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    Scorched Earth, modded single-player: Stay on Task. Stay on Task. Stay on Task, dang it! So, last I checked in I was in the process of crafting several thousand adobe pieces to construct my sanctuary...so that I had the needed floor space for dragon hatching and hoarding. But over the last couple of days... - I was out by my oil pumps and the rex spawns looking for tek rexes...to no avail. Since the first one I saw I have not gotten another one to - TROODON - I immediately dove out of the sky and wiped those damn things out. I’ve been lounging on Aberration so long I haven’t thought about those awful things in ages. As I was...to spawn. I’ve also been looking for a female thylacoleo to bring back for the male I tamed. And I’ve struck out there too. - Even though I should have been farming adobe pieces, I’ve kept straying back to the World Scar to see if any new fire wyvern eggs have spawned, since I’ve been running regular dino wipes attempting to get that tek rex spawn, so the Scar has been refreshing too. I found a 112 base fire egg. But now I really should get back to building... - I decided a second pony would help my cactus sap gathering efforts, since I’ve been approaching it by loading up my four refrigerators and then filling my pony’s inventory again, a second or third pony would help. So off I set - ooh, lightning whelp! Well, 148 tiny dragon takes precedence. Brought him in and took off again and - oh my god, is that a MANTICORE? Yup... that’s definitely a manticore. I knew Dragons and Enhanced Creatures had manticores, but I’ve never seen a manticore in person. Well...it’s only a level twelve...but she’s so darn cool...yes. Yes I’m taking her home. I might have used my eagle as bait to successfully bring her down, but now I have Melusine the manticore, and I really need to find that pony - ooh, fire drake! Well, you know, if I bagged the fire drake I could go phoenix hunting. Screw it. My new manticore friend is on passive being guarded by my rex at the unfinished facility. What’s one more passive flier? Pet res exists for a reason. So, now there’s a fire drake but seriously, pony. Now. No more distractions - holy crap, dodowyvern. I spawned a dodowyvern back in Fear Evolved 2016 on Xbox, but he disappeared after the event ended, and I’ve always wanted another one. She’s only level thirty, but...hey, dodowyvern! Look how tasty my eagle is! But aside from a slightly singed eagle, I now have another dodowyvern, and I’m very happy about her. But, for real this time, I need that pony and to go back to building...but... maybe I have time for that 116 archeopteryx. My eagle does have chitin on him... At length, I settled for a level 96 pony. Not the 100+ that normally is the standard, but I was pretty certain if I didn’t settle I’d bring home another dozen things waiting for that spawn. And I also picked up three cute jerboas on my gathering runs. But, this morning I added a third pony and buckled down to focus on construction, getting distracted only twice for a microraptor and a hyaenodon, and just after 8:00 p.m, I finished my Sanctuary. I even had enough crystal stocked up to make all the greenhouse windows. And now I’ll gradually start replacing the torches with crystal lamps, and it will truly be complete. But it will be a long time gathering enough crystal, metal and silica pearls for electronics before I’m done fully converting. Next Up: The aforementioned crystal, metal and silica pearl farming, more hunting for that tek rex and thylacoleo now that my plate is clear, and more World Scar runs to find my fire wyvern eggs. And I might just hatch one of the two eggs I’ve found thus far.
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    First thing you should be telling new members to your tribe is to unbind the "whistle follow all" key, also the "whistle all move" to key. This saves a lot of bad situations happening, also binding the "whistle all stop" to a key that can be quickly mashed is a good idea. Also for dinos you dont want to move (likle kibble dinos) you can set them to ignore whistles.
