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    Fear evolved... Killer turkeys... Back when events were actually events not just a week of pretty things.
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    Maybe you guys could finally add the Vampire/Werewolf disease transformations you had planned for Fear Evolved in 2016. I had a source tell me that you almost had it done and working well but then scrapped it. Other than that, I loved the Dodo Rex/Wyvern Events you used to have, so more of that kind of thing would be fun!
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    Special perks like the increased loot quality from the Christmas event 2 years ago.
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    Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???? How perplexing, who can guess what this might be? Fear Evolved 3 From October 22nd to November 5th, the spookiest and most requested event will be active! We've been asking for your feedback on things you'd like to see in events and we have something exciting in store for everyone. For those who've seen the ghoulish graves and overgrown pumpkin patches; fear not, there will be a number of new items to collect! Stay tuned for chilling trailer reveal and more details on the event! NEW Event Items Jack O'Lantern Mask Hockey Mask Headless Neck stump Halloween-inspired Dino Colorization Candy Spooky Emotes Panic Emote Spooky Dance Emote Zombie Emote Prior Event Creatures DodoRex Zomdodo Dodo Wyvern Skeletal Giganotosaurus Skeletal Quetzal Skeletal Jerboa Bone Fire Wyvern Zombie Fire Wyvern Zombie Lightning Wyvern Zombie Poison Wyvern Skeletal Bronto Skeletal Stego Skeletal Trike Skeletal Raptor Skeletal Rex Skeletal Carnotaurus Prior Event Items Pumpkin Stolen Headstone Scarecrow Prior Event Skins DodoWyvern Mask Skin Clown Mask Skin Vampire Eyes Skin Werewolf Mask Skin Giganotosaurus Bone Costume Jerboa Bone Costume Quetzalcoatlus Bone Costume Wyvern Bone Costume DodoRex Mask Skin Carno Bone Costume Rex Bone Costume Raptor Bone Costume Bronto Bone Costume Trike Bone Costume Stego Bone Costume Witch Hat Skin Dino Witch Hat Skin On The Horizon PS4 Primitive+ There was an issue with the latest deployment that has prevented PS4 Primitive+ players from accessing their survivors. There is a patch being tested and we hope to share an ETA once we have more information. Valguero Transfers (Console) Transfers for console open up in 2 weeks! EVO Event Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 18th of Oct at 1 PM EST until Monday the 21st of Oct at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates Until next time! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    Adding new dinos that would just do the same things as the dinos we already have would become boring very fast. Adding stuff like this, whatever it is, can add much more variety and encourage more people to get them or craft them rather than spend time going out and taming a dino that is the same as everything else. I think by now, after 3 DLCs and more to come that people should have come to terms with the fact this is not a 100% dino game.
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    Please give us ark fear evolved this year like we had playing legacy with dodowyvern and dodorex
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    Hogwash. I've played solo for years and get by just fine. Other than some of the bosses, there is nothing I need other people for.
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    This just in, large bases with lots of dinos causes lag in Ark. More news at 11.
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    Its been nerfed too much, no more mana nerfs
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    Boosted maturation and egg incubation decrease like the valentines event
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    The day it was released and you had big metal sci-fy obelisks, an implant in your arm and magical Hunger Games supply drops falling from the sky.
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    @Spiral3 I agree with d1nk, it's a dirty breed. If you put the stats into Ark Smart Breeder you'll probably find it's not particularly great. The breeder either doesn't understand how to stack mutations, only bred for colors, or learned how to breed and pawned off their earlier mistakes. Not sure I would pay that much kibble for a thyla of unknown lineage, but as long as you're happy with it that's what counts! I'm a real stickler for quality so I usually end up breeding everything myself. Have to on single player anyway. Another meh day on the Ark for me. Nothing out of the swamp cave, and only one red beacon drop with nothing of note. I did however pop another spino HP mut, up to 5 now. Female though, so I raised her up, bred with my clean male and am now raising a new breeding male. Took a long flight around the map just to see if there was anything interesting. Finally found where all the otters are hanging out, stumbled across about 4-5 of them in a very small area. Naturally only the lowest level one was a male. Doesn't matter. Tamed him up, brought him home and bred with my female otter. This way I won't mind if I lose one in a cave, which I probably will at some point. Fun fact, raising otters on a foundation makes them resemble tiny, furry deathworms.
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    1. Giga - one slipup, and your gone in a gulp. 2. Daedon - have you tried taming a lvl 150 Daedon? just a pain in the.... 3. Theri - Same as Daedon, pain in the ... for the taming process. tip - tame a shoulder pet, find a nice quiet spot, toss shoulder pet, drop a foundation on top of it. Toss down a rockdrake egg on top of the foundation. lure basilisk to foundation. It'll focus on the shoulder pet, and the shoulder pet will be safe under the foundation. So the basilisk will continue to attempt to attack the shoulder pet, and you can sit on your dino tossing eggs out to the basilisk.
