--an argent. At this point I'll take basically 100+ on anything just to get started. Found a 110 on the side of the volcano. Set my trap up over the entrance to the nearby cave, lured it in, KO'd it. Killed a nearby low level argent for prime, tamed the bird up. Dropped off my supplies at the raft, stripped down to the bare minimum of gear, and had the bird follow us north to the volcano. Proceeded to fill the argent with as much metal as it could comfortable carry, then flew home. That net me a working total of about 500 ingots to play with once it's done smelting. Unfortunately, Ark is Ark. The local sarco spawn was up by the time we got back, a level 90 that started attacking Bull as soon as he rendered in. I did my best to defend him with my ptera (the almost overloaded argent was simply too slow to get in on the action), but to no avail. But he gave as good as he got. With his final moments, Bull landed the kill shot on the sarco even as he himself died. My storage boxes were one hit away from breaking. There is a fairly large unbreakable rock ridge not too far from us. After offloading the metal and collecting the sad remains of my trike, I led both ptera and argent up onto the safety of the rocks to sit for now. I parked my raft nearby, much farther away from the sarco spawn. I did scout around for a new, stronger trike, but found nothing to tame. Spoiled a bunch of meat to use up the rest of the narcoberries Bull had farmed for me. His sacrifice is not wasted. Ended my day doing some prep work for the next "episode".
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    Just for those looking for free tips and tricks, since I have well over 1k+ hours on this map (original mod version), under my belt. Disclaimer => I haven't seen the abberation section, so I can't speak of it yet. Ressources : Metal: Very common on all mountains of the centermost section of the map. Biggest spots are to be found in the triangle section starting from green OB to SE and the beginning of the redwoods SW. Obsidian: Biggest concentrations found around green OB, but can also find some scattered nodes up north (2/3) of the way towards the snow. There is also a major metal/obsidian/crystal spot up top a pillar on the SE plains. Crystal: Scattered on mountains tops, biggest spot is SE. Can also be found in decent quantities around blue & green OBs. Oil : Plenty of nodes to be mined in the main lake. Easier to find an oil vein. Two of them are very close to each other SE, north of the water. Sulfur : Can only be found in the wyvern's trench up north. Cactus Sap: Very small spots SE, north of the lake. Tree Sap : Redwoods, but you can also farm some (using a pickaxe) from some stumps on the small islands SW. Can be farmed from Extinction trees in the West. (Extinction trees, which also yields colored sap) Salt: Only 2 surface spawns to my knowledge. Both SE. CP : Beaver lake, south of the green OB. Pearls : Can be picked by hand at the blue OB. Rest are found at the bottom of large water bodies. Spawns: - Dinos tends to be higher level. Stuff above 120 is very common for all species. - Alphas are EXTREMELY common in the central mountains, as well as rexes. - Spinos are very rare, seen less than 20 over 1000 hours on my own server, which had a daily dino wipe. - Allos + ovis are found in massive quantities on the SE plains. Beware, allos can roam in packs as big as 14+. - Gigas only spawn at 2 locations. Small plain north of the green OB and NW, just past the griffin spawn. - Griffins spawn in 1 location only. NW, 2/3 of the way from green OB to blue OB. - Yutys, spawn in the tundra/extinction part as well as the snow. => West & North. - Overspawn of pteras, trikes, brontos, dodos and other crap on the SE beach. Unless they fixed it for the official release, you could see a few hundreds, if not thousand dinos in the vicinity. - Dead itchys/carbos are found SE as well. - Argentavis nests are found NW, near the snow line. Know issues: - Collisions with invisible objects are very common in the snow biome. - The spider cave (unless fixed) is pitch black no light source works there. This rendered tek un-achaivable because of the required artifacts in that cave. - Plenty of collisions issues in the second artifact room, of the swamp cave. - Overspawn of thylas in redwoods (10+ per tree is common). - Random no-fly zones in some surface areas. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you want more (key build areas, explorer notes, etc.), or more specific coordinates. Feel free to PM me. Cheers, Darkholis.
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    Pleaseee add more furniture to decorate bases!
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    Steam on Mac not updating to 297.14 So I realize I'm probably the only Ark player actually using an iMac to play, but it is what it is. Everything's going fine until the last update. Steam doesn't seem to find it. I've verified files, uninstalled and reinstalled Ark, reinstalled Steam. Nothing seems to do it. Any ideas?
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    Starting off in Ark is fun, exciting and scary all at the same time. Everything is new and you won't know how to do much until you learn about it (unless you've played it before). I'm new to the game and have been reading up and watching what I can to get up to speed and came across a couple of YouTubers worthy of mentioning so thought that I'd share it with the community: Ark: Switch Survival Guide A brilliant series on how to do just anything in Ark on your favourite portable console.
