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    Can we please get PVP and PVE nerfs/balancing separate? Seriously this is getting ridiculous now... @Cedric Eggcellent Adventure 4 Patch: - Drastically reduce Managarmr frost breath range - Freezing stops at approximately turret range - Damage stops at approximately half turret range v294.101 - Managarmr now take damage equivalent to flyers v293.100 Homestead! - When Managarmr freezes a dino with a rider, the rider will no longer be dismounted but rather frozen for 1 second - Duration of frozen for player characters is now a function of health and armor rating - Duration of frozen for player characters is significantly reduced overall - Reduced Managarmr ice breath damage ~25% v292.100 - Increased time between freeze buffs - Ice breath freeze amount is now more significantly reduced by distance 291.100 - Ice Breath damage is now scaled by distance to the target - Reduced Ice Breath freeze amount - Increased time between Freeze Debuffs 289.100 - Structures now block dive damage - Fixed issue with dive damage not being reduced by armor - Ice breath should no longer go through Managarmr when aiming backwards and aiming for the opposite side 287.100 - Increased Managarmr stamina usage for chained jumps 286.103 - Now requires half second pass before allowing another forward dash after jumping. - Adjusted ice breath to not be usable directly behind you on the ground. - Fixed issue with damage calculation
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    Trust me, for folks like me with a wife and kids, espeically a wife who kinda hates Ark it aint easy. Cryopods made it possible
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    Yes, but they also drop from Blue drops on Extinction. They are also cheap to make so you can always ask other folks to make you a few. On top of that Cryofridges are cheap as well so you might as well ask if they can make you a fridge if you give them the mats. Cryofridges are powered by standard generators and the benefit is they keep the cryopods from decaying over time.
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    Thanks to Cryopods this has become oh so much easier. Just put babies in Cryo when you go to bed at night!
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    The first thing I do on any server when starting out is work to being able to make a raft. After that , the raft gets everything started, like finding a spot to build, tame stuff, make equipment...
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    PS4 - Single Player - Extinction Got home last night, and my console was still doing the update. So I just played my single player game. Went to Extinction, and searched around on my imprinted battle Argy for a high level Rex to tame. I currently have a high level Tek tex and a regular high level rex .... so need to add some mating partners. After no luck finding suitable Rexs, I then spent some time doing a couple of blue drops with a team of high level Enforcers, Velasaurs and Argies. The first one was really easy and fast, but the loot was pretty poor except for the needed cryopods. The second blue drop was going smoothly, but then in wave 3 a Wyvern joined into the fray. I don't think they normally are part of blue drops, so it must have just been bad luck. The Wyvern also brought a high level corrupted rex with it, that took out a couple of my Velas literally 1/2 second before they killed him. Rip "Laserface, Shredder, and Omarosa". I was trying to heal everyone up after round 3, but round 4 came too quick, and I soon lost 2 enforcers and another Vela. The enforcers have great damage, but I just haven't been able to get a BP with good HP level. Finally finished the waves, and got a JM Bary saddle BP, a JM Ptera saddle (not BP) and some decent armor. But I still only have a primitive longneck on this map. To date I haven't transferred any weapon BPs between maps... but I might need to do that, as I am so spoiled with having ASC longnecks on all the other maps. I did do a dino wipe, but no event colored dinos were spotted, so I wonder if the Easter event is not available for the SP game? Finally my update finished downloading, so I did that, and then logged into the crazy boosted German server I started on the weekend. I spent about 3 hours on that server. Never saw 1 event dino, so I wonder since it is an unofficial server, if they don't run the events. Booo Since it appears that this server will indeed revert to PvP for the upcoming weekend, I continued to craft bullets for the turrets, and added and protected back up generators. I then decided I need to also create some hidden back up mini-bases to hide my better BPs and items at. Plus maybe some fert. eggs from by better tames. I ended up finding a pretty spot along the coast, but while exploring it, I fell into a tiny ravine, and got stuck. Unable to break the rocks I was stuck in, and my Ptera was to close to fly to me, but too far for me to jump up to ride on. I have over 3000 health on this character, so I wasn't going to die anytime soon, and I had no poly or anything to kill myself, plus I still had the loot (including 2 ASC Squid saddles) from the desert and ice cave drops I did when I first logged on. What do I do? Finally I realized I had some rock, wood and thatch on me, so I built some stone foundations, and started to make a makeshift stairs with them, destroying the last one, to be able to build a new one. I had no fiber, so I couldn't build a ladder. after much trial and error trying to get the foundations to "stack" each one higher than the next (thank GOD for the recent S+ pickup option) I was able to finally get close enough to jump onto my Ptera!!! Whew... I was relieved, but not before I swore out loud enough to send my pets scurrying from