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    Squee! New skins! On that topic, can you guys please do the following 1) Make HLN-A stop commenting on crapping. It's super irritating. I spent the last 4 years trying to turn the perpetual poop noise into white noise that I don't notice, but now she points it out EVERY TIME. Urg. 2) Make the Titan King ascension skins persistent. If I put them on armor and put the armor in a dino/smithy/whatever, the skins poof off the armor. I LOVE that skin, but I can't use it. 3) PLEASE make it so I don't have to repaint my HLN-A every time I die/bedaport. I'm going through an absurd amount of paint. Thank you! (Also I'm fully aware that these are minor issues compared to the fact that people are still able to mesh/unlock locked bases/other crap, so yes, I'm aware they're small potatoes and will be treated like that.)
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    Rather than going through and responding on every post with a generic "good idea" I am trying a different approach. One in which you will get confirmation that your request has been seen and whether there are chances to implement it. We get in trouble when we're saying "good idea, we'll add it" to individual comments in social media. It's much better to present those things to the development team in context with all the other requests that are in the queue. You get a much better representation of what you can and cannot do. I know for a lot of people, feeling like you are heard means us taking action on the items you've requested. While we haven't reached that point (in the new process) we'll get there. I think when that happens, this system will show some promise. And if it doesn't, I'll try something else. My job is to make sure you are heard and not necessarily make sure the things you are asking for happens. I hope this provides a little clarity. Edit: In regard to the S.E. Ascension, Jesse said it isn't happening so I'd have to believe the co-founder on that one. He may have different ideas for where to use those resources/people. The people that make cinematics aren't an entirely different team. It requires VFX artists, character artists, lighting engineers - It's a full team effort.
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    This isn't real life, it is a video game played by many for enjoyment. This is another brag-thread.
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    Hopefully this works... here is a picture of the bridge I built at my Ragnarok base. (Don't mind the bronto, one of my buddies (California) sent me this screenshot after he dropped the bronto on my bridge as a prank.) Out of the picture to the left is my hatchery, then I walk the babies across the bridge to my main base on the right side of the picture.)
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    Oh yeah forgot to mention im solo on Small tribes PVP Rag 40. So yesterday was fairly interesting. I am still setting up so most of my time is spent slinking around rag trying to get what i need while I avoid or trick my Korean overlords. My careful reconnaissance tells me that theres 1-3 large korean tribes. I'm not sure they are working together or not but a little paranoia never hurts So I am going to assume they are. There is another chinese guy who likes to go around and wipe noobs. In fact all of them seem to have a penchant for kicking the weaker players around and then taunting them in chat. I had lost my ptera to a silly lvl 150 megalosaur i didn't see on the hill. That was annoying but at least I was almost done taming my pelagornis. I had intended to do the pelagornis -> ichthyornis -> Hesperornis route. I was thinking that pelagornis could harvest extra prime for me before i figured out they cant get prime. It wasn't a wasted tame though. It got me home and i can always use him to eat kairuku for that sweet org poly. After a few hours taming that and the ichthyornis on the down low, I took my argent and the ichthy down to the desert river to look for my golden duck. I found a nice lvl 90 female and built a box to store her in while i fished. I wasn't sure where the koreans lived. I only knew they had a large warboat. One of them swooped down, grabbed me with an argent and dropped me from a great height and killed me. Silly me for not having chutes but i dont really carry anything i could use to kill him anyways. I'm all about low risk and seeming weaker than i am so that i can fly below their radar so to speak. After I was dead he killed my argent but made a fatal mistake. It was then that i realized just how shallow these guys knowledge of the game really is. They left my ichthy alone. I wasn't sure whether he simply didn't notice it or if he didn't realize what i doing down there. The loss of my Argy annoyed me sure but the Ichthy was def my more valuable tame. I needed her to get my golden duck. Just as important though was her ability to turn tiny dirt common creatures like dodos into prime. Taming another ptera or argy would be quick and painless because of her. It was trivial to simply build a raft and tame the duck and retrieve the two. Before long i was cozy in my tiny base with a small herd of high level sheep to breed, a pelican for prime and a golden duck to covet. I own everything i need to secure the entire top end of taming food. Assuming i don't die i can tame or trade for whatever i want. They won't know what hit them by the time i move into my more overt and better defended set up. I really wanna steeple my fingers and go muahahahaha right now lol.
