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    It's unfortunate that in the 60 seconds it took me to create this image, you think the dev team has completely stopped all work. The team have been and still are working hard to fix all high-priority issues.
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    ARK: Genesis 1 Listen to the ARK:Genesis Theme Song: Continue your quest for survival and unlock the next chapter in the saga of ARK: Survival Evolved on February 25th. Get the ARK: Genesis Season Pass
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    I know you ARK Devs get a lot of backlash when you have to delay the launch of another DLC, but if that means that we get a less buggy release AND simultaneous launch on all systems, I believe that it is worth it. Did we foresee another delay coming after the silence about Genesis this month, yes. But this doesn't mean we should tear apart these devs all over social media. At the end of the day, they've made a great game that we can all play and enjoy. Moreover, nobody wants to see more delays in the future. Not the players, and not the devs either. But things pop up, something goes wrong, other events outside of Genesis get in the way. That happens to everybody. I just hope that we can expect more accurate release dates beforehand when going into the launch of DLCs. And when things are going awry, I hope we can get the delay notice sooner rather than later, because then at least we're not so close to the release date with so much hype just for it to be yanked back even further. A message to the Devs, thanks for making such a great game and putting so much work into it. I'm sorry that you guys constantly have to deal with backlash from this kind of stuff, but we all love this game and the community built up around it. May we all hope for a great Genesis launch in February and more success with this stuff in the future. Thank you!
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    "Are you serious? You Say you are releasing it December then you go onto say that you delay THEN you dont say anything for a whole month and THEN DELAY IT ANOTHER MONTH. You said that It was delayed a month 2 MONTHS BEFORE THE ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE HOW IS THAT NOT ENOUGH TIME. I am Demanding a refund from this dlc. Absolutely Ridiculous."
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    A Message from the Founders Hello Survivors, Jesse and Jeremy here! We know things have been a bit quiet on Genesis news for the past few weeks, even though there is much more to show you, we’ve been deeply immersed in the pre-release development process. That being said, we’re writing today to tell you that the final release date for Genesis Part 1 is now February 25th, 2020 simultaneously on all platforms. This additional delay will no doubt come as a disappointment to everyone who is eagerly awaiting Genesis. We’re extremely sorry to push it back an extra month, but as we have been heads-down with the rest of the team polishing, balancing and putting the final pieces together, we really felt that the extra wait will be worth it both for the quality of the base game and the ambitious new expansion. The live ops team is taking advantage of the scheduling change by making sure we have a really fun Valentine’s event in store for you (something we originally planned to skip because it followed so closely behind the launch of the new expansion). Plus, we’ve just deployed an initial anti-meshing patch, and next week we will be rolling out a definitive anti-meshing logic overhaul that should fundamentally address those long-standing issues. As we look forward to a successful cross-platform launch of Genesis, all of this will make ARK substantially better for everyone who plays PvP and PvE. On behalf of the broader Wildcard team, we thank you so much for your passion, creativity, feedback, and support. We are extremely thrilled to bring ARK’s next chapter to you, and are looking forward to a hugely exciting 2020! Meanwhile, here are some tasty new screenshots from ARK: Genesis Part 1! Jesse and Jeremy Studio Wildcard Anti-Meshing Efforts Hey everybody! I’m WC_jellyknee, the lead Live Ops Engineer on the ARK team. I wanted to tell you about our efforts to prevent cheating in ARK in general, and our continuing efforts to defeat undermeshing specifically. We're excited to get this post out in order to address the issue of meshing with the community and, also, to share news on how we will be countering meshing more aggressively moving forward via technical solutions. I'm going to start off by quoting from a previous developer diary: You can read the rest of the developer diary here: Undermeshing has been a thorn in the side of both players as well as the enforcement team, and a serious concern for the development team. To help mitigate this, we have further upgraded our anti-undermeshing system in order to help the enforcement team track down problematic map areas, as well as tracking down people who are breaking the ARK Code of Conduct. This underlying system has been in place for a while now, gathering useful data, and we have been testing it to make sure that it works reliably. We wanted to make sure that it minimizes the amount of false positives - we don't want it to flag locations where players can get to during normal play Now that this system has been proven to be effective, we've now built another layer on top of it to take advantage of this data. I don't want to give specific numbers here because it can only help bad actors try to find new exploits, but I'll explain how this system works: 1) If we detect a player undermeshing for a certain amount of time, it will teleport them to a valid position that they were previously at. It will then monitor that player for an amount of time. 2) If the system finds that player undermeshing again within that time, or if it's not able to teleport the player to a previous position, then the player's character will die. Any items being carried will remain at that location. 