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Introducing the Giant Bee!


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Common Name: Giant Bee
Species: Apis Lithohermaea
Time: Middle Miocene
Diet: Floravore
Temperament: Territorial


In the wild, Apis Lithohermaea Drones never stray far from their nests, which they build high in the Island’s Redwood trees or on rocky cliffsides. Apis Drones can be seen swarming around the nest in groups, but to get a look at the Queen Apis, one would need to crack open the nest itself. Speaking from experience, this is not a pleasant task, as the untameable Apis Drones are quite territorial. I probably should have that one coming, in hindsight. Take caution: Apis stings will significantly weaken any creature which suffers them, and because its stinger is not barbed, Apis can sting multiple times without its stinger being ripped away.


A tamed Apis Queen will lay new drone eggs, and construct a nest that survivors can farm for honey, so long as they remember to wear specialised bee-keeping gear. Said honey is not only sweet and delicious, but laced with scents that land mammals find irresistible. Many hunters use it to bait their traps. Apis Drones will also follow their Queen into battle, so they can be used for self-defence in a pinch. 

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Just now, Renagade655 said:

yay...another bug in the damn redwoods  lol super excited, but I can just see it now...wont be able to leave my base without being stung or attacked by one of the other 600 bugs that hang around me

I know what you mean, I can't go outside my base without being attacked by ants and or scorpions.

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