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    Spent the day trying to hide from my korean/chinese/russian overlords. Hell if i know what they are it just shows up as boxes anyways. Spent 3 days in game and have little to show besides a ptera and some cheap tames but im determined. They can wipe everyone else off server but ill still be there waiting for the day they fall even if i spend months naked living in a hidden stone box with nothing lol. I wanted a sheep so i could get mutton to tame something half decent. I was in hide with metal tools at least and my ptera was decent. I was poking around highlands on Rag. Always seems like bad idea to go to highlands. Anywho one of them drops down by me on a lvl 280 something griff. He picks me up and i poke him with my sad pike and he puts me down a couple times. He says hes gunna give me something. Turned out to be some garbo hide and fiber and a cryopod. I played the thankful noob and took the cryopod but i was a lil suspicious. I never did get my sheep cuz i ate my cake when he landed. A lil while later im flying around looking for i forget what prolly crystal or something. I see the guy on the griff. I set down to recover stam on the ptera and the guy comes at me. I can take maybe 4 hits max before im dead. I fly up and dart away. He pursues me, trying to tear me out of the air. I realize the motive behind that cryopod. Odds are pretty good he simply wanted to kill me later and take the sheep. I shoot between a brontos legs. I knew i couldn't win this fight and I knew my odds of survival were slim but i was determined to make a go of it at least. I try to aggro him onto anything i can. I want him to waste stamina. My only chance is to evade long enough for his mount to tire or to lose him in the dense vegetation. I juke like a bat as he spins around for another dive at me. I spiral around a cliff and weave between trees, anything to make it harder for him to track me. Any time i broke away for a few seconds i would drop into a bush to hide and recover stam while he wasted some time looking for me. He was never far behind and he knew it but that tiny reprieve would buy me time and energy to leap into the air and evade him again. I managed to break away and dive into the canyons to escape. I dropped and hid in a bush and held my breath. One heartbeat... two.. three it went on forever. I forcefed my poor tired and bloody ptera. Something griffin shaped hit the waterfall. I dunno if it was him or not cuz griffs do spawn there and freq fall off the cliffs above. I wasn't taking any chances though. If it was him he would have been kicked off his mount the minute he hit the water. I leapt up, rapidly scaling the cliffs and disappeared into the forest. I took the long way home, always clinging to cover and always looking over my shoulder. Was a hell of an escape i didn't think id pull off honestly. I def felt like the mouse fleeing the cat. I found out just skeevy and hostile the alphas are. Bring it on then lol. Go take my crap out of my sad stone box. But one day when you've grown fat and complacent I'll be there.
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    Totally underused saying! I agree completely. Its never been so solo friendly as it is today. Cryopods make the game so easy
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    We have done some hiring recently and the sole purpose was to support the "live game" without impacting future content. We have more resources to dedicate to this now.
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    Offfical Valguero PvE, all by myself I finally tamed an Argy, which will greatly advance my mobility and dino power capabilities. I used the "four stone dino gate" type of trap. I had read about them and they seemed much more straighforward than some of the more intricate but cheaper designs. It worked exactly as advertised, but I had to walk slowly and let the Argy hit me from time to time to make sure that it followed me into the trap. There were lots of Trikes and Stegos in the area and they seemd to be helping the Argy to prevent me from closing the gate intil the Argy could turn around and fly out. It took me three tries, but I finally got him insode, me outside, and the gates closed. I had run out of tranq darts by that point, so I fell back to my tranq arrows from an ordinary crossbow. He kept turning away from me whnever I hit him in the head, so I had to run back and forth to opposite sides and all of the Trikes and Stego go tin the way. I was almost out of tranq arrows when he finally succumbed. I checked him and he was level 140! No wonder it took so much effort to put him down. I did a check on the Dododex and saw that it normally would take 6 hours using raw meat. I had been preparing for this for a while, but I expected to snag a level 50 tops. Fortunately, it was a double-weekend and it would only take 3 hours. I would probably not get a chance like this again for a while, so I set in for the long tame (but not so long as not duinrg a double weekend). I had my Stegos sweep the area every time that the berries respawned to get enough Narcoberries and killed lots of pigs for meat. While I waited, I built on my new home - I am calling it a castle since that seems to be the direction that i am taking it. My goal is something like Mad Ludwig's castle (think Disney if you do not know about Ludwig), but I am sure that it will look like it was rendered in Minecraft since I tend to build blocky and square. I will post a picture when I get the turrets finished. Back to taming - the hard part is not the subduing or the feeding and tranqing. The hard part is keeping the unconscious dino safe from all manner of predators that climb out of the Abberant Trench. I had read a suggestion to use spiky walls to keep taming dinos safe, so I placed wooden spikes all around the trap except for the gate that was farthest from the Argy. While I was working on the castle, I heard the battle music and crunching from the direction of the trap. There was a Carno reaching over the spike wall, through the closed gate, crunching on my unconscious Argy. I had on full plate that was fully repaired (I always try to keep my weapons sharpened), so I jumped off the battlement with my sword yellling "Cowabunga, Dude!" and rushed the Carno. The poor thing hardly had a chance to turn around from the Argy before I clove him in twain. I built a econd tier of sharpened spikes in a ring outside the first ring and stayed a little more alert after that. I killed another Carno and two Raptors befofre the Argy was tamed. All of the Stegos and Trikes that were blocking me earlier helped kill a few more Raptors that wandered into the area. I think I will leave them in the fields around the castle as they seem to make good guards - sort of like gators in a moat. The Argy tamed out at 180, so it will be immune to regular Rex roars (critters lower level than a particular Rex will suffer the effects of "Rex-roar"). Now I just need to accumulate enough keratin to build the saddle...
