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    Coming this July to an ARK near you! Hello Survivors! As the ARK continues to evolve throughout it's development process, something we've wanted to do is to make sure that we're able to introduce new features and gameplay mechanics that are not only beneficial and enjoyable to you as survivors, but also add to your immersive experience. Better grab your gear cause this July you'll be able to take to the seas and try your hand at catching a fish!
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    Hi guys, I hereby present you my tutorial to set up your loot crates. I have done this tutorial in good belief and based on how I got information from Wildcard and my own understanding. Please do not blame me, if it does not work as intended :-) Explaining the code fragments I firstly will explain the basic code fragments for you. This example was posted in the patch notes earlier: ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(SupplyCrateClassString="SupplyCrate_Level03_C",MinItemSets=1,MaxItemSets=1,NumItemSetsPower=1.0,bSetsRandomWithoutReplacement=true,ItemSets=((MinNumItems=2,MaxNumItems=2,NumItemsPower=1.0,SetWeight=1.0,bItemsRandomWithoutReplacement=true,ItemEntries=((EntryWeight=1.0,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Stone_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=10.0,MaxQuantity=10.0,MinQuality=1.0,MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0),(EntryWeight=1.0,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Thatch_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=10.0,MaxQuantity=10.0,MinQuality=1.0,MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0))))) First of all you need to get an overview of the item class names. Therefor you can either use the attached pdf list (it may be outdated with time) or you refer to the english wiki of the Entity IDs here What you need to copy, is the last part of the name, without the "dot" in front of it and also not including the quotes at the end of the text: So, the above mentioned example was using PrimalItemResource_Stone and PrimalItemResource_Thatch Important: You now need to add an "_C" to the name itself, so that it will look like this: PrimalItemResource_Stone_C Now, lets start with the code fragments and what they are doing. SupplyCrateClassString="SupplyCrate_Level03_C" is defining that you are going to modify the loot crate that is available from Level 3. You can choose the following loot crate numbers: 03 - for the white loot crate 15 - for the green loot crate 25 - for the blue loot crate 35 - for the purple loot crate 45 - for the yellow loot crate 60 - for the red loot crate MinItemSets=1 - specifies how many sets will be at least in the loot crate. MaxItemSets=1 - specifies how many sets will be at most in the loot crate. One set then can contain one or more items. Therefor you are able to decide how many sets by chance a loot crate will contain. Based on the settings we just saw, the loot crate will always only contain 1 set's items as the minimum and maximum value is set to 1. NumItemsPower=1.0 - is a multiplicator to modify the item quality. I was talking with @Zane earlier and he told me to stick with that 1.0 and not modify it at all. Otherwise you might get primitive or ascendat items overall. The value of 1.0 will remain a good mix of both. bSetsRandomWithoutReplacement=true - this value ensures that one item will not be added twice to same loot crate, if it maybe was added to two different item-sets. If you set it to "false" it may happen, that you will get the same item twice with a different quantity, based on what you have specified. MinNumItems=2 - specifies how many items from that set will be at least in the loot crate MaxNumItems=2 - specifies how many items from that set will be at most in the loot crate From these settings there will always be 2 items in the loot crate for now. As you can see, you are able to not only modify the quantity of sets but also the quantity of the items itself also. THerefor you can generate a highly random loot crate, depending on the setting you have chosen. You could for example determine 5 different kind of sets. And all of these 5 sets have different kind of items in it. And only 2 sets of them are chosen in first place before it will be chosen which items from them will be used for the loot crate. NumItemSetsPower=1.0 - specifies the item quality. Same here: stick to 1.0 according to Wildcard. SetWeight=1.0 - specifies the chance that the current set would make it into the loot crate. ItemEntries=.... - this is the beginning of the possible contents of the loot crate. EntryWeight=1.0 - this specifies the probability that the current item will be chosen for the loot crate. 0.1 eqals 10%, 0.2 equals 20% and so on. 1.0 would be 100% - so the set will always be part of the loot crate. MinQuantity=10.0 - this specifies what the quantity of the current item would be at least MaxQuantity=10.0 - this specifies what the quantity of the current item would be at most MinQuality=1.0 - this specifies what the quality of the current item would be at least (stick to Wildcard's recommendation and keep it with 1.0) MaxQuality=1.0 - this specifies what the quality of the current item would be at most (stick to Wildcard's recommendation and keep it with 1.0) bForceBlueprint=false - this specifies if you always want to generate a blueprint instead of the item. If you choose "true" you will always get a blueprint. ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0 - if you chose "false" above, then here you can specify the probability of getting a blueprint by using the same values as for the above mentioned percentage values. 1.0 would be equal to setting "true" in the " bForceBlueprint" setting. Adding one or more items for a single set Now, if you want to have different items in one set, you are going to separate them by comma: Example for one item would be: (EntryWeight=1.0,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Stone_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=10.0,MaxQuantity=10.0,MinQuality=1.0,MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0) Example for two items would be: (EntryWeight=1.0,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Stone_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=10.0,MaxQuantity=10.0,MinQuality=1.0,MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0), (EntryWeight=1.0,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Thatch_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=10.0,MaxQuantity=10.0,MinQuality=1.0,MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0) Example for three items would be: (EntryWeight=1.0,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Stone_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=10.0,MaxQuantity=10.0,MinQuality=1.0,MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0), (EntryWeight=1.0,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Thatch_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=10.0,MaxQuantity=10.0,MinQuality=1.0,MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0), (EntryWeight=1.0,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Metal_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=10.0,MaxQuantity=10.0,MinQuality=1.0,MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0) Now we have talked about all relevant values. Syntax Please make sure, to always carefully check all comma that are in the command: Example Loot Crate #1 Explaination of the example loot crate above: You are going to overwrite the level 3 loot crate It would always contain 10 stone and 10 thatch The min/max qty is both 10 - so you will always get 10 of them The min/max item qty is 2 - so you will always get both items Example Loot Crate #2 Now lets take a look at a more complicated but complete example (please check for the colors to get the values meaning/function): This loot crate will either contain 1 or 2 sets in total The probability for set 1 is 80%, the probability for set 2 is 40% to be in the loot crate finally If set 1 is chosen, then there will at least 1 and at most 2 items be chosen to be in the final loot crate. As there are totally 3 possible items, one item will not make it to the loot crate PrimalItemResource_Stone_C has a 90% chance to be chosen as item, and if its chosen it will contain between 5 and 10 units PrimalItemResource_Thatch_C has a 100% chance to be chosen as item. Therefor it will always be in the lootcrate with exactly 10 units PrimalItemResource_Tintoberry_C has a 20% chance to be chosen as item, and if its chosen it will contain between 10 and 90 units Now you are maybe asking yourself how these probabilities will work out for the loot crate. Let me explain to you. As you can see, the first entry (Stone) has a chance of 90% to be in the loot crate. So in 9 out of 10 supply drops you will get stone. If stone is in the crate, it will go to the next item: Thatch. As Thatch has a 100% chance to be in, it will be chosen as next item. Now, we have alreay reached the 2 items max. qty limit. Therefor the set's chosen items are decided now. If stone would not be chosen to be in the loot crate (the odds are 1 out of 10 for that), then Thatch would be checked next. Thatch again will be in the crate, as it still has 100% chance to be chosen. Now we have a 20% chance that the Tinotberry will be added to the loot crate - however, this would only happen 1 out of 5 times. If you combine both probabilities that are used here you might can see, that by statistics you would get the Tintoberries only every 45 drops. And if stone isnt chosen, then 80% of the time, you wont get a second item added to that loot crate from the first items-set. Now that we have determined which items are chosen from the first set, lets take a look at the second set. As stated above, there is a 40% chance that this second set would be considered to be used for the next loot crate drop, so in 60% of all drops you wont get any items from this second set at all. In the other 40% you would be able to get 1 or 2 items again. PrimalItem_WeaponRocketLauncher_C has a chance of 50% to be chosen for be dropped and if it drops it will contain exactly 1 unit. PrimalItem_WeaponSlingshot_C has a chance of 100% to be chosen and it will contain 1 or 2 units If the rocket launcher will be chosen, there will be a 30% chance to get the blueprint instead of the item itself If the Slingshot will be chosen, it will always be a blueprint I know this whole thing is a bit hard to explain, but I hope I didnt make it more complicated than it actually is. BTW: You must add the configuration in your game.ini file under [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] - please make sure that you dont set up the same loot crate twice. If you need the second example as text - here it is: ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=( SupplyCrateClassString="SupplyCrate_Level03_C",MinItemSets=1,MaxItemSets=2,NumItemSetsPower=1.0,bSetsRandomWithoutReplacement=true, ItemSets=( ( MinNumItems=1,MaxNumItems=2,NumItemsPower=1.0,SetWeight=0.8,bItemsRandomWithoutReplacement=true, ItemEntries=( (EntryWeight=0.9,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Stone_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=5.0,MaxQuantity=20.0,MinQuality=1.0, MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0), (EntryWeight=1.0,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Thatch_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=10.0,MaxQuantity=10.0,MinQuality=1.0, MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0), (EntryWeight=0.2,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemResource_Tintoberry_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=10.0,MaxQuantity=90.0,MinQuality=1.0, MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0) ) ), ( MinNumItems=1,MaxNumItems=2,NumItemsPower=1.0,SetWeight=0.4,bItemsRandomWithoutReplacement=true, ItemEntries=( (EntryWeight=0.5,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItem_WeaponRocketLauncher_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=1.0,MaxQuantity=1.0,MinQuality=1.0, MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.3), (EntryWeight=1.0,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItem_WeaponSlingshot _C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=1.0,MaxQuantity=2.0,MinQuality=1.0, MaxQuality=1.0,bForceBlueprint=true,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0) ) ) ) ) Cheers, Tom itemliste09042016.pdf itemliste09042016.pdf itemliste09042016.pdf
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    @Porki seperate lines yes. one ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems for each crate
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    They could be the SupplyCrate_SwampCaveTier1_C (blue) .. I was working off the Icon in the dev kit... looked blue to me.. ill go back have another proper look, could have been green /shrug Checked again, there's only Blue,Yellow n Red Swamp/Ice crate. Guessing the green one you see is a standard cave crate
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    Ok fair enough, didn't fully read all the code, just noticed that little tidbit. I f your happy with the crates, its all good
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    Has there been any further news about this? Jeremy posted they were trying to get a hot fix patch out soon, but that was over 2 weeks ago. It's definitely still not fixed because my player dedicated server crashed just 2 days ago. It'd be nice if I could give my loyal players more info than "Wildcard doesn't seem to have a fix, yet".
