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    Hey all, I've done a lot of work and research on custom recipes and there's just NO good info on it out there. The wiki obviously breaks down raw statistics, but it takes some interpretation to be explained fully Basically there are a few considerations to make when planning a custom food. They are: HP, stamina, food, and weight. Making a good recipe requires a delicate balance of all these. Its also important to note that this is a great way to store surplus food that would otherwise rot. Sometimes you'll leave thousands of berries and meat in a feeding trough that eventually all spoil when you could've cooked them into the "Primary Cake" or the "Cheeseburger" shown in my attached pictures instead. Custom consumables have an extremely long shelf life when refrigerated compared to normal food. With my level 80 crafter with all levels in CS (880% or 7.80) I will typically follow these guidelines: (You should consume a focal chili prior to making recipes to raise your crafting skill level 100% for the duration of the buff) For my food filler, it's typically made of RAW meat. The best one I have is 10 raw meat for 101 food. Cooked meat technically gives more food, but I like the extra heal from raw Element dust is a FANTASTIC ingredient. High stats evenly distributed with good weight For healing recipes, try to use 2-4 bee honey and the rest of your 8 recipe slots some prime meat Mushrooms in general just make better recipes; primarily because they have more balanced stats. The downside is they lack real sustanance as food to fill your hunger. However, food is the easiest stat to fill almost without trying Stimberries and Auric mushrooms would normally decrease your water; but in a food recipe, they do not lower your water stat. It still does reduce the water given by a drink though when included in the drink's recipe. DO NOT USE EGGS - THEY ARE MASSIVELY HEAVY! You're better off turning the eggs into kibble and using that in a recipe for the insane stamina regen. KIBBLE GIVES A TON OF STAMINA Crops/veggies are best used in drinks. 2-4 on a good crafter will fill your water to 100 Please pay attention to weight. You would not believe how much extra room you can make just by getting rid of your egg recipes and doing meat or mushrooms instead. KEEP IT SIMPLE. I tried making recipes with 4 or 5 different ingredients but it just leads to a big hassle that totally isn't worth it. Also, note that recipes don't really become "worth it" until about 500% - 550% CS. Thats the turning point when you start to reap benefits instead of taking losses. I have included some examples I've made for reference. (The weights are listed because the blueprints all say 0.1 weight on them, but it doesnt include the final weight. I really wish they would change that and tell you how much weight the finished product will be) "Cheeseburger" - 0.3 lbs "Stamburger" - 0.25 lbs "Primary Cake" - 0.55 lbs "Mushroom Chocolate Cake" - 1.6 lbs "Aquafresh" - 0.18 lbs "Lemonade" - 0.16 lbs TEK Cake - 0.17 lbs
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    You killed your giga by leaving it out before a known maturation event.. dont blame WC for your mistake
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    Well if it works for you, congrats. Next time i will use a doed for obsidian, and then take my dodos out for a meatrun.
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    Just one more reason not to PVE on official
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    Valentine Chocolate can only be used once per knocked out tames. no idea. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Incubation EDIT: For Number 3, the amount needed actually also depends on the environment and the day itself. The most amount of air conditioner required is usually around 16-20 (more if not placed properly) if you are hatching a Rock Drake Egg, for example.
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    Problems experienced are on PS4, and yes servers have been taken down until a patch can be brought out. Very disappointed as we are all missing out on the latest event. Wouldn't be acceptable if it was Survival Evolved, would definitely get an extended event and hope Prim+ will but wont hold my breath. Literally like WC forget about parts of their own game when releasing EVERY update. Making mistakes is fine, not learning from them isn't.
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    I love that you resort to insulting people who are better than you at pvp. So many different ways to play this game but its seems its easiest to have tantrum.
