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Evidence of the garbage Ark.


Ark is the most crappy game I've ever seen, with a lot of bug graphics. There are a lot of hanging garbage wildcard, garbage GM will only and know the player, such as thousands of PVP88 service, as long as a player hit them will crash the server, and GM also know is no matter, only allow them to hit others we can't touch them, regardless of these bugs. How many people have reported it. Inside the door. And I'm not going to expect any more Ark 2 because Ark 1 is already acting out, Ark 2 is real. - Tomus is about making money regardless of the player's inner mind, Ark2 will be just like Ark2 when it comes out. There is a full map bug that no one has fixed. Because dogs can never change their habit of eating poop. The garbage Ark.

Photo Information for Evidence of the garbage Ark.


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