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Jeremy Stieglitz

Scorched Earth Technical/Detail FAQ! (Ongoing)

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22 minutes ago, kromwell said:

Same thing happens to me, I hit travel w/survivor and my character disappears. I think they just don't have it completely setup yet. The client does not know what to do since your character is no longer there. I never thought about copying tribe data over, I just created a new tribe, interesting. Also when you enter the new server do you have access to your engrams? I have to exit the client and log back in to see my engrams.

You could delete the tribe data from the scorched save directory, and replace it.
But any changes or new members would be have to done on both servers, or delete and copy it each time it changes.

I have not had any problems learning ingrams while on Scorched.  Learned the water well.

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1 minute ago, Chiapet said:

You could delete the tribe data from the scorched save directory, and replace it.
But any changes or new members would be have to done on both servers, or delete and copy it each time it changes.

I have not had any problems learning ingrams while on Scorched.  Learned the water well.

Already have several dinos and structures assigned to the new tribe so that is a no go, just wish I would have thought of it before I transferred like you did.

I had trouble seeing the engrams in my show craftables menu. Once I transferred I could not craft anything, they simply did not appear. They were showing learned in my engrams window. I had to log off and back in to get them (old and new) to appear in my craftables menu. Just wondering if other people are having the same problem, and letting people know that if you have this problem logging off and back in worked for me.

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47 minutes ago, Twin said:

I just noticed ASM just updated to support clustering.  Has anybody got this to work yet?  If so please give us a run down of how you did it.




DO THIS FIRST: Backup all of your saved game data!


Some of us have, others have not. If you are running your own personal server (your computer) on your home network this is what I did:

Setup the servers to start just as stated in the first post, you can use your own names for the alternate save directory. Use your own name for clusterid. You will be using the same GameUserSettings.ini so if there are differences (such as mods) that you want between the two they must be used on the command line.*

The first post fails to mention you must use different ports, so ?QueryPort=xxxxx?Port=yyyy on each command line must be different. The ?Port setting, typically 7777, is a little tricky since you only list one but it uses the next port up as well, so it will use 7777 and 7778, so don't use 7778 for the second server.

If you want to restrict what can move between the servers set the download/upload options from the first post to true, otherwise just leave them out.

NoTributeDownloads=False must be in either GameUserSettings.ini or on the command line for both servers.

Make sure your router is forwarding the ports to both servers and your computers firewall allows access.

User Chiapet copied the tribe save over from the old to new saved game directory and reports that worked.

For me I was unable to see my server when trying to transfer until I went into the unofficial server list within the Ark client. I searched for my servers and once they were located I logged into The Island and my Scorched Earth server now appeared in the transfer list

Click travel w/survivor. It will ask for the new server password but nothing will happen other than you disappearing so you can no longer interact with the game world. Hit ESC and exit to to the main menu. Log into the Scorched Earth server and download your character and select a spawn point. Once you establish a base you can spawn at a bed or sleeping bag as normal.

As for hosted servers, some people have reported success and others say their hosts won't or can't do it, but I cannot comment on that since I don't use a host.

* Some users have been able to get clustered servers running from separate directories (so they can use different ini files) by soft linking the cluster directory from one server to the other. This soft link is not necessary if they are run from the same directory, but you lose flexibility of different ini settings.


Edited by kromwell
Added comment about ports.

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@kromwell just read this

"The first post fails to mention you must use different ports, so ?QueryPort=xxxxx?Port=yyyy on each command line must be different. The ?Port setting, typically 7777, is a little tricky since you only list one but it uses the next port up as well, so it will use 7777 and 7778, so don't use 7778 for the second server. "

my second server use port 7778, maybe that's why it does'nt work

will try to change it

edit : well even with port 7779 it does not change

Edited by invisibleraptorpack

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7 minutes ago, invisibleraptorpack said:

@kromwell just read this

"The first post fails to mention you must use different ports, so ?QueryPort=xxxxx?Port=yyyy on each command line must be different. The ?Port setting, typically 7777, is a little tricky since you only list one but it uses the next port up as well, so it will use 7777 and 7778, so don't use 7778 for the second server. "

my second server use port 7778, maybe that's why it does'nt work

will try to change it

I didn't know this.  I will add this to my list of things to try.  Maybe thats why both servers were being called the same thing on the menu but had different map names.  Of course I read this 5 minutes after deleting my setup and starting again.

