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    Hey guys, I've just put a limited number of ARK: Collector's Editions on PlayArk.com for purchase. This is everything but the game and season pass, so all the cool Collector's items for those of you that already have the game! http://playark.com We are shipping worldwide, but hurry as we don't have many left! GO ORDER NOW!
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    Yeah seriously.... Why use UPS when it's insanely expensive? Shipping costs more than the product itself.
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    My shipping for standard UPS is $17. Where the raptor do you people live that it's $90?!
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    Wow. I was really looking forward to this, the price is fine, but the shipping cost is wayyyyy too much. 92 $ no way I'm paying for this. No surprise christmas present then, too bad. Edit: almost forgot this has to go through customs and I'll have to pay taxes on top. So that would probably be another 40-50 euros. lol.
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    Possible suggestion that would save on postage also, have you considered only selling the Notebook on its own? Personally that and maybe the map is all I would want as the rest is really just a bit bloated and I can see why it costs so much to send. Id still pay $60 just for the book and map, but save on the postage. Im from Australia it wanted $105 USD for postage...
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    Hey, I was really hyped when I saw the info that we could get the items without the game itself. The 70$ is ok for such items, but having costs from nearly 100$ letting it send to me is just insane, i think it was 164$ in total to get me the CE items that feels just bad
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    The same thing. I really like this box, but 135$ for shipping, what... o_O
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    Yeah me to, too bad because it looks really awesome.
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    I want this so bad, but I can't pay $90 for shipping, that's just way too much
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    I put a tek forcefield on a quetz, then proceeded to the wyvern trench. (Playing on a modded server so it's the S+ version) Slowly taking my time to pick up all the eggs, of course I took breaks to dance around naked while singing Can't touch this! Poor wyverns couldn't do anything but watch as I stole their offspring....
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