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    Hello, The best loot crate I ever had. I found two blueprints both Ascendant. 216% Pump action shotgun. 237% Fabricated sniper. Both in the same crate. I also found better gear during the event than I had before but durability seam to be lower. I thought durability and damage did not effect each other but maybe they do. I am happy with the higher gear and saddle bp I got from the event so far. Regards, Ariana
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    Aberration Did many things in the Last Week The Boat was finished and directly tested at a Level 5 Crab. Tamed the crab without Problems. It was Level 6 after taming ;). Tamed a few Stegosaurus cause they fell in my Base. Tried to tame a Paracer which fell in my base too. My kid blocked him with a spino between the Spino and the Crabs. But after 10 Shots he disappeared. Never saw that happen. I like to have Equus so i set up a medium Crop Plot with Carrots. The next Day on the way to Metal i saw a Level 10 Equus. Almost white. Glowing like hell. So i jumped back to base, grab the carrot and jumped back. Never tamed an Equus on official Server on 1x. Feels like Forever. But i tamed the little Jumper nicely with 99,9 efficiency. After i came back from equus bringing to his new home i didnt make it to the Metal Spot. This time a bright White Level 90 Equus of the opposite Sex was waiting for me. Same procedure, jumping back to base and grab all the Carrots. This time taming really feels like forever. About 25 Minutes or so. Luckily i had my crab on follow. At 51% taming the Equus got stuck on one of the Crabs legs. He couldnt move anymore, only circling. This made the last 49% taming easy cause the spot was save from aggressive dinos. Brought him back. The Equus got nice places next to my Stegos. Finally i had more storage capacity to store chitin and stone. Faster Cementing Paste making as with Mortar ´n Pestle. Go again on the Taming boat and found a Level 90 Male Spino. Tamed him with Mutton. Now i have a better breedable pair. None of them has Melee higher then 250%. But it is something to start with. First i paired my Level 150 female Spino with the Level 50 male Spino. These 2 Eggs i breed at Weekend. The 3x Weekend Weekend was crazy. Whenever i could i go Metal farming, still living on the green Biome and have not much Metal. But Prime Target was taming and breeding. I used the Boat and tamed 3 Crabs. Tamed whatever came along the way. So a Level 35,45 and 55 crab i tamed. One of them i will transfer to Ragnarok. Rest is for Decoration of the Base. They will all get only Points in Weight. At the River i live i tamed 5 Carbonemys. Need the Carbo Eggs for Kibble. Now i got 5 female and 2 male Carbos. But they dont lay many eggs. So i will tame more Carbos in Future. I tried to tame a 150 Spino but a Crab got behind me and take me with her Claw from my Boat. Smashed me hard to Death. Tried to Tame a White Level 10 Crab, a Sarco followed the Crab into the Taming cage and killed the Crab. I tamed the damn Sarco then. Level 80 Sarco male, so no use for me at the Moment. I found a Brown Equus with black stripes, Level 20.After it another White Equus Level 30. With the 4 Equus i started breeding. Level 90 Male and the 3 low level female. All 3 Babys are white with Black Stripes. But they look really nice. Next day i found the Next brown Equus and another White. One time i saw a red Equus, but it was to close to the Path from green to blue Biome. Everywhere aggressive Dinos. I Hope i found him on another Place again. The Player i traded with a few times offered me a Level 90 Rock Drake for 5k Crystal. My Kid helped me. Both of us took a Crab and we carried the Ankylo. It was 1 or 2 Hours on 3x to get the Crystal. Finally i have something to get more Rock Drake Eggs. Built 2 Hazard Suits. Hoping to get some Eggs on next Weekend. But first i must build a Breed Chamber. Then i started Breeding the 2 Spino Eggs i got from the Low level Male and Medium female. The First Egg was a green Level 95 male ( both Parents are green). Nothing Special. He will stay in base forever i think. But the next Spino baby shocked me. He is completely Magenta. 