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    Jesus raptoring Christ. I agree with Crumplecorn completely. All the old kibble system does is force people to progress in a specific way each time... and I hate that. Here's the thing, if people won't tame the old dinos outside of kibble purposes? Then they are poorly implemented and need a rework (Hello, TLCs!). They're not raptoring collectible trophies, they're each meant to serve a purpose if you tame them. Not sit around the base collecting dust. Compy is meant to be a hard to notice pack offense unit/interior base defense, Moschops is supposed to be a customizable gatherer, Para is an alarm etc. If people would not tame them because "they're useless", clearly something is wrong with them. It's not the kibble system's job to make them useful, they are supposed to be useful in their own right. But here's the other thing. You are betraying the fact that the only reason you tame them... is for kibble. Not because you like them, but for kibble. Well, that's exactly why this is being implemented. People will still tame dinos because they like them, and that will never change. I'm a pure PvE player. Know what my favorite mount is? Lymantria. Yes, the raptoring moth that has abysmal carry weight, is slow as hell, and can't even attack. I tame them because I enjoy riding on them. I have no other reason to tame them. There are better fliers by far. But I will still ride moths, because I enjoy it. I'm not going to take them to the Scar, certainly- I don't have a death wish!- but if I just need to go from Point A to point B and don't need a ton of weight? I can take my moths. PvE offers the most freedom to use tames simply because you enjoy using them, and nothing more. Arguably, this benefits PvE just as much by encouraging people to only tame the dinos they actually like, and not having huge kibble barns. Which is, again, part of the reason this is being implemented. Worth noting, by the definition of the kibble system a decent chunk of ARK's animals are currently "useless"... because they are mammalian dead ends who do not lay eggs and therefore are only consumers of kibble, not producers of it. You cannot seriously suggest removing live birth from these animals to have them lay eggs for kibble as part of the rework. But, unless you do that, there are a good number of "useless" tames who people will tend not to tame. Either because they are annoying to tame (Hyaenadon) or because they are more useful in some game modes than others (Rhino) or because they are plain eclipsed by other tames (Saber). But funny thing. People still tame these... if they like them. That's the beauty of PvE, if we like something there's no real downside to taming and using it. But here's the beautiful thing. With the new system... none of this matters. People will tame what they want to tame instead of being forced to tame A to tame C to tame G to tame B... etc etc etc to tame Z. If you want to tame everything, explore everything? Nothing is stopping you from doing it. Taming everything is arguably how you are forced to play right now if you want "perfect" tames (no thanks to you, current kibble system). If you wouldn't do that if you didn't have to, then arguably this is not actually how you would play given the choice. If all you want to do is tame spinos? Now you can do that, too. If all you want to do is tame a horde of terror birds and unleash feathery death on the ARK? You can do that too now. Want to tame a legion of gigas and act like a Bond villain? Now you can do that too. We should NEVER be forced to tame something just for kibble. Wrong place to ask, I'm afraid.
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    God be with you guys.. GOSH the amount of whiners, I guess no matter what you do, it is just impossible to please everyone.. Thank you for the update, great work.
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    Xbox - Unofficial Nitrado Server - The Island Logged on to find a large metal sign above the door with a to do list on it for the boss. Guess what @d1nk wants me do to lol. Did my usual metal run and a hide run on the giga. Started to get my theris ready for boss fighting. Converswd with d1nk a bit and we decided to expand our forge capacity and get a second indy forge down. D1nk of course did all the hard work with thats one. Did a bit of flying around on my new snow owl on the redwoods. Using the owls night vision is deffinatly the best way to locate thylas in the tree and with a shotgun its an easy and quick way to farm thyla claws. Did a quick run in the hard swamp cave with d1nk for cementing paste and the loot. Of course we get a better theri saddle bp after we craft most of our boss saddles with a lower amour value. Did a bit more thyla hunting and then logged of for the night.
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    Everything @Eldar Seer said. 100% this. Now I can chose what I want to raise on my farm. Pick something from this category, not "you Need X"
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    Forcing players to play a certain way in a sandbox game is not 'content'. All the same taming and exploring content will still be in the game, you just won't be forced to Progress Quest your way through it anymore.
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    The Center Small Tribes X Box One Tribe log states they killed a level 105 character recently. We're camping this weekend so we beefed up security with a turret tower and plant x all around the base perimeter. Filled both gennys with gas and got ready for our own real life family adventure.
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    I checked a day or two ago for this reason and unfortunately not Double check in the bookcase just in case.
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    The Stone Double Doorway seem to clip slightly off the edge of the stone foundations, slightly lower as well instead of clipping like the standard doorway. making the double doors sink into the flooring slightly. Double Door Issue Pic Also, this only started occurring in the beta but at times I would randomly get stuck in a floating position on the edges of small rocks and even edges of foundations for zero reason, forcing me to ghost and then walk again to get unstuck. This has never occurred prior to switching to beta. Am playing single player Ragnarok map.
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    Today I just went out to farm and stock up on meat for my dinos which is something I like doing a lot, but only when I go out with my rex, Kora. Strangely enough I feel a sense of pride when she obliterates an attacking dino, like a mother feeling proud of her kids lol.
