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    You answered your own question. Since ARK has terrible performance and zero optimization, most changes goes towards lowering the number of dinos the server needs to deal with: - New kibble: smaller kibble farms, less tamed dinos - criopods: less dinos "alive" in the server
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    The problems with manas are manifold. You rightfully name a few of them in there (easily tamed + breedable), but these are only problematic in combination with the fact that they outclass every other mount in the game, hands-down. In an ark-world full of nerfed flyers, saddleless/unbreedable wyverns and reapers, we don't need a saddled, breedable, easily-tamed, fast-swimming, huge-stamina, high-damage, long-range, unbelievably fast rocketship. We just don't need them. They make all of the rest of Ark's content pointless.
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    In my own personal opinion I like this new kibble system, it could be better, am not a fan that each teir is essentially isolated there should be progression between the teirs but I'll take it just now. Ark is a sandbox game, and the previous system forced you to play and tame your way through the 'trees' a certain way, not very sandboxy IMO. Plus the old system while originally making kinda porgressive sense at the beginning (I actually liked this at the time) of EA turned into a mess. I mean troodon kibble for equus ? Lol. The new kibble IMO fits better into the idea that ark is a sandbox game, you can select what you want to tame for each teir. As for the creatures that are now 'useless'. They were useless before just laying eggs, they are just as useless now. Good time for a TLC for certain creatures. Whats the point of the wide range of 'useless' dinos now ? Again its a sandbox you can tame what you want. Also the wide range of wild dinos also gives a diversity of a functioning ecosystem if I can use that phrase. Its not just a world filled by 5 useful species say, its a world full of 5 useful species plus a host of more 'useless' species, which while useless adds to the world around us. Do they all have to be useful, not really but obviously its better if a creature is. Apologies for the brain splurge, it just sort of came out.
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    Hehe, we have the same favourite I get the "on ramp" suggestion, I really do, but I don't think that's the intention so I have a hard time believing they'll change it that way. Why? Because, as I understand it, the reason is to minimise the amount of dinos needed for a kibble farm and to make the game more sandbox-y in that you get to choose yourself what dinos you want to tame for kibble. With an "on ramp" I see that second reason being circumvented in that the "on ramp"-dino becomes a must have. Also, they seem to want to keep the dinos in isolated tiers, although this is not the case for all dinos. Whichever way they go doesn't matter much to me, but I'd wish they were consistent and clear in their intentions. If the intention is an "on ramp" - then have that for all tiers! If the intention is isolated tiers - make it so for all tiers! The way it currently stands just gives a very unpolished and badly thought through impression and that's a shame. In my opinion, if you're going to take the time to rework a system, take the time to do it properly and with genuine thought behind it, or don't do it at all!
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    Not only is the mana an easy tame/breed flyer, in PVE it's not the goto dino for meat gathering. So in my mind this is far from a end game type of creature. We don't really use them to get around either. I have also heard bad things about jumping to high with them on The Island.
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    There's a joke that goes like this... "How to Make a Million Dollars. Step 1: Get a million dollars". That's what its like when I search YouTube for 'Quetzal Traps'. Nearly all of them require that you already have a Quetzal on which to build a mobile platform trap. I had heard that its possible to trap a Quetzal by chasing it into some sort of trap located in the mountains. This seems somewhat plausible as I know I've chased them into the mountains before and found they fly quite close to the ground level of the mountain tops. I've even seen them snag up on rocks before. Maybe a person could try to get a Quetzal snagged up on rocks, then place down stone dino doorway frames to keep it in place? What is the best way to trap a Quetzal, assuming that you don't already have access to a Quetzal?
