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    Oh well, my cousin and I had a really exciting afternoon playing Ark. First of all we started to move to a new base location (we were based on South Haven, the Herbivore Island) and we're moving to the Hidden Lake. So we tamed up a few dinos in the Hidden Lake (a Diplodocus and a Pachycephalosaurus) and then we decided to make a "mass exodus" with all of our tames. We already knew that we were about to loose some of them because we had to get through the swamp, so pray for these dinos who fought for the fatherland: Dietlinde (Iguanodon) Rudolf (Raptor) Bonsai (Megaloceros) Surprisingly both of our Dodos survived. Anyways, we unfortunately lost many of our dinos in the swamp and we still have to find them, so pray for these dinos who are still fighting for the fatherland: Brunhilde (Phiomia) Kevin (Argentavis) Omnibus (Diplodocus) Salmonella (Dodo) Ingrid (Stegosaurus) Gerda (Ichthyosaurus) Justin (Casteroides) Stendarda (Lystrosaurus) Karoline (Pulmonoscorpius) Karl (Pulmonoscorpius) Prinz (Beelzebufo) But we continued our journey to the new base (we first want to bring all of the existing dinos to a safe place to go and search for the lost ones afterwards and without having to worry about creating even more victims). On the way there we tamed a Pachyrhinosaurus which we named Chanel (because it kinda sprays perfume all around itself). We also were about to tame a pink Doedicurus, but then an annoying Raptor arrived and wanted to kill it so I went to it on my Argentavis and killed it but I accidentally killed the Doedicurus as well. We didn't get to play more than this, but we still have much work to do!
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    Think most of that metal went towards an industrial forge or two. Still need to place the one in the fabby. Clocked this as soon as I walked into the breeding barn tonight. Thank you for that just need to breed out the undsired colours like the brown. Hoped on for a bit tonight. Took the griffin for a spin round the SE islands and also towards the desert in the search of a pure yellow jerboa in my effort to breed up a Pikachu Jerboa. Found a cyan/blue jerboa on one of the SE islands so tamed that up just in case i needed to tame multiple jerboas. Went across to the desert and found a pure yellow jerboa with blue back stripes so picked it up and moved it to a safer location to tame it up. Took the two jerboas back to base. Had an attempt at finding a jerboa with dark brown back stripes for the pikachu brown stripes but the best I could find was a lighter brown one so I tamed that up for just now. Need to do more work on this.
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    Just wanted to drop in and say we're still looking at balance for Managarmr. These changes have been a response to the community outcry about Mana being OP and damage analytics that suggests the same thing. We're still listening and tweaking! In regards to specific changes for PvE and PvP, it's been discussed. It would require significant code changes to make it happen. Not saying it's not possible or won't happen, but it's been (and being) discussed.
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    Yeah, nightmare! Apologising to the wife for waking her up at 4am to imprint in a computer game never used to win me any brownie points!
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    Can we please get PVP and PVE nerfs/balancing separate? Seriously this is getting ridiculous now... @Cedric Eggcellent Adventure 4 Patch: - Drastically reduce Managarmr frost breath range - Freezing stops at approximately turret range - Damage stops at approximately half turret range v294.101 - Managarmr now take damage equivalent to flyers v293.100 Homestead! - When Managarmr freezes a dino with a rider, the rider will no longer be dismounted but rather frozen for 1 second - Duration of frozen for player characters is now a function of health and armor rating - Duration of frozen for player characters is significantly reduced overall - Reduced Managarmr ice breath damage ~25% v292.100 - Increased time between freeze buffs - Ice breath freeze amount is now more significantly reduced by distance 291.100 - Ice Breath damage is now scaled by distance to the target - Reduced Ice Breath freeze amount - Increased time between Freeze Debuffs 289.100 - Structures now block dive damage - Fixed issue with dive damage not being reduced by armor - Ice breath should no longer go through Managarmr when aiming backwards and aiming for the opposite side 287.100 - Increased Managarmr stamina usage for chained jumps 286.103 - Now requires half second pass before allowing another forward dash after jumping. - Adjusted ice breath to not be usable directly behind you on the ground. - Fixed issue with damage calculation
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    I started on a beginner server..it wasnt too bad level cap 44...... So i go server hop 4 different servers and find ladder pillars everywhere..... Cant build anywhere but water pillar bases... Even if i had a tame i would have to go through a locked gateway door to feed or harvest any resources... Every server i've seen so far... I get it the whole dino taming process the survival aspect thats the cool part.The problem is CONGESTION. Plz fix or add 1000 more servers and make spawn points unblockable...
