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    Couple of projects busy with at the moment. Did all land caves on Island ( except Ice cave ) solo. All went well except for Nr. 3. Can't get past the long underwater section there. The piranas and crocks keeps destroying me. Even did swamp without issues , but that nr. 3 oh boy. In my tribe on a friends unofficial ragnarok server we started a new base with new characters. Actually fun to start over from fresh.
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    Aberration Did many things in the Last Week The Boat was finished and directly tested at a Level 5 Crab. Tamed the crab without Problems. It was Level 6 after taming ;). Tamed a few Stegosaurus cause they fell in my Base. Tried to tame a Paracer which fell in my base too. My kid blocked him with a spino between the Spino and the Crabs. But after 10 Shots he disappeared. Never saw that happen. I like to have Equus so i set up a medium Crop Plot with Carrots. The next Day on the way to Metal i saw a Level 10 Equus. Almost white. Glowing like hell. So i jumped back to base, grab the carrot and jumped back. Never tamed an Equus on official Server on 1x. Feels like Forever. But i tamed the little Jumper nicely with 99,9 efficiency. After i came back from equus bringing to his new home i didnt make it to the Metal Spot. This time a bright White Level 90 Equus of the opposite Sex was waiting for me. Same procedure, jumping back to base and grab all the Carrots. This time taming really feels like forever. About 25 Minutes or so. Luckily i had my crab on follow. At 51% taming the Equus got stuck on one of the Crabs legs. He couldnt move anymore, only circling. This made the last 49% taming easy cause the spot was save from aggressive dinos. Brought him back. The Equus got nice places next to my Stegos. Finally i had more storage capacity to store chitin and stone. Faster Cementing Paste making as with Mortar ´n Pestle. Go again on the Taming boat and found a Level 90 Male Spino. Tamed him with Mutton. Now i have a better breedable pair. None of them has Melee higher then 250%. But it is something to start with. First i paired my Level 150 female Spino with the Level 50 male Spino. These 2 Eggs i breed at Weekend. The 3x Weekend Weekend was crazy. Whenever i could i go Metal farming, still living on the green Biome and have not much Metal. But Prime Target was taming and breeding. I used the Boat and tamed 3 Crabs. Tamed whatever came along the way. So a Level 35,45 and 55 crab i tamed. One of them i will transfer to Ragnarok. Rest is for Decoration of the Base. They will all get only Points in Weight. At the River i live i tamed 5 Carbonemys. Need the Carbo Eggs for Kibble. Now i got 5 female and 2 male Carbos. But they dont lay many eggs. So i will tame more Carbos in Future. I tried to tame a 150 Spino but a Crab got behind me and take me with her Claw from my Boat. Smashed me hard to Death. Tried to Tame a White Level 10 Crab, a Sarco followed the Crab into the Taming cage and killed the Crab. I tamed the damn Sarco then. Level 80 Sarco male, so no use for me at the Moment. I found a Brown Equus with black stripes, Level 20.After it another White Equus Level 30. With the 4 Equus i started breeding. Level 90 Male and the 3 low level female. All 3 Babys are white with Black Stripes. But they look really nice. Next day i found the Next brown Equus and another White. One time i saw a red Equus, but it was to close to the Path from green to blue Biome. Everywhere aggressive Dinos. I Hope i found him on another Place again. The Player i traded with a few times offered me a Level 90 Rock Drake for 5k Crystal. My Kid helped me. Both of us took a Crab and we carried the Ankylo. It was 1 or 2 Hours on 3x to get the Crystal. Finally i have something to get more Rock Drake Eggs. Built 2 Hazard Suits. Hoping to get some Eggs on next Weekend. But first i must build a Breed Chamber. Then i started Breeding the 2 Spino Eggs i got from the Low level Male and Medium female. The First Egg was a green Level 95 male ( both Parents are green). Nothing Special. He will stay in base forever i think. But the next Spino baby shocked me. He is completely Magenta. 2nd Egg and i got a Color Mutation I thought i could handle more breeding, so i paired the Doedi i tamed with Level 135 and the doedi which was 20. A nice white Level 60 Doedi came along. Then i breed 6 Feathelight Eggs. These Eggs are from the pair i bought on Ragnarok. From the 6 Eggs i got 7 Featherlight. The Lowest was Level 205. Except one they look all like their Parents. Purple or Red. Only One got nice Orange Feathers. I take him and make another few Eggs with him. 2 Lystro females fell from above in my base. So i tamed them. Free Lystro Eggs. At looking for more Crabs i saw a Level 90 Bear. Lured him to the Boat, drive back to base and get the flintlock. Every time i use Xbow a Dire Bear dies. Till now it is the only Dino/Pet i tame with the gun on Aberration. For all Other i use my green 140% Xbow. Tamed him with Mutton. He gets more Berrys then my Stegos, so i will use him in Future for Berry Gathering. The Bear looks Nice with Glowing Red Stripes. A few hours later i found on the Same spot a Level 40 female Dire Bear with white stripes. Lured and tamed her too. I Dont think i will breed them, but they look so nice together. On Sunday it was chaotic in my base. I crafted 10 more Troughs and placed them in the Middle of my base. Then organized all Dinos. On 1 Side alle Spinos. On the Other Side all Turtles, the diplodocus and all 5 Crabs. Now there is a path again to my House. Farmed more metal and built a Industrial Forge. Still thinking about where to place the Forge. I leveld up to 82 and could finally build the chemistry Bench. Expanded my building on 1 side for 1 length and 3 wide. There i placed the Chemistry Bench and a Vault. Vault building is really easyon Aberration. 