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    Good day, everyone. I wanted to take a moment to extend a heartfelt thank you to WildCard for making Ark a part of my life. My grandmother passed away on October 1st, and I was very close to her. Even now it's hard to imagine going forward without her. People grieve in different ways, and for me, I've gotten through the heartache by seeking out things that give me happiness and require my full attention...which has made Ark a part of my life in a much more crucial way than ever before. I'd like to thank the community here, for giving me somewhere to go to check up on the thoughts and goings on with Ark. I might not always have anything to say, but I enjoy reading your threads. But all the way back when Ark was first released on Xbox, WildCard presented me the opportunity to build my private sanctuaries - places I could go to when I was having a tough time to relax, enjoy myself and find peace. While I work through the loss and grief I'm feeling, I've been sorting things out hand in hand with Ark. Whether it's the expansions I'm working on for my base on my PS4 Ragnarok game, or going flying with Ramoth, my first wyvern in my Scorched Earth Xbox game...breeding, building, exploring...testing the validity of phoenixes for World Scar runs, finding out there's an awesome tunnel / cave area under the ice lake where I call home in Ragnarok...owning Ark on all three platforms and maintaining many active games has meant I'm never without something to do to find some measure of solace. I know there are a ton of things on this forum, so I don't know if anyone from your team will see this, but @Jatheish and @Jen , I wanted you, your team and this community to know how grateful I am that Ark has been my greatest comfort in one of my darkest times. Thank you.
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    Pls all PPLS who want the 2x Breeding Weeknd back Make a /singed to this Thread. Thx for your help!
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    What is up with everyone wanting 2x all the time? I know, how about......... Instant taming and 20x breeding
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    Since the imprinting argument is hot right now, i want to give some clarification on how much is important in the current state of the game to imprint your dinos. The argument that lots of people use is that imprinting is not needed if you dont have the time and it's just an extra bonus. This is complently wrong and can be shown by using simple math. The strength of a dinos can be misured by how much damage it can leash before it dies, therefore is directly proportional to the amount of effective health and damage. Imprinting an animal will both increase hp and dmg on a percentage of the base stat, and those increments will stack multiplicatively with each other. Let's consider the example of a giga: the health and damage increase achieved with a 100% imprint is 20% however the base hp stat on wich the increase is calulated is not based upon the value of the hp of the tamed animals but its wild value. A giga receives an 80% reduction in the value of hp upon taming (wich means its base wild value is divided by 5) so the imprint bonus is basically 5 times greater that what expected. This means THAT A 100% IMPRINTED GIGA WILL DOUBLE ITS HP. If the giga is ridden by the guy who did the imprint, it will receive an additional 30% buff to damage and resistance. The effective strength of such animal will therefore be multiplicated by: - 2: hp increase by imprint - 1.2: dmg increase by imprint -1.3: dmg taken reduction by bonus rider -1.3: dmg increase by bonus rider 2*1.2*1.3*1.3=4.05 A 100% IMPRINTED GIGA WILL BE 4 TIMES STRONGER THAN AN IDENTICAL UNIMPRINTED GIGA In a higly competitive and punishing game having your main weapons 4 times weaker than the ones of your enemies is not really an option, so people are forced to adopt an unhealty lifestyle: to imprint a giga to 100% a player interaction is required approximately every 3 hours for almost 12 days and must be done by a single physical person. Here's a list of problem: -The simplest way to work around the absurd investement in time and dedication required, is to share your account with other people on different timezone so they can imprint for you. Therefore the game is directly encouraging its players to share account information to random people they meet online wich i'm pretty sure it's a agaisnt steam's terms of service. -If you decide to not share your account information you are forced to point alarm every 3 hours for almost 12 days: I dont have to say you why this is unhealthy. --If you decide to not imprint your dinos you will be in a massive disadvantage therefore The game is encouraging its players to adopt a lifestyle wich is harmful for their health and can potentially be deadly: just think about having to drive with such levels of sleep deprivation. Possible solutions 1) Implementing a tribe based imprinting pro: people from different time zones can coordinate to give imprints. cons: smaller tribes are already at a massive disadvantage in this game and this mechanic will put them even further behind. 2)Getting rid of the mechanic all together pro: it fixes all the problem cons: having a mechanic that rewards a certain amount of dedication can be good (?). 3)Double the amount of % gained by each interaction: pro: if, for example, an animal requires 10 imprints to reach 100% you will have enough time to provideit with 20. You can now skip half of the imprint and plan your imprinting schedule in an achievable manner and still reach the maximum bonus. cons: ??? I hope I was clear on my points, Goodbye^^
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    Doesn't make any sense. If you can't even play on weekends because of the lag then how would making it x3 on weekends help you get time back that you lost?
