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    Without having played the beta yet, these things I want to comment on: I like that prime fish meat isn't needed in any of the recepies. Can the cooked prime meat please be replaced with prime meat jerky? Seems pointless to make it now, and I really like that jerky doesn't spoil as quick. If cooked prime meat stays as kibble ingredient, I'd like to see prime jerky added as imprint "kibble". Will all dinos ask for extraordinary kibble for imprints on all maps? If yes, I can see myself replacing all the egg layers I don't need any more with snakes, so we will still have the same tame count (unless drop rate is increased, but then the eggs wouldn't be special any more). If so, my suggestion would be to remove extraordinary kibble from the imprint(!) kibbles. I don't like the focal chili and lazarus chowder in the recepies. I need to look up two recepies now (food and kibble) and it seems like just another time sink. How about using more crops and some obsidian, crystal, silica pearls, hard poly or even black pearls instead (although some of those mats would be really annoying to carry due to their weight). Can "special taming food" (deatworm horns for mantis, carrots for horses, pearls for tusos) still be used too for max. efficiency? I hope so. And a question for the ones who tested it; If you look at the eggs, does it say in their desciption which size they are? If not, I really would like to have that added as text ("small egg" etc.) and/or color code (egg text color matching kibble text color).
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    Managarmr are being despawned (deleted) while a player is riding them, for no apparent reason: Deleting the mount, the player, and anything carried by either, and slowly bringing up a respawn screen after a momentary pause. I have to link someone else's video here to explain this. As I'm not sure it'd seem credible without a live video showing it happen. Video link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/350247640?t=00h00m10s Link embed was not working, so I've kept it as a link instead. ---The only commonality I can find is that every time this occurs, the player's last input is to attempt to jump. There is a short pause where you can't control the managarmr, and if you try to jump, that jump is the last sound you hear before being shown a respawn screen and you and the dino vanish into thin air. Further context and notes: *This was yesterday as it happened to a friend. I assumed it to be lag and a "one in a million" bug. Today, just now, it just happened to me as well, on a system with far more stable performance running Ark, on a Vanilla server network that has been live since week 1 of Ark's Early Access release, and arguably one of the largest unofficial vanilla networks out there (Twisted Network) so stability there can be estimated by their tack record for 3+ years. I was in midair flying southeast of the volcano on the Island. Had initially assumed collision was the issue when it happened to Bitcoin. However, being in midair when it just occurred to me, I now know that may not be the correct cause of the deletion (or perhaps not the only cause.) Admin is not deleting them. I can provide quite extensive proof of that (if you have enough time to pour over a much longer series of uninterrupted footage.) For now, i'll assume you'll take my word that these ridden despawns are a natural occurrence, and if you want the interrupted video, I'll provide that if asked.
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    Hello. We play on prim+ official, we have a small but good community, most of us are immigrants from official primitive after they shut it down. We have alot of bugs, unbearable bugs and it is extremely hard to get a fix on theese bugs, we really feel like the devs have forgotten about us. I will list only top 3 bugs that really ruins our experience of the game and see if there will be any difference in posting it here. 1. We cannot make rock-drake saddles, there is no BP for it or engram, we have tried everything. 2. We cannot make kibbles from light-dinos, leaving all our imprinting totally RNG, sometimes we can get 20% imprint or max 60%, this is really frustrating when you finally found your 150 reaper. 3. Tek stego's are non-existent in most of our maps, they are "there" but they are not, they are almost invisible to melee damage and bullets, this causes alot of exploits on our cluster. I like Abberation, I really do, but conquering the challenges without any tek-items, and then get rewarded with bugs is extremely frustrating. For us, the most frustrating part is that it's been a year, and no matter how much we ask for help, nothing is happening. Even though this might take a while for you to fix, please make some quick fixes if possible, maby give us tempoary bp's and kibbles or something, we have waited too long. I see alot of theese bugs are from tek-servers too, but you fixed them a long time ago, you just forgot about us, just like you did in this santa-claus event, we got the wait-time and the server restart's but not the event itself Thank you for reading -Jokke
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    Just got on for a short one today, took a bred megatherium and went to the swamp cave on my frog for some paste. About half way through I tossed out the mega for dps support (wow im doing this from now on!) While i lopped up a few flies for paste, then mounted the Mega for the rest. I got unlucky with the last drop, as I hopped off I got spat on by a ceiling Artho, lucky I have lots of HP ans carry custom food. On the very last crate got an Ascendant Rex saddle bp! 105 arm!! Went home, threw the paste in the vaults and logged
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    Xbox - Unofficial Nitrado Server - The Island Got on quiet late, had a few things I had to do after work. Continued with the snow owl breeding project, need to combined colour with stats. Got a male and a female which I can breed togther to better my chances at a successful hatch of a full stats with my white/blue/cyan colours. Keep hoping for a nice feather mutation to go with the blue and cyan. Did get a green feather mut but it didnt suit the blue. Stockpilled a bunch of eggs from the new breeders for the next time I am on. Did a metal run on obsidian mountain and a smaller run up redwood mountain and filled up the forage. Did a wood run on my theri not realising d1nk had already filled up the wood vault. Finished off by making a wee dent in the masses of chitin we have in a vault and crafted up a bunch of cementing paste. So thats 9 theri saddles down 10 to go lol....
