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    Private Xbox cluster - Extinction My last sessions consisted of me going for gatherer tames. I also transferred in some useful stuff like a few cryopods, a cryofridge, a Giant Bee, and Griffin (only rideable tame so not to completely ruin experience). I tamed a 145 beaver on mejo berries *shudders* near my base in the sunken forest using my 1 size fits all taming raft. After that, I returned to the city on my Griffin to scout out locations for Ankys and Doeds. Managed to find an Anky by green ob so tamed it despite its low level. Froze it up and found a Doed close by. 5 mins into the tame, a corrupted Rex munched on it and it died in seconds. I was pissed because I spent a while looking for one in that spot. I decided to go to the desert biome to see if I had a better chance, and my word there are a lot there. Fortunately in my case, there was about 6 to choose from in a section without predators, but without kibble, I wasn’t prepared to go for a high level. Tamed and froze that up, and flew back to base. After placing down a couple dino leashes and seeing they were still solar powered, I discovered that the sunken forest, despite being underground had the potential to give a greenhouse effect. I had already placed my beehive inside a mini greenhouse so placed a crop plot and saw it had 30% effect. This was a game changer because from then on my focus was to build an armoured greenhouse and tame a Dung Beetle. After spending a considerable amount of time searching for a Dung Beetle in the city, I finally found a level 10 and tamed it almost immediately. That’ll do for now. Got back to base, stuck the Beetle in a leash with a Raptor for protection and began fertiliser production right away. The next couple hours were spent mapping out where and how I planned on building the greenhouse. Finally decided that despite its ugly exterior design, I built it on pillars with a long metal piping to the nearest river. Once the armoured greenhouse was built, my Dung Beetle had enough fertiliser to fill 4 advanced crops. I now have 20 crop plots left to play about with.
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    Xbox - Nitrado Unofficial Server - Extinction Started of the day by building a stone taming raft to my usual design. The sunken forest is ideal for raft taming, the waterway is fantastic ! Crafted up a bunch of narcotics and then went on the hunt for high level theris. I knew of a few dotted around the sunken forest. I went for the 140 female on the opposite shore from my base, got it into the taming raft, downed it and kibble tamed it. Once the female tamed up I went back on the hunt for the other two high level theris I knew of. The next one was a 145 female but I ignored that, probably should have tamed that one instead of the 140 but never mind. Thankfully the other 145 I knew of was still near the entrance to the forest and to my relief was a male, and so I docked the taming raft as close as I could and kited the theri to the raft and knocked it out and kibble tamed it. Got that one back to base. All I need to do now is to breed up some eggs and I have myself a good combat mount that isnt an iguanodon. Might be able to start traversing the wastelands now a bit more confidently, maybe lol. Couldnt beleive my luck on finding a high level breeding pair of theris, its normally a nightmare on the official maps, thought it would take ages and not a single night. Finished building the main building of thr base and fully furnished it out apart from the electrics, that needs a little more work but I now have a fabricator so alls good there. I got down the foundations on the attached breeding barn to the base, now all I need to do is get the walls and roofs down and work on the electrics there too.
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    My wife and I have been playing splitscreen ever since Ark was released on console. We play on a ps4 pro currently. It has been a very buggy and frustrating experience. It seems like none of the splitscreen issues have been addressed at all since launch as I have seen zero improvement. I never complained when the game wasn’t finished since bugs are to be expected in early access games. When either player accesses their inventory, acceses a storage container, or moves items from an inventory to a container or vice versa, the game freezes and has to catch up. It is very frustrating if we are trying to use our inventory at the same time. It will ignore commands and buttons have to be pushed multiple times for it to register. We jumped back into the game with the recent release of extinction, but were quickly reminded of our past frustrastions with splitscreen. If these issues were fixed then splitscreen would be amazing. A few other issues with splitscreen: Both players are forced to be in either first person or third person when riding a dinosaur. We cannot have one player in first person and another in third when riding a mount. When a weapon skin is applied, it is shown hovering infront of the player when viewed by the other player. If a creature is on your shoulder (otter for example) it cannot be seen by the other player unless the player who is carrying the creature goes into third person. Player two cannot see underwater unless player one is underwater. We have a 55” inch tv and it is still difficult to read the a lot of the information on screen (not a big issue). The big issue with splitscreen is the inventory freezing that I mentioned first. The other issues aren’t a huge deal, but it would be a 10/10 if all these issues were eventually patched. I know these issues are not exclusive to us because we recently upgraded to a ps4 pro and are experiencing the exact same issues.
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    U r right i apologise. But thats another reason to fix it.Eggs should not be invisible Edit-it seems wildcard is already trying to fix this bug..yet without sucess so far (read on the announcement page)
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    It disappears because the egg sat so long in the nest it spoiled. That's the normal game mechanic, not a bug.
