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    Today was mostly a taming day, focusing on things we didnt have. Started off on SE for pegomax because they are everywhere. Came home with a pair. Brought them back to the island and decided it was time to tame a whale. S+ tek transmitter showed a lvl 90 nearby. So i throw on scuba, grab some lamb chops and hop on the barry. I find the whale, clear its manta pack and tame it without issue. Get it back to base and move on to the next thing. Next we decide to tame a low lvl female tickle chicken for kibble. Find one not far off, drop her in our metal pen and tame her. On our search for a male we spot a zebra white chalico. I had started a beer barrel a few weeks ago so I scooped her up and dropped her on our beach then grabbed the beer and tamed her. After we tamed her we tamed a low lvl all black monkey on the beach. We decided to tame a low lvl female oviraptor as our last tame. While it was taming a lol lvl pelagornis landed next to us so we 1 shot tranqed it and tamed it too. To finish the day we decided it was time to build a water pen and got it about 75% complete before logging. Its fully secure now all we need to do is level out the walls. This weeks plans are to finish the pen and continue taming dinos we dont have. If we get time we may finally breed our sharks too. Once we finally hit lvl 97 we also plan on building a quetz trap to tame that 195 quetz thats somewhere on the map, lol
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    Make sure to grab the Theriz facing away from your quetz or it will shred it! Has extinction been announced? Been out of the loop for awhile. Today was the first day I logged on Ark in a few months! Wife is hungover as dilo in bed so I figured id load up and prepare my island for my next pet project: No tames! Lost all my boss dinos for my ascension project when my server went down so when I logged on The Island I had some fun killing all my remaining dinos, flying around on godmode until I found a Giga. Turned back on regular mode and punched it in the face before being eaten and deleting my save file. Day is young but the hangover is fierce. We will see what / if I get anything done
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    How familiar are you with the underwater on Ragnarok? There is a huge underwater cave NW of Viking Bay, with an air bubble, metal, and crystal, and even a place you can put a platform. The cave entrance is huge, but if you build a base to fill the gap, leaving an opening to swim tames through, it is a great place to store water mounts. Also NW of Viking Bay, but not as deep, is a small all underwater cave.
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    Well it looks like im back! With newfound vigor on @DJRone89's server! Started a poor beach bob near blue. My first order of buisness was to establish a small wood hut, a few dodos and a parasaur. I could've just spawned in highlands but wanted to get a boat going (no leeds yay!) this time around. Spent a few hours going through the motions, made a boat and farmed up enough to make it fully stone. I found out about the height limit on boats and had to remake it hours of my noob life taken away from me. Awhile after, phase 1 of d1nkleboat is complete! I wanted a boat that wasnt a pain to drive but still had function and safety. This boat is raises off the platform with pillars, a small hut for the driver and a few boxes with a 4x6 area uptop. 2x6 for the housing and 2x6 for a small enclosed argy taming pen / small dino taming pen once I get a hatch door installed. We will see how it works out next time im on and have time to play!
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    Had no luck finding a good doed yesterday, but today i found a lvl 150 in the red forest. Had 50 tranq arrows on me, figured that would be anough. It wasnt. Flew back to base and got 96 more, found the doed again, made a pincushion out of it, think i only had 13 arrows left. Put spike walls around it with one opening, parked my argy and went afk for one minute to get something to eat. Got back to a death message by a terrorbird. Jumped on my ptera to race back, thought my argy was on passive but luckily it wasnt. The terrorbird cost me 20lvls on the doed, but i got it lvl 205
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    Get 20 just to be sure! Haha Been frolicking amung the sun and grass so I haven't been on much. Over the last week or 2 we've hatched 16 new rex, tamed a high level tek rex and flesh rex, found high level mates for both those rex, bred said rex, picked up 2 high level allo and just been focusing on getting boss supplies ready to go.
