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Question for you experienced PC PGA survivors.

Does the local server used to create a PGA use up the existing local servers for vanilla/primitive Island/Center/SE, or does it create an entirely new server section?

Just trying to get an idea of what to expect when this comes to Xbox. Hoping it won't overwrite my previous progress, as local play is my go to Ark experience.

Thanks for any info. 


Edit: received an answer elsewhere that the PGA will in fact have their own local servers/saves.  Woohoo!!

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2 hours ago, BubbaCrawfish said:

Same as if you run island/center/scorched servers... As long as you set the alternative save directory, you'll be fine.




Just remember to back you dodos up.

Thanks, I forgot to mention I am on Xbox. Figured I'd ask you folks since you have experience with PGA.

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