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    Extinction seems wild bruh , corrupted reapers? That's scary lmao
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    I don’t mean that kind of freezing. I guess “freezing” is a poor choice of words on my part. Whenever one person just simply opens their inventory/ storage container/ or even moves something into their inventory via mining/ chopping/ picking, it causes the game to mess up for the other person. If the other player is gathering wood while im trying to put something in a storage container, I have to ask the other player to stop gathering so I can complete this task or I have to mash the button quickly and most likely move more items than I intended. There are many hiccups when both players are accessing inventory or even while one player is gathering and the other is accessing invtory. Its much more frustrating than I can explain and you will know what I am taking about if you play split screen on ps4. I cannot say if this problem persists on xbox.
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    Private PC cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Pretty simple day today. Made a bunch of narcotics. Then raided beaver dams for cp and wood. Next we did a scrap metal, metal and element dust run. And finished up by building the 1st section of our metal wall. Went with only a dino gate on this one. Next section will have a behemouth so our rex and giga can get through. Tomorrow we plan on doing pretty much the exact same thing, lol. Having these beaver dams around have been great, we haven't had to make a single bit of cp or felt a need to tame snails.
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    Interesting weekend with the amount of server rollbacks on Ext 500. Will keep things short as best I can. We only have a highest tame of a 102 Megatherium on Ext, a meg each, a 79 Anky, 45 Doed and a 53 Megaloceros. So nothing big and nothing strong - Oh and the 30 Argy. Base had walls but no ceiling at this time, a few large storage boxes and 2 smithies and 2 forges. Just out getting wood on the argy and I cant recall now whether I or tribemate spotted the 176 Tek Rex but we decided that we had 5hrs to kill so he picked me up on the argy whilst I tranqed over 100 arrows in the beast as it just chased around taking the odd bite out of me. Tribemate stayed up and to my amazement when I logged in the following day - we had a decent statted Rex - HP currently up at 17k - will stop at 20k but now we can get prime meat so much easier and also gives us protection shoudl some bugger kite as corrupted beast to our base. Tribemate kindly got me a 125 Ptera so I had a flyer too. The Enforcers he has built are pretty useful, really quick and great for scouting the wasteland and takes out corrupted quite nicely too. Finished the ceiling on the base and put some turrets on top and some plant x along the bottom to also help. Then our final tame of the weekend was a 135 Argy I brought back with me to the base... TM popped out and tranqed it whilst I flew round in circles on my ptera. Again, he did the long winded part of taming and getting prime so when we got that in the building, I let him have it and I now have a low level Argy and my Ptera which I am fine with. So all in all, a really nice weekend on Ext. At the same time, my 3 rexes are now at 35 % mat and 35% imprinted too, whilst I got my 317 Thyla up to 15% mat and on course for 100% imprinting too so happy days.
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    This is what we did today: Took us roughly 5 hours to complete the cave and fight, but it was so worth it in the end small mini tribe, now owning the big sky bus
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    These are the settings I use too. I feel the best is so subjective.. @corbcann Are you looking for a rewarding experience where you can feel accomplished or just a 'hop on for a few hours and do stuff' experience? I feel that as soon as it gets too boosted i get less attached, thus favour the slower slightly boosted approach.
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    Prove this. Are you an MCSE or MCSA? If not, provide a link. You are literally spouting garbage when you claim that 10 is more protective so it blue-screens at the drop of a hat. You literally know NOTHING of Windows. Until you do as I have done, and linked substantial proof (note: Joe on forum X claiming something is NOT proof), then you cannot be taken seriously. You make all these wild claims without any proof, then you refuse to do basic troubleshooting, and you wrap it all up with claiming Windows can work in a way in which it hasn't worked in two decades. Good job. Brian2344, I mentioned the shader cache in an earlier post. This brings up an excellent point! I had found a thread over at the GeForce forums a while back and the resolution for the 2080's crashing in Windows 10 was to delete the old shader cache. Something about it not correctly removing old shaders. To clear you cache you must disable shader caching in the nVidia Control Panel, reboot, and delete the shader folder from C:\Windows\Temp and %TEMP%. This MIGHT help if you upgraded from an older card and did not do a clean install. It cannot hurt either way, just don't forget to enable shader caching again when done!
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    Pls don t give false info..yes the whip collects the eggs but half of them disappear on the inventory almost ime diately. So pls fix the game.
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    Then I repeat my other two questions for you. Have you tried any other UE4 games, such as Hatred, in 10? Have you tried temporarily installing 7 on your system to see if you can reproduce it with your hardware configuration in 7? Those are kind of critical right now. If you try another UE4 game and it also causes your issue, it may be something with UE4 in general. If you can get the BSOD in 7 also, it is likely something with a hardware configuration. I have tried Ark on three operating systems and I can reproduce your crash, but only in 10, which is what has been reported in this thread. I am simply trying to narrow it down, but as one person that is difficult without blowing thousands on various hardware configurations, which I cannot and will not do.
