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    What a load of crap! Most alphas WIPE THE WHOLE raptorING SERVER!! Regardless of how many in your tribe. They will rock up with 70+ players, hold all the slots while the wipe everything usually on a weekly basis once they get really bored and have nothing better to do. And to those saying make a 2v1 base and stay hidden LOL!!! Any good player on recon has his settings to low so they can see your base before anything else renders in..... this game is such a joke, there are so many options to making the game fun for solo players in a open pvp environment, but it looks like the devs are hell bent on making the game impossible for solo players and want to drive them off official servers. Proven by the fact they keep implementing mechanics that make it even easier for the bullly to remain the bully. So much for rock paper scissors, its just alpha has all the toys, anybody else is just fodder - no point in even playing - great game strat devs!
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    I strongly advise you to not bother even playing on any official PvP server as a solo player/small tribe. Just don't bother. Save yourself the time and energy. There's too much grinding and effort involved. Ark's focus is extremely heavy on big tribes when it comes to almost everything. You can waste a week building "hidden" even on a huge map like Ragnarok, playing smartly, farming all of that metal to smelt it simultaneously in a few forges while risking yourself and your tame (if you have tamed anything by then) to farm the rare resources to make a fab, generator, cables, outlet, gasoline, turrets and then ammo, after spending maybe 15+ hours in that 1 day just farming and then the alpha/local tribes of the server will find your base while you're offline (it's always while you're offline), soak your turrets and wipe you for everything you've got, leaving you back at square one and then you can either join the big tribes and PvE (tame, raise dinos, build, help allies out, do boss battles, caves, bla bla) or stay solo/small and question why you're even playing Ark because as a solo/small tribe, you're going nowhere. If you do get anywhere, you're lucky/are great friends with the alpha. That is all.
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    I just injure my sacrifices to the point where they are very close to death anyways and send it to attack the Troods. It takes longer but it hasen't caused as much failure as some other ways for me. I can't always get the 'Put your dino to sleep' method right either, a,d I really don't like the baby method I had to practically be on top of the baby and almost died with it anyways.
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    I have failed every time I tried to tame a Troodon ..... they will never attack my sleeping dino, even though they are on Neutral, and I'm standing on top of them attacking the troodon.
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    Ragnorok Server doesn't have the Pheonix. Trust and believe if I could tame 1 and upload it I would.
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    i know its an old demand, but i will say it again limit tribe and alliance size to a reasonable number the closer big and small are together, the more it is about skill instead of numbers group work should definitely be worth it, but i think we really havent found the sweet spot yet
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    of course it is possible to play solo/in a small tribe, but the thing is, as @Crows said, u are going nowhere. even if u really know the game, know how and when to communicate and found a good server, there will eventually be a stupidly big tribe coming for u, and then u will have no chance, no matter what. It might push ur end a bit further into the future if u are good with an alpha tribe, but then u are completely dependent on them. It is not about that pvp happens, it is about the complete destruction that is certain from the moment u start on an official pvp server as a solo player or small tribe. The chance, that others might successfully attack you, is what makes pvp interesting, but the current game mechanics encourage the formation of very very very big tribes, that u can only counter with a tribe of similar size. As it is now, there is no chance, there is just certainty. you will be wiped and there is only the choice to join them or to quit. the difference between small or average tribes to those huge tribes is just too big. This is why i dont even bother playing vanilla official pvp. I have tried to ask the devs if this is what their vivsion of ark is, but sadly they dont tell how they want their game to be.
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    I wouldn't try being solo on Rag right now without any connections. Better off maining Island or Scorched for a bit until you can network with an alpha that will let you build on their rag/center servers. I just posted this somewhere else, but I've found the best way to establish yourself with an alpha tribe so that they don't think you're a threat and let you live is to buy stuff from them for good prices. 99% of alphas will do trades for Advanced Rifle Rounds. Easy enough to make, but tedious. Try buying something stupid like 10 scorp eggs and paying 1k adv. rifle rounds. They will love it. Do 3 or 4 more trades like that and I would bet they start talking to you more and in a good way. Griffs for 2k bullets (obviously not max level) wyverns from 2k-5k bullets depending on stats. From personal experience, I just finished week 3 solodolo on one of the newer island servers. Day 1 I put together enough to make a 3x5x2 stone base, found a spot near metal etc and kinda secluded and just went with it. Used all resources as soon as I got them, hid all good stuff in a stone hut just off the beach under the water at night before bed. Day 2 I had 6 plants and 4 turrets. Day 3 I had a dozen or so turrets and met the alphas... Since I'm not a jerk and they are actually decent people, it worked out. Just from being on the server for those 3 days I was able to discern whether the alphas were jerks or not. If I thought they were, I would have just jumped servers before investing too much. Also, never type in general. I typed in general chat for the first time yesterday to get my gear back after I ran into someone's base. Just typed there tribe name with a ? and then sent a party invite. Never, ever type in general. It's too risky. Game chat or party invites.