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    Made quiet a bit of progress today. Finally built the green house at my base, put that off for way too long. Installed all the piping and crop plots. Afterwards went off to the desert and tamed up two 145 dung beetles and took them back to base. Finally went back for the megalosaurus I saw not far from my base a few nights ago. To my surprise it turned out to be a male 135 blue event coloured dino. Lured it to the taming raft to tame up. Now I finally have a pair of megalosaurs to make the kibble for theris. Cant wait to tame a theri, I am fed up with harvesting fiber by hand lol. Tamed up more dinos for the kibble barn. Tamed up a pair of ankys and a pair of terrors birds as well as 1 male and 2 female dimetrodons. My goodness i forgot how quickly the dimet topor drained lol. Finished off by hunting deathworms in the desert. Trying to get to level 89 so I can build an industrial cooker, am so close. Must need to kill one or two more deathworms and I am there but I ran out of time tonight for that. Hopefully tommorow night.
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    Well, after the disaster on Aberration that was last night I hopped on a private server (the island) with my friend. In the past, our bases have usually been 2x3 or so, and having one or two bases around the map. This time though, we are making a 7x11 stone castle by Hidden Lake. It's the first time I've ever built by Hidden Lake and the first time I realized how perfect of a location it is! Close to metal at Frozen Tooth, Far's Peak and Winter's Mouth, Frozen Tooth and Far's Peak have obsidian, there's beaver dams, water, not many hostile animals, close to oil and pearls in the snow, close to crystal at Frozen Tooth, heck, it's even close to the snow for lategame tames like Yuty's and piggies! Also, we've never had time for the 3-4 hour tames for anything so we just put the taming rates at 30 or so. We're halfway through the game, like we have one rex and one spino, good Argies, etc. This time I'm thinking about starting to lower the taming rates to neccessitate kibble! That means a generator, more gasoline (which we usually use only for the fabricator) fridges, probably some aircons, and an electricity system in general. We've also never used stuff like industrial forges, grills, and stuff that requires mass amounts of metal, crystal, and polymer. We're also thinking about doing some cave runs this season!
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    Oh why did that post again? Anyway, last night I traveled down to the red zone on my bred and imprinted megalosaurus. 20k health, 1000% melee, etc. (I'm on SP and I've customized the settings a bit). So I got there no problem, following the Spine, then... I got there, and cleared about 50 drakes, but the just kept respawning! I looked around for a spot in the canyon where I could take my Megalo down safely but there wasn't one! So then, I said 'Whatever, I'll just keep following the path until there's a spot to take him down'. Guess what. There wasn't one. So I went over to the Rockwell Terminal area, and looked across at the giant skeleton. I broke some trees and farmed some bushes to get fiber, and built some ramps to get back up the small cliff, but when I tried to place it, it says something like: Cannot place structure here! So I ran back to the first instance of nests, and left my Megalo at the top of the cliff. I climbing picked down the cliff and go to a nest. I had already killed a bunch of the drakes around, and didn't see any in the valley/canyon. So I grabbed the egg, and started climbing back up. About 2-3 seconds later, I was swarmed by 4 drakes. I tried to fight it out, so when it was clear I was dead, I got very scared about losing my ascendant crossbow, and full apprentice Hazard Suit (Upgrade Station mod). For the first time in my runthrough of the three story maps, I activated God and InfiniteStats. Climbed back up after piking and crossbowing all the drakes, and went over to the Megalo. We ran back up on the way to the blue zone, but right after getting into Halls of the Reaper Queen, we were attacked by not one, but two Reaper Queens! They were chasing, and I was almost out of the red zone, but then a STUPID Purlovia jumped out and stunned me. I just want to make it clear that I've been jumped by Purlovia many many times but not once have they knocked me off and stunned me. Of course this time it had to happen and the Queens did their stupid spin attack and knocked my megalo into liquid Element. I activated God and Infinitestats again and ran out of there. Halfway out, I had dinner so I quit and ate for maybe 45 min to an hour. Came back and ran out of the blue zone. My base is on the Overlook so I got out of the blue zone right to my base. I looked in my inventory and the EGG WAS GONE!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I ragequit.
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    pls stop the 2x events. U already doubled the rates thats now the normal 1x and the game is geting way way to easy, what got me started playing this 3years ago was that is was a real challenge, a true survival game wich it aint anymore and all servers are capped and close to cap this jsut adds to the problem.
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