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    Talk in chat, be friendly, help people, but if your getting raided don't cry about being raided and beg for help, say funny things so people know your fighting but enjoying it, don't beg for stuff that's easy to get but offer trades for good stuff, and when your raiding someone never say anything
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    Any ETA on when the entire rehaul to the kibble system may be coming? I had assumed the plan was to have it done prior to the games release. With massive egg farms now on live servers, crowded servers, and no new servers coming, can we get the overhaul to help with the tamed dino cap issues people are dealing with? Or at least a, "Hey guys, heres where things are at with the kibble rework"? Communication?
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    Well, it's very interesting to read all the different opinions about the subject. I think I'll stick to my usual sheepish nature on globe chat but i do know for one hundred percent certainty that I will never ask an alpha permission for anything . I cringe every time I see some noob on the chat asking if it's okay to do this or do that so nope that's going to happen.. I'll just stay neutral till something or someone aggro's me lol
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    I read something on this forum once and it has resonated with me since. Ark is vast as the ocean but deep as the puddle. The game has so much potential but it is sunk by developers that dont know what they are doing at all, entitled players who feel like because they dont have a job and can sink 15+ hours a day in to the game they can just bully people around and that they "deserve" things and that moving sticks on a controller is "hard work", and 100+ people mega tribes that use servers as their play things. Its a great concept that is ultimately doomed by human nature
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    Maybe not every one is supposed to have 100% imprinted dinos and it's meant to be a bonus challenge? Hmmm
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    Nice message... Glad your a part of the community and glad you enjoy it. I too love ark... From one community member to another sending that love and good wishes back too you...
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    2x breeding isn't the problem, all tribes wanting 100+ egg laying dinos and 50+ dodos for taming/imprinting/pig kibble is the problem. Kibble changes desperately needed to cut down on the need to build massive bases to house all these useless dinos that do nothing but stand around and passively lay eggs. The server performance will improve dramatically.
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    box Quetz are not allowed on Official pvp servers, and have been removed by support in the past, along with building changes to attempt to mitigate the ability to create them. folks are crafty tho
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    yeah I know u can build a big dumb box around the entire thing, but I refuse to cover the bottom because from my understanding that was the only rule, I play on official, and I play fairly for the hard work everyone puts in and the epic defense and attacks , the way people play when they have a lot riding on something its beautiful, but I have played fairly, and would like to continue as I have as of day one, and this is the most armoured quetzal ive made this far, ive seen box quetzals on raids with only dino doors, and Giant hatchframes on the bottom or ceilings and it makes me sick when I see that,
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    I'm not really into PvP in ARK, but so far I gather that Bolas, Clubs, and Stegos are all OP. So... if I get a bola and club, and ride in on a Stego... I'm king of the world.
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    2x is a good rate for official servers on the weekend. I wish they would do it permanently.
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    *Old man wheezy voice* Back in my day we didnt have any of this fancy dancy 2x breeding events, only 2x and then 1.5x xp, tame and gather if we were lucky ! Y'all have it easy now ! We had to wait for the Valentine event ! Joking, and tongue and check aside, they should just crank up the rates to the 2x permanently or have the events alot less frequent and over a longer time period. I say this everytime. While I did enjoy the events, it was always a bit of a middle finger to those of us who didnt work nice hours 9 till 5, monday to friday, and was always a bit of why bother playing at all during the week, when the events were every weekend. I can see the tame cap issue, but raising the breeding rate would help out with what is a 'broken mechanic' in my opinion. Then again I dont play on offical now, so why do I bother with these threads haha.
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    3x to make up for last weekend?
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    What a load of crap! Most alphas WIPE THE WHOLE raptorING SERVER!! Regardless of how many in your tribe. They will rock up with 70+ players, hold all the slots while the wipe everything usually on a weekly basis once they get really bored and have nothing better to do. And to those saying make a 2v1 base and stay hidden LOL!!! Any good player on recon has his settings to low so they can see your base before anything else renders in..... this game is such a joke, there are so many options to making the game fun for solo players in a open pvp environment, but it looks like the devs are hell bent on making the game impossible for solo players and want to drive them off official servers. Proven by the fact they keep implementing mechanics that make it even easier for the bullly to remain the bully. So much for rock paper scissors, its just alpha has all the toys, anybody else is just fodder - no point in even playing - great game strat devs!