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    would really like to understand why they think 15 seconds make it easyer to pick up a item on s plus due to the lag on a servers would make it hard honestly would rather see a 2 to 3 mins on servers for pick up timers
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    We've just updated the beta to a new version:
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    Sadly they didn't implement the new kibble into the breeding table yet, but more than likely it might roulette for random kibble..... OR OR HOPEFULLY Just like Wyverns Rock Drakes When Breeding / Caring They require their preferred kibble. it would be so awesome to imprint the dinosaur with the kibble it actually prefers.. Example: Breeding Rex's . You either cuddle,Walk or guess what ? Exceptional Kibble because hey that's what Rex's like .............. (((( and it MAKES SENSE.. )))) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cause If I'm breeding dodo birds and they start demanding Extraordinary Kibble or other expensive kibbles I'm butchering them on the spot. with the current Imprinting method, it makes no sense why something like a Equus would have a taste for Trike Egg Kibble, since it loves Carrots... And is a Herbivore.. ( I mean they can be kibble Via Troodon Kibble ) So why they would desire anything else. ((( specially since newborns obviously have a distinct and wide pallet of exquisite tastes ))) - Sarcasm because babies don't know better, so how does my Baby Dino's Know everything it wants or needs ?
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    Xbox - Unofficial Nitrado Server - Extinction Logged on to the island and couldnt decide what to do, had Ark block. Nearly switched games but decided it would be a good oppurtunity to go tame some managarmr on Extinction, been meaning to do it for ages. So hopped on Extinction grabed the lighting wyvern and cryoed an owl up for managrmr taming. Flew round the snow biome murdering all the managarmr I could see. Got taken by surprise with the first one, froze me and my wyvern for a bit, dispatched anyway. Was fun dogfighting them with my wyvern. Swear some of the managrmr just poofed out of existance with that jump of theirs. Unfortunately they were all low levels, 10, 10, 10, 5, 15, 10, 15, 20 etc etc. Level 70 was the best I could find, still killed it. Probably not going to tame anything below 130, so is going to take more searching. Going to be great fun trying to trap one considering how random their aggro. Flew back to base and logged.
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    There are actually a couple places in the city that are up on the side of a building with water available, and with the addition of cryopods you dont need a huge base just something small compact and lots of defenses
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    I'm new, playing on a private unofficial server with friends. I really like the location I picked for my first base. Other players were centered on land around the green obelisk, but I wanted a base in the sky, with easy access to resources and water. I found it almost immediately on a platform just inside the city's west side, a stone's throw from the green obelisk. It was a sort of restaurant patio setting, with water around the outside edge. I laid down a foundation and started building my sky fortress. I've since upgraded and expanded it. Initially had to borrow an Argie to get started, but now I have a fleet of Pteras and Tapejaras, and enough land based dinos that I need to expand to a land based location soon. The giant 'bird cage' on top is a suitable landing bay for my tribes' large fliers, but it also doubles as my capture spot for some fliers. It's the perfect location for drawing in high level Tapejara's with the rare flowers. Most times I can draw a Tapejara to the capture site with two flowers, and a third for good measure once I am in the trap. Since we have a few Wyvern's in our tribe, I can borrow one to do some captures of land dinos and drop them into the taming pen. Under the giant 'bird cage' that makes up the top of my base currently, I have a main landing bay with eight connected 'docking bay - stables' for fliers.
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    Please reconsider some of these ingredients. Using titanboa eggs will just introduce new issues instead of solving the old ones. Let's say you need boa egg based kibble for imprint or taming. One would need literally a snake pit full of boas to get enough eggs. And then you need other dinos to drop more eggs to feed the boas. If the idea was to decrease the amount of dinos needed to produce kibble this does not seem to be a good idea. Adding rare flowers to the recipes also makes things just harder then they should have to be. We already need them for bee hives and since we can't grow them and they are.. Well rare to come by then eh... rip beaver dams Ofc if they could be grown as crops then that would change things.
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    Without having played the beta yet, these things I want to comment on: I like that prime fish meat isn't needed in any of the recepies. Can the cooked prime meat please be replaced with prime meat jerky? Seems pointless to make it now, and I really like that jerky doesn't spoil as quick. If cooked prime meat stays as kibble ingredient, I'd like to see prime jerky added as imprint "kibble". Will all dinos ask for extraordinary kibble for imprints on all maps? If yes, I can see myself replacing all the egg layers I don't need any more with snakes, so we will still have the same tame count (unless drop rate is increased, but then the eggs wouldn't be special any more). If so, my suggestion would be to remove extraordinary kibble from the imprint(!) kibbles. I don't like the focal chili and lazarus chowder in the recepies. I need to look up two recepies now (food and kibble) and it seems like just another time sink. How about using more crops and some obsidian, crystal, silica pearls, hard poly or even black pearls instead (although some of those mats would be really annoying to carry due to their weight). Can "special taming food" (deatworm horns for mantis, carrots for horses, pearls for tusos) still be used too for max. efficiency? I hope so. And a question for the ones who tested it; If you look at the eggs, does it say in their desciption which size they are? If not, I really would like to have that added as text ("small egg" etc.) and/or color code (egg text color matching kibble text color).
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    Could creatures that didn't have a kibble or kibble equivalent for taming, like Parasaurs and Scorpions, get one with the rework please? I'd like to finally be able to get legitimate full-effectiveness tames on them.
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    Spawned some bosses in to take dermis to add to the museum a player on our Extinction server is working on. Solo builder and she's done so well I thought it only right to get her the other map boss dermis to display. Love how she's worked the displays around the existing map like the raised areas and the tree in the center of the east wing. This next one may change - I placed it whilst she was offline so might not be what she had in mind. Love this next one where she has the story going on with the ovis trying to get away.
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    That's hardly a conversation they have, if anything it does more like "what can we do to stop our player-base from dropping so fast but also bring in new players. . . A new DLC! no need for "us" to fix our older maps, we can just bring out a new one with its own problems and make hollow promises to fix them as we go"
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