3) The system is aware of what the character is doing, and will take certain actions into account to help prevent player frustration. The system, whilst in a state we’re confident will have an impact on limiting meshing, is in a state of ongoing development. We will continually make improvements and updates, along with rolling out more definitive undermeshing-resolving changes in the next week. While we continue to introduce new content and experiences to fans of ARK we will remain focused on ensuring that everyone has a fair playing experience on the Official Network. By default, the anti meshing system will be on for the Official Network For Unofficials, these launch parameters can be used: -noundermeshchecking // Will turn it off the anti meshing system entirely -noundermeshkilling // Will turn it off the anti meshing player kills (but still allow teleporting) Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    Because alot of people aren't happy they are fixing this, I am very happy though and find it funny how many have actually been abusing this
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    Now when you going do something about everyone teleporting corrupt gigas to ppls base and destroy all the hard work in pve
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    What WC Really needs to do Ok, first I'll start by saying this isn't a rant, I'm not ticked because I personally have lost items, characters, dinos that I've spent a lot of time on. This is for EVERYONE playing Ark. WC needs to read concerns of people playing the game. I highly doubt they'll even read this and they'll never attempt to reply to something like this either. But whatever, at least we can try! We are the community playing the game. We should have a voice! Ark is barely playable anymore. Especially during events. These issues should not be happening. I mean, server prices have dropped drastically. Ram, hard drives, and networking equipment are getting so very cheap. WC is a huge company with many smart people. They DO have great developers, despite what some may think based on how their servers run. Based on how their servers run, one would honestly think they have a barn with mice in little wheels creating power and when they get tired, servers start going down. That's what it sure feels like. This is horrible management and it makes no sense at all. As I said WC is a huge company. A game should not run this badly. I have never played a game where there are 30 seconds to 1 minute delays every 15 minutes!! What is that all about? Incremental backups are really not that hard to setup (I've done it myself with Terabytes and Terabytes of data) and should not even be noticed during gameplay. Many super successful games have no problem with this. Stop creating new content and fix what you already have. WC owes it to the players to fix what they have already made. It's really sad in all honesty to see what players are saying in global chat on random official servers. You can go to any random official server on the game and see what people are saying and it's ALL the same. During this Love Is In The Air event, all I saw is stuff like "OMG all my dinos are podded again", "I just transferred back and lost my character", "I gave imprints for 20 minutes and now I have to come back and do them again", "I came on earlier for imprints, server rolled back, imprints were never done and I didn't know cause I went to work, came to do next imprints only to realize previous imprints didn't go through!!", "I was flying back home and crashed, when the game came back up, I was dead, can't find body, dino died, I lost everything I had on me!" It's bad. I mean really bad! Anyone that plays on Official is going through this. We all take it, complain for 10 minutes and then go on with our gameplay. What do we do? Quit? Nope, no one is really going to quit unless they are new and haven't had an established setup with tons of dinos. I'm not going to quit. I love this game! It's fun, challenging at times, the events are neat (when they aren't crashing every 30 minutes), and I really do like the whole community of the game and ideas people come up with. That's why they owe us fixes. That's why they need to fix things! The loyal long term players deserve this including new people if you want to keep them playing too! Come on WC, read what the people want. Please take care of your amazing community!
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    In an effort to optimize and increase game performance, we've identified areas where the amount of available memory can be increased. We've discovered that event items, past and current, are using valuable game resources that are needed in our optimization effort. Due to this, Valentines Chocolates and Valentines Candies will be removed following the Love Evolved event on 2/25.
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    Beat me to it. I was gonna suggest "people asking for nerfs"
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    Aliens confirmed for genesis, heard it here first. Massive, fairly fit, aliens.
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    I think a few of you must have dropped something, I found these laying around in the thread...
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    A delay is never fun but at least we now have a date to HYPE for! And OMG those pictures are awesome
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    Its a pity the devs seen to rely so heavily on twitter, an outlet that not everyone uses. If only there was a website that acted as central hub for the entire community that the devs could post on a regular basis. Information could be conveyed so much easier.
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    Start playing it in beta the day it was released.
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    Am I doing this right?
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    You weren't supposed to see this!! Whoops I forgot to hide this when I originally created it. I'M FIRED!