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    List of known bugs from homestead- Fixed 1. Prepatch crafting stations are missing engrams (Smithy, Fabricator, Cooking Pot, Mortor and pestal, Industrial Cooker, Replicator.) Argentavis saddle and Equis saddle seem to be fine. (few reports still of not working yet) Fixed 2. Players reportedly missing engrams in personal crafting screen, and even after using mind wipe certain engrams are just missing. Fixed 3. Horrible freezing on servers and even single player (tests relate loading of any structures cause freezes). Fixed 4. Prepatch Fertilized eggs will hatch dinos requesting prepatch kibbles for imprint and are unable to be imprinted even if the player has said requested kibble. Fixed 5. Server latencey with freeze issue will cause players to "teleport" if caught in a freeze and can send players couple feet to hundreds or meters in horizontal directions based on direction currently aimed. Fixed 6. Freezing causing xbox to crash and even "brick" the console resulting in players having to reset the entire console. Fixed 7. Explorer Notes screen missing all notes and dossiers. Fixed 8. S+ structures dont have correct hit point values or takes damage from incorrect damage sources. Fixed (developer currently planning on changing how prim+ works) 9. Prim+ wont even load. Fixed 10. Some cave location on different maps have new barriers incorrectly blocking normal caves or areas that have been normally enterable. Fixed 11. Some carnivores are unable to collect killed Tek dino materials. Unknown 12. Some eggs are not able to be made in to kibbles (quite a few, notable like glowtail, lymatria, and some more to list...). Unknown 13. Coop mode on host/local is having crashing issues. (starting a 2nd player on local has reports of crashing the game.) And many more that may not have been listed or added throught the posts in these thread. If you have information about a bug and can get in game proof as well with a clip or screenshot, do please add them to your post, a way to do this easily is with a site called https://xboxdvr.com You can link directly from you online dvred clips and screenshot to futher assist in helping the devs find this bugs. ()Wildcard owes our official server tribe 28 rexs and 2 yutys with 124 armor saddles. (update fixes crashing for the most part related to this paragraph) Post is below on why you shouldnt attempt unlocking the new tek s+ till they fix there broken update.
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    I've played ark a long and there has always been a certain degree of lag in the game, but it was manageable. It has progressively gotten worse the last few months, and especially after the last homestead patch. It's at the point where the game is UNPLAYABLE at times. If I made a ticket for every time I lost dinos or gear due to server lag and random disconnects you would have to hire additional support staff. This is not my system or connection, this is entirely an ark issue. We had a bunch of new players to the game on our server, after an hour and the lag they wondered if they could get a refund. I've never seen them on again. Whatever else wildcard is working on... stop. You should be putting all your resources to optimizing and fixing network and server issues. The server lag and random disconnects are ruining the game and driving your player base away.
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    I think you should ask some of the people over on this thread if they want to help:
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    Was watching the dev stream video again on youtube and I found what the team said about the managarmr interesting. They managarmr is the endgame tame for Extinction that is why its so powerful. That kind of makes sense ! The problem is of course the fact that the statement has connection to actual reality. The managarmr is one of easiest dinos to obtain, and you could get one as a low level naked beach bob. And it can be mass produced in huge numbers and pretty much everyone has them. The Reaper King from Aberration is a better example of a powerful, endgame tame. It is one of hardest tames in the game to obtain and requires you to truly master Aberration. The Reaper is rightfully powerful and also more importantly a rare sight. It can not be easily mass produced as it is not breedable. A high level, imprinted Reaper was signature mount of a very veteran ARK player and carried a certain amount of prestige. On PvP servers skilled Reaper riders turned tides of many battles and created a legendary reputation for this beast from depths of Aberration. Unlike the mana that could be raised anywhere, back in the day the reaper had a strong connection to Aberration and meant something to tribes and players that called Aberration their home. Manas...could have been the new Reaper and it would been amazing if it were so. Managarmrs are a beautiful creature and I do wanna love them more. If Manas were truly an endgame dino, a reward for mastering the final ARK map, then they would not get as much hate from the PvP community. Manas being OP is not the real problem, its that they way too common and easy to get for an "endgame" creature. The genie is out of the bottle now and it is too late to change how easily manas are tamed and breedable. But it is worth remembering where it went wrong.
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    This won't sound right but there is know other way to say it. (Sorry if this comes off the wrong way) But a game with only 5 or 6 dino's would be completely boring. Not all dino's in the game need to serve a purpose. They could just be in there to make your life miserable. Bugs, raptors, pego's, they can be a first class pain but I wouldn't want to remove them or any other dino's for that matter. (well I remove giga's just because) And on that note you could start up a custom game and remove all those extra dinos (have only 5) from the game not worry about it. Just food for thought.
