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    Love the hunter pic but am i the only one getting a predator vibe from that image. Also can we get some underwater caves on scorched earth please an by that i mean an entire system conecting each water source under the arks to a main underwater cavern deep in the bowels of the earth after all that would then make the scuba gear worth it and not to mention the electric prod as you could add angler's and other water creatures nothing big but maybe something like the dunk or a new sea creature in itself something like a salamander that could swim but be just as happy on land. In plain old english i need new poop to explore an lets face it the water isnt coming from nowhere so lets be able to travel to the water source maybe even add a new artifact there.
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    Hi, I understand your concern and it's good to be suspicious, but this software is only available as windows-application for the moment. It's open source though, so you can check everything what the software does or even compile it yourself. If you don't understand the programming language that's no gain for you, but you may trust people that understand it that it will do no harm. Recently I saw a similar project (at least for the managing-/library-part) that is completely on a website, maybe you like this more:
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