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    For me ARK is a wonderful idea and huge potential wasted by terrible project management and overambitious devs.
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    current game is not even finished yet and thats not even talking about dlc,,, and you want to start paying for ark 2?
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    Final Release game represents early beta quality and core game is being neglected by focusing entire team to work on DLC and they think about sequels... WC ought to hold its horses for once. Knowing how "good" their optimisation work is, I bet the sequel game won't be able to hit 1080p 60fps on high end gaming cards as well.
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    Once i'm done with Ark I doubt i'll get anything WC come near even if its Ark 2
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    Neat a brand new game that I'm not paying for because they keep showing me my money is better spend elsewhere.
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    We don't have any plans for a sequel right now. But as has been stated, with the unprecedented popularity of the game, it would be a disservice to not expand on that through a sequel. People may ask why expand through a sequel rather than more expansion ARKs like Scorched Earth or Aberration or the yet unrevealed third expansion, and the answer to that is simply a matter of efficiency. Our developers have learned a great deal when it comes to game development through the years of developing ARK as well as from handling porting the systems over to consoles; a good amount of work done has been applying those new fixes to old code and trying to make sure that the whole thing doesn't put buttered toast onto a cat in the process. With a sequel, development could be further streamlined and made more efficient by not having to isolate old functions and trying to make them compatible with new discoveries. This could hopefully turn things around, as it's no big secret that our release estimations are less accurate than an imperial storm trooper shooting at rebels.
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    Lol knowing WC they probably got half of their team working on ARK 2 for a summer release next year why do you think Aberration is delayed nvm the new DLC that is coming out sometimes next year that would be super delayed for sure ...
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    I'll be excited for a sequel as long as wildcard isn't involved in it?
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    Sure sounds like a great idea if only WC lets another company take over and work on ARK 2 .. (cause the "final "game its self cant be worse then what the current devs produced.. right ? ) p.s. IM not hating on the devs or WC.
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    Everyone can tell the game premiere was rushed. Game still needs Quality of Live overhaul for all core gameplay mechanics, but they simply did not make it, because the team was too much focused on redundant features, that people got bored off after 10 minutes in the end (For example, a toilet or a camera, or a lot dinosaurs that were released in EA). There are still a lot of bugs in this game, freezes, dramatic fps drops, weird glitches, the most primitive AI I have ever seen in my gaming experience and so on. The game needed half of year in beta working only on bugs and optimisation, but devs spent maybe a month or 2 trying to fix as many bugs as possible before THE FINAL deadline. My guess is investors got tired of waiting. Why do I think entire team moved on to work on DLC? It's my educated guess. WC is around 25 people and it's still severly understaffed. For last 2,5 months there were no serious updates for the main game, only very small things or Ragnarok updates. They delayed all Quality of Life updates after Abberation DLC release. They are even more delayed now, due to postponed DLC's premiere. In the latest crunch they admitted they are quiet due to Abberation development. It's clear almost everyone at the studio work on Abberation.
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    The right time is once the core game to the original is finally fixed, too many glitches still.
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    Wow man... didn't think anyone had the stones to do that and look at what you gone and did. cwutididthere?
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    Well they did buff spear throw damage recently so the fight would be too easy. Real men kill bosses with electric prods
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    hopefully soon. tired of feeding my pets
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    OH..Thank you SOOOO much, ValaRhan.. for bringing clarity to my post... very much appreciated!!! Thank You!!
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    Finally set up shop on our center server. Now to secure the perimeter around the Base and prepare for the boss fight.
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    Who cares about new content when you can not log in to the excisting content?
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    Hey guys, I've just put a limited number of ARK: Collector's Editions on PlayArk.com for purchase. This is everything but the game and season pass, so all the cool Collector's items for those of you that already have the game! http://playark.com We are shipping worldwide, but hurry as we don't have many left! GO ORDER NOW!
