Coming Soon (7/19) Ragnarok! 24/7 PVP  - {ORP Weekdays}

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cschofie    14

Coming Soon (7/4) Ragnarok! 24/7 PVP  - {ORP Weekdays}
An awesome community with an active player base of 18 - 20 players on weekdays and more on the weekends!

Welcome to a NEW Season of our Server on the brand new Ragnarok!!

We have carefully adjusted the settings to  make a very well balanced server.  The rates have been increased just enough to help eliminate some of the grind.  We have ORP on during the weekdays and off on weekends, to accommodate those that work or go to school.  We have a set of rules in place to make sure everyone enjoys the server without fear of being completely wiped or endlessly harassed.  Admin logging is on and the occasional admin commands are broadcasted so folks know what the commands are for.  Please sign up for Discord with the link below.  We heavily rely on this app for player input and involvement.

To Join our server:

1. ) Sign up for discord
2. ) Send a message to our Owner/Admin superman2469 on Discord
3.)  Add the GT: ArkatrazNoTame


XP = 2x 
Harvest = 2.5x 
Tame = 4x
Consumption Speed = 2x
Difficulty = 1 (Max Wild Dino = 150)
Stats Per Level: Health = 1.25X, Stam = 1.25X, Weight = 1.25x, Damage= 1.25x, Speed = 1.25
Turret Damage is higher (Due to eliminating auto turrets and Rockets)
Player Resistance is higher (Less turret damage to players due to higher turret damage)

Public Library
As with any new season of Arkatraz, there will be new and improved public library! Owned and operated by a player tribe (not admins). The aim is to help any and all who seek it, with a collection of blueprints that anyone may come use.  The library also buys/trades for your unwanted blueprints. For a small fee librarians will even mindwipe to put all their stats into crafting to get you that extra boost to your gear.

Just ask for the library on the discord for more info!

Our Rules

These rules are here to make sure we maintain a healthy server with high player count.
Full detail about the rules and consequences can be found on our discord page

New Tribe Grace Period of 5 days
No Base Wiping - Only cause enough damage to get in and out and take what you need
No killing passive Non Threat Dinos that are kept separate from base and plant-x
No Structure Spamming
No PVP at official Server Events or Server Locations
No blocking caves with artifacts


Events will be held at the request of the members of the server and if there is enough support for them.  These events may include:  
Dodo Battle Arena
1v1 Player Boxing tournaments
Find the Hidden Dino,
Find the hidden loot cache.

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BlueLilah    1

I will investigate further but I'm positive nothing was spawned in. Once I get home I will contact the tribe with all of the admins and discuss the situation.  Once again I'm sorry they came at you like that. If you would like to talk about with the other head admins we can get in a party chat and try to find a resolution. 

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