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    Why not a cryolophosaurus??? It was a medium sized dinosaur inhabiting modern day Antarctica. It would need some sort of special feature to keep it from being just a slightly larger raptor, feel free to suggest stuff. Also, i didn't create the image below, i found it on google, all credit goes to the original creator of the image.
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    Could we get more "Behemoth" builds? Like a Behemoth foundation, Behemoth walls, Behemoth ceilings? And make Behemoths snap easier? I assume this would cut down on server lag, as well as add variety to the typical Behemoth gate base border
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    If youre solo, dont try to play on an official server, only if the alpha tribe supports you, i advise you to gather people for an people or just go for unofficial servers, where you can grow just like an medium tribe in an official server. Edit: By support i dont mean necessarily to be friends with it, just like John said, be neutral with it.
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    I played a lot on PvP solo. From my experience the key is to not give up. My small base was raided too to destroy all my storages and more - I just built 'em again - after that I was left alone. Doesn't count for every case but be sure, even the biggest tribe has better Things to do than wasting c4 and rockets an my small base that hasn't much to loot.
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    I really hope you will hear us and release legacy server archives for download. While it is nice to not have everything we built up deleted just like that, I have to say what was once a vivid community has become an almost deserted place. The atmosphere has become kind of toxic with a few server roamers exploiting the fact that there's no more support. You can tell by the abusive tribe names they choose and the ugly behavior they display. Many have either abandoned the server or they only log on to keep up their structures and feed animals, waiting for the archives. I am seriously hoping that all the feeding and maintenance of structures doesn't make for enough server activity to let it remain online. Dear developers, please reconsider making legacy servers available for download. I think it would be the best for everyone. If people decide to host servers from this, you gain. If people choose to turn archives into their local game, they will at least stay active players who may at some point choose to rejoin the online community, buy DLCs and contribute to a nice community. Should you also decide to take the servers offline it will allow for more server capacity elsewhere. Since it's kind of a struggle to find a place on new servers - at least that's what I hear from friends - that's also surely a positive effect.
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    Will DLC maps continue to have new creatures added to them? Scorched Earth still has potential as well as ragnarok, and Aberrations potential seems almost limitless Could Dino pens (of different sizes) be added as well as a primitive "crane" structure be added for easy dino transport/storage? Could we get a larger variety of ammo types? Definantly need some explosive arrows, tracking darts, a grenade launcher with different grenade types would be awesome.
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    Would you consider making a fishing bait that doesn't time out? Such as by combining honey, leech blood and cementing paste or organic poly or rare mushrooms etc. That would allow us to convert those commodities that time out into something extremely useful but would still be difficult to acquire for beginners. Mortar and pestle, Chem bench combo maybe.
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    Do you guys ever plan on adding more creature model variance within the species? Like a triceratops with a broken horn, a Spino with a different shaped sail, or different color patterns?
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    Every consider Element Weekend events like Evolution ones? Like increased Element per boss drop or easier bosses, attack drones spawning with loot crates to farm Element, and/or converting all water to the Elemental water to recharge gear?! Just some ideas
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    How many other Tek saddles could we expect to see in the near future? How does an "Ice Age" themed map sound? Could we get an Ark themed Xbox remote?
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    Would it be possible to allow larger creatures like Giga's, Bronto's/Paracers, Golems into the boss arenas for single player? I feel like for a small group or single person that would be helpful for fighting the Alpha level bosses.
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    I certainly understand where you're coming from and the team were pretty firm on our original stance, I will bring it up and see what they reckon, in the case of PvE servers.
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    I have played on 441 for 2 years and now the server population is down to maybe 3 to 4 players per day.. I have grown very attached to my dino's and want the opportunity to save it to my single player because I know you will wipe my server.. right now.. most of us pretty much log in to do maintenance and feed.. SAVE FILES so we can play single player would be highly appreciated by many of us.. There is one tribe on this server that was a husband and wife team.. They have played since day one.. her husband passed unexpectedly away a few months ago.. she is terrified that they will wipe the server and she will not be able to save it.. and it has a LOT of memories for her of her and her husbands tames and building together.. When she logs into feed.. she is finding some of her stuff is gone (despawned) and she logs in every other day.. we really wish you would post a save of the game so that we can save it before all is lost!! PLEASE :-)
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    @Jat Any chance this will change? Its obvious with the numbers dwindling most will be deleted soon. All we are really doing atm is risking losing a chatacter or some other major bug with no support while we wait for another mass delete. Just make saves available for active legacy (pve atleast) so we can go and host if we choose. Its a win for you guys as some of us will leave legacy sooner helping you guys free up resources.
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    They used server ranks, see my post about it:
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    Got Raided and lost over 300 hours of work. Changed Servers and ready to start a new beginning.
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