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    Logged back in after a long break, everything decayed. Starting over as a raft gypsy (unofficial PVE). Discovered a lot of changes, mainly that the new argy is #AMAZING!!!!!!OMFGWHEREHASITBEENALLTHISTIME!!!!! Totally makes solo better, just about every single one of the issues I've had with solo (that used to piss me off), it solved. Never a quetz again for anything other than picking up things to be tamed. So farmed up enough metal to run 3 full loads for 5 forges. Which still took all day, but that also involved getting an argy and a mobile crafting base/raft setup. Then built an awesome motorboat and went to bed with 4 hours left before I had to wake up for work. Its good to be back....
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    Took the new taming raft for a spin. Finally found an ok doedic at the other end of the map in the desert, got it into the trap, knocked it out and started the journey back to base while it tamed up . Only a level 45, was hoping for higher but all the good ones were in areas too dangerous for me to kite to the trap. About half way back disaster nearly struck next to the swamp biome. Sarco agroed onto my raft and began to munch my pteranodon. Eventually managed to get the ptera hovering just out of reach of the sarco above the water while I moved the raft to a safe distance. A few more hits and I would have lost the ptera. Sarco eventually got bored and swum off allowing me to whistle the ptera back to the raft, at which point the doed tamed up. Before logging off just happened to notice a 150 wild ptera flying into my perimeter wall so I knocked it out and tamed it.
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    I did my weekly feeding and resetting trip and decided to play a bit on my Legacy servers. Took my lv 80ish Argent to the desert to kill some Mantises for chitin to make cp and got enough to make some greenhouse walls and a few roofs, but not enough. So I decided to go to island where I had - HAD - a char with some stacks cp in inventory and got some more from beaver dams, but then didn't want to wait forever for the nearby drop to appear. So, although I knew better, I took my only tame I had - HAD - there, a 170ish horse, to go to the green ob and ofc got Unicorned and killed by a Raptor. That pounce attack is really stupid. Didn't even wait for the message to appear that my horse was killed also and logged off. I might not come back to that server after this I then went to the non Legacy ragna server and game crashed right away as always on there, but still managed to tame a 150 Equus. It sadly didn't get any good stats, so I just left it there, mated Allos and went back to SE, where I hatched some Argents and Tapes. Someone on the server could use the horse I tamed on ragna earlier so I brought it over and gave it to a good home. Once I could leave the babies for a while I went to aberration to replace the glide suit I'd lost last week on SE and bring some more, farmed some gems and noticed that a spot I'd laid eye on a while back had opened up, so I put down some pillars to start building there within the next days Back on SE I mated some Jerboas trying to finally get a full white girl for my male, but really timed it badly, thanks to my tribemate the babies survived while I was having dinner again no full white girl, but raising them anyway since they hardly ever live longer than a day So, today's ARK was part good and part not so much lol
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    Wow great luck!! To the question, 80 arm is a good saddle for sure. For BM alpha you might be cutting it close. Its a lot harder than medium and alpha ape. Hits like a truck. When you make the saddles just gather all the mats for a bunch at a time and mindwipe all crafting skill. Good chances to get a few 100 arm saddles. One of you could ride a megatherium for brood, extra dps over a rex especially player ridden to keep up bug buff. Alpha ape is real easy as long as you dont fall down the hole. He does a bit of dmg but with 80-90 arm saddles, 40k hp and good melee you will be fine (110 element per ape aswell)
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    Got some time today! Started the morning off gathering bits of metal around and slowly stockpiling for clay. Still getting used to SE and saw my first sandstorm and lightning storm Got together a crossbow, a few bola and some tranq arrows, set off to explore the area and try to get a good tame. This place is so hostile! The desert armour helps a lot with water consumption and I was able to go quite a ways away. Constant barrages of raptors and saberteeth until I managed to come across a lone wolf in an empty area. I had some meat, bola'd it and tamed it with raw. 167 or so wolf. The levels are all weird.. i still dont know the max level but i figured the wolf would be a great first mount and wasnt that bad to down. Now riding the wolf I was able to scout around a lot and get a bunch of hide and cactus sap for adobe. I ran around leveling the wolf and scouting for drops. Grabbed a low drops and to my suprise got a premade asc morellatops saddle from a blue or green drop. I was already looking for one but now I have motivation. Found a level 77 one near my base and a little cliff glitching later im riding my own Morellatops Hellooo cactus sap! Theres a 140 something purple easter morella near my base, had to log for the day. Got most of my 3x3 into adobe and made a bunch of narcs with the help of my Morella. If the 140 is near ill tame it tomorrow!
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    Shes at 500 melee now. I know what you mean about loading up on berries, used her to get thatch this morning and ended up encumbered a few times from all the berries, and I was able to get the 8k thatch I needed in maybe 10 minutes. My only fear with her will be gigas and high level alpha rex, but im thinking nothing else will be a threat. I also just added the snappy saddle mod to make platform building eaisier, but Im still a few levels away from actually making a bronto platform saddle. I'm hoping to find a similar level male soon and get an imprinted pair and level those in just hp and melee and see what they can do. This go around I'm trying to use dinos that I havent really used for more then just kibble.
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    wheres the roadmap? where the future of ark? i think you should get me on the next livestream to ask some community questions and yo can explain some of the creative processes why its hard to implement everything you have spoke about in past? maybe what content or features might happen? some sort of roadmap for ark? would be nice to update people on what is and isn't possible with out too much hype?
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    So today sucks! I had not been playing on my private server all week. Today I realized they probably need to be fed, so I transferred my character back over from my single player game. Well surprise, surprise. I no longer am in my own tribe. All the dinos and structures are owned by my character, yet my character can't access them. I am the only person with access to this server. DILO is going on? I tried every admin cheat "Givetome", etc, and NOTHING works. FML?? so now the base and all the dinos are of no use to me. I suppose I will have to wipe map and start over.
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    Today was not a good day for my tribemate and me. The game of my member crashed and he lost his 190 Lightning Wyvern due to the crash. ? So, now we need to search for a new egg. I was already looking for a new egg in the wyvern scar, but found only low lvl eggs. ?
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