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    PS4 - Unofficial Cluster - Abberration I logged on yesterday with trepidation, as I expected some huge new bases to be built near me. But unless I am missing something, the people from a couple days ago, tore down the base and trap they were building, as it was no longer right next to me! So I was pleased about that, and then I headed out to trap some more Queens. I ended up trapping 3 different Queens and getting pregnant from each. The first queen was a lower level, but gave me a All orange and Parchment baby. The next was a near max level queen that sadly gave me a plain black and tan baby. The final queen was a decent level, and the baby came out Dark Red with Purple belly. Looks really cool. So I ended up getting 2 more of those babies, and also got my buddy Indiana pregnant when he happened to log on. So it was a good night.
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    I cant believe there is a conversation going on about my questionable accent Just to clear things up, I am 100% Irish, my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents etc are all 100% Irish. Id show my birth cert if that didn't DOX my identity Years back when i first started playing games online on PS3 (COD4 days) i noticed that people thought i had a speech impediment or something, Like most places in the world, letters can sound different, for example, most of my English friends don't pronounce words like "Wall" correctly, sounds like "Wawl". Irish people don't really pronounce the H in words so "Thirty" turns into "Tirty". After realising people couldn't understand me well i started to force the H into words and correct other parts of my speech, which made me abandoned the stereotypical Irish sounding words. Though they sometimes slip out in videos and when im talking. Another thing to note is that the Irish have hundreds of accents, you can go down the road and people will sound way different. I live in North Dublin and where i grew up nobody really sounded like the stereotypical Irish person. Also worth noting that in the 3 years i've been making content i've mostly been hanging out with Americans, my Wife is Canadian... Having these types of people around constantly will have an effect on your accent and the words you'd use Back on topic, I appreciate people not calling me clickbait, someone DMed me this thread and reading through made me smile hah I do use all cap titles because I honestly think it looks cleaner, i considered switching back to varied but decided that it doesnt matter much, i hardly think its baity but that's just me. But hey, atleast my tltles aren't like this "TAMING a HIGH LEVEL GALLIMIMUS for KIBBLE" lol
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    I will probably be downvoted for this, but so be it. raptor internet points. This is a terrible idea, and there should be a forum button to downvote suggestions. Once a suggestion hits a certain threshhold of downvotes it is removed from the suggestion forum... Because this idea is raptoring terrible. There is already pay-to-win in many games. ARK doesn't need it. It never has had it, and we've gotten along just fine without it. A game with content releasing in 2019 that has no item shop/in-game microtransactions is a rare and beautiful thing. And I'm not talking about, "I got SE for 2.99 on summersale so that is micro LOL!!1!!1" I'm talking about the exact thing you are suggesting: Buying kibble, items, and saddles. Things that 1) don't require a huge amount of knowledge or research to obtain, and 2) can significantly turn the tide for a tribe on PvE or PvP (especially PvP). Stop being raptoring lazy. Get your own BPs and kibble, and keep microtransactions out of our game. Don't know how to? Well then do, quite literally, 2 minutes of research about it and you will have all the info you need.
