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I've read a bunch of other posts about this on reddit, steam, etc.

So here is my story, at first I had a 1 high wall fence around my base, parasaur got killed, so I went to 2 high. All day I spent taming dinos, next day tribe log says an alpha raptor killed all 6 of my dinos. I asked around, according to many other users its a spawning bug and I had to move, so I did. I decided to make my walls 3 high as well since spinos were starting to spawn across the beach. They walk up right next to my base with no problem and walk away, but a rex? A rex walked right up to my gate and stuck his head over the top wall. I instantly made my walls 4 high. Next up is spikes.

Here is my question, am I wasting my time? Because a bunch of others say a rex can glitch his head through my wall and eat everything. :/ I would love to know the answer, and if its been fixed in a previous patch or not. Thanks!

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Dinos can clip their heads through walls still, but the spikes will help cut down the chances if you place them a little way around your base. You could potentially put another wall around the base with the main door on, so it would mean that the inner wall wouldn't be reachable and therefore the dinos wouldn't be able to clip their heads through? Just some options.

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