room. Finally finished the small "back up" mini base, but needed just a little crystal to craft up a few things to leave in the mini base.. I searched the area high and low, but could not find any crystal. I was still searching the area, when I flew over a huge tek base full of Wyvern sitting in a huge pen. I landed at the base, and was amazed to see a opening in the roof (missing ceiling tiles) that allowed me to land inside the building. I then began exploring the base. Most of it was broken up into locked Tek rooms, but their smithys, chem bench and fabricator were sitting out unlocked as well as a tek generator. All of them had resources in them, included Element, Narcotics, poly, etc. Yeah, this base has like 25 high level wyverns sitting in it. I wasn't going to steal it. But they did have 4-5k in crystal in the smithy. I had noticed a big area of raw metal right near the base, so I went out, harvested a bunch and returned to the tek base. I took 100 units of crystal from the smithy, and but left 10,000 units of raw metal as payment. I also create a note, and left that in the smithy telling them what I had done. With the needed crystal, I flew back to the mini base, and finished the crafting I needed. Now sure, I could have flown 1/2 way across the map to my main base to get the crystal I have there, but I just needed a little bit, and didn't want to spend the time flying across the map. Besides, a 100 Crystal for 10k metal seems like more than a fair trade. Hopefully the Wyvern Tek base owner agrees and doesn't destroy me this weekend. The tribe was called Space Cowboys Finally I returned back to the main base, and was doing chores around there when my Tek parasaur indicated an enemy nearby. I walk outside, and am immediately jumped by a level 214 Tek raptor. Next thing I know, I am glitched inside the raptor after it pounced on me. I draw my crossbow, and start firing. My top level armor is getting munched, and my dinos are all inside the base going crazy, but cannot help. Finally I hear the heartbeat and get the red edged screen.... I'm about to die. But then the beating stops. I jump up and run into the base. After repairing my armor, and healing up, I jump on an argy and go out via my roof trap door to find this demon raptor. I search, and I search, but it seems to have disappeared. Then, just as I am giving up, I see a reflective glint, and I realize that the raptor had jumped off the cliff near my base, and was lying asleep on the rocks below. I return to the base, and craft up a saddle, thenI kill a few stegos and tame up the Raptor. Then with my Argy following me, the raptor and I begin the long trip back around the cliff to my base. (flyers can't carry tames on this server) We aren't 10 second along, when a trio of raptors attacks us, and I get pinned again. Thank GAWD I fixed me armor and healed up before, as I would have never survived, but between the Tek raptor and my Argy, we kill the baddies. I check the Raptor, and it is at 400 HP... Yikes! We resume the trek back to base, and manage to run and evade a few sabretooths along the way. Park the new Tek raptor in the base, top off the food bins, load the forge, and log off for the night. I sure hope tonight event colored dinos start showing up on this server.
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    I certainly don't claim to be a Giga taming expert, but for the Gigas I tamed, I built the classic dino gate "U" shape, with a bear trap in the middle and then kited the Giga into it by riding a dino with super high level HP, and me wearing my best armor. As soon as I get thru the trap, (and out of the Giga bite radius) I park the dino on Passive, and I run around to place the 4th side dino gate, trapping the Giga. I then unleash holy heck with my highest level crossbow. Also, before doing all of this, I also had made a tiny stone box base with a bed, and a ton of narcotics, tranq arrows, just in case I get killed during the process. I've got 4 Gigas pre-tame levels of 135-150 using that method. Congrats on finally getting yours!
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    Ragnarok, singleplayer, ps4 Did a Dino wipe and set off on an Eggcellent Adventure. As soon as I left base I spotted a 135 Griffin (I have 150 set as max), so I tamed it. Took my fire wyvern out while waiting and killed some things; of note was an all yellow Rex and a pale green Rex, both of which I would have tamed if they had been decent level. I then made my way to the northeast beach to look for dodos, but managed to first spy an Oviraptor with bunny ears. While I am chasing it around to pick up the event eggs, a pego jumps me and takes my medical brews. I sprint toward my Griffin with intention of teaching this thief a permanent lesson when his buddy jumps me and takes the 20 regular kibble I had on me. Now it’s on. It didnt matter the one pego was an event magenta color. Thor and Griffin brought the hammer down! Looking back, I question why my reaction was to flee to my dino. I could have easily pulled out my rifle. It seems Ark has conditioned me to rely on my tames for safety - not sure how I feel about that... After gathering my fill of Ovirapter event eggs, I traveled farther along the beach, found plenty of the dodo event eggs, and went ahead and crafted all the skins. I decided my night was not over as I had spotted an event 135 female equus with green body and magenta stripes. It looked awesome, so I tamed it. I did a search for other event equus, but the colorful ones were all low level. However, I did spot a 140 white male with black stripes; basically a zebra. I broke in that one as well and then flew back to base before calling it a night. At some point I would like to do equus breeding for both stats and color mutations, so I’m pretty happy with finding these two.