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    A very busy weekend for me. No, I did not get a rex saddle bp despite many swamp cave runs and hours spent chasing drops in the northern half of The Island between cave spawns. I'm getting pretty much everything except that. At least I got a really nice asc crossbow bp. I can't be the only one who has an asc longneck and still tranqs most things with a crossbow simply because I always have arrows and narcs around, it's easier than crafting darts that most animals don't need anyway. While my mission failed, I did make some lateral progress. While out running beacons, I kept an eye out for daeodons and ended up taming a pair to breed later. I don't intend to take them into the arenas, but I'll stage one outside for the inevitable post-battle healing. I also happened across a 145 thyla which I grabbed and tamed up just to have. And I finally found a decent female doed, bred with my better male and now have an imprinted doed, that's been on my list to do for ages. It could just be me but I feel like a lot of people neglect to breed their utility animals, even a non-mutated imprinted harvester is a significant improvement for things you'll be farming continuously anyway. Mammal breeding can be a bit meh though. I also hit my current max survivor level of 105, so that's something. Not all that useful at this point, but a first for me. I'd say most of my progress was in breeding over the weekend. I spent plenty of time at base tending to the hatchery. I'm now up to 3 HP and 3 melee mutations on the rexes, very happy with that especially since the HP muts have been lagging for awhile. I'm also up to 4 HP mutations on the spinos, which I'm only really doing for fun but still pretty nice. As for colors, I have the weirdest breeding luck in that every time I get a female rex with nice colors and breed to my clean male, the colors never transfer to the new breeding male. So we're still on moldy pea soup. I did pop a rare double mutated spino who got an HP and a melee mutation, and happens to have very nice color mutations. While it's not useful for breeding, I did keep it as my new main mount. No name yet, though. And while I was cleaning up at the end of the night on Sunday, I spent some time renovating my base, which is much too small for my current needs. The exterior didn't change a whole lot, but I put in a second floor and a loft over the stable, plus changed the roof to be a deck for my main fliers. I don't have a proper aviary for the breeding birds yet, but on moving them I did notice that I think my melee mutated argent actually got a wyvern red, which is neat. The downside is now I need to set up a new hatching area, because I need to put my forge where the hatchery is now. It didn't fit where it was anyway, I just hadn't felt like building. I'm regretting putting my greenhouse where I did because that's prime real estate for base expansion. Still strongly considering building a new Tek base elsewhere later on, so I'm just not sure how much more effort I want to invest in this whole compound overall, honestly. Current goals remain unchanged. Rex saddle bp is a top priority, I cannot move forward without it. Continuing to work on the rex and spino lines, but at this point it's basically filler, something to do while I'm stuck. Will be doing swamp runs all week in the hopes of getting a bp so I can prep for a big boss battle weekend.
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    EU-PVP-Official-[REDACTED] While it's nice to have two manas (which, as I may have mentioned, I do) I haven't yet found the position within my tightly regimented stealth operation that would be best filled by a massive glowing dragon. A massive amount of metal, on the other hand, is instantly useful. Since its previous owners didn't appear to be using it on account of being locked in cages, and their front door apparently having been blown in by some sort of remotely triggered explosive device, I felt it prudent to take it into my personal custody. It's debatable whether the time spent moving a massive amount of metal over a mountain by megatherium might have been more productively spent in actually mining the stuff, but I leave that sort of thing to the bean counters. In other news, I have a shiny new safehouse and a rocket launcher now*. *The stealthiest of all weapons.
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    Sounds like this will be easy to implement. I rank it on the same scale as fixing meshing.
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    I started my day with enough eggs to make a chicken farm jealous. Since rolling back my save, I've had quite a few of them building up so I went ahead and started hatching them. The very first rex egg I popped gave me my second stack melee mutation. Great! Except for one thing. People are always posting cool blue, purple, even red rexes. This is what I got: If Lisa Frank did dinosaurs, it would be this rex. With dubious progress in progress, I took my bary out to the swamp cave for another run. Got an asc theri saddle, which would be more useful if I had one. I plan to tame one if I can find a good weight stat out there somewhere, need a mushroom/flower harvester. Nothing else was worth mentioning. Then I ran out to carno island and stalked drops in the area for awhile. No luck there either. Flew home and the rave rex was grown. Also a female, so I put her with my clean male, luckily we popped a moldy pea soup male to continue the stack with. You know it's bad when that green is an improvement... Did a few chores around the base and called it a night.
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    Havent been on Ark much recently. Between work, life and a holiday I havent had much time for gaming, and what little time I had I have spent playing other games. Also it hasnt felt right without d1nk. I have spent what little of my time on Ark consolidating all of the tribes assets onto the Island base, I cant keep up with the upkeep on multiple servers by myslef. Turns out this was also a good move as the Aberration and Scorched servers on the cluster are being decommissioned. As we didnt have any setup on Scorched this wasnt an issue but on Aberration it was a bit more problematic but i had been moving assets off the server and decommissioning the base anway. I think I have gotten everything of use off the server but am still attempting to hunt a few things including our rock drake saddle bp. Also, annoyingly one or two of the tek teleporters are being problematic and refusing to be picked up. Its the same story on the Ragnarok (which is also being wiped at somepoint anway), Extinction and the Center servers. I moved all the breeders and blueprints off the Center and into the Island base, my word I need a cull of the blueprint collection. Still looking around for a few things but it looks like I have done most of the hard work. On the Island the refurbished central base is now up and running. I am in the process in sorting out the boss theri line trying to sort out some solid breeders but its slow work. Am also sorting out some giga eggs to raise up some more gigas just incase for any future endeavours.
