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    PS4 - Ragnarok - Private server Well just a day after whining about not getting any new color mutations in my ravager breeding, I got a neon green body; and a grey spine babies. I also got a bunch of blue and green spine babies, but I already have those colors. But I had been wanted the neon green color, so I'm happy! I then spent the majority of the night killing off dinos in sections where raptors spawn, as I still have not come across a Tek Raptor. I also have seen very few event red dinos... like a just a few. Very disappointed, as I saw many, many more on my single player game. I was over near my Green OB outpost, and I noticed that a new Giga had spawned in. So I kited him to the ocean. But along the way, some lag caused the Giga to go from 200 yards away, to chomping on my wyvern. We were glitched , and could not escape! I used admin "Ghost" and was able to get away, with less than 1000 HP left! I don't feel bad about cheating, when it is the result of the game's stupid glitching. But that was scary, as my Wyvern went from 32k HP to 900 something in just seconds! I didn't take the time to drown the giga, since I at least got it off the side of a cliff, and away from my outpost. Sure hoping this weekend to find some event dinos and tek raptors. I do not want to do a wild dino wipe, because I still have some easter event dinos on the server, and I like the visual variety they offer, even if I don't plan on taming them.
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    Was finally able to log in again last night after my Nitrado server was down for two days. They were good enough to give me a two day credit on my rental period even if it was Microsoft's fault. Didn't get much done since it was late in the evening for me. Stocked up all my feed troughs, applied some levels, crafted a ton of sparkpowder and shotgun ammo, and then tamed an absolutely ugly 145 pteranodon. She's red, yellow and brown. I name her Chiquita because she looks like a spotty banana. Didn't really need her but was bored and she came out with decent stats and I want to try and add the yellow to my black, blue and purple ones. Tonight the plan is try and find an Ice Wyvern Egg. I'm sure that will go completely smooth.
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    Seemed that came off as in insult, wasn't meant to be.
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    Was doing the usual chores around the base with the wife, when she yells from the next room "Why is this Rex glowing red?" Crap. Jump on Aralakh (Mass Effect reference) my golden Giga and demolish it without difficulty. Fly out to the waterbase, build for a few hours and then go Wyvern Egg hunting. I fly through the trench on my lightning Wyvern, while R raids the nests on Red Eagle (Griffin and Skyrim reference). Find nothing above level 95. Fly out of the scar and I see a Blue and Red level 150 Male Giga. A perfect breeding partner for Aralakh! Decided to put taming him on the shelf for the night and go after him tomorrow.
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    Doctors office for a check up and then straight to the war room to tame that Giga! Flying solo today, wife's at work and my brothers are taking a break (also probably at work).
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    Went after that Giga today... Didn't go well. I kept trying to kite him towards my trap and he kept getting distracted. Finally got him away from all the Equus in the area, and had him heading towards the trap. Out of nowhere, a gallimimus runs past, the Giga gives chase and he and the gallimimus run straight over the edge of the scar and into the lava... Crap. Found another Giga by the lighthouse, just a level 25 though. Killed him with my Lightning Wyvern to blow off some steam. Also, I didn't know that wild Megalodons will attack wild Gigas. Learn something new everyday.
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    I don't always drink on a work night, but when i do i drink for everyone ? Half a 60 oz. Yeaaaaah.... Yesterday in ark I manually started the servers since Xbox has issues right now. Made sure there was food and logged out. We'll see how the weekend goes
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    Only got on for a little bit today, reorganized my base a bit. Bed hopped to my old base (crashed 4 times trying to wake up) grabbed my dung beetle and some stuff I had left there. Went out looking for an event Quetz and spotted a beautiful black & orange one, only level 50 though. Gave chase and as per usual it ran to frozen lake in Murder Snow. Got it knocked out and just as I laid spike walls around it a pack of direwolves ate it from under the ice. This has happened to me before lol Pissed off, went flying back to base and spotted a 130 Yuty. It was busy chomping some diplos so I figured id just shoot it and test my luck. Before it killed the diplos I had it running from Torpor, it ran past me and feared my Griffin. Sending me all over, I dismounted for a second and got mauled by 2 purlovia and had to quickly whistle follow all and glide down the mountain. When I finally got back to the Yuty it was pitch black (even with gamma) and I couldnt get it to follow me. Then it picked a fight with a 130 Griff and got destroyed. Annoyed went back to base and logged to make dinner and GoT* it up a bit. *edit: After rereading it sounds dirty, acronym lol
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    Hahaha I don't ever do that either. Just apparently decided to send er. It's absurd for a reason. I want to fear something. Lvl 500 dinos keep the map alive. You're not going to fist fight a lvl 500 rex like most other servers seem to allow lol. Have you tried taming a high level giga or the like? That's a challenge on its own but hey to each their own.
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    Honestly i love the leeds hhaahah. A great white whale? Lol they present a challenge. We need ahab photos of folks duking it outt with ballistas vs the Leeds lol. I almost got sunk by one myself sacrificed my scorpion to save self lol
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    Oh god. "Just gonna send it" lol
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    Tamed the new tek raptor finished at 256 woot
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    Burn those candles at both ends huh?
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