2nd Egg and i got a Color Mutation I thought i could handle more breeding, so i paired the Doedi i tamed with Level 135 and the doedi which was 20. A nice white Level 60 Doedi came along. Then i breed 6 Feathelight Eggs. These Eggs are from the pair i bought on Ragnarok. From the 6 Eggs i got 7 Featherlight. The Lowest was Level 205. Except one they look all like their Parents. Purple or Red. Only One got nice Orange Feathers. I take him and make another few Eggs with him. 2 Lystro females fell from above in my base. So i tamed them. Free Lystro Eggs. At looking for more Crabs i saw a Level 90 Bear. Lured him to the Boat, drive back to base and get the flintlock. Every time i use Xbow a Dire Bear dies. Till now it is the only Dino/Pet i tame with the gun on Aberration. For all Other i use my green 140% Xbow. Tamed him with Mutton. He gets more Berrys then my Stegos, so i will use him in Future for Berry Gathering. The Bear looks Nice with Glowing Red Stripes. A few hours later i found on the Same spot a Level 40 female Dire Bear with white stripes. Lured and tamed her too. I Dont think i will breed them, but they look so nice together. On Sunday it was chaotic in my base. I crafted 10 more Troughs and placed them in the Middle of my base. Then organized all Dinos. On 1 Side alle Spinos. On the Other Side all Turtles, the diplodocus and all 5 Crabs. Now there is a path again to my House. Farmed more metal and built a Industrial Forge. Still thinking about where to place the Forge. I leveld up to 82 and could finally build the chemistry Bench. Expanded my building on 1 side for 1 length and 3 wide. There i placed the Chemistry Bench and a Vault. Vault building is really easyon Aberration. 1 Crab and a Metal Axe and u get 150 organic Poly. If u use the Chanisaw you get more. Used the Bench and crafted more Narcotic and Cementing Paste. I Could make an fert. Egg with the full grown Magenta Spino called Pinky and the highest male i got. Breed him directly. But a full green Level 106 Spino was the Baby. Another Spino which will stay in Base. 3x Weekend was a full success for me, got a nice color mutation and all the things to go down in the radiation zone. Now i will be a bit slower and built a place for the Forge and a big breeding house with at least 1 Behemoth Door for breeding Spinos.
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    It's nice that WC is recognising raft spam as against the rules now, but are we still completely ignoring tame cap issues? Rafts aren't causing servers to cap out as fast as they are, its people holding dinos on multiple servers they don't play on. Spamming tames only makes uploading your tames for a slot difficult, doesn't fix the fact you have to upload just to tame something you need. You brought out more servers and within days they were capped, how are we expected to keep playing like this? Just wait for Extinction to come out so people will move a few tames off i suppose. It was lovely that you gave us a 3x event, but as soon as it hit my breeding server capped out leaving the rest of the weekend as a reconstruction of what happens on my main server. Waiting for a slot and trying to incubate eggs so i can sort out a dino line, having half the community scream at eachother because they want to mate. We're struggling here, WC. We can't all go unofficial or private, big tribes go down and within days we're capped again.
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    We don't have any plans for a sequel right now. But as has been stated, with the unprecedented popularity of the game, it would be a disservice to not expand on that through a sequel. People may ask why expand through a sequel rather than more expansion ARKs like Scorched Earth or Aberration or the yet unrevealed third expansion, and the answer to that is simply a matter of efficiency. Our developers have learned a great deal when it comes to game development through the years of developing ARK as well as from handling porting the systems over to consoles; a good amount of work done has been applying those new fixes to old code and trying to make sure that the whole thing doesn't put buttered toast onto a cat in the process. With a sequel, development could be further streamlined and made more efficient by not having to isolate old functions and trying to make them compatible with new discoveries. This could hopefully turn things around, as it's no big secret that our release estimations are less accurate than an imperial storm trooper shooting at rebels.
