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  1. So far today some terrifying and good news. I was out on my lesser griffin getting drops and checking tames. Landed for a yellow near my base and a 145 giga came out from some trees, i tried to run but foolishly was out of stamina from traveling before and died, lost my first griffin! I went back and admin killed the giga out of spite. My first admin code kill lol. Was out looking for a dung beetle and came across a 145 quetz flying above volcano. Im only level 76 but I do have quite a few rex eggs, having 6 rexs from breeding now. I chased that sucker for a good while and got it k
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  2. I'm sorry, but basic searching would tell you that Zenimax owns Bethesda. Zenimax is also founded by Bethesda's founders, so Zenimax and Bethesda? one in the same
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