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On Friday, September 30, 2016 at 11:37 PM, Soulyouth said:


Some Ideas I had for other bonus events,

Super Drops, x2 the loot and higher quality,

Happy Breeder, Faster breeding, much like the Valentines Day event,

Apex Predator, Increased alpha spawns, and alphas of other dinos, Brontos, Argents, Megas, Terror birds, bears etc etc that give helm skins of the dino you killed, terror bird helm, Shark hat! YES PLZ!

ARK Angling, Bonus items from fishing higher quality blueprints.

Super Spelunker, Increased XP and mats gained while inside caves

Fear of the Deep, Increased ocean spawns, + alpha megas

This. Is. Brilliant!! This person has the right idea and I really love the faster breeding. To go along with that how about an increased chance for twins and tripplets? But seriously all of these please!!!!

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