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    OK, so I've been playing since BETA release on XBX1 and have purchased all the DLC and also the Collectors Edition upon official release. When I received word of Aberration, however, I had different Ideas as to what it would be. I honestly thought it would be an Ice map, and joked about calling it Ab-buurrrrr-ation. While I was entirely surprised to see that this wasn't going to be the case, I still have dreams and hopes of seeing a frozen wasteland to survive on out there. I can already see the female character that has always represented ARK in the loading picture screen (you know, the one riding the raptor in front of the guy riding a saber) wearing a fur outfit behind an ice-themed ARK with new Ice Creatures and equipment on the map. Her fur could be shifting around in the cold wind. Anyhow, this would simply be an amazing way to take ARK imo. I can foresee Dire Wolf Dog Sleds, Using the Climbing Picks released with Aberration for climbing up ice, Igloos, Tepees, Ice Fishing, Races using the sleds, and all the other wonders an Ice Age ARK could offer. Blizzards and Super Freezes as a weather hazard, like the Super Heat and Sandstorms on Scorched Earth. Sounds Epic, right? Let me know what you guys think!?
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    That's 2 very handy guns you got there.
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    How are you going to put the Phoenix as number 5 when the payback on the investment of taming one is horible. The Phoenix is so rare and useless that the one time you do tame one it’s just to have for looks.
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    Oh okay sorry, but thanks for the reply
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    The additional mysteries were the 3 extra explorer notes in the Overseer, Manticore and Rockwell arenas...
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    Aye! Spino Energy Shields! And while we're at it let's get some Therizino Plasma Scythes, Bronto Rail-Cannon, Quetzal Bombing Rig, and Wyvern Turbo Booster! For god's sake quit with the one trick pony Tek Saddles... Plasma Cannons only go so far...
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    well lets see...what did I do today? that is a really big question. I guess the most important thing I did was get my two 285 melee orange gigas together for a little date time. lol. gotta love the love in ark!
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    So I made a post on here before about having Rhomaleosaurus in the game, as a seal-like aquatic predator. Turns out that something like that already exists, Nothosaurus giganteus, an early relative of the plesiosaurs and pliosaurs. It grew to around 7 meters, and fossil evidence showed it liked to dig in the mud to find prey. My revised addition for this then would be Nothosaurus. Give it the ability to 'radar-sense' other creatures underwater (just creatures, not resources or structures). On land, it would only move as fast as a wild Sarco, but in the water, maybe have it slightly slower than an Ichthyosaur. Making it a bit tankier than the Baryonyx will also help its utility for underwater exploration, as well as give it a chance to protect itself on land.
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    Hi ! I think the ankylosaur should attack metal ores and rocks as well as crystal systematically when one of these resources is in front of it (like the Doedicurus in front of the stone or the beaver in front of the trees). Many metal ores are on cliff walls in Ragnarok, accessible only with the quetzal or raft platform.
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    you can set a password when you create the non ded but it only stops non friends joining normaly. so anyone on yours or whoevers playing friends list can join unless you all go offline taht way they cant join yeah tether is there!
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    PS4 - Ragnarok - Single Player So after finally finding a work around for the Private server that keeps making my dinos and structures unaccessible by my character, I was able to "givetome" my dinos that I wanted to keep. I then spent the majority of the time transferring them back to my single player game. However ONCE AGAIN, I had dinos disappear when I tried to download them. They would show in the list, I would download them, but they were no where to be found. I learn long time ago, to only download one dino at a time, so this is not a case of one dino stuck inside another. OF course the dino I lost was a beautiful 150 level Argy with Green Bay Packer colors. FML! Eventually, I got out and decided to finally tame an Angler fish. Finally, I came across two, and without even spyglassing for their levels, I decided to just start tranqing them both. As Anglers like to do, they soon scattered and were running away from me. I focused on one, and followed him, I finally got him to start swimming up towards the surface, and away from any potential baddies. Finally many, many arrows later he KO'd and I was elated to see he was a level 140! With the Angler knocked out in a safe spot, I waited out the starve time and then filled him with raw mutton. Thank goodness I brought 5 air tanks with, because he took forever, but he woke up at level 209. His health was very low, so I quickly took him and the other water dinos back to the Navy base, and put my healing pig into action, while leveling up his health, and melee. Tonight I will begin the long trip from the NE corner of the RAG, over to the Viking Bay pearl cave. Looking forward to trying out this guy on pearls.