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    Nobody is discussing programming here. We're talking basic principles of Windows operation. Drivers can trigger the kernel into a blue screen and only drivers. Well, unless you're still running 9X. Possibly ME. That information is all over the web, failure to do a five second search and see it is on the person lacking in knowledge. Also, if it was software, why does it only crash on 10? Riddle me THAT. We all run the exact same version of Ark, so if the application was at fault, it would affect everything, not just one map on one OS. Oh and if you read the entire thread you will see that I have reproduced your issue, but only on The Island while running in Windows 10! I cannot reproduce it on Vista or 7 on ANY map. This is what is being overlooked. It's easy to overlook the most important detail as an average user because you don't want it to be true, but the FACT up to this point is that this BSOD only happens on Windows 10. Also, I have been debugging the kernel crash dumps I create and I keep getting stopped at DX12. Perhaps the reason is that UE4.4 and above support DX12. Ark runs UE4.5, though customized. Windows Vista and 7 do not support DX12. I am now more sure that DX12 is the issue in some odd way, but I do not know why. I do not have the DX12 sources nor do I have the Ark sources, so I am stopped. The big thing here is to stop being stubborn and do some basic logical thinking. Has anybody here reported this specific issue in Vista or 7? I did not recall seeing anybody claiming this, so we instantly narrowed it down to 10 as the OS where the crash occurs, right? The next step is to figure out what the big difference is. The biggest difference I know of, and which is recorded in your kernel crash dumps, is that Windows 10 uses DX12. You can accept these facts or you can keep blaming the wrong thing. It's like blaming your cars fuel-pump for not sending fuel to the engine, but did you realize you're out of gas?
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    Oh God, your lack of basic reasoning skills astounds me. You're saying that, despite everything working on every OS except Windows 10 means it has nothing to do with 10? Really? Then there's no help. Just uninstall Ark and go back to Minecraft or CoD or whatever. Clearly you have no clue how bad Windows 10 has been and how much it is loathed among those in the IT community, MS fanboys aside. How about the recent enabling of ads in the Windows 10 Mail app which was quickly rolled back due to backlash? What about the latest update deleting users files for no reason? How about Windows 10 Update constantly installing the wrong driver for your hardware even though prior versions of Windows never did this without consent? How about Windows 10 causing drive failures early on which was likely due to 10 being very aggressive with disks for some time after release? How about, I don't know, the massive amount of reports of BAD_POOL_CALLER and BAD_POOL_HEADER which are rare prior to 10? Do you even do a basic online search prior to posting? Have you searched for BAD_POOL_CALLER or BAD_POOL_HEADER in relation to Windows 10 and seen how very many apps are affected by these crashes but only in 10? Look, I've spent several days now trying to see your point. I've loaded a rig with Vista, played the game, wiped it, loaded it with 7, played it, wiped it, and loaded it with 10 and played it. I can understand your frustration as a normal user, but blocking out common sense and basic reasoning skills and defending the one thing that all of the members here seem to have in common (Windows 10) is stupid. Some of you have 1060's. Some of you have 2080 TI's. Some of you are AMD users. Some are Intel. Some have 16GB of RAM, some have 32GB. What is the ONLY thing you all have in common? You all play Ark, you all use some form of nVidia graphics card, and you all have Windows 10. Ark and Windows 10 are the two constants. The BRAND of graphics card is another constant, but the driver version and model is not. Therefore the video card alone is not constant beyond brand. Now let's look at the constants for players without the BSOD. We're NOT running Windows 10. We all run Ark. We have all kinds of configurations including AMD and Intel CPUs, nVidia and AMD graphics cards, and a wide range of memory configurations. This means that the two constants for those of us who have zero issues are Windows not equal to 10, and Ark. In other words, you run 10 and it fails. I run 7 and it works. We both have the same application (Ark) in version and all. The only logical next step, based on common-sense reasoning, scientific deduction, and several crash dumps I have reviewed, is too look at 10 to see what could possibly cause this. Every crash dump I have from the Windows 10 setup points to DX12, which we know Ark does not support. I will try installing the DX10 and DX11 redistributables the next time I get by the office and have time to play. Maybe the issue IS DX12 because, if you recall, Unreal Engine 4.4 supports DX12, and Ark uses a modified 4.5 unless my memory fails me. Look, every time I make a response I provide informational links explaining things. Quuoting some dumb article which simply states what an error means does nothing to further the issue or make your point. Who gives a crap? The quote you gave me above is not even in good English! The fact that you don't have MSDN/Tech Network access to the actual information tells me you just searched for the error and copied some crap of the first page you found. And your comment about Windows 10 being "aggressive" about shutting down is just stupid. Windows is Windows. Windows doesn't "shut down" because it feels like it. A driver flips out in some way and triggers a specific BSOD, and then Windows displays said info and halts. At least learn how the process works.
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