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    D1nk seems to have covered most of last night. Had great fun in the hard sea cave with d1nk (hadnt realised you hadnt been in before), its so much easier with two folk riding mate boosted basils rather than have doing it solo with a whale on follow, especially considering the unridden basils AI refusal to fight at depths. Grabbed the drops and of course the artifacts. I know the easy water cave and their drops lile the back of my hand. Used to farm that cave multiple times a day almost on a daily base back on official.... Yeah I got on for a litttle bit this morning and I hatched the two spare eggs from last night when we jumped across to the island, just to see if it would give a mutation and what do you know one had a mutation, pity it didn't get the rest of the stats. Also hatched up a few female full stat breeders we needed as well, logged off just as that lot matured. Cyans the dream..... nicely done In case you hadnt noticed I like anything blue or cyan ?Just need to get a nice body colour mutation to get rid of the ugly green colour. Got back on in the evening (somehow missed d1nk) to find the nice new cyan full stat breeders ready to go. Started up stock pilling and hatching some eggs. Did a quick metal run on the mantis in the cave by our base and my word that was an adventure and a half, I usually only find one or two nasties in there. Went round a corner to find a 145 alpha carno so I avoided that part of the cave. Went round another corner to find the biggest pack of sabers/raptors/scorpions I had seen in there. The Mantis saved my life, the raptors kept pouncing me. The mantis took a beating but it cleared out the nastys. Back at base I started hatching more allo eggs. Started raising another female to help with pumping out more eggs. I eventually struck gold with a pair of twin (male and female) muts, a nice golden yellow spine colour with another melee mutation (up at 343% now). Wasnt sold on the yellow to begin with , I did like the standard black but the yellow is growing on me. Would look very nice if we were to get a nice main body colour mutation. Cryoed up the new allos to finish off maturing later, didnt get on until late lol
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    I am not bored. I love the game. I have a few towns built. I detail every building as best I can. Chairs, tables, lighting, beds, etc. I build for realistic looks, not defense now. I love sitting on the roof on a chair and watching the gorgeous sunrise each morning (days are six hours on my servers, not 50min) or just enjoying the sheer beauty in the game. I know my rexes are OP and would be erased on official at 450. I was just curious about the hardcore gamers on official. Do they breed until they hatch level 450 dinos and then don't level them, or do they go to 377 then add all 73 levels? What stats do you guys look for? Bosses are a joke. As for levels, here goes. Island is 150, Center is 180, SE is 210, Rag is 240, Ab is 270, and Extinction is 300. That equates to difficulties of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 respectively. I know that you can get 255 in each stat, and I may try for that one of these days, but for now I was just curious. I did actually solo a titanosaur yesterday on one of the 470 rexes. It was close but I won. Still, that would be one crazy dino! Imagine a giga with 255 levels in health and another 255 in damage. Would be fun for a few minutes to run around murdering everything on the map. I did hear that theriz had a fire resistance, making them great for the dragon fights. Is that true? I may try that. It would be funny to have an army of tickle-chickens running around!
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    Tek suit repair costs don't scale with blueprint quality. So not really... If you get a 1k dura suit Id think its worth spending the 1k ingots (and no element) to repair. It'll only be primitive repair costs.
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    I think ice beam needs an adjustment. Not a nerf - just the damage comes from being on a target for longer (good for pve, easier for pvp)
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    Created a SleepZone cluster Facebook page! Search for @sleepzoneark and like it for updates! Once we have everything finalized, we will post stats for Aberration server as well. It’s similar to other settings but for those that want exact numbers, we will post it soon.
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    I've since switched to my Ps4 when full game went on sale on the EU store. I remote play it on my other devices so I have no use for this version anymore sadly. Maybe if graphic improvements and the expansions ever come, I'll just enjoy the full game now instead of hoping.
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    Guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO THE DEVS!!!!!!!!! THIS GUY IS SO CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You’re both wrong. One of you added in info from an article that didn’t come directly from Wildcard because it was actually developers that defected from the studio to form their own sister company, and the other has claimed that Snail Games is a reskin of Wildcard when in fact they have their own developers and just own the IP.
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    Hopefully you read this before changing downgrading stack sizes lowering everything your server had to that stack size losing them everything they had over that stack. I changed my stack size for my cluster today from 100.00 to 10.0 thinking it would help at the shop and for easier breakdowns, but instead lost the cluster players everything above their new stack size. For example, 10k element stacks are now 1k in a single stack. It would of made sense if ark devs would of made it break down to a bunch of 1k stacks but instead, you lose it. Today is going to be along day for me and my admins refunding the whole 4 map cluster. Hope this helps someone out there, learn from my mistake please. oOfrost36Oo Owner/Admin
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