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    I can see why you are mad but to be honest, I also could give a crap about all the fuss with the countdown timer, People perceived it meant something and then it turned out not to be what they thought it was. Okay well fine WC did not make you think it was something great, you just did that all on your own. I'm hunting tek rex, picking up bones and making skins and getting good loot on some of the piles so I'm happy as a dung beetle in a pile of poop. Sometimes you just need to realize that the world does not ow you everything you perceive. Happy hunting Bro, hope you get a few nice tek rex.
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    This is actually a fact, as I'm one of these players. It's beyond disheartening to see the developers have abandoned their past promises that would have actually made this game enjoyable again. The bugs are insurmountable and the gameplay has become stale. The design and lack of content is forcing this game into near Extinction like the dinosaurs it uses. Maybe it's time to give the community what you promised and has been asked for since you officially released you'd implement the alleged ten mods a month you pay for to help be designed. Your interest base is in those, not the work you all have been doing. You speak of quality of life changes, then give the quality begged for time and time again. Help the modders, if you're actually capable of doing so with what seems to be a limited coding knowledge you are portraying. Or are you seriously thinking that working on ark 2, as said in a recent interview will actually work out for you with your fan base dying from the false promises to keep people around and depressingly inaffective content updates.
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    Im a bit lost as to what they could put in a second Ark Survival, another Island/Desert/Cave full of Dinosaurs. Really all that can surely be done is improve the graphics or the way it plays, anything with another land would just be DLC. And to be honest the player base is dropping now with more and more servers just empty Ghost Towns. Even the unofficial Pc servers has loads of empty ones just waiting on the subscriptions to run out. Unless your in a decent tribe nearly all the solo players are quitting or just playing offline where they know their stuff is safe so no i think this game will just eventually disappear. That's just my thoughts by the way.
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    I doubt it. They can't even seem to get Ark 1 right.. With all of the cheating, exploits, bugs etc. I wouldn't even consider purchasing another Ark at this point in time..
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    By the end of this year, this great game will be over 3 years old and will be nearing the end of its development and life. It is only natural that at some point the developers will begin work on a sequel game one in which should capitalize on the things that made the original great but also improve on the many areas that were not so great. As a long time ARK PVP player that has been in just about every situation I would like to see the following implemented in a future sequel. I believe these changes would make the PVP side of the game far more interested, balanced and all round better. PVP Offline Raid Protection: I think it is a great shame that the majority of PVP in ARK happens when the other side ain't around. Tactically it makes sense for the attacker but its not really exciting for either side. I would like to see Offline Protection partially enabled. By that I mean when a tribe is offline their structures should be more resistant say maybe 3-5x more resistant then if they are online. In addition to this I believe the game needs to implement some kind of "Home Base" token or flag that you would clip onto a wall in your base. This would mark all structures within a certain radius as part of your home granting it the benefits of offline raid protection. All other structures scattered around the map however would be still vulnerable. I think a limit of 1-3 tokens should be enough to allow a tribe to setup a couple bases around the map without exaggeration. Render Issues/ Graphics: Any ARK PVP player that has played this game long enough knows that if you set your graphics setting to "EPIC" your doing yourself self harm. While the game might look beautiful the guy running around with graphics that look like something from the 90s will have a huge advantage over you as stuff simply doesn't render in. To give some example with certain settings branches and leaves on tree's don't render in turning thick forests into dead stalks. This has the effect of making it extremely easy to find small "hidden" bases built in the middle of the jungle. Another example is rocks, bushes and undergrowth not rendering in meaning a guy hiding behind a rock on a beach will think he is hidden but on my screen he is just crouching there in the middle of no where. Lastly and probably the most important exploit of these graphics setting is the ability to recon an enemy base. With the right setting you can see the inside of the base as the walls don't render in until you get closer. This lets you see what dinos they are inside as well as actually see players moving around