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    2 things needing fixed on this post. I'm gonna lose my job!
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    Actually, in 2025 June 17th will be on a Tuesday. but that's a long time to wait.
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    Aberration, Singleplayer, PS4 Finally decided it was time to acquire a reaper, so I crafted a bunch of stone foundations and dino gates with the intent of permanently trapping one of I crossed a high level. Set out on my rock drake Blue Dragon. First reaper queen found is a level 10. I figure I would kill it to promote more spawns. The fight took much longer and more of my drake’s health than I would have liked, so when the next two I encountered were a level 15 and 20, I simply ran away. Then met a level 90. I thought, hey this is probably good enough for a first reaper. I get her trapped in 4 dino gates and bite away at her health. Checked her health periodically with the handy magnifying glass (first time I ever crafted or carried one of those). She gets below 5% Health, so I turn off the light, see the red glow, hop off with my Journeyman shield in hand, and slowly approach. She does nothing - no bite, no tail spin, no roar, nothing. She just stands there like a big shadow with eyes. I pull out my sword (because walking up to a large beast and wracking it point blank never ends poorly, right?). Sure enough it makes her mad and she tail spins me away. I then realize the red glow is gone. Jump back on my drake and find that health has ticked back up. I did this at least 5 more times until I was halfway through durability on my 2nd shield and broke a set of hazard gear. I then tried getting her as low on health as possible and... I killed her went back to base to fix stuff and grabbed my best rock drake Ironfist (Blue Dragon was my 2nd best and down to ~15% Health). Back in red zone I bypass 3 low level queens, and encounter a level 50. I settle and go for it. This one, though, is too squirrely and I fail to trap her. We played ring around the dino gates for a while trying to get her stuck on them - instead she hops atop some red gem nodes and gets stuck. That works. I apparently learned from my prior failure as it only took me 2 tries until I was grabbed. Some xp later I birth a 125 baby reaper king. He is a wild little thing with a face only a mother could love - must take after her. While he is growing up I will hang around base to finish raising and leveling my Megalosaurus army in preparation for Rockwell.
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    PS4 - Unofficial - Ragnarok Grinder E server Server was offline when I got home last night, so I choose a random unofficial server and joined. Well the entrance message said must join Dischord to play on the server. I'm thinking what, well I will just play for a bit and get off. Sure enough about 1.5 hours later, and admit in chat says "hey you new person, (me) you need to join Dischord to be on this server." So I logged off. screw that. Thankfully my server was back online, and I logged in. I am building a rex army for the boss battle, and over the weekend tamed a level 420 female (Mary Jane) and a Level 405 male to start the army. The max level is 450, and the male actually has much better melee damage than the female. Anyways, last night I am helping a friend tame a event yellow Griffin, when I hear a roar, and a black level 420 female starts coming at us. Luckily, I had gates already in my hot bar, and proceeded to trap and tame it up. Spark powder and gun powder are mega expensive to craft on this server, so I use tranq arrows until the very end. But with a high quality crossbow, she got pretty bloody. Cryopod her and take her back to base. I then did a crystal run and gathered up 37k in crystal, which along with 3k black pearls crafts me about 200 element. so that will keep the the geny and forcefield running for a couple more days. I then bred the rexes until I got about 6 eggs and hatched 2. I will hatch a couple more tonight.