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    Build a wall and make the theri pay for it
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    Why would it even be necessarily have to stop producing new content to stabilize the game? Those are two different teams. The people are on the different teams because they have different skill sets. Idk if some people are imagining they can just consolidate every programmer into one team, or if they want wild card to fire a bunch of people and permanently halt the development of new content and reroute that money to the stabilization. I feel like this would be a dire mistake and probably kill ark in the long run.
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    It still feels like early access to me. Feels like a beta testing game. I would expect the crashes on that for sure!
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    You're supposed to drink beer while you fish, it makes it more fun. Works irl too.
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    C'mon guys stop complaining, the poor guy is running as fast as he can.
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    Try some barry white and low level lighting. They tend to be shy. Failing that there's a breedable griffins mod if you're not on official.
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    I understand everyone's frustration, I really do 2 delays is a long time to wait BUT there are a few things you have to realize. 1: Wildcard is not an AAA Company. It is hard for them to meet the speeds that us as gamers have become accustomed to, but this is normal. They are a small group so they cannot hire the top of the line coders and level designers that companies like Bethesda can. 2: This is a big dlc. So many games pass off dlc as a few new skins or a new weapon, This leaves the base game the same though. What wildcard is doing is creating a whole new game with only the character and engrams staying the same the whole world, engrams and dinos are completely different and require lots of level design and AI changing. 3: I feel the frustration concerning the quality of the dlc is very unfair to the developers. You claim that it will be riddled with bugs and that it will be unplayable before you can even step into the world. If it releases with the quality you say it will then yes, you are completely free to judge it as it is, but as it is now you can't truly know what the quality will be like. Feel free to quote me or trash talk me all you want. This is my opinion and the opinion of someone who knows what it is like to be in a small company and furthermore the struggles of programming a game. Thank you for reading and thank you Wildcard for making such a great game. Still my favorite game.
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    Since the ocean biome has a miniboss, the Moeder, I wonder if the other biomes will have their own minibosses. Also, who or what will be the "main" boss of the DLC?
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    Well, we should at least be glad it's because they want to make absolute sure Genesis functions the way it should. That's better than them, say, releasing Genesis in a broken, unplayable state.
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    You da man cedric...no matter what ppl say in these forums \social media. ... in my eyes your doing a damn good job;)...and this is coming from a 100% legacy player ....keep up the great work team!!!!
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    Is this a joke either tell us genesis is delayed or the release date. Keeping the entire community in limbo is unsatisfactory.
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    Then players would need to sit 2 hours in front of an obelisk/transmitter to upload their stuff. And you would be the first to make a thread complaining about that too.
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    The Reason The Game Is Dying. So about a week and a half ago, we set up a base in a cave. Was constantly getting hit so we put in countless all nighters even had a schedule set up so when one person went to sleep another got on. Over the course of a week, we put in so much time into our base grinded up tek turrets mad heavies, bullets, spam, flak, etc. raised over 100 babies during the event. When the event went down and the servers restarted, our server didn’t go back up for a while. We fought hard to get our server back, until about an hour ago it was up. We logged on to the server being rolled back. All our progress, babies, members, all gone. Still awaiting a response. My whole tribe is demotivated we are all on the verge of quitting. This isn’t the first time we’ve had trouble. About a month ago i lost my character. Talked a bunch with GM Fury about getting character and tek grams back. Found out i can only get my levels, which i was upset about but i soon got over it. So i asked when we can schedule an appointment to get my character back and never got a response since then. Completely ignored me. Ark is my escape, ark is everything to me. I live a poopty life and all my real friends are on this game. I come to this game for happiness and you ruined it. Wildcard, your game is going to die if you don’t help people, pay closer attention, and make yourself known within the community over the course of 2 years your game has gone down in activity dramatically. I love your game and I still want to play your game. But this is ridiculous.
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    I would like if the plesi got a speed boost just like the bear when swimming straight forward for a few seconds. Also it would be logical if he could strife into sides like tapejara. With these movement reworks it would be easier to position yourself for attacks. Once you put the platform on, the side-moving similar to tapejara will be removed. Also according to prehistoric facts, his strong fins allowed him to move on the ground just like a turtle. The mosas and tusos are so huge there is no space for plesis in my already big base. If they could chill on the beach it would look super cool. Not lie flat on ground, but standing there with a gracefuly bent neck. Plesis had small jaws and lesser teeth, we dont need another killing beast, leave that role to mosa and the shark. I would love a fast travelling mount with a lot of movement options. Also imagine sneaking underwater with platform, then emerging at someones gates on the beach and attacking the hell out of them. There would be disadvantage too, plesi should be slower on the ground and therefore vulnerable to attacks.
