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the island Another World - PvP, RP, Social, 10x and more - Seeking Tribes and Players!

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Hello survivors!

Another World is seeking new tribes and players to come join in on the fun with us.

We're a friendly server with an active, helpful admin team that does not pvp.  In the year the server has been around, there have been only two wipes, very little downtime, and with the datacenter that houses the server being in Montreal, Canada, very low lag, too!  We run without mods, so there are no lengthy downloads and headaches associated with mods and mod updates.  All play adjustments are done with server-side configurations, and the admin team is currently working on better supply drops.  There are various play adjustments that have been made:

  • 10x Taming Speed
  • 10x Harvest Amount
  • 10x XP from kills, crafting, special resources
  • 10x Hatch/Gestation
  • 10x Baby maturation speed
  • 10x Faster care interval for babies - anyone can care for babies, not just the imprinted player!
  • 4x Daytime length (Night default)
  • 4x Faster egg laying
  • 4x Faster mating interval
  • 3x XP from 'generic sources' (standing around)
  • 2x Decomposition for corpses and items (30 minutes instead of 15 to recover your body!)
  • 2x Crop growth speed
  • 2x Custom recipe effectiveness
  • 2x Skill effectiveness for custom recipes
  • Ability point increases for player levels! Health, stamina, food, water, weight, damage, and crafting speed 2x default, speed and fortitude 2.5x default! 
  • Resources replenish 25% closer to players and structures as default; keep the Ark green!
  • Floating damage text activated.
  • Crosshairs activated.
  • Map position activated.
  • Hit markers activated.
  • Offline damage protection activated; 15 minute timer from logout to activate.  Offline raiding is not pvp, and is also being a jerk!
  • Building in resource rich areas prevented. 
  • No downloads from obelisks.

The server is kept updated as closely as reasonably possible to the latest version available.  Updates are performed manually on the server owner's end, and done when there are no/few players on, or after fifteen minutes of warnings have been provided.  If tames are in progress, the update is either postponed or instant-taming food provided to ensure the least inconvenience to players possible.  Server updates typically take less than 30min.

The maximum player level is 100, and maximum wild dino level is 120; this is the same as official servers. 

There are a few server rules:  Most importantly, don't be a jerk.  Do not block access to artifacts/artifact caves.  One giga per tribe maximum.  Don't build in the admin zone (it's for server events n stuffs).

A Visitor's Center is located at 16, 73 with server information, a public meeting hall (where server-wide votes can be cast if needed), and a small crafting area.  An emergency shelter is located nearby as well.  If you want to spawn in there, it is the 'North 2' spawn area.

About the admin team:  There are two admins with admin powers (admin commands), and they do not pvp or abuse their abilities to make life miserable for players.  There are two admin assistants, who have no access to admin commands, but will be able to assist players otherwise with general ARK help.  As they do not have access to admin commands, they may do some pvp without admin assistance. 

If this sounds like the sort of place you would like to check out, you can find us in the server list as Another World, or through the IP

Thanks, and hope to see you around!

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