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    Please moderator, can you close this topic as it is trying to incite division across the community. PvE and PvP - two different game modes with plenty for all in both. ARK is a game, and its fun whatever mode you choose.
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    not necessarily true. Each metal node has some amount of HP attached to it and the more damage you do to it - the more resource you get per hit. So the more melee - the faster you'll harvest the node, plus if you manage to do some excess amount of damage then you'll get some overharvest resources as well. For example: lets assume anky1 does 100 damage to 500 hp metal node - it'll harvest it fully in 5 swings. Anky2 that does 120 damage to that node will get 480hp worth of resources in 4 swings and on 5th swing it'll get another 120hp worth of resources totaling 600hp worth of resources from 500 hp node - a 20% increase. Anky3 with 250 damage will harvest that node exactly in 2 swings but wont get any extra. Generally harvesting faster can result in more metal given you have access to many nodes and because different metal nodes have different amount of hp its better to go as high melee as you can - there is no sweet spot. There is a limit to overharvesting - it is either 3x or 5x of node's hp.
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    Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! ARK: Valentine's Day! Beginning tomorrow, February 12th until February 18th, love will fill the air as we celebrate Valentine's Day! The ARK will be placed under Cupid's loving spell. With this event, creatures have also been affected by Cupid's spell in the following ways: Red, Pink, and White colored wild creatures can be found wandering the ARKs searching for true loves kiss. When mating, creatures have a 25% chance to drop an item. That item has a 50/50 chance to be one of the following: Valentines Chocolate: Restores full HP, or knocks 40% off a creatures taming bar. Valentines Candy: Gives your tame random dino colors when eaten. All servers official and unofficial will also experience the following bonuses (auto-activated or can be toggled manually by running ActiveEvent=vday): Mate Boosted range increased by 2x Mating Speed and Mating Recovery increased by 3x Creature Maturing and Egg Incubation speed has been increased by 3x Baby Food Consumption has been decreased by 1/3 Survivors also have the opportunity to send out their own customs Valentine's Day card to their loved ones. Head over to playark.com/valentines and create your custom card! Be sure to send us a tweet with your image attached and the #MateBoosted, so that over the course of the week we can retweet your loving messages! PC Patch Notes: Xbox & PS4 Patch Notes: Upcoming Server Maintenance! On February 13th beginning at 7am EST we will be conducting a small maintenance on a portion of our NA Official Servers. During this time the servers will go offline in succession therefore all will not be going down promptly at 7am. The servers will not be running during this maintenance period once they are down. We anticipate the full maintenance duration to take a few hours however the servers will be booted back up shortly after they are taken down, which should minimize individual downtime. Also worth noting: In our next patch we will be renaming all legacy servers to include "LEGACY" in their names. This change will not affect your favorites but the name will be changed there to reflect the new name. Legacy servers will be using the following format: LEGACY-servername. Ex: LEGACY-OfficialServer2. This change applies to all platforms that have Legacy servers. Legacy servers will still be located in the Official Legacy Servers tab in the server browser. Attention Builders! Fancy yourself a top tier builder? We want to see what you can do with the new structure changes! Hop into the beta (details on how to do that below) and build to your heart's content using any of our officially supported maps (The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction). You can do this in your single player world or your unofficial server if you have access to one. We’ll be picking the best builds submitted to us for featuring in an upcoming video trailer showcasing the building changes to ARK similar to the announcement video we did for our latest mod contest. Submit pictures and/or a video of your build, your map save and coordinates to your build to arkfans@studiowildcard.com so we can take a look. You can get the direct coordinates to your build location by enabling setcheatplayer true and jotting down the coordinates presented on screen. You can upload your map save to a file sharing website such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc, and include the link in the email. Today is the LAST DAY to submit your builds! We look forward to seeing your masterpieces! Structures Plus (S+) & Kibble Rework Beta! The Structures Plus and Kibble Rework beta is still available and we're looking for additional feedback as we get closer to release of these features in the near future. We plan to have one more update to the beta for testing before the final version is released to the main game. Please check out the post below for all of the information on how you can get involved in play testing this beta. Modding Community Updates! It's mod tutorial time! Let's continue where we left off in the last tutorial and hook up our transition material to the sentry tower system. We're going to make use of some previously discussed topics and covered a new one, timelines. Don't let these handy little nodes fool you, they can be used on much more than just materials, and they can really make some aspects are your game feel much more alive! Happy Modding! Fan Feature of the Week! Deep Dive by Violet That's it for this post! As always if you’ve got anything to share you can find us at: Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark All the best, Studio Wildcard
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    While I'm disappointed that there is no way to visually activate the Vday event on Nitrado's webinterface, at least my server community will now enjoy the new stack sizes that I've just spent the past 2 hours whitelisting and testing lol.