in their base... I understand the logic of allowing ultra low settings, in theory its so they can sell more copies of the game to players that running 10 year old PCs by rendering less stuff and showing less detail. The problem is the majority of people these days running these settings aren't players with old PC's that struggle to run the game they are running these settings purely to get an unfair advantage. I have a PC with 32gb ram, a 1070 GPU and a CPU that is 2 years old and yet I still feel the need to run these crappy settings because if I don't I will be at a distinct disadvantage. My suggestion is that for PVP there be a minimum level of required detail to play on Official Servers. From what I can tell the difference between medium to ultra isn't that much compared to medium to ultra low. I would lock it at medium, a setting which still renders everything properly and I would also restrict the view distance so everyone is using the same setting. Tribe Balance And Alliances Mega Tribes and Tribe Size One of the big failing points of ARK for me has to be the emergence of mega tribes and mega alliances. To me and many others they have ruined the game. Not only do they create inbalances but what was once a rich PVP environment now more resembles a kind of stalemate, as these large tribes for the most prefer not to fight each other as its a mutual lose situation since both sides more wealth they know what to do with. It is not a exaggeration to state that the majority of ARK Official PVP servers today are part of one of the several mega alliances that currently rule the game. These alliances control multiple servers, giving no hope to any new player that tries to play on them and effectively turning those servers into PVE zones. Even on the flip side being in a mega tribe is neither fun or exciting. Its very mundane, you spend your days mostly farming and base building and when you do the rare battle the server becomes so laggy that its frustratingly unplayable. These mega tribes of upwards of 100 players are only possible because the game currently does not limit how many players can be in a single tribe. Likewise the game doesn't limit how many allies one can have. This is especially odd given the nature of the game and stands out to many as a major balancing issue. As most servers can only have 70 players at once I think a tribe limit of 10 at most would be reasonable if transfers were enabled in a future ARK. If there is no transfers the limit should be even less maybe 5 or so. Alliances In terms of alliances I remember before this feature existed and I can say without doubt PVP back then was more and you had more PVP because people were actually fighting each other like they should be. Now a days everyone prefers to hold hands. I would suggest an alliances limit of 1. The servers are just too small to have a larger number. Dinos: Balance The balancing of the dinos is mostly ok with some exceptions. Personally I don't like the idea that a handful of dinos should be superior to everything else. In my view every dino should have a legitimate purpose other then just for eggs. In particular I would like to see the Giga matched up more evenly with the T-Rex and the Spino, so that rather then being outright superior it should be stronger in some areas while weaker in others in the way that the T-Rex is tankier then the Spino but not as fast and cannot swim. The one area of the dinos that I think really needs to be looked at is the flying dinos. If you ask me they should not be in the game as they make the game too trivial and by their very nature unbalance land dinos. Even with the recent nerfs they are still too good and still too tanky for what they should be. They make it too easy to scout and move around the map. As well as this the maps are just not big enough in my opinion to support them and the bigger maps that are in the game like The Center and Ragnorok are barren deserts that lack vegetation which makes it even easier for flyers to scout the maps. Egg System The current system is a mess that forces tribes to tame many more dinos then they need to in order to be able to kibble tame the dinos they really want. I would suggest a simpler solution then requiring unique kibble for each dino. Instead the eggs would be graded in a tiered system and assigned a value. For instance a GIga egg would be worth 100 points, a Bronto 95 and at the end other of the scale a dodo egg might be worth 1 point. Each dino would required a certain total in order to fully kibble tame it. For example a Giga might require 1000 points worth which could be either 10 giga eggs or 50 Trike eggs. Taming In terms of knocking out and taming stuff. The current system is ok but not great and is pretty boring. It would be nice to have it more interactive but only if the interactive part helps speed it up.
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    For me ARK is a wonderful idea and huge potential wasted by terrible project management and overambitious devs.
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    Sure sounds like a great idea if only WC lets another company take over and work on ARK 2 .. (cause the "final "game its self cant be worse then what the current devs produced.. right ? ) p.s. IM not hating on the devs or WC.
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