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    Never thought about it from that viewpoint! Awesome
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    On the right, with the 'airborne' Quetzal trap, my first solo Quetzal tame. On the left, my second solo Quetzal tame using the airborne trap.
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    Mana's are still broken AF. I bet every single small tribes server has 2 to 3 mana griefers on it now, running ESP hacks. It's made every other pvp dino pointless. Its the fastest thing in the game, and its freeze / dismount means first shot wins- the ultimate griefer tool. Add a bit of pay to win ESP hack, and its just a grief fest. real pvp is dead. RE BALANCE the mana's please!! (again). limit their range, increase timer between freezes , make it use poop tons of stam to freeze..Make it unable to freeze large dinos. SOMETHING to put relevance to the rest of the game mechanics. There is NO other dino that can hang 1 on 1 in any situation with a decent mana right now. Fix it already.
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    Hi I'm trying to find how taming calculation work. I mean : One berry to a level 1 dino will give 7% taming While for the same dino but lvl 10 it will give 4.9%. I'm trying to find how the calculation work. First though that it was something like 5% "harder" per level, but it's not Does anyone has any info on how it works, or have any tips ? Thanks
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    I suggested this as well a while ago. I mean, it makes sense, right? I also suggested a rework of the dash for the Managarmr; Reduce the speed to be only slightly faster than the Phoenix, but make it so holding mouse 1 can sustain it for longer, with exponentially increasing stamina usage. Maybe it'd be too good, but I also think it should be able to narrowly turn mid-air while doing this... That would make it much better for PVE. I also think the ice breath is in a much better position than it used to be, but it's always just extreme buff, extreme nerf. Why can't WC get more creative with reworks or nerfs?
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    I actually like that idea about Phoenix. Also makes going to SE relevent again! Something about the hot flames counter the rider from being knocked off
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    Finally put together my 'test' of Mobile AA - my Bronto with platform holding nine Velonasaurs in turret mode. I walked them over the Rag wyvern trench and we led a bunch of wild wyverns to them. Worked well, so I'm going to either build a permanent Velo 'AA' platform near the trench, or an improved 'mobile AA platform'. Among the dead wyverns... two Alphas who gave up a ton of wyvern's milk. It was quite a sight to see the Velo's in action... next time I'll take screenshots. Forgot this time.
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    And you're right. If they nerf them too hard, they won't be used ever. Right now Managarmrs are the staple of ARK pvp and that's that. They are way more useable and don't completely outclass every flyer when a server is running Classic Flyers, but that's a mod. In vanilla ARK as of now, they are currently meta. Either they are going to need another rebalance or they are going to have to start buffing various dinos. I mean, It needs a hard counter, bad. But WC clearly doesn't understand how to do it.
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    That's pretty great! Just goes to show there are so many ways to do the job in this game, just takes alot of trial and error, and some creative ideas. Funny, back in the legacy days creating a trap on a quetzal was the way to go, but it sounds like they have patched it so much that it doesn't work great anymore. It used to work perfectly though. That's pretty great!
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    Just wait until May 5th. More non-Mexican Americans 'celebrate' Cinco de Mayo than the Mexican-Americans. Of course, by 'celebrate' I mean: drinking until they are oblivious to the world around them.