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    That's why I always copy long posts before I post them, if you take too long to write them the forum tends to kind of refresh and lost things. Anyway, I have to admit I was pretty excited to hop on today. Didn't really do anything super exciting though, mainly a lot of trial and error as I worked on my base build. A lot of reshuffling, crafting and harvesting. The farthest I went was a brief sojourn across the river on the ptera. Otherwise I was entirely at base. This is what I ended up with:
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    They may be repurposed for a possible new DLC
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    Suggestion : each week the community crunch should include links to 5 suggestions from the forums (and one given suggestion can't be linked in more than one community crunch). Not necessarily the most popular (not necessarily the least popular of course ) and OBVIOUSLY with no strings attached from the WildCard team, but so that people have a shot at upvoting some suggestions they have not seen. Or don't have the time to comb through. There is just so much to read since the revamp. ...obviously I didn't post that in the suggestions
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    Thanks for testing it out. I would have over the weekend, but I was grumpy as far as Quetzs go and didn't feel like messing with them. Instead, I finally went after some Rex eggers for kibble. I land on Carno Isle, set up my trap, and then go scouting. Not a single Rex in sight! Oh, I just bet the Quetzs airlifted them off the island just to mess with me. Grr! Anyway, I start clearing one side of the isle. It takes a while, but a level 24 male finally pops in. So Murphy, my ptera, and I fly over and bonk him on the head to get his attention. He focuses on us and gets a few nips in on the way back to the trap, but it works like a charm. Raw Prime stacks on this server, and I have at least fifty by now, so he tames up quick. I use a soul sphere to make him portable then reset the trap and head out again. Now I need a couple of low level female Rexes. I see one almost right away, a level seven, and . . . she's killed and eaten by a horde of small dinos, swirling around her ankles, before I get much closer. This repeats again with a level 20ish one. Hmm, time to clear things out, so we get to work. After that, Murphy and I head back to the trap to rest up and wait out the descending night. The sun creeps over the horizon, and we set out on another scouting mission. I'm thinking that we need a female Rex that's a little higher level, so she can fend things off until we can lead her off. That's when I see a level 203 female Rex (Max Dino level is 210). Oh yeah! She tames without incident, aside from her losing interest in us on the way to the trap like a bazillion times. I left after that and added a Rex enclosure at base and am anxiously awaiting eggs. Next time, I might head back for some more Rex eggers, or there was talk about a turtle race around Carno Isle. So maybe I'll go looking for a thoroughbred turtle.
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    The current meta is unhealthy, there's NO reason at all to online raid. It's even a risk seeing as people can run with their loot or even popcorn it. I feel like a 3/5x turret damage increase would give people an incentive to online raid and that this will be good for the game in the long run.
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    Allow an option when placing or once placed to toggle show range on troughs this way we can place Dino's around them or litter our base with them and not have any Dino's out of range. The mechanic exists with Dino leash or Tek generators, just needs implementing into the radial menu for troughs
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    Submit all your ARK memes here, I'll start:
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    There should be an option somewhere to access a should mounts inventory while it's on your shoulder, either an extra tab between inventory and crafting in put own inventory or solely accessable when pressing B on Xbox, O on PS4 to access our own inventory and then there being a tab on the right side where it shows our character to view our shoulder mounts inventory and switch items between our shoulder mount and our own inventory
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    @d1nk Actually no, I was sitting on the trike. That's basically camera mode fully zoomed out. @SnowboundGem I cut some down but not all, yeah. I like the natural look. For a smaller base like this it's very doable. Usually I end up with larger animals that knock everything down though, so it makes little difference... After a rough day at work I was quite excited to come home and relax by hopping back into Ark. Yes, I do find parts of this game to be rather relaxing. I mean, I've been building a lot and rarely encounter anything even slightly dangerous on my little island paradise. I was also rather inspired to work on something after watching a YT build. I had thought about using a cliff platform, until I saw the required materials for the platform smithy. Not happening at my current level of resources. So I basically ended up doing a kind of poor man's platform instead for my workshop area. Then I built a gateway and some pillars and traveled down the hill to the spot close to where the beacon drops. A 115 trike had spawned down there and I've been keeping my eye on it, debating if I wanted to tame it or not. Decided I might as well. It didn't quite work as intended but I got my trike. Naturally we went around punting dilos and anything else we could find to get some levels up. During the course of our short foray across the river we killed no less than 3 sarcos in a row, netting quite a lot of prime actually. Are you think what I'm thinking? Yep, I stripped down to only my most necessary gear, loaded up and took the ptera north to carno point. I scouted out the argents and quickly homed in on the highest level, a somewhat respectable 90. It ended up being a rather involved chase but I got the bird down. The actual tame was quite uneventful. Then we flew home, where I ended up grinding narcos for a bit to get the level I needed to make the saddle. Care to guess what I did first with my brand new argent? If you said go find that alpha raptor I saw previously, you would be correct. We hunted it down and killed it for tons of levels, a mastercraft crossbow, mastercraft pike, ramshackle pick and tons of prime that will likely be wasted. What was the second thing I did? Flew to the redwoods mountain and loaded the bird down with crystal and metal. Flew home, made another forge, whacked all the metal in the two of them and made some sparkpowder to light both. Made a trough also since raw metal is no longer a precious commodity. So this is about where I'm at now: Obviously the next step is to build a proper taming pen now that I can do it properly and go after the utility trifecta: anky, beaver and doed, in more or less that order. Yes, I did cull the original trike. And I am keeping the mostly useless ptera, at least for now. I am a firm believer in the rule of 2: always keep 2 of anything that flies or swims, just in case you lose one and need to go and retrieve it.
