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    decided to grab eggs from scar. brought the giga along to eat wyverns. tribe mate is controlling giga. as soon as I say watch the giga make sure he doesn't go over the side, he goes over the side. so now it's operation rescue giga. at this point he isn't all the over the side but in the weird little black columns that I guess are supposed to be rock formations. he's stuck there. so we go get a quetz and try to walk him on the back of it. no Bueno. So I put him on follow to see if he'll unstick himself. I fly back a little bit and wait. no giga. so I go to check on him and he's gone. lol we look down and he's having the time of his life in a lava bath. fly down and get him out of the lava, walk him onto back of quetz and fly him back up top. check his health he only lost 3k.
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    I personaly am not that high a level so what I did today might seem pretty beginner-ish. Well anyway today I tamed a new Dilophasoaurus called Planet (I have 4 now), tamed an unamed dodo to get double the eggs I was getting before and also tamed a Pteranodon which was pretty impressive for a level ten player who has no engram points left to spent on narcotics!
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    I’ve been amazed with the quality of the port for mobile, but there are two areas where the controls could be much improved. A lot of mobile FPSes include the option to add fire button to the left side of the screen, which makes precision aiming much easier. As it is now, it’s very difficult to shoot moving targets from a distance, especially with a bow, since you need to try and line up the target and then double tap. The other issue I’ve run into is that it’s very easy to accidentally dismount using the tap and hold to dismount command, which can be incredibly frustrating when flying or going through a dangerous area. It would be very nice if you could disable it in options like the tap to mount command.
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    first make sure it sets to passive, then command it to follow you, run away from any possible threats, then command it to stop following, and tadaaa you can remount again. believe me theres no other way, except if you can jump high and tap your mount. then its no problem.
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    I don't want to discourage you or get in the way of your fanfic but here are a few inconsistencies. 1) "They were experimenting in genetics at the time and made experiments to bring back ancient creatures like dinosaurs and also creating new creatures like the wyvern" all the life on the Arks is most likely cloned, however everyone having memory of life before the Ark and the time travel event between the island, scorched earth and Aberration suggests that the homo duce were in fact capable of time travel. Maybe the originals were abducted or maybe they were just cloned but the people on the Ark and probably the dinos as well were real people (in universe anyway). 2) "One day they discovered element had properties that mutated the body and made it stronger" If homo duce is the race that comes after humanities end then they should be well aware of the dangers of element. We learn in Aberration that the tribe Rockwell stayed with had Tek armor which is powered by element. This isn't tek they developed on the Ark as an explorer note mentions how only one person is rated to fly the suit , suggesting this Tek is something that is used on Earth in the future. This is supported by Rockwells note where he is experimenting with element and the humans from the future warn him not to. It seems they are well aware of the dangers of messing with element. 3) " But they found that, just like with Rockwell it took time to fully take effect." Rockwell experimented on himself twice.....well three times I guess. After mutating what I suspect was a bulbdog Rockwell figures that the trick to element is mixing it with your blood outside your body then injecting the solution into your body. He injects his arm and it grows large and looks a bit inhuman but he can keep it covered up. Then he decides to go for it and injects a large amount to mutate his whole body. Then he goes all kill happy slaughters the human camp/city whatever and runs off into the night. After battling the humans he is knocked into the element chamber/control chamber for Aberration where he is exposed to even more element and mutates further into the Rockwell we all know and love. So element seems to be pretty fast acting depending on the dose. 4)." Now the one thing that is uncertain is if in extinction you will meet Helena and Mei Yin or you find that something has happened to them and you have to save Earth alone" It is in no way confirmed but it would seem that She who waits is the digital ghost/AI whatever of Helena. In the latest community crunch it is even mentioned that WC will be ret coning a few things so that Rockwell can be a part of Extinction. If they do fold him into extinction then you can bet Mei Yin will be there to get some payback on Rockwell for killing her girlfriend. If Rockwell will be on the element/corrupted side of things then it would make sense if Helena and Mei Yin were on the Tek side being digital consciousness or just driving giant mecha (hey I can dream). Interesting theory in all, not really onboard with the homo duce = overseer thing but you might be right. Something that came to me while reading your theory is what if the titans are what's left of humanity? In todays culture you can't make a sci-fi story without an environmental message so with that in mind......Humanity discovers the miracle of element....like nuclear power it is used all over the world to power various devices. But pollution gets element into the air...the water....our food and then come the mutations. After a few years most of humanity are Rockwell like abominations with only a few healthy groups of humans living in underground cities or space. The element infused humans with nothing better to do start fighting each other for who gets to be king of the trash heap that is earth. The strong eat the weak and absorb the element from their bodies growing even larger. Pretty soon you have creatures the size of large buildings walking the earth eating anything they can catch. In the end you have a few massive creatures that contain the genes and element of all the lesser beings.
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    For once i actually agree with this backlash. You just made a mega-tribe server, not a mega-tribe free server
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    Welcome to wildcard, where we will pay you to pick on weaker players........ Ummmmm did anyone consider one of the biggest issues was megatribes killing servers? Was that not why one of the first 'specialty' servers was 6 man tribes and no allys.... Unless I'm mistaken. Why not just fully extend that middle finger to consoles and just pay pc users, oh no, you're doing that already
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    Go into settings, controls then scroll down. There is a tick box for long hold dismount. Deactivate this and you won’t jump off your mount mid battle when you are surrounded by enemies that are trying to chomp your squishy bits.
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    I hatched a few drakes today. I haven't done drake raising in a long while. I'm also still raising my new generation of featherlights but when I do get done I'm going to try and breed good stats into the line.
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    sure sounds like your player base is saying to disable alliances. might be a smart move to give them what they want and not what you as the devs think is best. its pretty easy to save face on a decision change like this by letting everyone know the majority want it changed and you guys aim to please the ones who support you and put food on your table.
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    Started a new character on The Center map, ran and swam for my life towards the tiny island just before the deserted island with the rock (adjacent to skull island), and set up camp, before logging off for the night. More to follow.
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    Hey its this guy Welcome back! We kept the thread nice and warm for you comrade! Last night I logged in to a real nice gift sitting in my base ! @AngrySaltire left me a bunch of drake eggs and even some drake kibble ! I took the 130 crab I tamed and dropped it at his base, plan to throw him some element aswell! Hatched a 175 drake egg, im glad I only hatched the 175 and not the 185, as soon as it hatched the wife came home and wanted to go for dinner - so i missed a few imprints anyways After I loaded up the new drake and went to the rad zone to refill my red gems for making more element. Tonight ill hatch another drake and properly imprint it, kind of thinking of sending the 185 egg to ragnarok. Always wanted a nice rock drake on there. This weekend ill be making steps towards Rockwell boss, ill start working on the artifacts.
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    It's single player. What gives me the impression that god mode is still on is I'm not taking damage obviously.
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