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    Most likely you are maxed out on allowable mutations (max out at 20 per parent) and so you need to breed in some clean, mutation free dinos to your breeding line.
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    Logged on last night for an hour and a bit. Logged in at the Canyon forge boat. Was planning to drive it back if it was full but seems Saltire took most of the metal home already So I killed myself and teleported up to the storage area, did a little metal farm. Went back to base and farted around with Cryopods then flew to Jerboa island to see if I can find some nice lightpets. Right off the hop, Cyan 145 shinehorn, score! @AngrySaltire will like this one! Got a few low level coloured Glowtails, then a 135? Male shinehorn to make a mating pair and a 135 bulbdog on a whim for a personal pet. Saltire can now make a full blue shinehorn if he desires! Didnt do much else. Searched forever in SE spot for some easter thylos with no luck. Did a desert drop run after on foot on a Thylo then logged off
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    I'd be willing to bet that the taxidermy stand stole the mantis's ability.
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    PS4 - Crazy Boosted German Server - Ragnarok Logged back in last night when I got home from work. Jump on one of my Pteras, and do a quick fly around the immediate area to see what is going on. To my amazement, there is a level 280 Poop Pig walking around not far from base. As I mentioned previously, I have had the hardest time finding one of these near my base on this server, so I immediately landed, bola'd and KO'd it. As soon as it stands up, I see another level 300 Poop pig walking in the bushes nearby. Repeat, and now I have 2 poopers. I didn't have saddles with me, so I put everyone on follow, and we quickly made our way back to the base. I got the pigs set upon an sloped roof above the dung beetle pen, and now I can finally starting filling up the beetles to make fertilizer. Then I started checking my indy forge and chem bench, and saw that they had finished doing the tasks I had left them with from the night before; so I transferred the ingots and gun powder into my fabricator, and had it continue to make more turret ammo. I then got back on the Ptera and flew around the map hitting the beacons and desert + ice cave loot drops. In the end I got ASC Ptera BP, ASC Fur boots, helmet, leggings BPs, a MC scynth BP, MC Hatchet BP and a few odds and ends I can't remember currently. Also got a ASC Yuty saddle, MC Tapy saddle , a MC Pick, a ASC crossbow, MC Chitin Armor pieces and a ASC Longneck! I got but deposited into my unlocked public storage a ASC Procopton saddle, ASC Pachy, ASC Paracer saddle, and MC turtle saddle. Hopefully someone will find a use for them. During my travels hitting the drops, I also loaded up on Metal, Crystal, Obsidian, Chitin and Poly..... between the gather rates, stacking feature, and nearly unlimited weight options on this server, I literally brought home 10,000 or more of everything! in fact for the metal, it was closer to 100,000! Totally unrealistic and crazy boosted, but since everyone on this server has the same thing, I feel no guilt. Got back to the base, and after putting away all of the resources, I decided that I needed more dino storage, but I did not want to increase the base. So Because the base is as tall as the behemoth gates, I just added a couple layers of "shelving" around the inside edge of the base. Positioned all my flyers in these new shelves, and then decided I needed more turrets, so produced and placed those. Finally it was bed time....
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    In S+ there is a structure that allows you to do a Dino scan. It lists all of the Dino’s in your world along with levels. It’s the Tek Transmitter. It functions as it would in the normal game, it just adds the Dino scan feature.
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    We got gamma brood and ape done with tamed rexs. Gamma dragon took 4 toons, 18 rex 30k-hp rest pumped into melee, a yuty and a pig. All rex saddles asc 100 armor and up. All riders had 360 damage muskets. In the end only 2 of us and a pig walked out, rifle for the win. Beta and alpha ape all done with same setup as above. Beta brood was done with megatherium leftovers from breeding, alpha gonna try soon as level the sloths.
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    100 bobs with spears and crossbows < one dude on a max level wyvern and tech gear. I wish you luck but sometimes throwing more numbers at a situation will not yield better results.