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    how they gonna nerf the mana when it still is vanishing on people... fix the dissapear act before the nerf... i have a mana... scared to take it out.. lost a different mana and all the stuff i had on me because the mana is a magician and can do a dissapearing act... please fix the mana glitch before you nerf. ><
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    Thanks. The first time this happened it didn’t matter what backup I used. But this time I was able to restore a backup just before the wipe with only a little roll back.
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    There's been a level 40 wild Giga wandering the Island on my server for a while now, around the mountain in the northeast. Not terribly high level, considering my server multipliers, but still... a Giga. Recently, I was lucky enough to get a decent Giga saddle. So the other day, I was bored, and decided to try my hand at taming that Giga... solo. Yeah, that's right. I figured I could use the same strategy I use for taming spinos: lay out a bunch of large bear traps at the bottom of a (tall-enough) cliff... have plenty of tranq darts, narcotics, and kibble on-hand... ride my Argent, lure the Giga to the base of said cliff, let it get trapped, shoot until KO'd, feed kibble, wait, profit. I would just have to use more bear traps and narcotics than for a spino, right? But I hadn't researched Giga taming enough beforehand, or I would have known to use tranq ARROWS with a crossbow, instead of darts with a longneck rifle. So, my reloading couldn't keep up with its topor drain, and I was using WAY more tranq darts than I had expected. Meanwhile, the bear traps weren't keeping it trapped long enough, and even though I had laid out well over 50 (!) traps, the Giga still eventually broke free. By some stroke of luck, though, it got stuck in some rocks long enough for me to pump still more darts into it, and it finally went down. I flew down with my Argent, plopped narcotics and kibble into the Giga's inventory, then went around and picked up whatever bear traps it hadn't destroyed. But then, I let myself get distracted checking other stuff in my inventory, not realizing just how fast the Giga's topor was dropping. Next thing I know, it's waking up, and I barely escape with my life (and that of my Argent). Naturally, I just had to try again... made more large bear traps (so very much metal!) and tranq darts (still didn't know arrows work better), set up the "killing field" again, lured the Giga back from where it had wandered down the beach this was fun in and of itself, since the damn things are so easily distracted by other prey). And AGAIN, it broke free of the traps before I could KO it. This time, though, it REALLY got stuck in some offshore rocks... couldn't move at all. After pumping it full of tranq darts again, I KO'd it for the second time, and this time I watched its topor levels like a hawk. Long story short, got him tamed... had to use a cryopod left over from holiday event to get him out of the rocks. And now, I have my very own Giga! Here he is, next to some Allosaurs, in the rain, at night: Naturally, if I ever try this again, I'd do it very differently... TargetOne
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    thank you wildcard for again screwing over all the PvE players who use managarmrs. PLEASE stop nerfing them. Sorry that PvP ppl use them, but you can't keep breaking them for the players to actually use them as mounts and not PvP griefing dinos.
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    About a year ago, the spin off for Ark, Ark: Survival of the fittest, was cancelled. The problem of SOTF was the fact that matches took a very long time, there was only one map, and there was no way for wildcard to profit off of the game. It was free to play with no buyable cosmetics. The game was also outdated compared to the normal game, as about 50% of the creatures in the base game were not in SOTF Here are my solutions to this issue. -get rid of the free to play SOTF and replace it with a new game, which I’ll call Ark: Combat Evolved (ACE). A price tag of about 30-45 dollars would be appropriate -release more game modes such as an arena wave mode where dinosaurs come from an arena, and you have to be the last of 12 people to survive -Create more cosmetics for ACE, which can only be acquired if you buy loot boxes containing the item. Players would be able to import these cosmetics into the base Ark game. The only thing is that these cosmetics are gonna have to make the dinosaur/player look good, or else people won’t buy loot boxes -the base game of ACE should still have the normal SOTF mode, but with around 5-10 different maps -make special maps available to people who bought the DLC such as Scorched Earth and Aberration -The UI and dinosaurs should be updated to how they are in the up to date base game. The TLC should really improve them -New weapons and possibly even creatures in the game. And possibly add a way for people to have the game to import them into the normal Ark These are my ideas. I might make another thread on the specifics of the game. Let me know what u guys think #revivesotf
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    Smooth Rollout, Awesome color combinations, dodo bunnies and ovi bunnies work great and skins are cool as usual. Thanks WC!!!! Very Well Done!!!