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    "Oh, that's the guy who _________" <--That's what you want folks to think when they roll up to your base. Become friendly in chat with folks on your server. Chat them up, but don't call for help when you're being raided. If you have a somewhat friendly rapport with others on your server, just give a shout in global if you're being raided like, "There is a raid in area of xx/xx. Stay away if you don't want to be part of a fight." Courteous moves like this will make your name more well known so if another gentlemanly tribe stumbles across your base you increase the likelihood of them not raiding you because they don't know who you are. This won't prevent tribes from raiding you anyway, they'll just know who they're raiding. The thing I've found that best helps to keep a good reputation on a server is to just be consistently chill, even when you're raiding someone else's base. (aka: be a gentleman in victory and defeat) Announce good dinos over chat when you see them if you don't plan on taming them. (So long as others aren't in the process of taming it already) If you come across someone who needs a quick hand (trying to get back to a body/backpack), give them a hand. Little things like that will give you a reputation of being an alright guy. Some take this as a sign of weakness, so you'll want to have epic defenses and trolly bases to make your base harder to raid. If you're a good guy and you have a base that's a pain in the ass to raid, you'll get raided less and in some cases you might even get aid from other tribes. Again, none of this will prevent anything, but in many cases it will make tribe think "Oh, that's the guy who _________" before they raid you.
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    I doubt it would happen, but wish that they would do the same thing for Aberation that they did for Scorched Earth where you could transfer characters in and out, but not items. I know they won't turn the transfers completely off, so I feel like that would be a happy medium. What are your thoughts?
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    Just a little suggestion: it would be nice if there was a bed available that you could actually lie down on and "sleep" when you log out, your tribemates will see your body sleeping in your bed rather than crumpled on the ground...
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    I wonder if there will be different dyes, like maybe a glowing dye, that'd be cool.
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    I spoke out hard against this buff, but I have zero pull. If I did we would have fast quetzals and doable bosses.
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    thanks to some awesome legacy traders we have found some very good eggs and are being loaned a nice saddle bp. we have an ally breeding the first batch, and another breeding their own. hopefully the next batch of even better eggs will be ready this weekend, but now with no breeding included in evo things will take even longer, probably put us out at least another week from the anticipated fight date, probably longer. i will be loading up a fresh vanilla unofficial in the next few days, spawn in theriz as close a match as possible to the ones we will have, and practice, record, review.....etc. we will start at gamma and go from there... we will see if the theriz vs dragon on official is a viable solution...eventually lol
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    2x or 3x breeding just makes the game playable at an enjoyable rate. If the concern is that the server will hit taming cap sooner, that's fair, but the solution is to limit the need for giant dino inventories. To do that, you need to ask why people keep so many dinos. To me, there are only three real reasons: 1) Kibble farms. You need tons of dinos for eggs, to tame other dinos, also often just for eggs. Fix the kibble system. This is something that was teased two months ago as potentially ready for launch, and there hasn't been a peep about it since. Strangely enough, faster taming and breeding actually reduces the amount of kibble needed to tame or imprint any number of dinos, meaning that constant 2x or 3x is helpful whether or not the kibble system is fixed any time soon. 2) Breeding. If you're trying to get a perfect breed, you'll often see your stable balloon to ungodly levels because there's a RNG based system for getting mutations (which encourages you to breed as much as possible to get all the low-odds chances you can get.) There's also heavy RNG in combining mutations and stats together into a desired end product. The solution to this is actually faster breeding, not slower. Yes, faster breeding will get a server to the cap sooner. It will also help get a server to get below the cap sooner, as players and tribes have better odds of powering through and then being able to kill off extraneous tames. If you want to reduce congestion on a road, you don't do it by slowing traffic down, you do it by speeding traffic up. The sooner people can get to their destination, the less time they spend on the road, and therefore, the more volume the riad can handle without increasing congestion. 3) Pokemon effect/hoarding. Some people have huge stables because of the satisfaction they get from having an impressive quantity or variety. Well, this is one area where faster breeding and taming does hurt. The hoarder is never going to stop until they have no other option. Along these lines, account based dino caps are the only real solution. Force people to choose, and they will. Even if the choice is just to buy another game account, at least they're supporting the cost of their addiction and theoretically allowing Wildcard to provide more servers. The weakness here is that caps are per tribe and per server instead of per account, so people can have massive one man dino stables or even cross server stables. Well, server transfer should have never been implemented the way that it was, but that horse already left the barn. From a technical standpoint it's probably impossible to fully solve this problem without completely redesigning the data storage strucure of the game (ie, not going to ever happen unless there's a sequel). Tldr version: Fix the kibble system, make breeding less RNG dependant. Make breeding and taming less tedious. And accept that long term, the one source of dino bloat you can't easily fix (hoarding/collecting) is at least something those players WANT to do vs something that the game is forcing them to do.