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    Can we just ban this dummy? Literally made an account to trash.. go back to reddit dweeb.
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    Calm down bud.. just because you can’t get set up means you didn’t hide well enough. Hide your tamed away from your base or cryopod them if you can. When you log off log off away from your HIDDEN base. Insulting players because they are better than you makes you seem childish
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    if you're playing on a PVP server you can expect this to happen, i've played some hours on a PVP server, i got raided while offline, didn't like it and went to PVE, so many friendly people there, even though there are some douches aswell, most people are nice. if you don't want to get screwed over by people who play the game longer, play PVE or single player...
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    I love that you resort to insulting people who are better than you at pvp. So many different ways to play this game but its seems its easiest to have tantrum.
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    Yeah this whole thread is just bait. Gotta love the PvP elitists "Tekgrams are pvp orientated" How about people enjoy the game how they want? If @MarkMartin wants to believe his dilusions.. well he can go ahead.
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    Completely agree. The fun thing is that a lot of these guys think they're some Ark experts, but your 200 days played doesn't mean poop when you have never built a base for defense. They do it because they want to be safe from a community they call toxic simply for people playing as intended. I have played since Xbox launch, I have had my share of failures but there is no more satisfying thing in this game than overcoming a seemingly helpless situation. That's what survival is about, right? I can respect PvE, though, what I really don't like is unofficial "PvP" servers. How tf are you playing PvP if an admin is God of all? Also, people who act like official PvP is too hard, I've been solo building as I got back into the game 2 weeks ago. Metal base, 12 turrets, plants, etc. and I work 12hr shifts and I'm married. Tell me more excuses.
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    After a whole weekend of playing together with 2 friends on a new Island, starting from scratch, building a new base and taming stuff (we played for 16 hours total, managed to get three good rafts, a nice base and a bunch of tames; but most of all we had tons of fun), I decided to move back to my SP Island yesterday: - Tamed my first ever thylacoleo and I'm absolutely in love. What a fantastic means of transport! - Organised lots of stuff in my stone castle. Mainly storage-related and where I'm leaving what dinos. This one is fairly recent, but it's already become too small, so I might have to build another wing or two. Also the outside pens for my creatures is far from finished. - Tamed 4 allosauruses. Two weak ones, one moderately okay one and one good one. I might attempt some breeding (never done it before) the coming days, especially with the event. I have a bunch of rexes walking about that I could breed as well I suppose.
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    PS4 Nitrado – We made the move to Ab last week, none of us having played the map before. Having a great time without flyers. Set up a big walled off open air base not far from the portal area. Got the basics set up, industrial forge, cooker, greenhouse etc. Tamed a few high level bears and bred those which we’ve been using for early game exploration. Starting a spino breeding line as well and got a sheep farm on the go for mutton tames. Tamed a 150 mega as well last night. Decent hp but low melee. But we can hopefully get it a high level mate tonight to start a line. Been venturing deeper into the blue zone, learning the ropes, and generally just having a lot of fun. Did the cave near the portal area. That was easy enough with the 5 of us. Loving the map so far. PC Island with daughter – not had as much time this week as it was her birthday but we got a bit done. Carried on breeding Sabers. Got a decent line coming out at 270 now, all the mutations into health and melee. Will now work the colours in over the next few days so she can look pretty (that of course being the most important element) when we eventually get to do a couple of caves this weekend. Carried on with argy breeding line as well. Got a great blue body mutation. Starting breeding the two 150 Zinos we got as well. Got a great Cyan one pop out, but need to tame some more of these as the stats aren’t amazing. Want the kibble rework to come out soon. As much as I like the progression tree, I don’t have the time in my life to grind on 2 games, taming all the different dinos just for kibble, or babysit and insomniac tickle chicken for 2 hours .Saying that, I did tame some low level Pachyrhinos, as I want to get Barrys breeding asap for underwater and the more difficult caves. Also built a multi platformed ewok village. Not a bad first attempt and learnt a fair bit in the process. This is the precursor to a tek treehouse base on a future map, that I’ve been instructed to build. Been trying to get her more comfortable on foot, so have been venturing out onto Carno island without mounts, just covering her whilst she shotguns everything. Need to speak to her about her language, as ‘come at me b*tch’ seems to be the standard line before opening fire.. Also hooked the PC up to the projector the PS4 plays through. This way I can just sit on the couch and play both maps at the same time, switching from one to the other to imprint. Lazy mode level 10.