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    Mostly I agree. I only really take exception with the yuty, as I have found it to be one of the best tames for PvP. While it’s usually only utilized in PvE or boss fights, in PvP it can disorient a flyer, call wild creatures to its aid, and buff any and all of your other dinos. Essentially, the yuty has the ability to make any tame you have better. This is the reason it has always required a golden egg to tame. In many ways it is the most OP dino in the game because it can buff other OP dinos. The golden egg mechanic is ridiculous, but it made sense for a dino with the abilities a yuty has. It also made sense because it was only one dino and it’s not unreasonable to obtain enough golden eggs for one tame, one time. What is completely, totally and utterly unreasonable is requiring players to obtain golden eggs for the other creatures on the extraordinary kibble list (especially non-breedable tames) while a giga is as easy to kibble tame as a rex or bronto. The golden egg is also completely out of balance from the other eggs on the list. While wyvern and drake eggs may be somewhat difficult to obtain, they are already a part of normal play. If a player retrieves either a wyv or drake egg, they stand to gain a very high-powered tame, or at the least the highest tier kibble. All this with some actual fun or exciting gameplay. With the golden egg, all other activities must cease while the player is forced to focus on fishing a hesperornis exclusively (boring), it has only one valuable purpose, you may only receive a normal egg, and it has a rapid decay timer. It places more inconvenience and effort on island players than the other maps, and there is no alternative use for it. Additionally, hesperornis do not appear to spawn on Extinction, nor do wyv or drake eggs. The new kibble system seems rushed, lacks the logical progression of the previous system, and seems very poorly thought out. The stews should be removed from the kibble recipes, an additional tier should exist between exceptional and extraordinary, and only the giga, yuty and maybe the rock elemental should be in the highest tier.
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    I believe it was introduced by the Homestead update. Devs are aware and working on it: Will hopefully be improved soon!
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    I must disagree on the lag this time around and here is why. lately the lag is different. Since the update there are huge chunks of lag and server disconnects and roll backs. It's not just " oh we will fix this and people put out more crap." NA 341 was *fine* minor lag when the server saved. nothing out of the ordinary a crash during maturation to be expected etc. But now? a week ish after the horrid update and the lag is terrible, friends losing animals due to flying into the ocean.. flying megladons. I do have a pic I'll have to dig it up, it's on my other computer. my AB server -- log in farm metal.. server crashes.. rolls back to when I first got there. so 1 hour 45 minutes wasted. My center server.. everyone is like (chat .. 1 ( lagggg) Rag Se it's everywhere and it's better than at release but far from where it should be. And yes whenever it happens I fill out a server form, most of the people on my servers do, we are a good community. So it's not just random lag because people have out too much stuff or dinos.
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    I would still feel bad for killing a stupid pixel pet, I am ridiculous lol
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    Server Continue crashing all days pls WildCard check what is it the server its impossible to play... @Jen
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    Lots of progress today, mainly because my car was in the shop all day so I really didn't have anything better to do. First, I did get that tek raptor. I also stumbled across the tek quetz I knew was flying about, didn't expect to find it randomly though. I did solo tame it with an argent, tbh it only really worked because it was such a low level. But hey, tek quetz look cool and now I'll have a way to get more later. Also being able to airlift more things for taming, nice. I also said it was a future project but I was really in the mood for it so I went Creative Mode and built my spino ranch. It's a short hop from the breeding facility I just built, in that circular swamp area by green ob. Yes I did block a spino spawn on purpose. It's ok. I like this area for keeping spinos, not least because they'll literally always have their boost active. I then uploaded my spinos again and brought them down to the ranch. Sorting them out it was a bit sad to realize of the 6 I brought with me, 1 is Smaug, 2 are breeding projects, and the other 3 are basically unnecessary. I don't have the heart to cull them just yet, but I just don't need anything from them. It's been so long I honestly don't remember why I uploaded them. Having completed the ranch, it was time for phase 2 of the project. I logged out of The Island and loaded up Ragnarok, straight into Creative Mode again to build a taming outpost in spino canyon. This is why I'm using TI as my base map, because it has such limited value in terms of resources and animals. So now I can simply collect animals on other maps and bring them back to the relative safety and security of TI for safe keeping, breeding, whatever. And since the other "bases" are simply outposts I won't feel bad restarting those maps whenever I want in order to actually play. Clever, right? I thought so anyway. Once I got myself situated (I've not really spent much time on other maps so I did get a bit lost a few times) it was straight to work. Once they started spawning the spinos came in fast and hard. I tamed an astonishing 11 135+ spinos over the course of the afternoon and evening hours, plus a ptera for scouting and 2 barys for future breeding. One sadly got hit and will likely be culled, for now it'll serve as my cave mount. I uploaded them as I went and returned to TI afterwards to carefully bring down and sort my new additions and put together my current base stat build. I also went back to Pearl Lake, collected the spinos I had stored there and brought them back to the ranch for sorting. My current base stat build (in pts) is: HP 38, stamina 43, food 40, oxygen 37, weight 43 and melee 45. I feel like spinos are one of the few species who really needs all of their stats, with the arguable exception of food. It's a decently respectable start although ideally I'd like higher HP and 40+ in oxy would be great. Essentially I want a 40+ base stat build, which all of my color morphs will inherit once I combine them all into one animal. Spino taming does unfortunately take a lot of time and resources so I'll have to wait until next weekend to try my luck with improving my stats. In the meantime I'll likely be knocking off some smaller building projects. I'm already second guessing dilo breeding, sure it's a for fun project but for almost the same amount of effort I can do so many other things. Well, there's no real rush so we'll see.