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    This year, I decided to take a step further - I become an Easter egg. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1715424485 Happy Easter everybody!
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    How is it nearly impossible?! Plan your raises.. not hard. Lots of people have done it solo and continue to do so! Cryopods have made it ezmode, good luck
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    According to Dododex you have a 98.6% chance of killing it with a prim Crossbow. I don't like those odds
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    On the upside, if they drop support for Legacy, they do release the save files. Clusters like mine are ready to accept new players with their save file. All you need is an S+ demo gun to haul your base over. Of course, the base redesign does allow for improvements.
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    Where can I find unofficial server patch notes that tell me what switch to add to my command line for the Eggcellent Adventure 4 2019. has it changed from ActiveEvent=Easter in the server command line?
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    The biggest problem with the mana nerfs is they are just lazy. Instead of nerfing a tame, then need to add an ability to an existing tame (or 2) that counters what the mana can do. Maybe be immune to freeze, or a lock down ability for a few seconds that is not a freeze to keep manas from hopping away as much. Adding more abilities to existing tames and making them more useful is the way to go. Nerfs just take stuff away, they don't add anything to the game and as players we should want things added, not taken away.
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    i have an appointment for the 29th
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    Yep, all the passive XP they would usually get while in render is ongoing all the while they are frozen.
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    Yes, My server has the normal 150 cap. In my opinion, anything higher than that is just a waste of time and resources. Since the dino is higher level, it has higher torpor so you'll have to take the time to get all the extra resources for the extra darts, narcotics, etc
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    They can't even manage the servers they have now. I highly doubt they will add more unless its a PVP mode.
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    They’ve been useless in PVE for a few nerfs now. Manas were my preferred dinos until they smashed the distance, damage, and stamina. Now they’re like a jumping carno with a bad cold...
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    This is a question mostly for the devs of the game what what is the Record time from spawning into Ark to beating the final Boss to move on to the next DLC Scorched Earth?
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    Mana in my mind are not even worth having at this point, I've stopped raising all my mana.
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    Bare in mind that the Dododex is a 3rd party tool and it’s data is a combined pool of information from the community. It may be worth reporting to the app developer of your findings. Dans loves the feedback.
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    Baslio. Great resistances, but slow.
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    Youre fine with manas in PvE cause all you do is build pretty little bases and raise pink dinos, you dont have to put up with their ridiculiously OP ice breath freezing you every 30 seconds in every single pvp fight. PvE players really cannot comment on the mana if you dont have to deal with it on a daily basis imo
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    Surely I can't be the only one who sees the irony in this post. Poster attacks Dem and posts a meme "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome." when it's been the PvP crowd who hasn't done these exact things lol. We're fine with Manas in PvE. If PvPers have issues then refer to the meme above and quit nerfing fun.
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    Well what a surprise to see you being a bigger human than Everyone Else.. instead of Down-voting everything you dont like, why dont you try to chance our opinions instead of being a smart ass ? My guess would be that you are “too tired” to come up with a great speech.
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    Serious if they going to apply max rules in the only to them known numbers they should implement a max numbers for each dinos. Especially easy tames for example max 30 are allowed to be outside cryo 10 dodos 20 jerboas or 30 dodos etc yust max it. And if you are running a script to check that is a real wrong move in my opinnion. add a warning first time 2nd time wipe those tames, 3th wipe all dino’s and after that wipe all. And let the warning apply at least a year.
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    You're worried about meshing (multiplayer problem only) with this lag? Seriously? Sigh. And I don't care about whether or not there has ever been a 3x breeding event for Easter. It's time for a 3x breeding event, sans 2x everything. We used to get nearly monthly 3x breeding. Heck, even 2x breeding would be nice. It's the other half of the game, people.... Again - Sigh... We have enough resources to last a server year.
