best way to kill Deathworms?

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On 9/7/2016 at 1:37 PM, Vaskur said:

So.. there is this one Crature in SE that awakens this urgent desire to have it.. The mantis. But since it only eats deathworm spikes, its difficult to even think about taming one. So i was wondering, if there is a good way to kill lthe worms. The wiki only says "yeah.. use a Golem" but that one is no option, since yu can´t tame them on mrimitive (because there is nothing you could knock them out with). So i thought about alternative Ways. is there any animal that is able to challenge them, other than Golem or Wyvern? what about a stronger Rex? I Just have no idea, how strong those worms are.

Any level Giga can work these over easy. ANY Giga, even a level 5 tamed Giga can kill these all day. Also, can kill the Alpha Deathworms.

Tame one on the Island/Center and transfer it over.

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On 12/09/2016 at 9:49 PM, Dustycrow333 said:

I easily solo kill worms. Fire arrows bring a spare bow. Let it surface shoot from afar it goes under run past it at a angle as to not get stuck on it. Rinse and repeat. Long process but with no screw ups and some spare water it's cake. Disclaimer dunno if primitive has fire arrows

I have to say that this is the most bad ass way to get it done.. I've got to try it lol .. my rexes will be sooo jealous 

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