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    Date: Still set for the 25th Music: Sounding wonderful Optimism: High
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    Nice to see WildCard pushing the advertising campaign when there are players who can't even play because the last update created a blue screen issue #Priorities
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    I would nerf all the previous dino nerfs. Restore the dino's to their intended and glorious functions. Fast Flyers, Tank Tuso's, Mana Maniacs, Godly Griffins. The way Ark was meant to be!
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    @Cedric i detect microwave lasagna
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    One pro tip i strongly urge using on extincion is setting up cliff platforms above your base to use up the spaces for cliff platforms so that griefers can't set up a teleporter above your base and drop corrupted gigas into your base.
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    Imagine it was just running at you but a 1cm twig was in its path so it just tripped and fell over
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    We blame WC for not responding/removing login lock 9 hours ago, as for the lack of communications.
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    They have different people working on new content from the people working on bug fixes. coding isn't like lifting things, more people does not equal better outcome. There is a sweet spot where you reach maximum efficiency and adding more people makes things worse or has diminishing returns. This topic shows up regularly. Thing is, they could fix everything if they went back down and reinvented the game but people would lose progress and they already said it was easier to just release new content. You guys have already told them you would refuse to buy a brand new game, why would they put the work in for a brand new game?
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    I can kinda understand why, but I disagree. Those bunches of tendril things near the back end specifically really make me think organic. Lunatek is the name I've given to the moon (or space) tek in general. Whatever tek stuff the Federation (or whoever was in space) created that the URE never managed to get after the war. So, by default, it's different than the tek we've seen so far. While we're talking about names, to keep things simple make communication clearer, I propose this: Lunatek = What I just explained Tek = The type of tek we've seen so far Eletek = Any technologies based on tek, including both Tek and Lunatek As for the windmill idea... I don't know about keeping it afloat. Gravity should be able to do that on its own, although perhaps devices to help keep the remnants of the moon close together. Since we know that there's element in the air though, it's possible that that might actually be gathering the element from the air either to power something or to be collected later.
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    They probably are late on schedule because they most likely went overboard and ended up implementing much more content than what they initially intended to and based their release target from. Much like they delayed the base game's official release because they ended up releasing like 110+ creatures instead of the ~70 they initially planned, etc. But hey, people never talk about that; just that "release are always late". Who cares, really. Get netflix or something and come back later or don't pre-purchase anything in the future.
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    Im just here for the comments: Bwaaaah, exti stuff is OP why did you release it like this, bwaah, bwaaah. Why didnt you delay the release so its not that laggy and buggy, bwaaah, bwaaah. Bwaaah, fix meshing its a major problem, bwaah bwaah! 2020 be like: I dont mind if they delay the game, I just hope it wont be as bad as exti DLC. Few seconds later: Why did you delay my game that I preordered? Bwaaaah! I want it NOW! Bwaaah, WC isnt communicating, tell me NOW NOW! WC makes a post where they explain their new antimesh method and because of working on this, valentine event and new DLC they need another month to properly test as much aspects as they can (because the game offers so many across all platforms): Bwaaah, you told me so much AND I dont like what you said, bwaaaaaaaaah! BWAAAH my game is delayeeeed, I dont want to play it anymore, mommy I want refund so I can buy the DLC again 20 days later! That will show them! I dont care they will probably reduce the amount of meshing, they actualy made a progress and I cant cry about it anymore, bwaaah bwaah. Your crying is filling my heart with warmth and joy, thats what you deserve for preordering from a studio that wasnt reliable with dates before. I will just sit back and eat my popcorn while you are going to go after each others throats on the new map because of the chinese wave of pillars and claimed areas, some random rollbacks because something unexpected happens that couldnt be tested before and complaints when someone steals that juicy lvl 150 dino. After this storm is settled, I will consider buying the DLC. So go on, cry and fight!
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    Moving on... I wonder what that tek structure is supposed to be The astroceti shown look absolutely beautiful though! The bog picture has me slightly worried because I didn't notice the bloodstalker at first but maybe that's because I just woke up. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA THERE WERE TWO OF THEM THIS CANT BE HAPPENING And while we're looking at the picture, they've confirmed sarcos, carbons, and pteranadons for the bog. I'm also very impressed by their incredible Moeder boss strategy
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    My personal favourite update/fix and many others agree. Not too concerned about Genesis release, thanks for the mesh fix!
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    this message was long overdue. everyone who has been with ark for a long time already knew it was going to happen
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    Another one of these "I experienced a minor inconvenience, time to write a book about everything wrong with Wild Card."
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