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    Hello Survivors! We are excited to announce that in the near-future, ARK: Survival Evolved will support Local Two-Player Split-Screen for both Xbox One and PC versions of the game! We know this has been a highly requested feature from players of both console and PC as it has often come up in Digests and other places where we interact with you and we're excited to allow you guys to unravel the mysteries of the ARK side by side with your friends and families!
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    Seasons Greetings Survivors! We’ve hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday season so far, among the many gifts brought to our Winter Wonderland by Raptor Claus, he’s not finished quite yet! His final present during this jolly period will affect the lives of those world-wide. Announcing.. Survival of the Fittest: Naughty or Nice! This new competitive Total Conversion Survival of the Fittest mod pits Survivors against each other in a massive ‘100 versus 100’ Two-Tribe war, featuring the likes of your favourite streamers, previous tournament winners and some of the best Survival of the Fittest players who roam the isle. It’ll be a truly special elimination battle, the likes of which has never been seen before on the ARK! The 100 players on the winning tribe -- either Tribe “Naughty” or Tribe “Nice” -- will get to divy up $10,000 to donate to which charity they choose from a selection of five wonderful charities: Childs Play, TakeThis, AbleGamers, Charity: Water, and GamingForAdoption. Each of these charities will receive an additional $1,000 on behalf of Studio Wildcard. Tune into www.twitch.tv/survivetheark on December 29th at 12PM EST to watch the epic three-hour event unfold and cheer for your favourite survivors. This winter special will be hosted by your favorite casters, BikeMan & JayEx23! Steam Winter Sale! For this Holiday season, Raptor Claus has generously placed ARK: Survival Evolved on sale for 40% off (now $17.99) through til 10AM PST on Monday the 4th of January! Perfect time for new survivors to fill up their stockings with kibble, candy cane and much more! We wish you a Happy Holiday period Survivors, and hope to see you tune in this Tuesday for our epically festive Charity match! (and get ready for an explosive ARK New Year’s…) All the best, Wildcard Jat
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    Common Name: Ammonite Species: Ammonitina Multiamicus Time: Late Jurassic - Mid Cretaceous Diet: Bottom Feeder Temperament: Passive Wild Usually found in the deepest parts of the waters around the island, Ammonitina Multiamicus has a strange relationship with the other creatures of the deep. It must do something beneficial for them, since every nearby sea creature defends Ammonitina when it is attacked. What this distinct symbiosis is based on, alas, I have not yet discovered. Ammonitina has also made its way into the deeper parts of underwater caves. Even within these caves, the creature will draw attention if assaulted, making harvesting its resource-rich shell a tricky proposition depending on what other dangers may be lurking nearby. Domesticated Like many of the untamable ocean dwellers, Ammonitina still has enough utility to be a valuable hunting target. If a tribe is willing to risk the wrath of nearby would-be protectors, Ammonitina bile can be harvested from it’s corpse’s innards. This bile can be worked over with other chemicals to make many powerful concoctions, usually antidotes against the most powerful poisons and illnesses. Its shell meanwhile, is rich in rare materials, presumably due to the creature’s unique place along the Island’s food chain.
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    Awesome. I hate that this feature seems to be dying out these days, glad you're helping to keep it alive.
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    I don't see any details what is going to happen on New years ?. Thanks crownMELBOURNE
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    In 1 hour ARK will enter it's final Survival of the Fittest competition for 2015. And we're going out with a bang! Tune into www.twitch.tv/survivetheark today at 12PM EST to watch the epic three-hour event unfold and cheer for your favourite survivors.
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    I have a couple of questions too, maybe a blue could answer here or in the next digest: 1. On xbox how will the split-screen save work? If I am on my profile (as player one) and my girlfriend on her profile (as player 2) when we play split-screen as a local game will she be able to login later as single player and continue on her own in our splitscreen game? Or will I have to be logged in even if absent for her to access that world? 2. Related to question one above, when split-screen is added will my partner be able to just join me in my already local singleplayer save world Without loss of progress for me? Or is it a seperate save and we both have to start from scratch? 3. What if we both have a local single player save on each of our profiles already how do those existing saves work with splitscreen? 4. I assume we will be tethered in splitscreen due to hardware limitations can you confirm this and if so what will be the range? Thanks!
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    I can already see the nice tribe being lead by a William Wallace kinda guy, face cover in bravehearth warpaint, screaming FREEEEEDOMMM while he charge against the horde of the naugthy englishmen. An epic battle will ensue leaving the broken body of the fallen to feed the battle hungry riders.
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    And Halo 5 couldn't do it.... Not every game is as ambitious as Ark thats for sure!
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    Nope, this is for PC only. I don't believe they had time to make it for Xbox One as well considering it was only released the other week. I can't wait to jump into this, it's currently downloading right now.
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    This game is ridiculous I payed 35.00 and I can't even get into a server to play with my friends!!!
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