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    Offical PvE Valguero, all by myself I now have the beginnnings of a kibble farm. I tamed one male and two female Stegos, have several crop plots on my boat, some recycle bins, and a pig to generate poop. The Stegos also contribute poop when they are not breeding or dropping eggs. When I have made enough regular kibble, I will go after some higher-level dinos. I hate waiting 4-5 hours for a tame. This double-tame weekend, I did not have the spare time set aside to go after anything significant. I finally decided on a permanent location for my keep and it is where I saw the three Spinos ravaging a couple of weeks ago. They were all gone with only herbivores nearby, so I took my chances and completed a small 2x2x2 stone cube with a bed and room for much expansion (a large flat area). I also built about half a dino pen with one giant dino gate and lots of large dino gates. I used some regular stone walls in one place to add a human-sized door in case I need to lure in something and run out the other side (I used this strategy to some good effect on The Island before). When I was gathering resources to expand, I noticed a stone overhang with what seemed to be a large crystal inside. I had not found any crystal yet in Valguero, so I went in to take a look. Apparently, I have built my base fairly close to the Aberrant Trench! No wonder there were lots of Spinos earlier. All of the Trikes in the area are perpetually glowing from Rexes in the trench. After I get established, I will have a lot of fun journeying down into the trench and trying to bring back a good carnivore or two. On a sadder note, I tried to tame a Argy at a place a long way from any of my resources. I decided that I could probably just tank the damage and stun it by shooting it in the head a few times with tranq arrows. I made several rookie mistakes here. One, I did not build any kind of trap. This was because it is usually hard to pin an Argy down to a particular place - this was on a mountainside. Two, I forgot to change into my metal armor and noticed that I was still wearing leather when I started flashing red a lot sooner than i expected. Three, I did not check out the Argy's level beforehand (see my previous description of not finding any crystal - thus no spyglass). Four, other than my armor I brought all of my best gear along (especially the crossbow). Five, I did not drop a sleeping bag nearby to return to pick up my stuff after I died (i.e., I did not plan for possible failure). Needless to say, I failed and died and was not able to recover anything. One thing that I did right and may be able to recover is that I set my low-level Ptera (I flew to this location) to "passive flee". With a lot of luck it is hanging around at the top of the sky in that area just waiting for me to come back. All-in-all, an exciting dino-wrangling time!
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    More Tek engrams and items. More of the Ark story revealed. For creatures, I'd love to see something that re-instills fear into seasoned players. I'm not necessarily talking about something that is simply more powerful such as a Giga, but something that has the overall effect that Giga had on the game... something that shakes up the meta and gives old players a new reason to be afraid. In keeping with the idea of the Tek savvy 'overlords'... and getting closer to the reveal of the overall story line, I'm thinking something highly intelligent that hunts survivors, using similar methods we might use on dinos, (trapping, narcing, etc). Think 'Predator' movie. Where we become the hunted. They might even be granted the use of Tek items in their hunt. Further to this... imagine some new Tek, such a Tek invisibility camo that the creature uses, and if you were to defeat the predator hunting you, you could gain the tek to use yourself.
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    PS4 Single Player- I started a game on Ab. There's a lot for me to explore yet on the map so I spawned in the mushroom forest and ran down to the edge. Found a nice secluded spot so I set up a little farming base. Been playing 2 days. Day 1 was mostly running around and getting some levels. A couple deaths but wasn't too bad. I hand farmed a few items and scouted a permanent base location. It's on an isolated cliff overlooking the edge. It's going to need a big ramp/stairway for access. Near the end of the day I found a 130 Doedic so I knocked it out and tamed it up. That'll help speed things up. Day 2 I started laying the groundwork for the ramp. I am going to build it out wood first. Even with that low cost, it was taking awhile so I broke off from farming to hunt down a Roll Rat. I actually had more deaths on day 2 than 1. Partly due to just focusing on looking for a Rat so situational awareness was weak, partly because I was feeling 9ver confident and fighting the packs of Ravs and Raptors instead of avoiding. I found only a 145 Trike, not something I need this go around, but everything else I came across was pathetic. I never found a decent Rat (want at least an 80) but did run across a level 75 Rav. That'll help with its weight reduction on certain mats so after fighting off its pack I eventually got it down and tamed it up. I laid a few ziplines up to the base so the Rav makes transporting up there much quicker than using climbing picks every time. The hunt for a decent Roll Rat will continue tomorrow amd I may lay out some sap taps so I can start prepping to tame snails for CP.
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    Today, and rest of this week is cloning Dust Gacha and Owls. I've got a nice little silo that will dump all the gacha crystals into a neat little pile. When I get everything set up it will be fly from silo to silo and pick up crystals. Almost as bad a grinding for the rock to feed them, but it gets me the element I need to make my tek base.
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    Helped an ally get a rex, then we went down to explore the Aberration cave some more. Not sure how I've never had a Karkinos before this playthrough. I love my crab lol
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    What about a weekend during the summer where Scorched Earth has all weather events be heat waves with Phoenix constantly spawning. A dog days of summer heat deal.
