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  1. Hello Survivors! We are excited to announce the launch of our new Customer Support System! This will allow us to ensure that we are able to provide you with the assistance you need from technical issues to incidents that occur on the ARK. The new system will contain articles covering a range of topics to help solve the most common problems that survivors are facing. Over the coming weeks, additional articles will be added to the system to provide you guys with as much information as possible. If you find yourself in a situation where the articles are not able to provide you with assistance, worry not Survivors - as this support system includes the ability for you to create, manage and edit your own tickets! As part of the migration to the new system, any previous ticket that had been submitted prior to the 13th of February 2016 will have to be resubmitted - sorry guys! Going forward our new system will ensure that we are better equipped to assist you guys with your problems, concerns, and reports in a much more prompt and effective manner! So if there are any issues that you need support with, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Just click on the ‘Support’ link in the main Community Menu or head over to support.survivetheark.com and we, with our team of well-trained Mesopithecus’ will be more than happy to assist you! If you're already a community member just login as normal and submit a ticket, if not signing up for a Community Forum account is just a simple step away! All the best, Wildcard Jat and the ARK Survival Evolved Team
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