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    Update for the Linux/mac client? When can we expect the update for the Linux/Mac client? I can't join on any map. Server runs on v297.14 and my client is still on v296.101. Restarting steam or verifying game files didn't do the trick. No updates available.
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    Valguero not available for Mac Since launch yesterday, I have been trying to download Valguero on my Mac. Steam says it's downloaded, but I press play and I can't find any official servers on any map. It says my copy of the game is out of date, but Steam doesn't download anything no matter what I do. I have commented on a similar post but it has been taken down. I don't know why this topic is trying to get silenced, but it is a huge problem that they need to fix ASAP or at least be given an explanation. I'm just letting as many people as possible know before this gets taken down as well. EDIT: A moderator contacted me and spoke with an admin who got the post disappearances resolved.
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    It ain't even the fact that I payed for it, I just want to play the game that I love to grind and play for hours at a time, and the fact that we don't get updates or like any news for when it's going to be updated pisses me off a little bit, like we still give you revenue and are a population (a minority but still) like, c'mon.
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    Ragnarok Havent done much on Ark recently, been very unactive on it as I needed to step back from it for a bit. I did start up operations in our Ragnarok breeding barn which D1nk made up and started some raises. Raised 5 female rexes tonight as I appeared to have only male boss rexes ready to go. I at somepoint need to start preparations for our next attempt at the Tek cave at the weekend. Also attempted to scrape together some of my own theri colours to combine them with our boss theri stats, I wanted to get some blues into my own theris. But I ended up accidentally hatching a our next health mut so we have gone from 8k to 8.3k health. Now need to work the health into the rest of the good stats as unfortunately the mut didnt get the rest of the good stats. Opps.
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    It doesnt even affect me and I cheered reading this thread. Thank you. If you guys keep up communication like this it will go a LONG way. Screw twatter and other social media.. post here on your official forums
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    We're aware of this outage and working with our host on resolution.
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    So who wrote the stuff google searches find? Cyborgs?
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    Why are you doing another great migration? It is completely pointless given legacy is getting this new map, they also got extinction and aberration? How is it you claim they do not receive updates or support but yet you give them new content? Who ever is in charge must be BAKED.
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    I'm glad to see somebody pointing that out, I always find it funny when people brag about the ridiculous stats on official servers due to the mutation stackings and trading. There is literally no way anybody is going to get anywhere near that with a few months of mutation breeding and hunting their own wild stats. The only way you are going to find that on unofficial is if you are playing a modded rates server.
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    Both 77 and 350 should be back online now. You will have to search the server list to find them and re-favorite
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    Flexible cables gone?! Heya survivors So we noticed that the flexible cable engram no longer exists. Any chance someone has those made and is willing to trade them for some price? I really need them to make our house powered properly. We're on Official Ragnarok 210. Cheers!
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    Why is it so hard to give us solo/duo/trio servers it amazes me how there not out yet... Wont be coming back to ark intill they do. A flashy new map still wont make the game interesting it's the game modes that do.
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    Worked like a charm on my cluster server. Just copy/paste that name in the map location field and save the profile and maybe do a force update and it should work!
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    You do realize that all other breedable dinos get a taming bonus that puts their max levels at around 220 after kibble taming, I think you are really misunderstanding the point everybody is trying to make. Deinonychus are basically just raptors with a climbing ability and a really weak bleed, that is no excuse for them to start a good 70 levels shorter than a kibble tamed raptor or alllosaurus(Which can also cause bleed). The only reason Wyverns are blocked from breeding is their monsterous elemental attacks, and the deinonychus is no where near a wyverns level of danger or usefulness.
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    I have had it suggested to me that PS4 has or once had this setting already. Could any confirm our deny toys with screen shots of the options screen. Also I used to play on the Windows 10 cross platform version of the game and can't remember if I changed the setting with the console command or if it had the option there so if someone could confirm that with a screen shot to please. @complexminded aka Ced has confirmed that the Dev team are actively talking about this issue though so fingers crossed it won't be a long wait to get the fix. Make sure to share this thread with your friends and followers, that way the Devs can see it as an important fix.
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    Will the map be added for Hardcore mode servers? I noticed they were left off of the list
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    Fantastic summary on why we play legacy. The community is the whole of it. When Legacy goes away, so does Ark for our family and friends. I tried moving a legacy backup to private. The tech and support was easy. The lack of decent people influx killed it so we returned to live Legacy and love the people across 5 maps and thousands of hours. I've never seen that in private or non-Legacy.
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    Island IMO, just because of the explorer notes - start on Island on 2x & you can hit lvl 80 in under 2h on foot. Then transfer to the map of your choice.....
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    Drag his unconscious body to an allied base where they fence him in. Build a platform above the fenced in area. Bring a few Phiomias up onto the platform, facing away from the fenced area on the ledge. When he wakes up, spam feed the phiomias stimberries....