1 Crab and a Metal Axe and u get 150 organic Poly. If u use the Chanisaw you get more. Used the Bench and crafted more Narcotic and Cementing Paste. I Could make an fert. Egg with the full grown Magenta Spino called Pinky and the highest male i got. Breed him directly. But a full green Level 106 Spino was the Baby. Another Spino which will stay in Base. 3x Weekend was a full success for me, got a nice color mutation and all the things to go down in the radiation zone. Now i will be a bit slower and built a place for the Forge and a big breeding house with at least 1 Behemoth Door for breeding Spinos.
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    Last night I went against my plan of bringing anything from the island to SE and brought over hide. We spent so much time grinding hide for rex saddles and was already getting sick of grinding for hide for saddles by hand on SE so I brought us enough to tie us over till we get a good combat dino. We expanded the base this morning to 3x4x1 and plan on making it 2 high. I think that will be our stopping point on this base and should hold us over untill we move closer to red obi. Next we built a small 2x5 taming pen. While we were building it I spotted a lone 135 raptor in the distance, but rather then risk getting pounced kiting it to the pen we bolaed it and tranqed it, then I threw a tent over it while we looked for meat. Tamed her up and named her Blue and got her back to base. We plan on lvling her in hp and speed so we can use her to kite dinos to the taming pen. Next we tamed 2 or 3 spare jerboas before logging out. Our next task is finishing the base, then getting a mate for blue. A high lvl thorny dragon is our next utility tame, getting wood by hand sucks when its so spread out. We also want to find a few carnos or megasloths to tame as our primary combat mounts. I think we are going to try and avoid flyers as much as possible and use kangas as fast pack mules. We do plan on eventually taming wyvrens but will be bringing them to the island
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    Big weekend for our tribe, our alphas got hit by 2 titans! at the same time, they battle logged ( ORP server) but still ended up losing 75% of their base. We know this was coming so for a while so we decided to relocate our base and tames to avoid getting hit ourselves, (We live on the center) currently were in the process of moving all of our gear and blocking up our new base location (floating island!) we have completely blocked one entry to the floating island, the huge entry to the lake in the middle of floating island on the east side of the island, we just plugged that up with 3200+ pillars from top to bottom with a metal behe gate at the bottom, the highest pillar wall in the line is over 80 pillars!, i was concerned about the build limit as we have 40+ lines of said pillar walls.. i calculated , that's not including supporting ceilings we needed to use. all up the wall is around 4000 pieces. still a fair bit under build limit but for one wall.... we call that our big d wall. this was a strategic move, we know were next in line for the titans as we are now the alpha tribe after the weekends ordeal. But now we own the floating island, turret towers at every entry and one of these walls to be installed behind each turret tower in the future, we have already blocked down every drop location we have found on the floating island. now there is no way we can get a visit from a titan! Tonight since the 3x is finished and breeding onslaught finally eases we have around 100 dinos left at our old base to transfer over. Hopefully we can withstand any heat coming from the other clustered servers and take control of one of the most epic building locations on the center.... the center. We are on a Official ORP cluster witch hosts all the maps, the guys with the titans are the aberration alphas, their main weapon of choice is reapers. lucky for us we have just trapped a 150 reaper over the weekend and have two 225 reapers growing, plus a butt load of gigas waiting for there arrival. for the time being, the floating island move was the best choice we made and now have the 100 turret cap in pretty much every corner of the inner island, we have our own private lake which is great for the dimetrodons and whats better is the beaver dams are still spawning. If anyone ever thinks about taking the floating island, and it's viable for them to do so, i suggest you do, i believe this is the best location we have built at so far and iv had 3k+ hours in the center, close to everything, above most of the map, isolated. perfect!
