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    Thanks, I'll give that a shot. I know that sometimes when you are underwater and get attacked, a nearby flyer may take off to parts unknown. Which might have occurred for the first Argy, but the second time, I wasn't in the water, and I didn't get attacked. I'm wondering if the Argy itself got attacked, and flew off defending itself, but ended up in a galaxy far, far away. I think I already have a GPS thanks to a drop, so I will try 50/50 tonight. Otherwise, I will be off to the mountains again, to tame up some more high level (well for my current settings anything over level 20) Argies, then breed them and put some eggs into the preserving bins. At this low setting, I don't know if grinding out the resources to build electrical stuff is worth it. We'll see what I decide to do. oh yeah, I also tamed up a Kapro and another Raptor that tried attacking me when in the swamp. And I tried taming up a high level raptor, but my dimorph killed it while I was trying to tranq it. But man, going out hunting with a flock of Dimorphs is fun.
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    @AushegunSorry about you argies. Not sure this is still a thing, but have you checked 50lat/50long? A few years ago we lost a ptera once. We were on a quetz chasing another quetz and my brother some how tranqed my ptera that was on the platform and it fell off. Searched around for hours and gave up. A few weeks later I saw a post about people finding missing dinos at 50/50 so I decided to check it out. And sure enough he was there, half starved but alive. We lost him miles away from 50/50 too
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    PS4 - Single Player - The Island Last night I continued to tame up a frog army. ended up with 9, plus grabbed 4 female Dimorphs so I can start breeding them. With the settings low, grinding out Cementing paste is well ... a grind. So I thought I would try something different with my froggies. I built a raft and made a huge enclosure on it made of wood railings. I then dropped all my frogs into it, and put them on aggressive. I then put my best Argy on follow and I started driving the raft to the swamp. My thinking was that I would kill something with the Argy, leave its body near the raft, and when the dragonflies come in, the frog army would eat them up. Well before I even made it to my spot in the swamp, my Argy got aggro'd and started flying around like a crazy bird. It then somehow proceeded to glitch thru the raft enclosure. Not too bad I thought, but then I noticed he somehow managed to push 4 of the frogs thru with him. (Remember that I put the frogs on aggressive.) So they went apecrap crazy and took off in all directions. I tried to wrangle them up, but that meant going in the water. So I see one, and am trying to get close enough to whistle, when piranhas attack, and I get out of the water with about 50 HP... I mean I was nearly dead. So I quickly go thru all the cooked meat and berries I had on me in order to heal. So I grab some resources and make a couple of fires. I then grab some meat and start cooking it, only to be attacked by a unseen boa, that destroys one fireplace, and knocks me out and then kills me. Luckily I was right next to the raft and had already put a bed on it. , The frogs still in the enclosure managed to kill the snake. I respawned and noticed that my Argy (who was on neutral) is NOWHERE to be seen. I check the tribe log, and no deaths. So I spent the next 1/2 hour getting the lose frogs back, and then I take the whole group back to base. I then grab my 2nd best Argy and go out looking for the first one. Well after an hour or so of no luck, but a lot of near deaths thanks to Kapro, Carnos, boas, etc. I finally give up, and figure I will stumble upon him in the weeks to come. I then head back to camp where I had been stock piling resources for the last week. I use all that up plus grind some more, to create a huge stone enclosure on a small island in the swamp not far from the red OB and the Redwoods. I then leadr all the froggies into the enclosure, and once again set them on aggressive. I then decided to look again for my lost Argy. After about a 1/2 hour I fly back to the frog tank, and check to see if I have any cementing paste. Sure enough I was lucky, and a few of the frogs had CP in them, plus some hide. Once I am done checking the frogs, I went to get on my Argy. Only to discover that this one had disappeared too! DILO Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Damnit WC. I had landed my Argy inside the enclosure. How does it just disappear? (and no, it wasn't on follow) So I had to run/swim all the way back to my base nearly dying 2 times, and even had to eat the boa egg and hesperonis egg I collected on the way, just to stay alive. I finally made it back to base, but mad about the two missing Argies, so I logged off for the night. I normally cheat and spawn in tracker nodes just for this reason. My rational is that the games glitches and causes your flying tames to take off, so I'm ok with spawning in the nodes to track them down. But I forgot to do so, and now I out my top two Argies!
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    I have some good news about this, it looks like we've saved at least approximately 10 - 25% worth of Memory on Ragnarok, depending on where you are, and it's possible we could have saved more in some cases! In addition to that, I haven't been able to reproduce the GPU-memory crash so it looks like we're in a pretty solid spot. Hopefully, it's taken care of once and for all Once this patch goes live, I'll be closing down this thread and if necessary, we'll make a new one if there are further cases we need to investigate and look into. Thank you for your patience guys, I know this has taken a lot longer than anyone could want, will certainly be keeping an eye on this with the future update. Normally I'm not one to try and get folks hopes up or build up hype, but it's looking really good right now. Sadly I won't be able to check all cases but I will be looking forward to the feedback from everyone. Hopefully, I haven't jinxed it by letting you know a little sooner!
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    Finally got my game updated and have been painting my creatures and myself like crazy.
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    Finished My breeds, and farmed ingots! Loads of ingots
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    Started out this morning trying to tame a couple of pegos. They took a few bunches of mejos then bugged out and took off into the ocean never to be seen again, lol. Next I tamed a pair of dodos as well as a male dilo. Then we continued to gather stone wood and thatch. The wall is finished but a taming pen is next on the to do list. As we were gathering, the wife noticed an alpha raptor not far from base. I dumped all my gear off and was going to suicide kite it away, but it had wandered far enough away from base that Im not too worried about it now. But Ill be keeping an eye out for sure. Finished off the morning by taming a lvl 7 male ptera. Not sure why, we cant make the saddle yet and a lvl 7 ptera is pretty useless, lol. Im sure ill tame a much better one by the time we can make the saddle too We are looking forward to a weekend of taming. Both to get gathering dinos and decent combat dinos so we can actually fight alphas instead of kiting them away
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    Did the Alpha Monkey Boss fight. It was great. Went back to my SE server and put up TEK Doors everywhere lol. Then spent 30 minutes just running thru the doors lol
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