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LandmARK Center/SE Cross-Ark Server!! Light RP PvPvE


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The human species has come a long way since the Arkitechs bestowed upon them the gifts of knowledge and fire. Wisdom was a gift they withheld, for they wanted to see what potential could evolve from this particular combination of forces. Thus, humankind’s penchant for creativity and creation ever battled with it’s inclination towards and ability for destruction.

As the years progressed, they were less than pleased with the results of their experiment, and resolved to begin anew. They would design and build a vast landscape, rendered to existence with technology beyond the comprehension of even some of the most ancient of races. It is here that select specimens would be relocated for evaluation, and it is here they would be tested in ways they never knew imaginable.

Those who failed to adapt and evolve, past the point of mere survival, would be forgotten. For the few, capable of not only adapting and surviving this harsh new world, but able to actually thrive….they would be the future of the human race. The new beginning of a legacy that would come to be called…

Survival isn’t enough.

About Us:

LandmARK is a light-rp based ARK experience created and maintained by the ARKiTech community. This groups includes ARK enthusiasts with the intent of creating a rich, immersive, and long-term community experience. It offers challenging events, inspiring awards for unique achievements, as well as a community dedicated to providing a mature and self-sustaining environment for people to enjoy.

Our Servers:

We currently run a cluster off of two servers which you can find below:

LandmARK - The Center

LandmARK - Scorched Earth


We use mods which are aimed to provide immersive, creative, and interactive experience. They can be found in the following collection:

LandmARK - Mod Collection


Harvest Multiplier = 5
Exp Multiplier = 2
Difficulty = 5
Max Tribe Size = 5 (To promote more tribes and diversity, and less Alpha tribes)
Egg Hatch Multiplier = 10
Mature Speed Multiplier = 10
Tame Speed Multiplier = 7
Longer days, shorter nights


Crosshair – On
Third Person – On
Giga & Titan spawns disabled (manual spawns only)

Characters can transfer FROM the Center TO Scorched Earth
Characters. items, tames can transfer FROM Scorched Earth TO the Center

Read more: http://arkitech.boards.net/thread/107/advertisement?page=1#ixzz4LUUh4fQG

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Big things will be happening soon, and the community is progressing nicely. We've temporarily removed the PW restriction for both the Center and SE servers. However, we very much advise reading the rules and , if you're looking to stick around to sign up to the forums, read the Rules, and come join us.

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