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    I just went to check on a support ticket I filed the other day regarding an egg thief, along with ample evidence proving he stole them (heck, he straight up admitted it), and my ticket is now gone. and nothing has happened to the thief. I know at least a half dozen other players on various servers who have also had eggs stolen, two of which also had their tickets deleted. What is going on here? @Jatheish
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    Ok well earlier this evening I made the decision to invite a new member into my tribe.. everything was okay I thought i was helping him out because we were decently set up on the server, I gave him admin privileges as I was an admin unaware that he could remove me from the tribe. He did exactly that, killed me and unclaimed all the tames and stole my dinos in the cryopods it took me and my tribe a very long time to acquire. And a lot of grinding and love for the game. Is there anything I can do? I have his gamertag written down. Any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated. My tribe and friends are so upset they have decided not to play with me anymore assuming I was in on it.
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    They need to make tek incubator that secures fertilized eggs while they cook down and stops incubating just before it hatches. It can say hold 10 eggs per incubator and runs on tek gen
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    On xbox you just hold down the applicable button to bring up the radial wheel and select it from there. Just be careful because they'll still follow who ever they're set to follow so dont land them then run off because they will follow
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    Ok yeah I did get an ascendant candy which gives you 15% boost. I suppose it could be great for going after Wyvern eggs.
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    Havent had a chance to get one yet but if they are anything like the christmas candies then they add a speed boost to your dino for that 24 hours too which makes it kind of fun to use on like owls. Diving is faster if not than its just the pretty colors and still fun to see what the different color schemes they produce for 24 hours.
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    They didn't used to. I remember back on Legacy when my tribe was at tame cap. The egg would just poof! when it hatched
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    what happens if you pod a dino that has a leech? I am just curious if it poofs the leech or if it is still there or what.
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    I forgot about the changes in stack size, and went on a quick meat run on my giga. Got a shock when I got back to base and saw how few stacks of meat I had, oh yeah right meat stacks to 50 now ? Played around with the fixed cryopod imprinting, its an absolute God send. Its a great QoL improvement. No longer stuck having to raise and imprint everything in one go, if I have to I can cryopod up stuff up and complete the imprinting later. Also can unstick babies which have sunk into foundations. Raised up two of my new rexes and two of my new Tapejaras and 100% all of them. Hatched up a bunch of giga eggs aswell and cryoed the ones I wanted to keep for later date.
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    Got on last night for an hour. Since the vday event isnt working yet I played with the stack ini a bit. Withdrew a lot of stuff in vaults, restacked into the new 1000 stacks and cried a little inside when I realized most of the vaults I made are not needed hahaha. Man, its sure nice for most things, now I feel like we have nothing material wise Going to be fun playing with the stacks while farming though! Hide farming, meat runs etc are going to be a lot better! Patiently waiting for this weekend to game
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    The only imprtant stat for an Anky would be weight. You can also level up melee, if you want to farm faster, but i would always level up weight. Not only for Ankys but for every Farming dino like the Doedic or the Thorny Dragon . I have a 100% imprinted Thorny Dragon with 4k weight after i found some explorer notes and fought some stuff. But i have pretty high rates in terms of stats and imprinting bonus. But in terms of breeding, i just tame everything with a high level until i have a male and a female (sometimes i find a creature with cool colors and tame it too), then i just breed for the best stats. I dont look after that. If it has a high level, i tame it and, maybe breed it.
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    If real life were like Ark: mobile... We would all be eaten by Gigas and Rexes
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    Are you on a PVP server? Because I thought running the risk of someone killing you/your tames/destroying your buildings/stealing your stuff including your dino eggs was just part of the game on those servers? I've seen raiding videos online where players made a point of sneaking/breaking into other peoples' bases specifically to steal their fertilized eggs. Heck one I watched had a guy who filmed himself watching members of another tribe outside their base incubating some rex eggs and he swooped down and stole it right in front of them. Sucks definitely, but if it's a PVP server I don't think they'd punish the egg thief for doing something pvp-related. If it's NOT a pvp server...well dang, I'm glad I don't have anything worth stealing .