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    Turtle Racer Well, I could describe the tedious search of over half the island looking for a suitable subject, and then the excitement of waiting for a high-level turtle to veggie tame, but I won’t. In lieu of that, I shall leave you with the following, and probably equally tedious, story of how I imagine everything went. I’m sitting in the shade at a makeshift table under a scarlet beach canopy. From time to time, a mild breeze comes off the sea, rippling the fabric above and cooling me a little. Outside, waves of heat are rising from the sand, obscuring the single file line of turtles that starts just before me and ends in the shallow waters some hundred paces away. They’re all here because of the signs posted at various locations around the Island. One sign reads, “Wanted: Racing Turtle with No Fear.” The second sign gives directions. The third sign reads, “Free Lunch!” Turtle number one takes a few steps closer, raising his neck, so he can look me in the eye. “You’re level four?” I ask, as if the number wasn’t floating above his head. He nods in the affirmative. “Hmm, that’s a bit too low,” I state, while mentally kicking myself in the behind for not putting any requirements down for the applicants. “If you’re hungry, please head over by the Pteranodon, and he’ll see that you’re fed.” I point at Murphy, who is sunning himself several paces away by a feeding trough. The turtle heads off as another walks up. Turtle number two, who is level sixty-eight, inquires, “What’s the part about, ‘No Fear,’ mean?” “Oh, that. I’m recruiting for a race around Carno island, and there’s a good chance. . .” I begin, before noticing that his mottled green skin is turning a pasty white before my eyes. “Um, are you okay?” “Sorry,” Turtle number two says, “but I’m allergic to predators.” “Allergic to predators?” I ask. “Yes, anytime I’m around them, I break out in bite marks.” “That’s a good point. Well, if you’re hungry, please head over by the Pteranodon, and he’ll see that . . . blah.” The next four applicants are apparently only here for the free lunch. So, in short order it’s, “Well, if you’re hungry, please head over by the Pteranodon, and he’ll . . . blah . . . blah.” Then, “Well, if you’re hungry, please head over by the blah, . . . blah . . . blah.” And next, “Well, if you’re hungry, blah . . . blah, . . . blah . . . blah.” And finally, “Well, . . . blah!” Turtle number seven creeps closer. He’s probably the oldest living turtle I’ve ever seen, wrinkly skin, sagging jowls, and . . . “Are those dentures?” I blurt. He clacks them together a couple of times. “Yes Siree, young man. They are indeed. Quite handy when biting nefarious carnivore types.” “Well, I like your attitude. How fast can you sprint one hundred yards?” He looks thoughtful for a moment. “Two,” is his terse reply. “Seconds?” I ask, trying to avoid an incredulous tone. “Hours.” “Okay. I’ll call you back if I need you. Food is that way.” Turtle twenty-two waddles up, and he’s the fattest turtle I’ve ever seen. I lean to the side and see the trench that his bulging plastron has carved through the sand, which the remaining applicants are trying to avoid falling into. “Um, free lunch?” I ask. He nods eagerly. “Hey, Murphy. We still have the backup trough?” Murphy nods a yes, and then points with his beak toward something behind me and the canopy. Presumably, it’s our backup trough. “Head out back, and enjoy.” I say while mentally writing off the backup trough. Turtle thirty-six strides up confidently. He’s wearing an eyepatch, smoking a pipe, and has a wooden leg. “Hello, Matey,” he says in a raspy voice. “And hello to you as well. Here for the race, the free food, or both?” By now, I’m a little jaded. “I’m not here for either,” he says, surprising me. “I’m here to recruit you, to help me kill the white whale that sank me ship and took me leg!” Visions of the Chudzitanic’s sinking play through my mind. “I’m in!” I nearly shout as I slam my open hand down on the table. “But I’ve got this race first. Please give Murphy your deets, and I’ll be in touch.” “You’re a good lad,” he says, before heading for the Pteranodon. As they say, turtle number fifty-five is the charm. Well, okay, I’m probably the only one that says that, but it may catch on. You never know. Turtle fifty-five is a female, level one hundred eighty-nine, with gorgeous eyelashes. There’s also a, “Born to be Wild,” tattoo on her neck. And— “Wait, turtles have eyelashes?” “Only if they want to, Darling,” she purrs. “Hmm, how fast can you run a hundred yards?” “Faster than any of these other plain, old turtles. And maybe even faster than him,” she finishes, nodding toward Murphy. I look over at Murphy. If he had feathers, they would definitely be ruffled now. Looking back, “And how do you feel about predators?” “Bite first and ask questions later,” she replies, then clacks her mandibles together a couple of times. “I think we have ourselves a winner,” I say, as Murphy sighs in the background. “So what do we get if we win?” she asks, batting her eyelashes at me a couple of times. Okay, I’m starting to feel kind of awkward now as I catch myself staring into her anime-eyes. “If we win, I get a Snow Owl, and you get a lifetime supply of veggie cakes. Are you in?” “In like Flynn,” she replies. “By the way, the name’s Trixie.” Where have I heard that name before? Oh! “Trixie, like in Speed Racer?” “The very same.” In the back of my mind, I’m thinking this is perfect. How can anything go wrong? (I guess we’ll see how things go on Thursday. Oh, and I wonder how many people looked up the word “plastron”.)