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    Disappointed that there is no purple color as part of this event. Not a single event has purple color appart from that one when exctinction was releasing, which will not happen again. While red and white were part of event 45 days ago..... I think you guys should distribute colors so that there is repeatable event for each color.
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    The real issues with it are: -Lower stats than most cave mounts -can't be bred for stat combinations -get really bad taming effectiveness on perfect tame, further reducing stats. -Base melee is extremely poor (I think its 10?)
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    Yes so the fact you pvp on a pve server makes you a coward. Lol. Go to an orp unofficial if you don't have time to pvp on an official. People play pve to not have to deal with the very crap you're pulling because you suckle on the nipple the safety of a pve server provides you because you're to shook to pvp for real. Pathetic.
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    So you're afraid to PvP basically? Lol. Coward.
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    I go on a noob server and place a fire on the beach then hide in a bush, 9/10 random bobs will go and see if there is a free bit of cooked meat in there to snatch.. little do they know about the 150 tamed purlovia I buried next to it... Sad but GREAT fun
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    How can you? Work many hours building and getting tamed dinosaurs and some nerd comes through on something that overpowers everything you can possibly get and destroys everything. You can be online or offline, it happens every day. Literally. This game is beyond stupid. So poorly made, many bugs/glitches, and so many real life losers, you cannot succeed in this game.
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    Are you raising something for your sweet beloved? Or a horrible joke for a tribe mate? Maybe even buying your friend their favorite dino to raise. Let's talk about it! And share our ideas with others during this Valentine's day to help others who are a bit stuck! Or so you can say what you want and maybe your special someone can take a look and get the hint ?
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    Hey guys, I know there are a million topics but this is slightly different. I was shown a very detailed YouTube video which I have followed, to be fair its done me well and I created some insane ankies and thylos. The way I have been doing it is like this, using Rex's as an ezample. Find a Good stat roll melee Good stat roll health Good stat roll Stam. Get all stats onto a stud male. Then get a huge amount of females all the same level and same stats as the male. Then I smash the stud male into the females until I get a mutation. If female I get the stat onto a new stud male and repeat. If it comes out as a male with all the stats plus the mutation Its an instant stud switch. The guide said that as long as I keep breeding my stud with the 0 mutation females then my stud can forever be mutated. So this is what I have been doing. Another guide I have just been shown has thrown a spanner in the works by saying to have a set of Rex's 1 stud and loads of females for each of the 3 stats, this way I just hope to get a male with the new mutation and switch the stud instead of constantly trying to breed all stats and the mutation back onto a stud. I'm torn as to what to do.... What I'm doing seems to work but its causing me to stress which may sound silly but I can't start with my Rex's until I know which route to go down. If watched hours upon hours of guides, as much as they are detailed they are still confusing as hell and there are certain parts they don't explain for idiots like myself, they explain in confusing ways. They also contradict each other constantly. Thanks for taking the time to help me. Extremely grateful.
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    So, how is the wyvern best at metal harvesting, or wood, for example... There is no "best", just best for a task - yes wyverns are great to get around on (the OP said PvE after all), but griffins are quicker and argys and quetzes carry more... If I had to pick a single creature as my only tame on a PvE server it wouldn't be a wyvern.
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    Yes. Same was asked on Reddit, Chris responded that there is a bug they need to fix before pushing the next public iteration of the beta.
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    "Tell me everything." Lex Luthor. Creepy.