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    @Charsek Its not as bad as you think. If you use Notepad++ highlight all you text for a crate, and press Shift-Tab a couple of times until all the indents are gone. With all the text for a crate highlighted still, press Ctrl-J to join all the lines up. You can then click on Edit->Blank Operations->Remove Unnecessary Blanks and EOL which should remove most of the spaces. There wil probably still be a few left, but not as many as originally.
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    @CryptisMidnight I think there is a Bug with Dyes. For some reason they do not get added into loot crates. The code you entered is fine and should work, but with the dyes just don't get added to the loot crate. With no Items in the loot crate, they will be demolished as soon as they spawn (as though you have emptied it on the ground) The bug has been reported. Hopefully a fix will come for it. Until then, you wont be able to place dyes in crates
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    I have an idea for the alpha dinos! The land carnivore alphas is red like the Red Obelisk (Dragon), the sea alphas should be blue like the Blue Obelisk (Megapithecus) and the land herbivore alphas (I have heard that is comming) should be green like the Green Obelisk (Broodmother). I just think that would look so cool
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    @ShadowFR one too many opening ( on your 2nd and 3rd set definitions. MaxItemSets=5 .... only 3 sets defined. Using Notepad++ helps enormously when writing this type of code. Easy to see what brackets are surrounding what and easy to check if any are left open.
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    @ShadowFR It looks like the way you are defining sets. the structure should look like... ItemSets= ( (set details), (set details), (set details), (set details), (set details) ) wheres as yours looks like.... ItemSets=( (Set Details), ItemSets=( (set details), ItemSets=( (set details), ItemSets=( (set details), ItemSets=( (set details), ItemSets=( (set details), ......... and so on You need to look through , remove the ItemSets=( from within the first ItemSets=( and check all you r brackets and commas are closing around the correct components. Using Notepad++ helps enormously when writing this type of code. Easy to see what brackets are surrounding what and easy to check if any are left open.
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    And on a side note... in case your wondering why there seems to be a shed load of Crop plots/compasses always dropping..... Blue Beacon Drop Medium Crop Plot Blueprints are most likely(14.11%) to drop from blue drops Purple Beacon Drop - Level 35 each item has a 42.9% chance to be selected from one of the blue drop item lists Yellow Beacon Drop - Level 45 each item has a 26.3% chance to be selected from one of the blue drop item lists Red Beacon Drop - Level 60 each item has a 17.4% chance to be selected from one of the blue drop item lists; My guess is, they're concerned about the green house effect and want us all to do our bit /shrug
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    Indeed. TBH, the majority of testing I have done to figure out the sets/entries/items have been on the standard white. And then copying the exact same table onto other crates. After fully reading the wiki on beacons, tomorrow I'm going to test all the crates with different items to see if any of the other effects of crates are inherent and uncontrollable... the yellow crate for example.... Notes: Yellow drops contain 1-2 items, each item has a 26.3% chance to be selected from one of the blue drop item lists; a 31.6% chance to be selected from one of the purple drop item lists; and the other 42.1% of yellow drop items are selected from one of the three item lists below. On another good note though, I did finally get a reply of @Jat asking to be pointed to the thread, and my ticket finally got responded to (although that sounded like a generic .. cheers we will look into it ... responce)
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    After more testing, It appears this Arbitrary Quality setting is built into the loot crates coding somehow. If you put in the exact same loot table for say SupplyCrate_Level03_C & SupplyCrate_Level03_Double_C you will notice the quality of items in the Double crate is far superior to the quality of items in the other. I've spent the last 6 or 7 hours adjusting MinQuality, MaxQuality, NumItemsPower & NumItemSetsPower in hopes of gaining some insight into controlling the quality of items. Conclusion... It Was An Exercise In Futility Without knowing what (and to what degree) external factors are influencing the quality of Items within loot crates, the only real control you can have on the resulting quality of the items, is in making them obnoxiously overpowered ascendant items. All is not lost though, I have discovered that Arbitrary Quality is something that along with Difficulty Level that effects the quality of items. To what degree, I have no clue... one can hope (probably another exercise in futility) that we get some form of insight from @Zane. Arbitrary Qualities have been found and listed below
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    From the album: Dossier Template

    Completed Custom Fan Based Dossier created using effects included in the template. Check out the Reveal Spotlight video here! Get more info and Download the Template here! http://www.mtxgaming.com/ark-dossier-template.html
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