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On 9/1/2016 at 8:38 PM, Jeremy Stieglitz said:

Hey all,

With Scorched Earth released, there are a lot of technical questions about the various features of the new content on PC and Xbox. So without further ado, I'll be using this space as an info/note scratchpad for info about how Scorched Earth works, for power-users and generally curious Survivors. This thread will be updated constantly throughout the coming days, until it contains all the pertinent information. We'll leave game/content design questions for discussion elsewhere -- gotta keep this manageable  

  • How Cross-ARK Data Transfer works:
  1. For Officials, you can 'upload' Survivors from TheIsland or TheCenter via the "ARK Tribute" option available at any Supply Crate or Tribute Terminal. You can then 'download' these Survivors onto an Official ScorchedEarth Server of that same game mode. Currently only Survivors are allowed to travel TO ScorchedEarth (they can not have any items on them), in order to keep it balanced for the time being. However, FROM ScorchedEarth you can transfer Survivors, Items, and Dinos, which you can then download (via the ARK Tribute) onto TheIsland or TheCenter. So indeed you can bring all ScorchedEarth Items, Dinos, and Survivors (and thus Scorched Earth Engrams) onto TheIsland or TheCenter to extend your capabilities there. When transferring a Survivor between ARKs using this method, Tribes should be retained. However Alliances will not be retained, and will need to be re-setup on the other side.
  2. For Unofficial Servers, if they wish to allow dynamic Cross-ARK Travel, they will need to run two Servers on the same box from the same directory, and then you can launch with the following commandlines:
    ShooterGameServer.exe ScorchedEarth_P?SessionName=MySession1?AltSaveDirectoryName=Save1 -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=mycluster123
    ShooterGameServer.exe TheIsland?SessionName=MySession2?AltSaveDirectoryName=Save2  -NoTransferFromFiltering  -clusterid=mycluster123

    (the clusterid must be the same between the servers!)
    (to avoid saves from clashing each server should use distinct values for: ?AltSaveDirectoryName=<SaveFolderName>)

    you also have options like:
  3. Meanwhile in singleplayer, you can just use the "ARK Tribute" option and then go back to the main menu and host on the other map, and download your data accordingly. We will streamline this process soon as well.
  • How to Host ScorchedEarth dedicated server
  1. Just like a regular ARK dedicated server, except the map name is "ScorchedEarth_P". You do not need to own Scorched Earth to host the map via dedicated server, of course.
  • NVIDIA Ansel and new Cinematic Depth of Field UI
  1. To use NVIDIA Ansel (requires NVIDIA hardware) to take super-cool 360 degree (optionally stereoscopic) screenshots and Super-Resolution screenshots, run the game with the "Launch ARK with NVIDIA Ansel" option on Steam (or run with -allowansel), then specifically in a singleplayer game (without a UI open) press Alt-F2. With the Ansel overlay open, you can alter the various capture settings, and snap away (you can also drag the mouse and use WSAD keys to move the camera)! Personally I recommend entering ARK spectator mode beforehand with the "enablespectator" console command, and there is a new "Depth of Field" menu you can access in Spectator mode by pressing the [Delete] key, which allows you to control and save cinematic depth of field fx (very useful for cinematics creators as well). Note if you're taking 360 degree panoramic screenshots, we recommend leveling the spectator camera with the [Home] key before you open the Ansel UI, otherwise your panoramic screenshot might appear screwed. Have fun and let your inner nature photographer run wild!
  • Scorched Earth Cosmetics
  1. If you own Scorched Earth, you'll gain immediate access to the "Safari Hat" and "ARK Thorny Dragon Saddle" cosmetic skins. They're pretty nifty! There are more cosmetics to be gained as rewards within the Scorched Earth map as well.
  • Size of PC Update
  1. The PC update was so large because we repacked nearly all Textures in the game (using mip sharpening to make them look better), and all meshes (removing unused secondary UV's to save memory), and all Shaders (to support a new SkyLight rendering technique). We had to do this at some point for visual and memory reasons, and determined that this large update was the right time to go ahead and make this one-off change.
  • Primitive+ on ScorchedEarth
  1. The Primitive+ TC is not currently officially supported on ScorchedEarth -- it will be soon, but first we need to have Cedric go through and make sure that you can actually, you know, survive on the map using such simple tools! That will happen in September, and we'll then host some respective servers for that configuration too.
  • Xbox TheCenter Update
  1. It's being worked on, and will be released in September.
  • PC TheCenter Update, Archaopteryx, Tapejara
  1. These are being wrapped up and should be released in about a week. Stay tuned for them!
  • Scorched Earth Dino & Item codes
    Here are the various Dino & Item codes for the Scorched Earth content. Even if you don't own Scorched Earth, you're welcome to spawn/add these to your server or non-ScorchedEarth game to try them out and add more variety. Have fun!
  1. Dinos