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    I have a very popular p+ pvp role play cluster center SE and ab (soon to add val) we have been up and running for 2 years. Ive experienced and am still experiencing every issue listed here just about. Like some others had mentioned here, my team has had to alter certaint recipes as well in order to get the game to function as intended. Our biggest issues i would say would be since apirl 2019 loot drops cave drops sea drops and artifacts for all unoffical p+ maps are not spawning. All abb and extinction saddles despawn when not in use. Adult dinos sometimes die at random despite nothing causing death. Our most recent bug and most heart breaking bug which lead to our oldest map needing to be wiped was center blue ob area crashing the server anytime anyone rendered in on that particular area. That bug started after june 2019 the rest have been around for years. Despite these issues 1000s of people still play P+ I know personally that Primitive+ on xbox has a passionate and thriving community with intensely dedicated players. Any attention to this game mode would be outstanding! Keep up the great work! Long live Ark!
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    PS4 - Unofficial - Easy Element Server Great news! I logged on last night, and the Ragnarok server was back online after at least 2 days offline. I was obviously relieved, and after loading up on supplies, I transferred over to the Island map, to get some dinos and supplies distributed on that map. I then spent the next 2 hours looking for a Rex on the Island. In that entire time, I found 1 low level Rex. That is all. Some idiots have completely covered Carno island in tek forcefields and tek turrets killing all wild dinos. The same tribe has random tek turrets set up in virtually every Rex/Giga spawn across the entire map. I will certainly bring this up to the ADMIN next time I see one on, as this really ruins it for everyone else. In the meantime, I will transfer over some of my Tek Rexs from RAG, so I can do boss runs on the Island. It was a short night online.
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    @ForzaProiettile Are you really just pasting the same thing about PVP servers in every single thread? It's almost like this game has multiple game modes to appeal to multiple types of players. Not everyone enjoys PVP, tribing or has time for official rates.
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    SP, "Ultimate Ark" - The Island So, I did it. I wiped my SP and started over again. Not completely though, I did make a back up of the old save. I also uploaded my cyan argent. Not going to DL him yet or anything but he is kind of my banner bird right now. Set my exp to default rate, then started fresh. Basically I'm doing the same challenge Syntac is, just without the obvious YT specific restrictions. Also still using my upped SP settings because he is doing his solo run on a server so certain things will not progress in the same way for me. Other than that, same basic rules and progression. Official story maps only, starting from The Island progressing through to Extinction map by map. 3 creatures allowed from each previous map on Extinction to start off with, but start each other map with nothing except my character and levels/Engrams. For this challenge I couldn't think of a better spot to start out than what is basically home to me. So I spawned West 3, but ended up a little bit stuck. A chalico and icthyornis flock on one side, a theri on the other. So I waited them out by doing whatever I could in my limited strand of beach. Got to level 16, made a raft and headed across to the peninsula. Tamed a trike and an icthyornis, which I will need for my preferred tames before I have access to good kibble. Tons of seagulls and my bad aim eventually pushed us inland almost to the mouth of the bay. Luckily the local sarco spawn was not up. Already out of primitive tier. Level 30 with plenty of basic supplies. And a lucky tek para find/kill to get an early jump on electronics. My plan is to start here and rebuild the Arkanus yet again. It was my original base on my first unofficial, I was there for about 1.5 years, nearly the life of the server. Situated at around 58 15, it's the two ridges above the bay, the base itself on the upper ridge. The Arkanus 1.0 was a base built in metal before S+, beavers or even frogs/the swamp existed. I built a metal base by grinding all that cementing paste out by hand. Everyone thought I was crazy. Then the giga came out and everyone was freaking out because it was PVE and no one had built proper base defenses against anything...except me, the sole survivor with a metal base on the server. Turned out to not be a big deal, but it was pretty funny watching global blow up while I was safe behind massive metal walls, just two behemoth gates. I still have a video tour of it up on my long defunct YT channel, actually. Those were the days. Arkanus 2.0 was a stone version of the base I started on a relatively fresh official before deciding it was too much grind and leaving the official life behind for good. The Arkanus 3.0 will be essentially the final, fully upgraded version of this base, completely tek and full S+ building improvements, with vastly increased knowledge and experience with the building mechanics. Obviously I won't be starting out that way, but I'll have plenty of time to smooth out the complete overhaul and redesign of this base. It had everything available at the time, but introduction of new items (like the industrial forge, yes I built a metal base without one of those either) forced numerous off the cuff layout changes that left things a bit of a mess. And I know some tek stuff like the replicator and the cloning chamber are huge, so I need to account for that in the new build. I'll also be completely redesigning the original hatchery that was also housed within my territory, in fact I'm thinking of doing 2, possibly 3 cliff platforms. And I can rebuild my spino launch ramp/dock to be a fancy shmancy elevator...honestly I'm pretty hyped up for all of this. But I probably won't do a lot of it until I'm done with the challenge run and have all of the Tekgrams and such at my disposal. For now, I've got a long way to go.