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    Someone placed a pillar on my server without prior consent. Ba****d
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    In the olden time days we would just set alarm clocks irl
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    pteras take extra turret damage flyers in general
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    There are no DLC's, yet, as he just got a new computer. There is nothing downloading. We cannot figure that out, either. It's just plain weird...ugh. I am going to try the route, suggested by academicmistake, quick. I appreciate all of you. I seriously do... This is brain numbing... I think it worked...oh my goodness....oh my goodness. I was able to get it come up as Evolved, however, I am going to restart his computer to see if that stops it from loading and closing...loading and closing. I don't know how you guys handle this gaming stuff! lol
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    When you first launch the game, what does it show in the lower right corner to the game menu? That is usually where Total Conversions are selected/unselected.
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    ARK is in direct competition with her for your attention. Sad tho, your ARK makes up who you are. If you dignity siphon a dude, what really is left of him? An empty shell and a sentence along the lines of "You're not the man I fell in love with". Your hobbies are as important to you as paying your bills and raising your family. Ask her what she likes to do during downtime and to relax. Then ask what it would be like if somebody took that away. How would you feel if you couldn't unwind? We're not talking about an obsession or lack of control. Anyways, to explain things away as reasonable, I would suggest you work on a schedule and alot times into the book. However, understand that certain people and things are going to challenge that book, so you need to set restraints so that you can get more productivity out of your time to allow for gaming, work, and relationship. Last advice for anybody playing ARK and being in a relationship. Sometimes us ladies like to vent our frustrations without actually wanting our man to fix it. We just want somebody to listen to us. If you don't want to deal with that stress, help her get some lady friends. That might be hard tho. I have heard countless times how women don't like other women because women understand other women. But truth be told, the don't likes are more petty small things that are insignificant. If you put a magnifier onto something bad, it makes it look bigger than it really is. Try to discern if she just wants an ear, or actually wants some action. Although ARK is not a game you can just put down to empty the rubbish bin. So plan ahead.
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    Trust me, for folks like me with a wife and kids, espeically a wife who kinda hates Ark it aint easy. Cryopods made it possible
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    if they freaking remove PVE sickness on dinio. problem solve on server cap!!!!
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    The biggest problem with the mana nerfs is they are just lazy. Instead of nerfing a tame, then need to add an ability to an existing tame (or 2) that counters what the mana can do. Maybe be immune to freeze, or a lock down ability for a few seconds that is not a freeze to keep manas from hopping away as much. Adding more abilities to existing tames and making them more useful is the way to go. Nerfs just take stuff away, they don't add anything to the game and as players we should want things added, not taken away.
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    If they enabled flyer carry on pve then tuso. For now I'd have to go with my mosas
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    born stats, stats are high enough to put all pts in speed and still have a monster of a basilo
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    Basil. Bert, DILO those stats man....
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    Im assuming that Basi is levlled and not born stats? If its born stats, Im coming over to you for a baby Basi Bert Im in agreement, Basi for me. Cant get electrocuted, cant get grabbed and a decent bred one gets speed bonus and is generally strong enough to survive and kill off most Alphas from the murky depths below
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    You're cute! I love how you think I down-vote everything. Your paranoia is showing! I never said I was better. You implied that...do you feel inferior? I am just tired of a super buggy game, 2 years after it's release, 4 years after it's early access. Every day I play I come across a bug that has been there since I started playing 3 years ago. Let's reload that longneck rifle one-more-time. Oh your gun won't come out? Just keep switching weapon slots. Oh look you got a nasty error transferring to another map in a cluster. Oh poop an update wiped out your whole base?!?! If these examples have never happened to you....congratulations! You are the 1%! For those of us that play this game to it's full potential are fundamentally disappointed in the lackluster response from both the DEVs and Community-facing staff. It took a very popular Youtuber to get banned for shedding light on this to even get a response...finally! They released their first fix yesterday....and I applaud that...BUUT 2 years after it became a known issue?? I'm glad you're patient enough to wait that long....but if I paid for something I expect some sort of movement for game-breaking issues to get resolved. It seems Wildcards focus has always been on moar DLC and not fixing content already released....
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    They maybe are preparing a change on the mantis is OP for element veins
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    minimosa ftw (Basilosaurus, Lvl 362): HP: 32640 (63); St: 1620 (44); Ox: 825 (45); Fo: 48760 (43); We: 1330 (45); Dm: 544% (70); Sp: 100% (51); To: 45320.5 (361); tuso doesnt work in high ping, it does 3 attacks in one hit but 2 or 3 are dropped when ping is high.