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    Max wyvern egg level is 190, creatures can have 73 levels after maturation, so a 260 is perfectly possible, max level for a wyvern after leveling would be 263.
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    My last base, I intentionally did not cut down any trees on the island my was on. I would travel to other islands to gather wood. I like having trees (plus PvE) so no need to worry about not seeing enemies attack.
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    That lighting is stunning. I see you left uncut trees.. I have one near our base my husband keeps threatening to chop but he hasn't and it makes it look nice having trees. Build is looking good
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    nice guys keep up the good work and can't wait to see what's next
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    Just the one ? I got two out a drop once. Seriously though probably a premade ascendant chainsaw out a blue ringed drop on Ragnarok. That thing has harvested me so much hide for boss rex and theri saddles.
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    Flyers are only allowed for the Manticore on Scorched. Here is a nice list of what can go and not go into the Boss-Arenas: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Boss_Arenas#Compatible_Tamed_Creatures
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    You guys might as well admit that you have no plans for console ARK anymore.
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    I think caves like ice cave (island\cen) very hard to raid, or lava cave center. Without a lot of resources it's impossible
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    I asked a few times before, but why do some buildings auto-decay and some stay there until someone demolishes them? (gates, campfires, torches, spike walls, tree sap collectors, etc?)
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    Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! The Great Migration As a reminder, tomorrow we are removing some of our lower population legacy ARK servers on PC, Xbox, and PS4 from our Official Legacy network. These servers will begin to go offline permanently at 11AMPST/1PM EST. See below for a list of affected servers: How To Move Servers If you are unfamiliar with the process, you are able to upload your items, creatures, and player through the Obelisk terminal, supply drops, as well as the Tek Transmitter. Survivors are advised to use Cross-ARK immediately to relocate their belongings onto a server that is not included in our take-down list above. Server Saves of Deleted Servers We will make the save files available as soon as we can. We will host the PC files which anyone can download and then you are welcome to re-host the save file for your own use. We'll include a link to where you can download server saves in this post when they are available. Nitrado will also be able to provide the saves for use on Nitrado servers for console, as they have done in the past. We're Going Live! On Monday, June 17th, we'll be going live at 3:00 PM PST on Twitch to discuss a few things in store for the future. Tune in to get a "pizza" what's coming up. You don't want to miss out! Mod Contest News A quick reminder that the mod contest is still open for submissions. You have until 6/29 to enter your submission before voting begins. At the end of the contest, there will be a raffle held for each category. Voting gets you a chance to win an ARK: Collectors Edition box set that has been signed by members of the development team! Social Roundup The Social Roundup is geared to showing you some of the social activity you might be otherwise missing. Here we will highlight some of the posts that happened on our various social platforms. Topics might range from existing bugs to questions about events or future content. RE: GASBAGS EXPLOIT RE: MOD WINNERS BECOMING OFFICIAL CONTENT RE: METRICS RE: MESHING RE: TIMELINES AND DATES Evolution Event! Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 14th of June at 1 PM EST until Monday the 17th of June at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates That's it for this week! As always if you’ve got anything to share you can find us at: Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark All the best, Studio Wildcard
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    Dates are fixed Thanks for pointing out my error.