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    We play on small tribes official and have a fairly active 6 man tribe. I think im honestly done with Ark, i've REALLY tried to love this game, the devs could care less, they don't play the game themselves, they bandaid small glitches (like the cooker being able to run without a water source) and ignore major game flaws like the titan and managarmr (which makes all other pvp dinos obsolete (speaking of, where are all the rock drakes? oh yeah, cool idea, no one uses them anymore bc extinction is exactly what its meant by the name, they want to kill the community and be greedy and get people to switch over to atlas). It's hilarious how little thought went into this new expansion, its like a massive load of sh ..it.. slapped together with no testing. I was actually excited....what a let down!
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    Well on the regular official pvp servers you either join a big alliance or you hide. You wont survive building up with your little tribe and following the natural progression line. Thats the concept. I dont like it so i play on the crossark clusters. But i agree, titans are super stupid. And they dont really help the small guy against the alpha tribe @MarkMartin, as the small guy might struggle to get the tribute, he will surely struggle to defend the titan once summoned, and for sure to defend it once downloaded to another server.
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    Definitely tried to tame the first Alpha Raptor I saw. I trapped it and must have dumped hundreds of arrows in it. Finally killed it after I figured out it wasn't going down.
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    There is nothing wrong to play either PvP or PvE; to each their own way to play the game. I do not feel like this thread is a constructive conversation about the game-modes but more a side picking on the other and vice versa therefore I'm locking it.
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    I don't understand the people that play PVE. Well the people that get a good dino/s and stay playing the same server, for hundreds of hours. In PVE, once you get a good mount, you're done. Now you can kill ANY creature that you see, the only that's left are the bosses. But...why? Why go for the bosses, the tekgrams are PVP oriented. Why craft a tek rex saddle when you could previosly kill any dino with that same rex? I can totally understand the people that temporarily play PVE because of job, or because they started the game and they wanna know the maps and stuff. I started on PVE the island because I knew the game was too complex to rush it, but when I knew the basic stuff I moved to PVP because PVE was extremely boring. It's just absurd that I meet people with 500+ hours on a PVE server that they dominated hundreds of hours before. 30% of the engrams are solely for PVP. PVP is the real game, like it or not. Edit: Im not insulting anyone or inciting the division of the playerbase. I just dont understand that people find it exciting to kill AI dinos. Maybe if the combat was more engaging, but the combat is basically spam the attack button. (And that is not debatable, unless you have mods)
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    Even if you pumped your average araneo full points in melee, unless you have 720%+ on it you'd still do more damage with a primitive pike, on base melee... And be tankier, faster and probably can carry more wearing flak armor.
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    Its goddam terrible. Its the worst mount in the game, i'd rather go barefoot than get a free spider. They're just terrible at everything. I admit I would love a TLC patch that would make them viable. And arthropods must be breedable.
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    I went on an Allo hunt last night, couldnt find any in close vacinity so I gave up and bred some more and hatched some more. Nothing new, no mutations or anything but I got another stat merged on my Ptera line so 326 now, definitely need some new blood so will try and tame a few later tonight. Hoping to pick up my Yuty egg tonight so that will be a painful few hrs as I will watch it very carefully get to 10.1% mat before feeling safe to leave it this time. 16k ingots now hidden away from my tribemate in a safe, wanting to fill it completely before he say we need to do a metal run because we have run out... then to hear him once I tell him to check 'Anarki's Personal Stash' vault with 70k ingot sitting there I know he has a plan to rebuild a new greenhouse and some little cliff platform huts to turn into new rooms so he will need a lot of metal for that - he builds, I gather. Its a good relationship. He does all our tactics, I just breed things up... it works. So, another night on Center went by quickly and a little good fortune with a stat here and there. Lets hope my Yuty works out and that I can find some new Allos to start breeding as my current line doesnt look like it will turn out particularly well. Oh, and I donated a 269 born Ptera to a new guy who was struggling with the game. I like to do that
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    +1 on a bit disappointed no purple, that extinction event with purple and blue was the best of all the colour events, maybe you can work it into a new event or a future one? & woot woot it's valentines again
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    you offer no insight as to what your issue is. If you are picking a server and click "join session with character" and it just goes back to server selection. Check if you didn't dupe your character as this has happened to me. Tried resetting xbox clearing mac etc etc and nothing worked. Go to original server and see if download character is an option. If you in fact duped your character, there is one in the cloud and one on the server so you never can port out.