  2. Items
  • Modding Scorched Earth
  1. The Scorched Earth content will be made available for Modding (as part of the main ARK Dev Kit) in a couple weeks. Gotta package it all up for a massive devkit update. In the meantime, as far as we know, existing Mods should work fine on Scorched Earth itself.
  • More Scorched Earth Official Servers
  1. We will be adding more ScorchedEarth Official Servers shortly, including more Asia Scorched Earth Servers, OC Scorched Earth Servers, and more Xbox Servers.
  • Why does the Jerboa not warn of weather events on TheIsland/TheCenter, and what about Wind Turbines on TheIsland/TheCenter?
  1. I'll be getting those fixed up to work on all maps early next week. And yes, the Jerboa's sound & animation is different depending on which weather event it is predicting.
  • Can the Mantis wield any melee weapon?
  1. All except for the Stun Prod & Chainsaw!
  • What about Primitive Scorched Earth servers, Engrams list?
  1. Properly configured Primitive Scorched Earth servers will be going up now, and to host your own, here's the INI and the Engrams list: http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/10/535150948605081777/
  • Why is my generator taking damage on Scorched Earth, and why are my water containers leaking?
  1. Due to the intense heat, generators take damage when powered on Scorched Earth, and most water-containers have the water evaporate over time. Use clean-energy Wind Turbines (at a high-wind location), Molleratops and Water Wells for longer-term water needs!
  • Why is my screen all white-streaked and my view input oscillating?
  1. You have likely spent too much time in the heat, and have become seriously heatstroked! Cool yourself down to de-heatstroke, and you can also now make Ice Water by putting a filled waterjar or canteen into a Fridge for 60 seconds, which will cool you down even faster when you drink it (and iced water provides general hyperthermic insulation so it's good to have on you in hot climates!)
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Is there a setting for the Wyverns when on a PVE server. Wyverns will do damage to tribemembers/animals. We can't use them to protect the base as they will kill all the other dinos and people. We have friendly fire on but its suppose to only apply to weapons ect isnt it? Other tames do not damage ppl or tames.

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this is for all the people having trouble with cluster on private network, an answer from support

"Thanks a lot for clearing that one up. I think I'm getting the full gist of the issue at hand and it's something I'm going to have to contact our engineers about. I'll go ahead and try to figure out if there's anything that can be done for this matter at hand. I'll let you know what they say once they get back to me"

so they are aware, let's hope they'll figure it out

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On 9/2/2016 at 4:53 AM, Jeremy Stieglitz said:

We're looking into this issue now.

still no fix? I bought the scorched earth dlc and i wanted to be max level like everyone else who is able to for some reason. I lost 3 official characters that were high level. I would appreciate an explanation or something to fix it? It's highly unfair that i lose 3 official characters when transferring but others can do it no problem.

@Jeremy Stieglitz @Jat @Jen

Edited by Pastafarian

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There seems to be a relationship with whether or not your servers can be seen by some kind of system, and it appears to be Steam. I have been successfully going back and forth on my servers all day when it suddenly stopped working, I could no longer see my server in the list. I went to the main menu and could not see any servers. I checked Steam and it was indicating no connection. I logged out and waited until Steam had a connection again and logged back into the game was was able to transfer servers. If you are unable to see your sever in the transfer list first check https://arkservers.net/ and see if they list your servers. I start with this because it's search seems to be faster than within Ark itself. If arkservers.net does not list your servers you have some kind of block, most likely with a firewall and/or a router. Once arkservers.net sees your servers go into Ark and search for your server in the unofficial list. Once they appear there (it may take awhile) try to transfer servers within the game.

This does seem counter intuitive, servers within your own network cannot see each other until Steam can see them, but since you are hosting a server you need Steam to see your servers anyway.

I hope this helps, maybe post a reply if this helps those who cannot transfer, or if you still cannot maybe there are multiple issues.

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38 minutes ago, invisibleraptorpack said:

maybe you add Something or don't have Something on your command line

ShooterGameServer ScorchedEarth_P?listen?bRawSockets?SessionName=xxxxxx?AltSaveDirectoryName=server1?RCONEnabled=True?RCONPort=xxxx?QueryPort=xxxxx?Port=xxxx?GameModIds=566885854,543859212,731604991,489596581 -NoTransferFromFiltering -log -clusterid=xxxx -servergamelog

bRawSockets restricts packets to UDP, everything else is pretty standard. The Islands is the same with exception of the ports.