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    well lets see...what did I do today? that is a really big question. I guess the most important thing I did was get my two 285 melee orange gigas together for a little date time. lol. gotta love the love in ark!
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    Well I'm a bit disappointed here in this read. Thought you'd assess the flyers as a whole instead of just war mounts. However, even just going off of your list as war mounts specifically, I'd still say I personally don't agree. Pteranadon and griffin would be my top 2 due to speed and ease of picking alone.
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    PvE Specific Griefing Additional rule Intentionally filling the server tame limit via spamming tames and/or rafts OK, seems a fair new rule, for those "Sloth Trolls" (For Example: Go Ragnarok 42 PVE, spawn on Highlands N and you will see the best example for this kind of people, more than 100 dodos on a cage, tribe name is Maja Cool...something) But how you will apply this to "Breeders" that have literally hundreds of females to get more chances of mutations? It is not a kind of trolling too? they just want to achieve kind of notority on forums with their colors and stats, but keep servers on their limits, and there are even some "Smarts" that also have alt accounts as ally tribes to store more dinos on their bases, because they all eat from the same troughs, on ly need log 10 secs to reset timer... Those eternal breeders are also limiting new players on some kind of way, dont you think?
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    Would be good to have some Exemples from a Dev whats "Spamming Tames" mean.
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    I did a little searching and it turns out that people say to use rare flowers in the caves and the little bastards just come out of the walls in flocks. And they did!!! Scored a bunch of the toxin in 1 run.
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    We've had a chinese tribe lure a giga to an open base of some other big tribe so it could take care of most of their tames so they can breed. This went extreme. A day later we were capped cause some new 2-people tribe joined and downloaded 40 animals at once from the obelisk. Fix it pls. It's getting way too competitive on PVE. Or at least idk maybe VISIT EVERY NOW AND THEN.
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    The point of the mod program is to get high quality mods for Ark. They *pay* the sponsored mod authors to develop the mods as long as they are working on it and they are hitting their goals. Its always been about a partnership with the modders. They talk about it in the announcement. I know its not what the people on console want to hear, but the mods have always been a huge part of Ark. They are not going to abandon such a large part of the community just because some platforms don't support mods. Unfortunately, that's a thing with consoles, and has been since I have been gaming. To be honest, the quality of mods jumped tremendously once they started the program. Over the years I have had several issues due to the mods running on my servers. Much less so with the sponsored mods.
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    Spamming tames? So if I go out and tame say 10 jerboas just to kill off later if the server caps so I can actually tame something needed/wanted... is that considered spamming? I understand the whole raft thing, but how many rafts is too many? What is this 'too many tames with platforms message' I got with attaempting to put a structure on a quetz I need in place in order to transport more than one anky around for metal/obsidian runs. Now its going to be one anky at a time thing. This is going to turn out like the 'spamming pillars/foundations' rule all over again. No concrete info, just generalizations of 'this is a no no' that leaves the players wondering just how hard they can push the envelope. The spamming pillars thing could be resolved with a 'no build' zone for important resources like metal rich ore, crystal, and obsidian plus new player spawn points and caves. Wouldn't hurt to have some sort of visual cue of 'area of effect' for a pillar to see where its reaching. Not that we'll be able to do pillars now anyway I suppose.
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    It's nice that WC is recognising raft spam as against the rules now, but are we still completely ignoring tame cap issues? Rafts aren't causing servers to cap out as fast as they are, its people holding dinos on multiple servers they don't play on. Spamming tames only makes uploading your tames for a slot difficult, doesn't fix the fact you have to upload just to tame something you need. You brought out more servers and within days they were capped, how are we expected to keep playing like this? Just wait for Extinction to come out so people will move a few tames off i suppose. It was lovely that you gave us a 3x event, but as soon as it hit my breeding server capped out leaving the rest of the weekend as a reconstruction of what happens on my main server. Waiting for a slot and trying to incubate eggs so i can sort out a dino line, having half the community scream at eachother because they want to mate. We're struggling here, WC. We can't all go unofficial or private, big tribes go down and within days we're capped again.
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    Popped 3 rock drakes, 2 event colored ones. Fed them all nameless venom, and spent the next 20 minutes trying to get my gear back after crashing and coming back to a reaper king having spawned and beating on my reaper king. Crashing sucks
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    Thanks xRowCat ! That are 3 awesome costumes ! Please keep doing other creatures and share them with WC ! If they could add to the game more skins like that it would be great! As a console player I would even pay for such wonderful skins !
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