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    I mean... do you have more real life Bola experience than Ark Bola experience? And if so do you wanna hang out
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    That is generally from the effects of having to legally murder other people.
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    ARK is about a great idea, that is destroyed by Keyboard Warrior d-bags on PvP and PvE, who only want to troll, and prevent anyone else from enjoying the game. Throw in the dupers and cheaters who are too lazy or juvenile to fight fairly. This causes your average player to either abandon the game or play single player, which unfortunately removes the social aspect and tribe benefits of the game considering the extreme time sink the game demands. Sure a person could rent/buy their own private server, but that is asking a lot. and before anyone responds, I'll post it for you "Get good", "You suck, go play PvE", etc. etc. That being said, I now only play Single Player, and actually still enjoy the game quite a bit. But I do miss the social aspect that you have in games like BF4/BF1
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    Pros: .................................................................. Cons: -Same or worse problems and performance than Legacy. -Overburdened Support Staff -Recurring Bugs even after patches or breaking more things. At least we have a TEK Light though.
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    I'm seeing a lot about Dino cap for the server. Do me a favor people. Go kill or unclaim your lowest Dino and compare tame cap before and after. It doesn't change.
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    Repair costs are directly related to crafting cost. I made 2 journey flak chests from a bp to compare, one with craft skill, 150 more durability 100 more armor. Broke both, exact same repair cost. In official you want high durability journey armor, crafted with a lvl 85+ craft character with focal chilli. durability had no cap. For weapons it a balancing act between durability damage and cost, i rate weapon bps depending on the cost per shot divided by damage to get a flat number (value poly/electronics as a 2, all otheraterials as a 1 for easy comparisons). A good journeyman bp will normally be more efficient/better value than an mc/asc. Plus who needs 800 durability on a longneck lol. The way to use the stupidly high stat bps (i have some weapon bps basically at the dmg cap) is to craft them just after a server reset with the intention of doing harder content such as 1 shotting iceworms with a 340% pump action.
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    For me, I play pvp, and the 3k ingots is less than 30 min of grind (aside from waiting on it to smelt) so that extra damage could mean life or death.. I have a jm with that damage tho, has served me well in raids/sniping..
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    not saying that you are incorrect, as clearly you are not but here an example of my own: i have a longneck rifle with 233% damage (without crafting skill) and around 381 durability a full repair costs me nearly 3k ingots the higher the durability, the higher the repair cost it seems yet i also have a journeyman longneck with 191% dmg and only 187 durability compared to the asc one, both the crafting cost and the repair cost is a joke, yet with the crafting skill boost the stat increase on the journeyman isn't that bad either
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    but, do they really need it ? items work in 2 ways. or bad stats and " good" durability" or the other way around. since stats are capped, it would be a waste IMO
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    It is intended this way. Like said above 285 use to be max damage, it is now 290. Armor and saddles also have a cap. Saddle use to be 117 but I believe it is 120 now. Armor depends on the specific type I believe. Crafting skill can still be useful. yes craft 100 armor saddles and get 120. that's not useless at all. Craft 250 dmg rifles and snipes and get 285. That is definitely not useless. Crafting skill seems to be an equalizer of sorts to help solo/small tribes compete. Alpha's and Mega's have the top drops often blocked off/protected leaving only the ability to get Ram, App, JM maybe an occasional MC blueprint. If the small tribe has a crafter though they can turn those JM to MC quality and those MC to ASC Quality giving them at least a slight more chance to compete. Since it is all RNG though, you never know. I took a 100 armor Giga saddle and got it to max (went to 125 armor first then down to 117 at time), a 243 sniper that maxed (went to 310% first), but I've also taken a 243 longneck and turned it into a 245 longneck, lol. All with the same character (mindwipe 1020% crafting, then level and mindwipe again).