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    Need alot more balance changes than the ones you posted....
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    PvE- Get to raft level, look up locations for explorer notes. Common areas are heavily pillared or built on. If on Island, stay close to shore so a leed doesn't destroy your raft. Tame a Ptera, gather building supplies while scouting for a base further in land. PvP- Stay out of chat and get off the beach. Most servers are owned by an Alpha tribe or Mega tribe and they will kill you on site. Place little storage boxes in several places so if one gets hit, you have other stuff to get back on your feet. All modes- Don't ask for handouts. It mostly makes you a target. Finding a place to build will be hard at this stage of the game so be prepared to scout quite a few servers before you find one. Avoid legacy servers unless you can take your server being removed down the line. If you're struggling on official check the unofficial servers until you find something that fits your playstyle and time commitment. Be prepared to be very frustrated at bugs and to die often early. Learn on single player if you need to.
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    Go away....... if they would suddenly do that would definitely be the end of ark for me. Didn't waste years of work for getting wiped because some new players cannot adjust to the game. Already got backstabbed once by not keeping their word on ea servers something like this would be the end. But they got servers that get wiped each month ppl that want to have wipes could join those or buy their own private servers. And if you do not like progress of other players play singleplayer.
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    Also a no here, only been on the new servers for about 2 months (old legacy player - over 11K hours on ark), but already have enough invested that a wipe would make me question whether to keep playing. Do feel there's a place for a circa 3 month wipe cluster on PvP though - long enough to progress to tek, but not so long as to encourage mega tribes - the old 1 month wipe servers were too short a time to really get going for most players IMO.
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    Nope, I grinded/bred too much for my stuff, but you can start over
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    I dislike games like diablo or Path of Exile because of the seasons. You grind and farm for a whole season just to lose it at the end. Then you have to start all over again with the same poop. So it's a very HARD NO from me, I wouldn't like a wipe. They should remove the legecy servers and put out new servers for people who like a fresh start.
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    One other question are gigas completely nerfed for prim plus?? I havnt been able to tame a giga with over 145 melee. I’ve been taming gigas for awhile and my high lvl gigas are taming with this low lvl melee. I’m used to them taming out at around 200 melee. Also my bee hives destroyed and disappeared yesterday. I’ve had bee hives destroy before when they ran out of flowers but they usually turn back to queen bees and you go pick them back up and put them back down and place flowers in them again. This time they completely disappeared also are they only supposed to have 8 slots?? I’m used to them having a lot more slots then this it’s kinda crazy?
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    Hmm then the Forge/Beeswax must be specific to PS4. We also have 8 slots on hives for Xbox, and beeswax occasionally bugs and you have to empty the hive and reput the flowers in to reset it, but it does produce wax. But forge is working 100% on xbox, so I guess worth noting PS4 specific issue.
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    Besides my personal opinion that a teleporter makes more sense as it has the same terminal as found at an obelisk and also that the teleporter pad lays out the ring that creatures will be teleported in similar to how on an obelisk you have the outer metal ring of the obelisk foot pad as a marker for the range of the ring, you also have the transmitter taking up a sizeable chunk in the middle of the teleport circle Then how does the game calculate what goes into the boss fight, at an obelisk only things that are touching the floor go in, but at a transmitter does everything go in or things on the floor or on a ceiling or foundation? Everything males more sense there
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    maybe allow spiders to also produce silk
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    Fear evolved... Killer turkeys... Back when events were actually events not just a week of pretty things.
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    I think the Whole Debatte is still most based on the Managarmr I heard that some PVE player liked the OP loot from gacha and allso the Damage from Velos but both was completly unbalanced even for PVE they did much more damage than any other Creature befor and that on far range
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    I think this is another point where pvp and pve gameplay are different from one another. There were issues when they allowed access from transmitters before with many pvp servers. However, I also think it is another point where it would be nice to have the ability to choose if the server has the functionality through the server settings. Just because it didnt work with one specific group, doesn't mean it wouldn't work with another. I know the group on the server I admin on would love the convenience of this idea.
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    So if it was brought back, And wait are we talking teleporter or transmitter as there are different options for both, Right now you can send My Dino's around a supply drop or obelsik to a boss fight But if they had it so only the tribe that owned the structure transmitter or teleporter could access the structure to initiate the fight I fail to see where the issue lies on PvE. On PvP if you are picking up Dino's to teleport them to a boss fight then you can do that from a supply drop or obelisk. Or just drop them in an ocean or kill them so again I fail to see an issue. But if you care to try and explain more to me I'd love to hear what your concerns are with this system
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