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    There should be a way to separate the balances made to dinosaurs and game mechanics between PvE and PvP. Multiple balances have made PvE nothing but hard. Managarmr being a recent example, in PvE they're useless now thanks to the many balances made to make PvP better. Flier nerf was a huge change in PvE making fliers and transportation harder by forcing us to land since PvP was taking to the skies too often and the game tried to "ground" the fight
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    I really like this topic, Im new to the forums and I like the idea of sharing your daily projects, so I decided to make a post too: Im playing on legacy servers and since I already have a pretty big base and a lot of dinos, breeding is my daily cup of tea. Today I decided to take out of cryo some owls and argies with nice colors together with a gigantopithecus that got a green face and a 324 base lvl clean tek stego. Still got half of the fridge filled with random babies, but I decided to have a chill day. As I head out with my giga to farm some meat, I notice a pair of orange glowing eyes right in front of my door. I spyglassed that little devil and its lvl 145. Quite high for an island creature, so I decided to tame it. Finished meatrun and returned to base, grabbed shield, stimulants and opened dododex to read something about troodon taming. Suggestion: Build a pen - alright, so I made a stone 2x2 pen with a ramp, waited till next night, lured the spawn of devil inside and tossed a poor lvl 150 poison wyvern baby out. The troodon started panicking, running into walls and refused to eat me or the baby. Frustrated, I punched it. Twice. Tried feeding the baby rare flowers and ate bunch of them myself. All I got was a really pissed trike wandering around and a troodon that ignored me more than a 16y old teenager. With the sunrise I demolished the pen, cryoed the wyvern and unleashed the devil into the wild. Now I remember why I hate passive taming, it seems so random. Next night I noticed the troodon was back on the horse, chasing dodos around, so I uncryoed the baby wyvern, cryoed it back and tossed it out with the cryosickness. That 145 minion of hell noticed our presence, made that victory "rau-rau" shout and jumped into my face. I got surprised and chugged down so many stimulants, my always drunk uncle would be proud of me. Positioned myself at the unconscious wyvern and kept chugging my stimulants while holding the shield. It took 3 bites for the little life-wrecker to kill the wyvern, and a pop-up name table showed up (kinda annoying). Black and blue 217 female dream eater was mine, and this "yolo" process took me less than 2 minutes. Note for myself - dont bother with a taming pen, troodons are klaustrophobic. Now I want to wait for colored event and get another high lvl one with red stripes to make a black/red killing machine. I have a floor with "mini-dinos", each of them having their own enclosure like a mini petting zoo. Got oviraptors, penguins, hespes, microraptors, vultures, lystros, archaeos, ichtys, dilos, dimos, pegos, compies, dodos and bats, with a troodon finally joining my collection. Satisfied with my catch, I got back into my breeding house, cryoed babies and called it a night.
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    PVE-Official-TheIsland Spent most the day here, fed the dinos, pulled out some eggs and tossed out some Juvi rexs who had 807 melee, colored so they'll add to the stock :). Hatched one egg and I got a great rex out of it, I shoved 5 meat into it and ..... DC'ed... tried reconnecting couldn't get back in, tried restarting ark and getting back in, didn't work. rebooted pc, fired up ark and thought for sure the new baby was going to be dead... waited impatiently to get back into the game... it was still alive, i quickly opened its inventory and shoved some meat into it, ignoring the eggs. It had 10hp left, barely saved. grabbed snow owl and healed the baby. Then i look at the eggs 4 eggs gone... no rexs... decided to check under the floor (sense its hollow) and sure enough 2 rexs down there, nothing special, 808 and 900 melee rexes. the other two eggs had to of vanished out of existence, all 4 were to hatch at the same time. So two eggs lost to DC and almost a new stat baby rex. I podded the baby and decided to help a person who was prepping to take a bunch of random tribes with them on two boss runs. I brought over medi brew for all the people and handed it out. Then after they returned from the first fight I stuck around and helped heal all the rexs with my snow owl so they could head out on the next battle sooner. There were 3 of us there hitting the rexs with snow owls and they were all back up to full in a short period of time. and off to the next battle..... I watched the rexs and people teleport out 5 at a time to the boss battle with about a 10 second delay between them, i thought for sure the server maybe getting ready to die. Two people ended up getting left behind even though their rexs went in, no rhyme or reason for it to of happened, it was under on rex count and survivor count. so those two missed out on second boss. again after they returned I helped them heal up the rexs, and someone decided it would be fun to toss out abunch of rexs all around the ob so that the person taking theirs in couldn't move them off the ob. 20 ko'ed rexs all around.... ugg... The person who was doing the boss runs took some video of it and filed a report, if that can't be considered a form of griefing, I don't know what is... back to the base i headed, and popped the new rex out for a littlewhile as the lag seemed to of dropped even though there were 32 people running around on the server. I let it grow for abit and stuck it back in cryo, im pretty happy with it though, over a year of breeding rex carefully, i have a nice high stat base now, 30k health, 1.5k stam, 560 weight meh I can boost that, and 1125.4% melee! woot out does the 1007 babies I still have to finish raising: refreshed the beds on the island, and headed out for the day, all in all, even with the problem that almost cost me this baby, things went fairly well
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    1. Troodon 2. Pegomastax 3. Troodon
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    Wildcard thank you for all your hard work So I just have beaten extinction and I have to say it’s a masterpiece wildcard thank you I had a blast playing extinction and can’t wait for genesis with all the hate and people complaining I thought I would share some love
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    that's simple, you already have that in game, just tame a bunch of dodo's.
