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Better building options required and much needed.

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I had to shift my base, start fresh as people seem to now be blocking of rivers and making it hard to get back into my base.

Now the issue I have is foundations on very small slopes, they either can't be done easily enough or it tells me it is obstructed and yet there is nothing obstructing it. I mean we are talking about a slope that is at best around 5%-10% of an decline or incline. It would be great if there was a way to say put a foundation for a foundation or something to continue expanding on.

For now it is now big deal, but if anyone has any ideas it would be great to hear. I have tried the roof/ceiling option but it looks tacky and doesn't always work, as well as trying the pillar option but again this seems to be tacky and 9/10 when you remove the pillar it removes everything that is not grounded and connecting blocks.

Anyone have other solutions one can try.

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