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Smithy limitation? I cannot make my high grade Saddles

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During the Christmas event I received a super good Blueprint, unfortunately I can't use it.  I found a Journeyman Quetzal Platform Saddle Blueprint and it is impossible to craft.  The amount of materials required to craft this item, which can be crafted at a Smithy, outnumbers the amount of available item slots in a Smithy!  I need 72 item slots to craft this item and the Smithy can only hold 60.  I really would like to craft the item but can't...  Please help resolve this issue.

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So I just received another Journeyman Blueprint, this time for a Mosasaur Platform Saddle... and the materials are insane!  163 item slots required to craft, on a Smithy which only has 60.  2 Impossible crafts, I hope a new smithy comes out with unlimited item slots or something.  The algorythm the devs are using to generate these JM BP's just doesn't fit with current in-game technology lol.  Check it out.


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first  let me say i am enyojing the event the island looks nice and raptor claus is cool you guys did a good job on this

now to the topic at hand . i find this blueprint in one of the drops i  think nice first usefull mastercraft blueprint i got then i take a look at the crafting requirements wich i expected to be big but not insane like they are .

14357 metal ingots

3828 pearls

2153 cementing paste

8614 fiber

11486 hide

has to be build in the smithy

the biggest problem with this is it requires 278 slots with smithy only having 60 slots

so you can't actually build this wich sucks so i gues i am stuck with the primitive blueprint i got during the event


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10 hours ago, Bee said:



we are unlucky, this one need 64 slots in the smithy ...

anyways a respons from the devs, on how to fix this would be nice and pls not the usual soon

Mine needed something like 5,300 hide, 3,200 fiber, 700 something paste, and just under 600 pearls. Barely enough room. I'll do some looking in previous digests and try to find an answer.

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So when we got this, from raptor claus present, today i was so excited. Its an amazing Quetzl Saddle BP.
armor 56.6
Dura 113.6 (doesnt matter on saddles)

Mats needed to make on smithy

5911 Hide (30 slots)
3941 Fiber (20 slots)
788 Paste (8 slots)
670 Silica Pearls (7 slots)
actual BP on smithy to make (1 slot)
total 66 slots
Smithy 60 slots

So StudioWildCard how do we make this?




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This is happening because higher quality items require more resources based upon some multiplier. With Journeyman being a very high level, crafting requirements have exceeded the slot availability in the Smithy. Hopefully, that can be fixed by reducing the multiplier or adding more slots in the Smithy.

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I've now gotten 3 blueprints i cannot craft because of the immense cost of mastercraft platform saddles, and i thought being able to link vaults and/or boxes to smithy and fabricator would make alot of sense for mass crafting and would solve current issues that 15 extra slots in smithy definitely did not fix.
(Alternative: Move platform saddle crafting to fabricator and only enable linking between vaults and fabricator)

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8 minutes ago, rpicardi1 said:

They need to reduce the multiplier on the different levels of crafting.

they have to overwork the whole engram/resource/level system, for alpha it's fine, for a mod it would acceptable, but a game where the crafting takes such a big role you've to spend lot of time desiging a fitting system. 

repainting a car doesn't make it faster, you'll have to improve lot of different parts.

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