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I know you all have check and re-checked a million times, buy if you cannot see your servers on the list and its not on arkservers.net, check your router settings...again. Believe me, I have made a fair share of mistakes myself that I thought were correct. I put in 27071 instead of 27017 for port forward and looked at it several times for a couple of hours until I noticed the mistake. I was so irritated and had been trying to get it working I didn't notice the tiny mistake because I was probably seeing what I wanted to see, the correct numbers just not in the correct order. I caught that mistake and saved the correct port... only to fail to apply the change, which took me another hour or so to realize!

So first things first, look at your command line, ?QueryPort is the most important for seeing it on arkservers.net. ?Port is what allows the game client to communicate with the server but ?QueryPort is what Steam uses to even see your server. Most guides recommend using 27015 but you can, and with multiple servers have to, use something else. Triple check then write down what your command line ?QueryPort is. Now go to your router and go to the port forwarding settings. You will typically have Name of the rule, port from, protocol, IP address, and port to. You may have more, but you should not have less, if you have less it's not going to work. The order also does not matter, different routers do things in different ways. This setting will allow packets from the Internet through your router to your server. The simplest setup is:

port from:27015 (or what the port is your are using)

protocol: both (UDP and TCP)

IP address: the internal address for the computer hosting the server

port to: 27015

Save it and if your router requires it apply the setting. You will need a separate setting for every port you use. If it is purely an internal server you can get away with just the ?QueryPort forwarding so Steam can see your server, ports 7777 and 7778 can be blocked, but no one will be able to log into your server from outside you home network. So if you are hosting two servers for cross Ark transfers you will have 6 rules, for example: ports 27015, 7777, 7778, 27016, 7779, and 7780 all pointing to your server.

The most important thing here is open those ports in your router. All the routers I have ever used are set up to block all unsolicited incoming packets, so you have to open a hole for them and you have to tell the router where to route that packet. So double check all those little tiny numbers that are hard to read, make sure they are correct, saved, and applied and if that does not work dig out that router user manual and double check to make sure all the settings are correct. I am not a network engineer, I am an amateur networking enthusiast and I have setup my own servers for a number of things to tinker with and every time I have had a communication problem, no matter how much I blamed the software or the Internet in general, I found the problem and it was between the keyboard and my chair.

A firewall and a router are not one in the same. You have to add port forwarding rules to route the package and if your router has a firewall built in you may need to add a rule allowing the packet through the firewall as well. Most home routers have a simple firewall that only needs the port forwarding set so check that user manual.

Edited by kromwell
added paragraph about firewalls

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thank u for your interest

well on my router port 27015, 27016; 7777 7778 7779 7780 are redirected both tcp and udp to the computer with a fixed IP

rules are made on Windows firewall too

and i can "customize " my router's firewall but that ask me for thing i don't know like the kind of protocol it is , i don't know if steam is http or ftp or Something else

and also the incoming ip and sub mask and destination ip and mask,

i know what all this is but i don't know what to fill with

I never had to do anything but redirecting ports to get access to my computer ,I often do remote access from outside the network, and opening port what enough !

Edited by invisibleraptorpack

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32 minutes ago, invisibleraptorpack said:

also i try with a dmz and with the router firewall deactivated it don't work

That is totally bizarre, with a DMZ and all your firewalls down and it still not connecting just does not make sense. 

The only reasonable thing I can think of us your router firewall is intercepting the packets, but deactivating the router firewall should have taken care of that. I am sorry, I just don't know what else to try.

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So I just remembered, ?bRawSockets in my command line does not force Ark to use UDP packets, it forces the game client to communicate directly with the server, without this the game uses Steams p2p system. Try a port forwarding range from 27000 to 27050 to see if that fixes the issue. I don't forward that range because I don't uses Steam p2p.

Edited by kromwell

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@Jeremy Stieglitz


I am currently having an issue with my servers, where they share the same config file, when I set the 'PreventUpload' command values to 'true' for dinos and items, players are unable to transfer items and/or dinos from DLC to main game also.

I noticed that on Officials and some other unofficial servers players can transfer items and dinos from the DLC but not back to it. This is the way I want to run my server. But so far any change I make affects both as they share a 'GameUserSettings' file.


Any help on determining which server listens to a specific command? Someway of outlining commands for each server individually?

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