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    Oh good! hard to find this bug haha
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    The goal last night: Make a few theri saddles and that 2nd Tek Teleport. Started off with a metal run, then took the mammoth & theri out and slotcapped the mammoth. Got back and filled the wood vault, took my anky and teleported to blue, got more metal and obsidian. While the metal was cooking went on a huge hide run. Came back to the base with 40k hide and started sorting everything before i mindwiped. Turned on the replicator and made an extra cryofridge for breeding projects, about 40 cryoballs and a Tek teleporter! Got my ingots together and had enough for 3 saddles. Mindwipe, only one saddle came with good % i.e: 136 arm roughly 47% craft. Also made some spare flak, after a small hide run had enough for another theriz saddle and then some but didnt want to do another 2 metal runs so I crafted this asc spino saddle we got from swamp cave. Ridiculous thing..151 armour naturally like 19k hide 2k paste and 2k pearls. Got lucky and it came out 199.8 armour! I now have 4 saddled Boss theriz, with an extra saddle for my personal. After speccing back I finished off my boat about 95% , threw some turrets and for the first time used a keypad, great for turning on/off lights and turrets! I was bored after my boats maiden voyage so I grabbed my ridiculous sword santa gifted me and went out on foot. Made it to green ob and back, had a blast, thanks to my pump shotgun! I was walking through the Redwood daring any thylo to pounce me. Not a single one this time! Logged for the night. Might add something I probably forgot Need to go back to my list keeping
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    I was using TEK. Maybe thats the difference
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    Today i breeded again my gigas and tex rex in extinction
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    HAHAHA damn that is a BIIIIG base.
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    There is no height limit for the Large Walls:
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    I just spent the better part of 2 hours testing pretty much all of the dinos the wiki lists on the kibble page that accept kibble (except rock elemental/karkinos) to see what kibbles they take, I posted this on the following reddit. The few others that I didn't test got done by someone else in the post (such as Yutyrannus). https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/af49f2/structures_plus_s_kibble_rework_beta_is_live/ I finished with the beta so won't be going back as it's 6.7GB to add or remove, electrophorus, queen bee, baryonyx and equus might need a retest as they seemed to have no difference though these dinos already have a specific kibble outside the beta. basic kibble: only liked by mesopithecus Simple kibble: diplocaulus, Icthyosaurus, archaeopteryx, parasaur/iguanodon, pachy, megaloceros, gallimimus, trike, raptor, morellatops. regular: purlovia,pteranodon, lymantria,pelagornis, dimetrodons!, kaprosuchus, diplodocus,sarcosuchus, beelzebufo, thorny dragon, anglerfish, terror bird, kentrosaurus, carno, sabertooth, stegosaurus, carbonemys, gigantopithecus, velonasaur Superior: megatherium, megalosaurus, paraceratherium, plesiosaur, megalodon, rhino, daeodon, allosaur, direwolf/bear, tapejara, dunkleosteus, snow owl, gasbag. Dinos of exceptional and extraodinary I forgot that one of these categories existed so accidentally lumped them together. therizinosaurus, basilosaurus, mosasaurus, megalania, griffin, managamr Pretty much all other dinos (like dodo) had no effect from any of the kibbles, too many for me to have gone through. So far only one (1) creature has responded well to extra small egg size (such as dodo, dilo kibble) and that is the mesopithecus shoulder monkey so it'd be nice if some more did.
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    I knew this would be a problem with official....simply being you have the no collision thing. In my opinion it makes these fence posts useless. oh well if you can make it look good on the top cause your gon have a big hole in the bottom defeating the purpose of a wall. I have always wished we could have no collision on official cause there is still a point it gets to that it wont allow it to accept it being obstructed but its more lenient than this. There is a little work around for the larger gaps like above but it doesnt work on the gap to the left that is much smaller.... Snap a fence foundation to the fence posts, then place the fence post on top of the fence foundation. u get a snap point for a wall on the fence foundation and then one on the fence post. end result is pretty clean for the large gap... showing the problem on a larger scale without my work around trick...then 2nd photo is with work around. Which looks pretty clean but i dont think thats the point here. Fence posts in my opinion shouldnt need something else entirely to make them work properly. most people arent going to have that patience to try to figure it out I dont know what you could do about it but finding snap points with the ridiculous amount of options on the fences posts is a thing nightmares are made of ***Purdy please can we have greenhouse walls work with the fence posts. they simply will not snap in them. its on me if i chose to have a squishy, but beautiful, glass wall around my base. I also cant see where letting them be placed in these would be a problem
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    Could creatures that didn't have a kibble or kibble equivalent for taming, like Parasaurs and Scorpions, get one with the rework please? I'd like to finally be able to get legitimate full-effectiveness tames on them.
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    Test Results Attached video showing some issues I ran into.
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    This is now happening alot. Players on the Island server i play on are all reporting the same thing. This has to be fixed asap.
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    Just for let ya'll know. Transponding them shows in one of two cases still a position, as they seem to not completly vanish each bug. Character inventory is always deleted as the game only have a reference point for the mount itself while ridden. Caused is the bug by server latency issues (little rollbacks). Lets hope for a fast solution.
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    This is getting absolutely stupid now with all the missing cave drops its BONKERS! You really need to fix this wildcard! Like seriously you haven't fixed it but yet your bringing out a new game?! There's so much more bugs that need to be fixed I'm hoping to god this isn't going to be one of those bugs that takes you 286836483 days to actually fix!
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    I never heard anything. Are you living on an ancient graveyard by any chance?
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