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Weird bug when joining dedicated player server


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I have been hosting a dedicated player server since launch now. Since joining via the browserlist is not very reliable, most player join using the "join game" option at there friendlist. Today some players told me when joining our server via friendlist, they connect to a completly different server. One of my players even did a Video to further show the bug:

As you see, he is joining gamertag "hadovebeap005" via friendlist. (Screenshot 1)


After loading, at the pausescreen you can see him beeing connected to a non dedicated server for a split of a second. (Screenshot 2).


The pausescreen is telling him, he is connected to a server called "MonsterTundra01" which seems to be hosted by player called "Anne".


Using the friendlist "join game" methode, he should connect to our dedicated player server "XboxFRONT" which worked fine for the last 2 weeks. Several people have reported this bug now and I will look further into this once I`m how at the server.


Hope this will help you guys and hopefully a serverrestart will solve the problem.

Ark Bug 1.png

Ark Bug 2.png

Ark Bug 3.png

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