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    St. Patrick’s day is only really celebrated by the Irish. In America, people use it as a reason to get stone drunk and kill a lot of folk by intoxicated driving. It’s just another day that lets idiots forget how crappy their lives truly are. And they “solve” it by drinking $80 car bombs and ignoring their $300,000 worth of debt. These people usually have maxed out credit cards (credit cards are NOT for spending. They’re like the mob, if you don’t already have what you borrowed, don’t borrow in the first place. A little financial advice). Oh yeah, and 2nd mortgages as well. God, i hate stupid and irresponsible people. I am ashamed to be an American. Our degeneracy has reached it’s lowest. Well, almost. I’m waiting for pedophilia to become a pride march.
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    My favourite was Scorpion to rex to troodon to equus.... Lol: I Should have read Zahleas spoilers before posting.... never mind.
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    Good job and good tactic. Hadn't thought of trying to "steer" one before.
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    Made a little video showing that you can't hit poop from a Tap... Front or back, you miss about 90% of the time. Can't figure out the mechanic, but it seems intentional.
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    Thats the thing tho, i want to take part in the endgame kibble, tames, ect. I also want to tame everything on every map. The yuty is a must for boss battles, i kno this, but outside of that 1 use its a dud. Just like thylas hav 1 use, theyre ur means to ur boss saddles possibly. But 1 use that u use only rarely doesnt exactly seem special. I could say good for me, no need, but id rather it b built better for everyone...Not to mention i still want to collect them. As for the boa eggs, they still b easier then these golden eggs. My other beef is the progression seems off badly. Once im riding a wyvern im probably not going back to a griffin. Once i have a wyvern or giga ect im not gonna b riding a thyla 99.9% of the time. Y, because im already riding something better before im even making this kibble. Thats just wrong, and to some degree u understand what im saying because what u said about the thyla.
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    Or our Swedish midsummer where we build fertility symbols to dance around! All the dinos could be walking around with a flower garland on their heads and we could get a new emote mimicking our frog dance (honestly, this is not a joke )
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    I am similarly confused as salty. Onimusha, if you think the last kibble tier dino's are useless why are you complaining? Sounds like you will never tame them, if that's the case then the difficulty of the last tier won't effect you. Making the second to last tier -your- last tier. Which is relatively easy to obtain. Personally, the way I see the end game being played the Yuty's buff (+25% to melee of your dinos, I believe) is -HUGE-. Without it you would be forced to spend that much more time breeding for mutations. In other PvE games I've played these buffs are essential to being able to beat encounters. I don't see this being any different. I see spending the time it now takes to tame a Yuty as an easy trade off to being able to finish the PvE game. I agree the giga should be in the last tier. The ease of gathering meat brings you into the realm of being able to mass raise meat eating dinos. Regardless of not being able to be used in the PvE end game I think the giga is well worth the effort of being in last tier. Thyla's are useful, but not on the same level as giga/yuty. I would value them at slightly less than rexes, but maybe still worthy of being in the same tier. I can't speak to griphons as I've mostly played on center/island. Only ever gone to Rag to collect loot from desert crates(which I didn't need to ascend or bet the bosses for, as I haven't yet). As a side note, those of you who complained about titanaboa eggs being not worthy of last tier tames, I hope you enjoy laying in the bed you made.