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    My first, and currently main, base I built was in the River Valley. It's in the field just beneath the North-East surface cave entrance. I have another base in the Luminous Marshlands. It's in that flat area on the shore near the entrance to the Hidden Grotto cave. I don't frequent that base though. I mainly used it as a staging area when preparing to head down into the Grave of the Lost for Drake eggs.
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    So sorry the picture resembles something from an old potato of a phone. I took a screenshot with Xbox but somehow can't locate it. So took one with my huwaii p20 and it looks terrible. Started moving into my cliffside build spent hours relocating resources into them. Haven't moved any tames yet. 3 week of hard work and it's not all done yet. Feels nice having almost completed a huge project. Big question is there a construction limit? Stuck on what else I can do I'm thinking of a tree top city.
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    You can pin the map. On Xbox, when on foot open the map and press x. You can then type the coordinates in and give the pin a name and colour
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    Originally, I was planning on going after my next set of eggers, but then I saw, "The purdiest Tech Quetz dat I ever done seen." It's blue, black, and silver combination will hopefully make all my neighbors jealous. Unfortunately, the only thing I've ever tamed a Quetz with is an Argy, using the grappling hook fly here method, so I needed some Argys! And I say some, because I just know something will probably go way wrong at some point. So, spares come in handy. I crafted a taming pen and loaded it on the Chudzitanic, before setting sail. Two days later, I brought the boat to a halt at the safe islet by carnivore island. Construction began immediately. And soon, my taming pen was ready to go. I tamed two Argys that came out at level 230, and one burner that came out at 115. "Shhh! Don't tell him he's a burner. He thinks he's an integral part of the plan, and is proud to be leading the charge." (If I pull this off on the first try, he'll be retired to some place plush.) Deconstruction of the taming pen was made quick and spiffy through the use of the S+ dismantling gun. There were only two miss-clicks during that time, and my lawyers are handling the fallout. Then it was back onto the Chudzitanic and time to sail for home. Normally, I hug the coastline and don't cut across deep water, even in the inlets. Unfortunately, "The Captain," may have been drinking and decided to hurry things along. Therefore, um . . . he cut across an inlet as the seabed dropped below the onrushing boat. Buh! Yep, Alpha Leeds! The Chudzitanic survived the initial hit but couldn't make it close enough to land before the second. *Visions of stone and lumber sinking into the depths* Fortunately, though, I had decided to keep everything valuable on me, including the soul-spheres holding the Argys. I probably broke an Olympic record swimming for shore, and there's a small chance I might have flicked off the Alpha Leeds while doing so. *Shrug* As soon as I went feet-dry, I pulled out my teleportation clicker and started clicking like crazy. *Poof* I'm back in base, minus one boat that probably could have been better named, to tell the truth. (Or not!) Everything is stowed away, and the next step is to go after that Quetz. But not today, of course....