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    ROFL!!! To give you an engram duplicating my real life poisonous cooking so that you can annihilate the population of an entire server? Depends. PvP? Chocolate or Vanilla Ice flavor? LOL.
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    If real life were like Ark: Mobile....... I would go visit the tiny thin family that lives next door to me who have the weird bent knees and long arms, and have names of "son", "dad", "daughter", on a daily basis just to get a good laugh
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    Ya been awhile since they've logged in by dropping a vault on the body it's takes no food lose or water drain hp regains an yes he was big time box tribe troll that spoke English well enough to insult you lol
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    You know what? You are right. The unnofficials got increased rates too. Someone needs desperatly to learn how to gather information
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    You are going to waste kibble, that's just the way it goes. I have downed many dinos with stats that looked incredible, only for them to stand up with most of the post tame levels going into food and oxygen. You just have to tame every one you find and hope for a lottery roll in the stats. Then you start breeding them. Or, you can take all of the time you would spend taming and breeding an anky and farm ingots instead. Then buy yourself a super anky from someone.
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    ah... Excellent! You have just exonerated many, many people who were accused of "stoopiditee." Thank you.
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    Going to raise some mana pups and little wyverns that I have left in fridge. And probably a yuty as well.
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    Indeed. If you are looking to get a breeding line yourself, tame every 130+ available. On the standard maps, Melee above 350 should be kept and Weight above 450. Abberation Ankys tend to have higher Melee from what I have found but then you can only tame them on that map. There are plenty of good Anky stats out there for trading - just ask on your server.
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    I would advise not worrying too much about pre-tame stats as you could get lucky and get a super good one post-tame, especially if you don't already have some good ones. Best Idea is to tame every 130+ anky you see and then breed the best ones together.
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    Oh, sorry I'm not sure of exact figures. I just tame what I can find and keep the best ones. I've only ever found 1, 150 Anky and I think that's the one i left out while i took my argi back to unload and it got killed ?
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    I'm guessing you may want these for farming? if so I would say Mele and Weight.
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    Well let us know when you've used Raptors to achieve that then ? I've only done it on my own server, but only gather and breeding rates are boosted, no change from official stat values.
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    The Center Small Tribes Xbox There is a base on a cliff with two metal buildings and a gap in between both not far from our base. These two metal buildings have at least three velanosaurs in each on turret mode and bristling with tech turrets and heavies. The velos are placed inside so they can target intruders but would be invaders cannot snipe them without breaking down the walls first. Happened to fly past and notice their tech generator was out of element, perfect opportunity to blast in and take a peak. We tried dropping in with parachutes and via bird but kept getting shredded by the velos. Finally decided to farm up enough mats to get a rocket launcher and rpgs happening as velos cannot target projectiles like turrets can. Took over an hour as the beaver dams must have been plundered recently but we were finally perched above their base, rpgs in hand ready to kill everything and take what we wanted. I aimed up slightly to ensure the rpg didn't clip into the cliff slightly jutting out infront of me. We all know how ark gets. Comfortable I had more then enough clear line of sight I fired, boom the bloody rpg explodes right infront of me clipping into an imaginary section of cliff edge and my body with c4 and all the rpgs plummets down into their base smack dam in the middle of the two velanosaur buildings. Fml. At this point I had to get up for work soon so left our stuff on the body and called it quits for the night.
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    for the first time since release I can say it aint WC's fault. i will remember this day
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    Or you can travel to another server. this fix your struggel too ?