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    To add from what @d1nk said, when restoring from a map save back up, you need to select the last large file size. When a server resets, the file size from then on will usually be significantly smaller and that’s where you’ll find the anomaly, so restore from back up just before.
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    Lol listen linda... listen... why don't YOU PEOPLE lol, stop complaining 24/7 about people complaining 24/7. I've been playing since day 16 and still play... on weekends, first I haven't nor any of my friends complained ever about mana being OP, and now that they are getting nerfed every other patch you're darn skippy we're complaining about them not being able to kill anything further than 10 feet away without 900+ melee lol. So to help you out, and understand more clearly what you're talking about here, I'm picking the side that doesn't want the mana nerfed. K thanks!
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    His games modded out the wang. Classic flyer being one of them. You do realise the quetzal wont gain any speed from breeding. Only the imprinting. So it can be roughly 20% faster then your 352% bird if you put the same amount of levels into speed. Your looking at 422% speed with the same amount of points, so almost all points.
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    You said it. You are absolutely right, but you still have to admit they’ve done a pretty great job getting close. I really just wish they could separate the settings between PvP and PvE for the mana. Maybe there is even a better way to meet in the middle like increasing turret range instead of reducing the mana’s. Even with the nerf, they are still technically OP when it comes to other players, but as far as PvE goes they are in my cryofridge and have been since the previous nerf. They are basically useless now, for anything other than griefing, and ironically they are still kind of OP for that. There is probably a magic solution, but so far no wizard has come forth with the potion.
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    What a nerf! I guess manas were to powerfull for PvP, but with that range, the remaining dino for Desert Titan is arge now Thanks, really...
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    Ah, I see. Personally, I use a different character on every map because I’m always afraid an update or rollback will prevent transfers or delete my character. It’s a pain leveling each, but my dinos don’t starve and my bases don’t decay.
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    Are you kidding us? Stop nerfing the managarmr. I understand it has to be OP on PvP, but ffs, don't forget about your PvE community! You're making it more and more useless! Com'on..
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    Can I just have region paint on Dino’s for official? That’s all I want.
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    For those continuously asking for breeding events, your not getting it. Its well know that these breeding events results in horrible server preformance on official. While it would be logical to have a breeding event during easter considering what easter is, obviously WC are limiting how often they roll out that particular rate. From the dev tracker:
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    I think Wildcard/enforcement team should give you a warning of 7 days to cryo/kill dino's before they just wipe your entire base unless it is obviously clear that someone is tamecapping the server(basicly no base but 500 trash dino's in small metal box)
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    Honestly still not enough nerved They need even more Nerf there is still no way to kill a Mana if you dont have a Mana by yourself (it should not be that the only counter to a creature is the creature it self) thats not how counter works Allso they are by far the most Reliable way of the Dragons (Wyvern Rock Drake Managarmr) you can breed them.... just make them like a one time use Creature like RockDrake and Wyvern and make them a nasty passive tame or any new kind of Way to tame them (as long as they are faster then a Gallilimus and still are this "Strong" (Freeze ist still a death sentence, good health, decent Damage, distanz attack, and this insane Mobility. Worst design that Wildcard ever did for PVP (if you remembere time before Flyernerv Pteranodons only.... now managarmr only as soon as you are fast and do Damage thats just breaks the game I have 5k+ houers in ARK all on PVP server and this things are jusst horrible (I didnt buy Extinction "the pay to win" DLC content) I really love this game BUT I get why many People start to hate Wildcard Edit: removed twicee a word that just didnt make sense (sorry for that) I see Many PVE players here dont like my opinion maby even some PVP Managarmr riders XD My target is not to make this creaturee usless but give it one place and make it good in it. And I really hope not in:PVP Ambush Attack with easy escape. I hope WE (PVP and PVE) together find a solution with is okey for both sides shouting at each other that there opinion is the best dosnt help anybody
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    They are travelers that can freeze safely from range and then get up close and scrap a bit, and then make a hasty retreat. They should've never been anything more than they are with this new nerf. They are not an "apex" creature, they were badly designed. Before any of you quote me about how Manas are REALLY APEX CREATURES: If Studio WildCard intended for them to TRULY be an Apex, they wouldn't be prey for literally every carnivore in the snow biome from level 10 Wolves to Rexs/Gigas.
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    Accept limitations on mobile...go play on PC if you want other maps...
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    They are releasing dungeons & bosses. The dungeon itself is a new map. Also remember to take into account that a lot of people (complain) say that their phones can't handle the Island map. I doubt they'd be able to handle more/other maps.
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