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    Surely I can't be the only one who sees the irony in this post. Poster attacks Dem and posts a meme "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome." when it's been the PvP crowd who hasn't done these exact things lol. We're fine with Manas in PvE. If PvPers have issues then refer to the meme above and quit nerfing fun.
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    Well what a surprise to see you being a bigger human than Everyone Else.. instead of Down-voting everything you dont like, why dont you try to chance our opinions instead of being a smart ass ? My guess would be that you are “too tired” to come up with a great speech.
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    I don’t get why PvE players complain about PvP balancing. The game is already easy enough so when they bring in a nerf it adds a bit of challenge instead of stomping everything into the ground.
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    Made a video tribute build to Notre Dame today. Hope you like it!
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    They need to fix the stam regen glitch, the one where if you hop off stam regends stupid fast, like 0 to 6k in 2-3 seconds. Near instant stam regen is why no other dino can catch up to a mana and fight it.
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    Honestly still not enough nerved They need even more Nerf there is still no way to kill a Mana if you dont have a Mana by yourself (it should not be that the only counter to a creature is the creature it self) thats not how counter works Allso they are by far the most Reliable way of the Dragons (Wyvern Rock Drake Managarmr) you can breed them.... just make them like a one time use Creature like RockDrake and Wyvern and make them a nasty passive tame or any new kind of Way to tame them (as long as they are faster then a Gallilimus and still are this "Strong" (Freeze ist still a death sentence, good health, decent Damage, distanz attack, and this insane Mobility. Worst design that Wildcard ever did for PVP (if you remembere time before Flyernerv Pteranodons only.... now managarmr only as soon as you are fast and do Damage thats just breaks the game I have 5k+ houers in ARK all on PVP server and this things are jusst horrible (I didnt buy Extinction "the pay to win" DLC content) I really love this game BUT I get why many People start to hate Wildcard Edit: removed twicee a word that just didnt make sense (sorry for that) I see Many PVE players here dont like my opinion maby even some PVP Managarmr riders XD My target is not to make this creaturee usless but give it one place and make it good in it. And I really hope not in:PVP Ambush Attack with easy escape. I hope WE (PVP and PVE) together find a solution with is okey for both sides shouting at each other that there opinion is the best dosnt help anybody
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    Mana kill the game.....good nerf
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    Recruit more people into your tribe to cover all time zones. Make alliances so other tribes will come help defend when you are in danger. Ark is a social and political game. 99 % of gripes like yours come from people who try to play it exclusively as farming simulator. How you manage your tribes relationship with other tribes is more important than how many stacks of turret ammo you have farmed. It is also extra ironic that people who refuse to recruit, ally up, or play with other players in general. Are ones who complain about those who do as being anti-social. Do you know what makes megas strong ? It's the fact that they were able to get 50+ people, who all started as strangers on the internet, to work together as a community. That is a real tribe and how ARK is meant to be played.
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    If true, how much of a difference does it make in the combat experience?
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    A long time ago, I forget if it was /cheat kill or /cheat destroymytarget but I used it on the obelisk interface and it broke. Rolling back the server won't help because it happened months ago. I also tried the repairing green obelisk spawnactor command listed on gamepedia, it somewhat worked (couldn't do boss fights), then after a server reboot it disappeared. Any ideas on how to get it functional again?
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    Wow a problem with color. The world is raptoring ending. Like it's just a game and that problem compared to others in this game, is faaar less problematic
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    Physical location of the actual server really doesn't matter too much because I'm in North America and I play on a UK server and get very little lag
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    Mana is meta right now. Why do u even play pvp??? Taming Dinos, growing crops, singing songs???? Get used or GTFO, like I said, simple.
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    I don't comment on here no more but for this I'll make an exception. I LOVE this nerf and the dev who did it needs a raise. Too little too late though and it still won't bring me back lulz
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    PvE = Easy mode Since you love posting memes for other people’s posts, here’s something extra on me for your salt:
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    This is the new effective DMG range (red line) which is useless because once the beam revs up your target is already hitting you and makes the mana flinch and stop attacking. The max range is the entire length of the mana from head to tip of tail. If what you are hitting is anywhere outside that range you wont be doing any dmg to it. So I'll ask the PVP crowd. ARE YOU HAPPY YET?
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