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    Yeah, this right here is a stupid strawman argument they are making. It's the mark of a bad sport. Probably received trophies in school for simply attending sports events. If we are going to talk about issues in real life because of virtual actions taken in a simulation. Why are the Feminists super quiet about billions of male characters dying in games, but as soon as a single game shows violence or harm against a female character, suddenly it's a crime against women, misogyny!!!!!!!????? So only men can die, but omg not women? And they make this outrageous argument based upon the false idea that you will see or do something in a game, and then suddenly go into real life and mimic it there, like as if we're stupid or something. There are many scientific studies that debunk this bull on so many levels. The studies that tried to support this kind of falty reasoning turned out to be peer reviewed and then tossed out as junk, because of the various reasons stated, such as fraudulent data, illogical reasoning to conclusions that fly in to the face of the facts of the same study, or the data was shown to be tampered with, or the group for analysis was cherry-picked and again results tampered with. I can keep going. One study that got peer reviewed and was shown to be faulty, when they tried to reach out to the person responsible, he ran and could not be reached for contact. Sadly the same ideology-driven pseudo scientists tried to approach Donald Trump last year to push the narrative that games make killers and misogynists. Nobody ever talks about misandry. Yeah, of course that didn't go so well, pushing pseudo science into politics, and made Donald Trump look even more stupid than normal. Sad, because the "God Emperor Trump"(link) sometimes says intelligent things and you can actually agree with what he says. But then turns around and says stupid things like this : "I think I am, actually humble. I think I'm much more humble than you would understand." —"60 Minutes" interview, July 17, 2016 I think if we are going to talk about real life issues with gaming, it should be about the fake news game journalists who are actually activists who don't know anything about journalism ethics. This is what gamer-gate was actually about, but sadly the same corrupt people tried to make it about women being harassed online, wahhhhh. I am a woman, and I don't enjoy having my own gender discriminated against by these cry baby professional victims who try to paint all women as fragile little beings that need to be sheltered and protected, and at the same time need representation. Every body gets pooped on in the online space. Stop with the equity crap, and start working on actual equality. People, if you want to be better than crap, do something for yourself and put in effort. Fight for actual fair.
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    Is the glass half full or half empty? There are tribes out there that have made a way to keep a stable base of operations and be strong on a platform that says Player vs. Player. Also, why does Wildcard think it's okay to maybe down the road catch and ban people who undermesh, but also have the balls to go after the people who need to build counters to undermeshing by sadly having to undermesh turrets under their base to stop cheaters? This is why I love owning my own cluster on unofficial. I can tell wildcard that they are crazy stupid and then ignore their stupid and do better. But they do make the game, and respect for what they have done so far on the game. But undermeshing, that needs more work. ?
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    Yeah, both of these. PvP is friggin rough. It can be exciting, like the other day I'm on SmallTribes running FULL FREAKIN SPEED AS FAST AS I CAN FROM A GUY ON AN IGUANODON trying to kill me... I think I get away, then he somehow sneaks up on me... And its over. Hahahaha
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    OMG... Reading this is like watching Southpark's member berry episodes. You all need to take the beer goggles off because you think days long past are the good ol days. THEY WERE NOT... Before transfers you were stuck on a server and 3-4 player alphas would raid and abuse the server pops at will because they had no competition. No kidding I was on this one server where the alpha had to be asked before you could tame a rex. And forget quetz or giga. If you were found to have that, welcome to wipeville. And so sorry if you were wiped and informed you are kos by the alpha your main character is stuck on that server. Unlike now at least you can transfer off and not have to start over at level 1. There is no difference between being wiped by an alpha native to your server and an alpha from another except the alpha from another server eventually leaves... Ark was far more buggy, ran slower, less features, WAY more grindy, and less casual player friendly than it is now. Ark now > Ark then.
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    it is easier to cry and speak badly of the game than to accept that you do not know everything, and stop and think and stop being hypocritical because if it were you raiding would be laughing at other players, Play PvE so when you go to sleep and come back you will have your base.
