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193 server tribe hacking/glitching


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I play on 193 server. I had my base broken into and Dinos claimed by a couple of other tribes. I honestly though I had another day or two on timer, but hey such is ark I don't have an issue with this however the next part I do.

I had a fully enclosed metal house with every chest locked and most pin codes.  Some how the two or three tribes evolved have broke down 4 metal walls even though there was still loads of time on the metal and stone. They got into the house and somehow unlocked some of my boxes and stole items out from them including quite a lot of master craft and acendent bp's. 

They also claimed Over 6 rex and my giga in my large barn through the walls and over the next 3 days some how glitched them through the walls and got them out each day they spent around 3 to 6 hours doing this. The house was fully sealed and again locked and pin coded doors. I really have no issue in loosing my tames ad was planning on leaving the server. My issue is with how they have hacked through boxes and walls to get things they should not have access to.

I can name and shame these people and tribes to the devs if needed and also show vids and pics of them doing this too. 

They have been using a wyvern on the server to grieve people too generally getting in people's way using wips to steal ppl item's. I know this is somewhat how the game works and seemingly isn't frowned upon by the we team but won't be long before nobody plays on that server and we are basically letting people cheat at their game.

193 server is pve btw.

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I can read. Can you spell correctly and use grammar?

You said they "broke into your metal walls". If it's pve..  then they had to have kited something to do damage.

In PVE... you obviously can't just "break down 4 metal walls" UNLESS someone in the tribe did it for them, or your foundations weren't metal. 

To walk them out... they probably used the "render glitch".


Can you read that? 

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