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    Ask my girlfriend if she is set to wander. She says I say things like "Oh no the quetzles are out of food" in my sleep. Make the "UGGHHUHHHH" sound when im hungry or thristy.
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    Typical standing desk guy, has to push onto everyone how great a standing desk is. Family Guy Reference
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    When you die only you can see the green light of your dead body. Sometimes if you crash when get back to the game you are dead and can’t find that green light of your body. Would be awesome if a tribemate could see it too to find it faster (even a different color so they know it ain’t their dead body incase both players died).
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    Giga Saddle BP Locations I did some digging through the loot tables and compiled a list of all Giga Saddle BP drops and their values. Happy hunting everyone (Notes) - Max Armor is 124 on official servers. 496% Roll or higher will get 124 armor Island Ice Cave Red Drop (325-400%) Deep Sea Loot Crate (325-400%) Deep Sea Loot Crate High Roll (330-430%) Extinction Cave Blue Drop (150-220%) Extinction Cave Yellow Drop (150-250%) Extinction Cave Red Drop (160-260%) Ragnarok Lava Golem (300-700%)
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    I'm sure I can't be the only person who has caught themselves think about the real world in ARK ways. I know I play too much ARK when in real life: - I try to get a better look at something, and my brain instinctively tries to hot key my spyglass. -I see a huge rock along the side of the road, and wonder how much metal I could get out of it. -I see an a cool animal, and wonder what its stats might be. Any others?
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    Aberration As has already been mentioned, the server rotation on our cluster did not go to plan but at least now we have a full cluster to play with. Instead of going to Scorched as I was planning I just had to go to Aberration instead, definitely my favourite DLC. Sucks to have to reestablish though. I transfered in a bunch of stuff and got my main base down in my old build location in the fallen nexus. Fitted it out with the essentials plus hooked up a tek transmitter and teleporter. Met up with d1nk and merged tribes. Farmed up a teleporter and tek genny for his base too so we can link our bases. Still not decided what to use my build for. Maybe we could use d1nks base a breeding center and mine for storage. Once I get fully set up my plan is to build up another trench team consisting of a spino and squad of megalosaurus and get them into the trench for drake egg farming. But my ultimate goal for the msp at the moment is to tame reapers, never done that before and I have a few ideas on that. I want to set up some sort of reaper raising facility maybe nearby our bases in the fertile zone and have it linked to a trap in the red zone by teleporter. Aim for high level reapers and get multiple kings. Might take a bit of testing and trial and error but it should be fun.
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    If you want to preserve tjat game play open up your own no tame unofficial server.
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    Yeah probably sounds good, not entirely sure which but mine could make a decent breeding base - im babysitting all day but later maybe we can meet up when my niece naps
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    Cool Ill be on tonight. I scouted your base out earlier I have just about finished my main build. Got a tek genny down and need to stick the teleporter down, thinking of linking the two bases by teleporter. You got any idea what to do ? Like make one of them the breeding center or something ?
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    I should have put Official on my unofficial servers, so that way they will be like real life. Anyways, I do like the idea of No Tame, as it lets you and your skills face a dangerous world. Too bad not many people want to play that.
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    I’ll make a start on Aberration this week, and jump to Scorched in a couple weeks . You’ve just reminded me about a communal structure I need to build on Ab.
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    it's not possible to migrate from an official server to an inofficial. We play now for many years, first our prim+centerPVE server was "repurposed" so we were forced to immigrate on another prim+center PVE server (this was the only server to migrate to) and when ragnarok was released, we also played there, two months ago they messed it up with a rollback that deleted both of our chars on ragnarok, and without any help from support we lost everything there. Then i went back to prim+ and now they close our prim+server without any option to migrate. And why my thread was merged? My title: Great migration - but where to go? was far better. i don't have any questions about this so-called migration which doesent deserve that name... just remarks. maybe you should call it "The great Legacy server wipe" (in spite of promises not to touch them)
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    Had a dream a few days ago that I had to catch a bus but had to go to a different bus stop because there was a wild giga beside it. Yep I definitely play too much.
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    Welcome to another edition of Fanart Friday! We regularly showcase some of the incredible fanart and creations from the community in this weekly series. You can view the artwork in a short video format on our social media accounts along-side this post, which servers get a closer look at these works of AR(K)! Want to see your video, art, screenshot, etc, featured here? Tweet it at us and use #FanARKFriday and you could be here next week! Sikkenskit - Rock Drake Slugg-o - Sarco ArkScreenshots - Zombie Wyvern CataXDRK - Defense Unit JellyyTurtle - Rockwell nebula210 - Rock Drake VegetaFan79 - Parasaur xcheekypj - Mosasaurs bluedragonark - Reaper Adri_0_8 - Rock Drake
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    When I go out bird watching or doing a voluntary breeding bird survey and I start wondering what level the birds are. "Oh I wonder if that Grasshopper Warbler is a 150" or "Good darn it my binoculars arent working they not displaying the birds level and gender"
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    If you can get me the save file, I can help you migrate to unofficial. S+ lets you deconstruct your base and transfer it via cross-ark. Just an offer. But as for the main topic, it does give you an opportunity to rebuild fresh and enjoy the game a new way.
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    Could you open up one way transfer from legacy? If the goal is to eventually shut them all down, it seems pointless to keep transfering to other legacy servers.
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    Okay thank you I’ll give it a try. I also might do what I guy on my server does. Build Tek Teleporter and trap around it and teleport her to green zone inside trap and get baby that way. I just unlocked the Teleporter and generator.
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    Started a new world, went to go tame a tek parasaur i found (i love tek btw), figured out how dangerous the Therizinosaur and died, found another tek parasaur, figured out how hostile a spino can be, died
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    Good god Salty. That blows. Aberration all the way! That map is challenging as it is beautiful. I don't play on your cluster, but that is my vote as a random know-nothing forumgo-er. What I did in ARK today: Mourned the bugged loss of a Ab Megalosaurus, died with food in trough in Adolescence. Boooooooo.....
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    Why do they take away (once again) all the progress of the game? start with a bare headache? - it is absolutely NOT INTERESTING! Why did we spend thousands of hours growing Rex? (no cryopods - no cryopods on hardcore) Why did I not sleep at night for the time cultivating good giganthosaurs? Why did I farm resources for hundreds of days and build a huge base? it's cruel! complete disappointment! :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
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