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    We have man. We have bear. Now we have pig. It's time for the next step... MANBEARPIG
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    Soo... these are like the Megapiranhas but on land
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    We also have them in the southern part of ohio. Took one down with a crossbow...dossiers not lying about boars being tough Still have alot of it in the freezer
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    Godspeed, my friend. Godspeed.
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    I will certainly challenge it with my Allosauruses.
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    I didn't know about the stimberries! Thanks for the head up:) I have a pholomia tamed right by my compost box for poop
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    If the phiomia looked less round and more fierce, it would look exactly like this guy.
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    Ha that's funny a game being bug free
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    0.3.0 is finally finished, but missing some features that require more work, like importing dinos via cluster data. The new main features are the new cluster and modify commands. The cluster command reads data from the cluster directory, extracting infos about stored items and creatures. The modify command requires more explanation, I'll update the wiki on github soon with examples on how to use it. The gist of it: modify requires 3 parameters, input file, modification file and output file. The modification file is a json document containing instructions, for example to add items, to remove items or to transform classes of uploaded dinos (making it possible to unmod valhalla beavers). Changelog New cluster command which extracts data from files in the clusters directory - uploaded items and creatures New commands to convert PlayerLocalData.arkprofile to json and back New command to extract cluster information from PlayerLocalData.arkprofile New command to modify existing .ark* and cluster files, allows converting Valhalla Beavers to normal beavers Extract colors from creatures Extract stats and colors from eggs Create items from scratch
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