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    Ill be honest, if we had 2x and 3x taming every weekend - the server cap would be reached too quickly and people wouldnt be able to tame/hatch anymore dinos. Through the week, the game should be normal settings and on occasions only, there should be an event. I have 15 Ptera eggs ready to hatch (would love to this weekend) and obviously I'd like a 2x event but it would also take away the longevity of my game. Its a difficult one - in my opinion, but I wouldnt raise a thread especially 2x events - if that is what you want on a more regular basis, perhaps officials arent for you?
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    Make Towers high enoug and make the upper turrets to player only... Solved....
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    Yes, lag is the worst thing with these new servers, I walked off our buildings a few times today cause of it, also took stuff out of a chest then rubberbanded across the area with too much stuff and couldn't move or place it in anything today, then people cant enter servers cause they are full on weekends..... Also no live moderation which makes the chats get out of hand some days. Best part are the connections with people that you make, unofficial gets boring after awhile as most are smaller population, or tailered to specific people. Official allows you to meet and become friends with many more people then a unofficial server would.
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    1) What was the air situation there that they themselves could not pick the stego up and drag it away on their own wyvern/quetzal? 2) At 21 minutes in, where are their whips to dismount the riders? Or even gas grenades to knock them out, the defender is clearly within range to make use of either or both tools.
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    I think it would be dope if the made thunder birds
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    Easy fix (however a large task): Change the blueprint of structures to include "watered" & "powered" If an intake is connected to a structure then the structure is considered to be "watered" and all other connected structures are also considered to be "watered" allowing you to attach any irrigation object to then have water flow into them, this means you could just place taps on to a foundation/ceiling/wall and it will have a solid water connection. Give the structures a 9 point snap reference (sides and centers). Also whilst we're add it could we please have the same "snap points" become a choice for when placing non-snapping objects like crop plots smithys boxes etc
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    of course it is possible to play solo/in a small tribe, but the thing is, as @Crows said, u are going nowhere. even if u really know the game, know how and when to communicate and found a good server, there will eventually be a stupidly big tribe coming for u, and then u will have no chance, no matter what. It might push ur end a bit further into the future if u are good with an alpha tribe, but then u are completely dependent on them. It is not about that pvp happens, it is about the complete destruction that is certain from the moment u start on an official pvp server as a solo player or small tribe. The chance, that others might successfully attack you, is what makes pvp interesting, but the current game mechanics encourage the formation of very very very big tribes, that u can only counter with a tribe of similar size. As it is now, there is no chance, there is just certainty. you will be wiped and there is only the choice to join them or to quit. the difference between small or average tribes to those huge tribes is just too big. This is why i dont even bother playing vanilla official pvp. I have tried to ask the devs if this is what their vivsion of ark is, but sadly they dont tell how they want their game to be.
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    I wouldn't try being solo on Rag right now without any connections. Better off maining Island or Scorched for a bit until you can network with an alpha that will let you build on their rag/center servers. I just posted this somewhere else, but I've found the best way to establish yourself with an alpha tribe so that they don't think you're a threat and let you live is to buy stuff from them for good prices. 99% of alphas will do trades for Advanced Rifle Rounds. Easy enough to make, but tedious. Try buying something stupid like 10 scorp eggs and paying 1k adv. rifle rounds. They will love it. Do 3 or 4 more trades like that and I would bet they start talking to you more and in a good way. Griffs for 2k bullets (obviously not max level) wyverns from 2k-5k bullets depending on stats. From personal experience, I just finished week 3 solodolo on one of the newer island servers. Day 1 I put together enough to make a 3x5x2 stone base, found a spot near metal etc and kinda secluded and just went with it. Used all resources as soon as I got them, hid all good stuff in a stone hut just off the beach under the water at night before bed. Day 2 I had 6 plants and 4 turrets. Day 3 I had a dozen or so turrets and met the alphas... Since I'm not a jerk and they are actually decent people, it worked out. Just from being on the server for those 3 days I was able to discern whether the alphas were jerks or not. If I thought they were, I would have just jumped servers before investing too much. Also, never type in general. I typed in general chat for the first time yesterday to get my gear back after I ran into someone's base. Just typed there tribe name with a ? and then sent a party invite. Never, ever type in general. It's too risky. Game chat or party invites.
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    I certainly understand where you're coming from and the team were pretty firm on our original stance, I will bring it up and see what they reckon, in the case of PvE servers.
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    They used server ranks, see my post about it:
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