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    PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Bad storms in my area caused me to only play for about 2 hours last night. I logged into Rag, and hit some drops and beacons. Then my buddy Texas logged in, and we did the Alpha bosses. My team of Rexs and I were pretty much useless. Upon entering the arena, my rexs were all stuck on each other, and no matter what I whistled, they couldn't get unstuck. Finally I had to get on each one and move him out of the pile. This finally accomplished, we began our sprint across the arena to where Texas and his team are fighting the Dragon. We don't even get to join them before the dragon is dead! We then focus on the Manticore, who of course never landed near us, but instead would always land nearly on top of Texas and his rexs. And of course Golems would spring up between us and the Manticore, so my team pretty much spent the entire time in the arena killing golems. 25 minutes later, we had defeated the bosses , and with the boosted server setting, we got a total of 1600 element (800 each) So that helps tremendously for stocking up the generators, and for saving up towards teleporters (10k Element, 10k ingot, plus other resources) I did also manage to to tame a very low level, but cool looking Green Bay Packer colored griffin. I then transferred over to Abberration, and quickly found a 304 Reaper Queen (max level is 351), I kited her back to the trap, and a blue and red event colored reaper king baby burst thru my chest a bit later. Still in party chat with Texas, I let him know about the Queen, who was still in the trap. He said he would be over soon, but had to finish some giga imprints first. Well 20 minutes later, I was struggling to keep my eyes open, so I just hopped into the tek pod, but did not log off. I then went to bed. 2.5 hours later I wake up (I sleep very poorly, due to sever back injury and pain) and I walked into the living room to see if Texas was done with the Queen, so I could log off my character. To my surprise, Texas was still on the Abberration map, and the Queen was still in the trap. I asked him in chat if he was done with Queen, and he said that he had not gotten pregnant yet, and was instead gathering resources and other errands. So I got back into the sleeping pod, and once again stayed logged in . 3 hours later I was up again, and this time he was not logged into the server, so I logged out, and closed my PS4 down for the day. I did manage to get a better picture of my Rag bridge at night.
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    The average person has very little insight into states-warfare and politicking at that scale. States-warfare is not "real life" as the grossly vast majority of people experience it. Real life, for people who want to maintain somewhat healthy relationships, is not manipulative posturing. I'm not saying that real-life isn't part of playing online games, Sphere. I'm saying that the common practices of extreme hostility and psychological attacks prevalent in online video games' (including ARK) synonymy with "real-life" is not a really strong comparison/parallel to make, and certainly not strengthened by referencing the fact that wars, conflict, and subterfuge-based coops have happened (at some point in history). That's all.
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    I want a Chameleon shoulder pet, that can make you hidden like the Rock Drake.
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    EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland today, i took a 18 800 melee rexs with 35k health into the alpha ape battle, we had one yuty there for two reasons, 1 all the rex we moved off to the right as soon as we got in, and the yuty ran up and pulled the ape to the rexs, after pulling it to the rexs it proceeded to buff them as they attacked the ape. the battle lasted a whole 4 minutes. After that we took the element and made a tek teleporter and generator, then sense we have been playing together for serveral months but in seprate tribes, we merged our two tribes together. at the other players base we placed the second teleporter and geny in a small room, just big enough to hold it and whatever we teleport to it. its set to non-public, so no ones going to be teleporting in. It took us sense Friday to be able to do a bossbattle on the server, as every obelisk had dino's parked around them so that no one else could get dino's to them. blocked. This is one reason we setup the teleporter, there is a drop that comes down right outside the door at the teleporter so we can bring the rexs over, wait for a drop and start the boss fight that way instead of having to wait days for people to move their dino's off the obelisks. The blue obelisk is totally inaccessable, but the green obelisk got cleared enough that we managed to get all the rex positioned onto the platform. The red one is finally clear, but its too far of a trek to take the rexs on foot and no where near that a teleporter could be placed due to pillars. Anyhow, we found a solution for our problem, and its in a good enough spot that, well, lets just say no ones going to be keeping us from accessing it. and no, we don't have it blocked. Hopefully we will be able to get more boss battles done in the future to get abit more tek made up for our two bases now there, both being on opposite ends of the map, making it nice sense now, both have a teleporter to easily get back and forth.
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