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    To add to this, it is insane how many people use 6969 or 1111 as their pin. Come on!!! Try a little harder! Personally I'm not mean enough to steal people's stuff but I can't tell you how many times my hubby has opened vaults with those codes!!
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    I enjoy drowning bobs on the beach as a great pass time
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    Seems its identical to Atlas from what i read. I think the number of people being very critical of what they buy from Wildcard, Grapeshot, or even Snail games will just continue to increase. WC needs to find a way to bring back players and player retention.
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    Should say: WC destroyed their own official servers. Perhaps it was intentional, less servers= less cost. Official servers numbers have slowly been whittled away. Single player and unofficial communities are great.
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    Server transfer was the ''death of ARK''. It was ''said'' as soon as it was hinted by wildcard, it was ''guaranteed'' when they added a date to implement it. it is now ''FACT'' that ARK is ruined having it in place. ARK destroyed their own game.
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    Lack of pve threats is a big reason behind pvp toxicity. With no meaningful survival threats anymore, people turn on each other. The friendliest ark.servere i seen were back when i was playing with other beginners, back in days before gamma 5 and level 400 bred super dinos. The struggle to survive in this hostile alien environment brought people together. Now the environment is a joke, ark is like rust, purely pvp and all.tye assosiated problems that come with it. I would make all wild dinos stronger and able.to damage structures like corrupted dinos. Also introduce a purge element like conan where titans, overseer drones, corrupted dino armies etc begin spawning and attacking tribes that reach tek tier. Of course this would not happen, because the hardcore pvp community do not actually want a survival game.
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    They should modify that killing zone into something like a forcefield that pushes you back or something that makes you go very slow so you cant leave the zone...
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    The red zone isn't a terrible idea if it weren't for the lag or the fact that 3 high level mana's I've tried taming jumped to their deaths going in there.
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    Max level is controlled by the DestroyTamesOverLevelClamp setting which is set to 449 on officials. This also includes the 73 levels gained with xp you can distribute yourself so if your babies hatches above level 376 you won't be able to fully train them which is why you want to remove useless stats from your breeding line (e.g. speed points, or oxygen for land creatures, etc.).
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    After third time of losing everything due to this exact issue (lag on a mana) i quit extinction all together. What is the point of playing a game that pisses you off more than it pleases you? Back to scorched we go. Well, at least until Anthem arrives...
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    Without having played the beta yet, these things I want to comment on: I like that prime fish meat isn't needed in any of the recepies. Can the cooked prime meat please be replaced with prime meat jerky? Seems pointless to make it now, and I really like that jerky doesn't spoil as quick. If cooked prime meat stays as kibble ingredient, I'd like to see prime jerky added as imprint "kibble". Will all dinos ask for extraordinary kibble for imprints on all maps? If yes, I can see myself replacing all the egg layers I don't need any more with snakes, so we will still have the same tame count (unless drop rate is increased, but then the eggs wouldn't be special any more). If so, my suggestion would be to remove extraordinary kibble from the imprint(!) kibbles. I don't like the focal chili and lazarus chowder in the recepies. I need to look up two recepies now (food and kibble) and it seems like just another time sink. How about using more crops and some obsidian, crystal, silica pearls, hard poly or even black pearls instead (although some of those mats would be really annoying to carry due to their weight). Can "special taming food" (deatworm horns for mantis, carrots for horses, pearls for tusos) still be used too for max. efficiency? I hope so. And a question for the ones who tested it; If you look at the eggs, does it say in their desciption which size they are? If not, I really would like to have that added as text ("small egg" etc.) and/or color code (egg text color matching kibble text color).
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    ichthy....frickin.....ornis I didn't think they could add a more annoying dino than the pego but here we are.
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    Check out the official CrossArk servers. Smaller populations, coupled with the fact that there are 6 servers tied together and that's it. On our cluster there is one Alpha that dominates the servers but they are pretty cool and don't mess with folks so most of us are able to build, tame, play in peace. If you're dumb and don't put up any defenses you will probably get raided at some point, but that's to be expected.
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