24/7! (PvP Center) *WatchEventsLive!* [ORP]{PvE Area}(Purge!)*AdminLog*[Discord]

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24/7! (PvP Center)*WatchEventsLive!*[ORP]{PvE Area}(Purge!)*Admin Log*[Discord]

24/7 PvP Center Server

** Find more info on our website **

Our website:

Join the discussion!

To join please add and message ArkatrazServer on your Xbox. Then join discord by clicking the link above and request an add.

Welcome to the first bull**** free server were the admins actually play the game and prove it! We have awesome events and attractions. Please remember this is not a crazy boosted server and we have 2X Harvest, 1.75X XP, and 3X taming. 

What sets us apart...

Admin logging, Awesome events, Awesome attractions (Trading Post [50/50]), Offline Raiding Protection, 100% anonymous bounty board, and The Purge.

PvE area

PvE Trading Post: (28/80)

Exclusive PvE Events

Free supplies for new members

Free blueprints for new members to USE (Thieves will be wiped and banned without hesitation)

Contact PvE supervisor for buying, trading, or selling items at the PvE Trading Post


No Catapults (Cause server crashes)

No killing or robbing at events

While in the PvE area you must obey all rules posted - Most Punishable Offense   
(We will wipe and ban the entire tribe of anyone involved without hesitation)

No blocking caves or major resource spawns

No excessive structure spamming

No Griefing or Trolling (Example: A tribe attacks a tribe outside of their class)



Treasure Hunt - Prizes vary

Painted Dino Hunt 

Dino Battle Royale




Gladiator Battle 

Skyscraper Boxing 

Maze Run 


Animal Scavenger Hunt 

Doedicurus Skee Ball 


Dodo Battle 

Bigfoot Basketball 

Feces Basketball 

Feces Dodge ball

and more ....

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I will investigate further but I'm positive nothing was spawned in. Once I get home I will contact the tribe with all of the admins and discuss the situation.  Once again I'm sorry they came at you like that. If you would like to talk about with the other head admins we can get in a party chat and try to find a resolution. 


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