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    I love this so much, having to say a player is messed up irl because they play better than you
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    So in 3 months time I have a third of that PC players game time on my Switch already....closing in on 300 hours. Somethings worth is determined by the individual judging it & hardly true across the board for everyone. I enjoy playing the game on my Switch a great deal. Its not perfect, but even with owning the game on various formats (my PS4 version even has the season pass) Ive played more on the Switch. It could be the portability....but I have the free phone version as well. I think I enjoy button controls, the larger portable screen & the less established, less crowded public servers. For me personally, its worth the money spent. Theres nothing wrong in thinking the games a waste of money or finding it great. Opinions vary but I dont understand the need to champion it & "convert" people . Its a game..in my case I either play it & enjoy it or maybe complain once or twice & then move on to something I do enjoy. I dont argue merits with folks who have polar opposte, hardline opinions over & over. Nothing to gain there but levels of frustration.
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    Yes. Same was asked on Reddit, Chris responded that there is a bug they need to fix before pushing the next public iteration of the beta.
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    Calm down bud.. just because you can’t get set up means you didn’t hide well enough. Hide your tamed away from your base or cryopod them if you can. When you log off log off away from your HIDDEN base. Insulting players because they are better than you makes you seem childish
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    if you're playing on a PVP server you can expect this to happen, i've played some hours on a PVP server, i got raided while offline, didn't like it and went to PVE, so many friendly people there, even though there are some douches aswell, most people are nice. if you don't want to get screwed over by people who play the game longer, play PVE or single player...
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    Hmmm I agree, seems hard to find a server that is not targeted by trolls daily or established servers at Tek level where you can start building in peace from scratch.. Id be down for 6 month server wipes. good idea
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    I went on an Allo hunt last night, couldnt find any in close vacinity so I gave up and bred some more and hatched some more. Nothing new, no mutations or anything but I got another stat merged on my Ptera line so 326 now, definitely need some new blood so will try and tame a few later tonight. Hoping to pick up my Yuty egg tonight so that will be a painful few hrs as I will watch it very carefully get to 10.1% mat before feeling safe to leave it this time. 16k ingots now hidden away from my tribemate in a safe, wanting to fill it completely before he say we need to do a metal run because we have run out... then to hear him once I tell him to check 'Anarki's Personal Stash' vault with 70k ingot sitting there I know he has a plan to rebuild a new greenhouse and some little cliff platform huts to turn into new rooms so he will need a lot of metal for that - he builds, I gather. Its a good relationship. He does all our tactics, I just breed things up... it works. So, another night on Center went by quickly and a little good fortune with a stat here and there. Lets hope my Yuty works out and that I can find some new Allos to start breeding as my current line doesnt look like it will turn out particularly well. Oh, and I donated a 269 born Ptera to a new guy who was struggling with the game. I like to do that
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    It also happens with rocks, trees and a whole host of other random things, but you are right about one thing. I was several months without playing Ark before the new year. I did find ways of getting stuck back during the summer, but it wasn't anywhere near as frequent as it has become nowadays. Getting stuck back then was more a case of I've managed to find that one hole in the decor which is just too deep for me to be able to get out of it without killing myself or using the fly / ghost commands. It's definitely a bug which was introduced in one of the more recent patches, but it's definitely not beta specific. Anyhow, for the time being, I've reverted back to the vanilla version because the beta version just doesn't play nice with the S+ mod. There's a number of S+ structures which haven't been implemented into the beta which I just can't do without. I really hope that when the beta goes live, it doesn't completly break S+ Right now, the S+ structures from the mod itself don't have any snap points in the beta. Also, I've noticed that I'll end up with several copies of the engrams in my list. There's obviously something very wrong going on here. It's somewhat sad, because I'm happy to see those S+ structures coming to live, but there are plenty of S+ features which I use a lot and would hate to see go, such as the ability to pull the stuff I need to craft. Past a certain point, you just start having so much stuff that sorting your inventory and moving your stuff around starts to consume more and more of your time, thus reducing the amount of time that you spend actually playing the game. Even a small base can easily have a cost that will soar in the tens of thousands of basic materials. Things can get seriously out of hand really quickly. This is a game, not an inventory management system and I want to spend my time discovering the map, hunting dinos, and building things.
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    TEK skin on the giga Taxidermy... It will make it huge. Same with rex.
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