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    Not been up to much lately that hasn't involved searching for or raising high level Wyverns, got myself a 180 Ice now, found it whilst I was raising a 165, who became food for taming a 150 Troodon. Today though was a day of taming fails. Found a 150 female Angler, took her back into my cave with the squid, ko'd her, really nice stats, topped up her narcs and went back out on the squid. Headed to Squid Central and got into a brawl with two Alpha Squids, two regular squids, about 3 Dunkies, and 2 Liops. They had me completely pinned, unable to hit all of them, and rapidly draining my health, so in desperation I whipped out the teleporter and zapped myself back to the cave. One of the Alpha Squids and and one of the Dunks got brought with me. Not too bad though and with the help of my Mosa as well managed to take them down, but the Angler got hit in the crossfire and killed. Grabbed a 145 Female Theri, dropped her in the pen, and started trying to tranq. Half of my hits though weren't registering, forcing me to get closer, and just when I thought she was pinned in a good place she turned around and whacked me causing my neutral Wyvern to attack her with his ice breath, which killed me too, and by the time I'd respawned and got back there she was dead. 150 male Mantis, dropped in pen, went to make bug repellent, out of citronel, and I still haven't got around to planting any more since I demolished my crop plot with the plan of building a greenhouse at the Mill. Took my Phiomia out to gather some (courtesy of my own Better Dinos mod) and none would drop, got plenty of the other crops, but RNGsus just wasn't granting me any lemons. By the time I did finally have enough, got back to the pen and the Mantis had despawned. Found a 150 female Yuty right on the edge of the Murder Snow. Not too too far from my Wyvern trap. Led all the way back to it, killing off all the distractions along the way. Finally after a load of wrangling got her inside the cage and myself on my Wyvern on the outside. Jumped off and started firing off tranqs, and on the second shot she waltzed straight through the cage as if it wasn't there! She got two good hits in on me forcing me to jump onto the Wyvern toot sweet to heal up, and she did that stupid carnivore thing of deciding to randomly run away. Straight towards the Wyvern Trench, chased after, and trying to turn her around caught the attention of a poison wyvern. No gas mask so I had to run away, got it attacking a bronto, and when I returned the Yuty was nowhere to be seen. Finally, the piece de resistance. Flying over the swamp, and scoped out a Bary. 150 Male, bingo! Just heading into the water though, and by the time I'd landed he was quite the ways offshore. Spent a good half an hour hopping off of the wyvern into the water, trying to catch its attention to get it to come where I could grab it, while avoiding all the other swamp critters. Had to go further and further into the water, and then when I did finally get it to notice me I was too far out and couldn't get back to shore. It caught up and stunned me just as I was about to set foot on land. Respawned back at base and took another Wyvern the short hop down to the swamp, and the damn thing was back in the water again. Grabbed my bag, got grabbed by a Kapro just as I was about to hit transfer. Had to whistle neutral to get get the Wyverns to save me, and of course they used their breath attacks. I only enabled the AI special attacks a couple of days ago. They went straight off again, after of course I had respawned again and headed down this time on a Ptera. Took everyone home and it was time for a different tactic. If the Bary wasn't coming out of the water, I'd have to go in. Went and got the squid, and headed to the swamp, searched all around the area and couldn't find him in the water. Because, of course, he was now on land chasing after a newt. Ffs. Back home with the squid, back down on a wyvern. Gotcha! Finally I had him in my claws and back to the taming pen. Do you think I could get the bloody thing to drop in though? I'm normally pretty good at dropping things into the pen from a Wyvern, the lack of brakes makes thing awkward, but 10 attempts later and it still wasn't in. Back to base, got an Argent, went to pick it up. Where the hell is it now??? It's only decided to go off and pick a fight with an Anky, by the time I found it it's bloody as hell. Grabbed it, got it in the pen (on the second attempt) and went to grab some things to drop in the heal it up. Of course now it doesn't want to kill anything, and ignores the Phiomias that I drop in (on the first attempt) I try and grab them back out, but of course I grab the Bary instead, and trying to drop him back in the pen, of course I miss, and off he starts running in a swamperly direction. I grab the Phiomias out of the pen and give chase, and manage to get it before it gets into any more trouble. In the pen this time with no trouble, and stressed, annoyed and hungry. I sit myself in a nearby chair to keep it rendered in and healing naturally and go AFK to get some food and have a smoke. When I get back it's pretty much healed up, so I try and bola it. Miss. Try again. Miss. 6 Bolas later and I finally manage to hit it and start tranqing, the bola wears off and it's not down yet and running into every corner of the pen and dodging seemingly every shot. Finally I get the damn thing down, using probably 20 more darts then it should have taken. Jubilant to finally have the little b'stard down and out, I check its stats. 8 points into health. 13 points into stamina. 29 points into food. 17 points into weight. 15 points into melee. 67 points, totally wasted. F'ing unbelievable. I went back to base. I got my pump action shotgun. I purposely crafted up 2 rounds. I put both of them straight through the bloody things head. Went back to base. Logged off.
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