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    Frankly quetz hav a lot of health, id use a highpowered crossbow. It reloads every 2 secs allowing u to pelt it repeatedly and therefore save up torpor to avoid losing any. Not to mention normal darts only hav a 50% gain over the crossbow for 3x the narco plus metal. Then facter the crossbow bow shoots 2x faster and the crossbow is more efficient time and resource wise. Simply pelt it the number needed, mayb a couple extra to speed up the ko and as a just in case, thn just follow it til it drops
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    If you do not have a Griffin, you can use a Tapejara. Good Luck
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    Honestly, just jump on a griffin and shoot the crap out of one with darts. It's really not that hard. The only trouble I had when doing so was finding out where it flew off to after recharging stamina, but just keep an eye on it u til it's out of render and you should find it easily enough. If you have a buddy or anyone that can just keep an eye on it for you then obviously that's a bit easier.. you could always try it. The best mindset you can have is "If I fail, I haven't lost anything other than a few resources." Didn't really answer your question, but it's the best solution I can offer. Also, close to where the Ice wyverns spawn on rag, quetz usually get stuck in the rocks/trees so you could always trap one there.
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    The guys at Nvidia are already working on this.
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    if you upload the ARK park export data into ark smart breeder it will tell you the color id's on each region. or for that matter they are in plain text you can select export dino from the options on it's wheel and find the text document in the appropriate folder steam>steamapps>common>ark>shootergame>saved>dinoexports
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    Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! ARK Developer Stream #1 VOD! On March 5th we had our first developer update stream in our new format! Thank you for joining us on Twitch if you were able to do so. In this stream we talked about the Homestead update, the mod program, as well as answered your questions from the Community Crunch and from chat. Going forward we will be continuing to stream when we've got new things to share with you. We won't have a dedicated schedule like we have in the past so stay tuned to the Crunch and our Twitter for information on when those take place. If you weren't able to catch the stream, you can watch the video on demand over on our YouTube channel. As previously mentioned the major topic of our stream was dedicated to discussing the new Homestead update which includes the integration of Structures Plus and the Kibble rework. If you're still confused about the kibble rework changes definitely check out Dododex and the ARK wiki for an in-depth dive into the new kibble system including new recipes for the new kibbles and which creatures prefer which kibble. Thank you to our community members for collecting this information for all survivors to benefit from. And we hope you have all been enjoying this quality of life update! Upcoming Server Maintenance! At 12:00pm Eastern on March 13th we will be taking down some of our Switch servers for maintenance. We expect maintenance to last for approximately 2 hours. Below is a list of all affected servers. Mod Community Updates! I've readied a new installment to our VSS project tutorials. Today we're covering the addition of a central targeting list managed by the tower. This backbone will make it possible to take the behavior of our mod in quite a few directions, so for anybody that is following along, please feel free to drop some ideas on behavior in the forum thread below. Happy Modding! Fan Feature of the Week! ARK Millennium Falcon by Sitharias Evolution Event! Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 15th of March at 1 PM EST until Monday the 18th of March at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates That's it for this post! As always if you’ve got anything to share you can find us at: Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark All the best, Studio Wildcard
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    So you’re ashamed to be an American because of the actions of people that have zero effect on your life? Would I be wrong in assuming that your left leaning because of the virtue signalling on this scale?
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    Lol they can’t fix lag because as lag gets better ppl leave more dinos out or build more which negates the improvement. Ppl are happy with there lvl of lag they stop building WC reduces lag ppl build again and get to the same lvls of lag
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    I’m assuming you’re on PC, because i’m on Xbox and unofficial is dead there. The only servers with any people are the x50 boosted ones that last a day. There are some good servers but they have 5 people or less. But at that point you might as well play SP. Speaking of lasting, i’m tired of building up just for the server owner to decide he’s not paying anymore and shuts the server down.
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    Dont read issue solved, next.
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