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    Aberration Completed the reaper taming trap tonight. Finished up the holding pen, this just involved installing a few heavy turret beside the trap. I then loaded up the drake full of structures (took a few trips) and went down to the border between the purple and red zone and installed the trap there. There probably is better locations but I wanted a relatively safe place to teleport from. Shall see how this location goes for just now. Put down a pitfall trap and got the teleporter down, had part of the teleporter separated to allow safe use. Then of course I had to test the trap, decided to test the whole process actually. Went into the red zone and lured the first queen I could find, a lowly level 15 but'll do. Got it the short distance back to the trap and successfully into it. Cryoed the drake and hit teleport to the holding pen. Success ! Just like the simulations, the queen was inside the holding pen above the ceiling and I came out below the ceilings and didnt get stuck in any foundations. Next I trailed out the next stage. Used the heavy turrets to bring her health down as low as possible. It took a few attempts to get the impregnation right the first time, the door ways get in the way, you have to be inside the trap with her o . O . Again success, she impregnated me and the trap kept her from burrowing. Worked out that the maturation time is about 20 minutes so plenty of time to do a few things. Hatched up a few megalosaurus to kill off to gain experience for the king. 2 megas is enough to hit max experience. Let the king kill me when it hatched to load it up with food. I then reapated with another impregnation round before killing the queen, got a few glands too. As expected both kings came out with different stats, one had slightly higher melee and stamina yet both had the same health, a few other stats were different but not fussed about food and oxygen. Am just in the process to see roughly how they raise and what time they take, although I didnt keep a notice of time. So far all both have asked for were cuddles and a single walk. Annoyingly they seem to wander despite not on wander so I had to craft up a few dino leashes.
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    I was thinking about something the other day. I have spent under $100 dollars for ARK. I have played 2000-3000 hours easily. I'm pretty sure I've gotten my money's worth from this game. Is it perfect? No - but what game is? My point is, all I ever see is people complaining about a game that they spent a relatively small amount of money on. Yet most likely have played for 1000's of hours. Hell, there are Youtubers who are making a living doing nearly nothing but playing ARK. Is it possible that today's consumers are just ungrateful?
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    Not only increase the damage but reduce explosive and arthos damage in general!
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    https://arkdevtracker.com/ About once a week or more there is someone asking and they always reply the same. When they have something concrete, they will announce. If they say anything now and then things change, we will roast them alive and you know it.
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    Just increase the turret cap, 100 is just to low maybe double that or even triple it. Or increase the damage of plant X it is a lot easier for newer players to access large crop plots and seeds.
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    This game is excellent, although you come to a point where even at 100 turret limit you can easily be offline raided. I don't agree with increasing the turret damage all the time. However having a 5x to 10x turret damage increase after all members have logged off for an hour will promote more online raiding, not allow people to log off to defend the base, and will allow smaller tribes to protect their base if they don't have member online 24/7. Finding a way to shift the meta from offline raiding to online would probably make me play this game for years on end.
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    It's not even a problem with the current gen Xbox. Something in the Extinction/Winter Wonderland updates BROKE the PGArk system entirely. I used to be able to run them fine at full frames with 0 crashes on my normal Xbox One, but now it just crashes out at 4.6% every time. Rumor has it that it is a memory leak problem with the game itself.
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    omg..... ……………………………………..________ ………………………………,.-’”……………….“~., ………………………..,.-”……………………………..”-., …………………….,/………………………………………..”:, …………………,?………………………………………………\, ………………./…………………………………………………..,} ……………../………………………………………………,:`^`..} ……………/……………………………………………,:”………/ …………..?…..__…………………………………..:`………../ …………./__.(…..”~-,_…………………………,:`………./ ………../(_….”~,_……..”~,_………………..,:`…….._/ ……….{.._$;_……”=,_…….”-,_…….,.-~-,},.~”;/….} ………..((…..*~_…….”=-._……”;,,./`…./”…………../ ………….\`~,……”~.,………………..`…..}…………../ …………(….`=-,,…….`……………………(……;_,,-” …………/.`~,……`-………………………….\……/\ ………….\`~.*-,……………………………….|,./…..\,_ ,,_……….}.>-._\……………………………..|………..`=~-, …..`=~-,_\_……`\,……………………………\……………….-, ……………….`=~-,,.\,………………………….\……………….-, …………………………..`:,,………………………`\…………._-, ……………………………….`=-,……………….,%`>–==“ …………………………………._\……….._,-%…….`\ ……………………………..,<`.._|_,-&“…………….`
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    Hey look a 4th Community Crunch dedicated to the Migration, with little content elsewhere. Seriously guys? A months worth of crunches for one damn thing? It's a good thing it happens tomorrow, I'm tired of hearing about it. Last week was a nice change and now you are right back to the old crap.
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