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Scorched Earth Technical/Detail FAQ! (Ongoing)

Jeremy Stieglitz

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Hey all,

With Scorched Earth released, there are a lot of technical questions about the various features of the new content on PC and Xbox. So without further ado, I'll be using this space as an info/note scratchpad for info about how Scorched Earth works, for power-users and generally curious Survivors. This thread will be updated constantly throughout the coming days, until it contains all the pertinent information. We'll leave game/content design questions for discussion elsewhere -- gotta keep this manageable ;) 

  • How Cross-ARK Data Transfer works:
  1. For Officials, you can 'upload' Survivors from TheIsland or TheCenter via the "ARK Tribute" option available at any Supply Crate or Tribute Terminal. You can then 'download' these Survivors onto an Official ScorchedEarth Server of that same game mode. Currently only Survivors are allowed to travel TO ScorchedEarth (they can not have any items on them), in order to keep it balanced for the time being. However, FROM ScorchedEarth you can transfer Survivors, Items, and Dinos, which you can then download (via the ARK Tribute) onto TheIsland or TheCenter. So indeed you can bring all ScorchedEarth Items, Dinos, and Survivors (and thus Scorched Earth Engrams) onto TheIsland or TheCenter to extend your capabilities there. When transferring a Survivor between ARKs using this method, Tribes should be retained. However Alliances will not be retained, and will need to be re-setup on the other side.
  2. For Unofficial Servers, if they wish to allow dynamic Cross-ARK Travel, they will need to run two Servers on the same box from the same directory, and then you can launch with the following commandlines:
    ShooterGameServer.exe ScorchedEarth_P?SessionName=MySession1?AltSaveDirectoryName=Save1 -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=mycluster123
    ShooterGameServer.exe TheIsland?SessionName=MySession2?AltSaveDirectoryName=Save2  -NoTransferFromFiltering  -clusterid=mycluster123

    (the clusterid must be the same between the servers!)
    (to avoid saves from clashing each server should use distinct values for: ?AltSaveDirectoryName=<SaveFolderName>)

    you also have options like:
  3. Meanwhile in singleplayer, you can just use the "ARK Tribute" option and then go back to the main menu and host on the other map, and download your data accordingly. We will streamline this process soon as well.

  • How To Transfer Characters (Official Servers):

You may only Travel from the Island or Center to Scorched Earth, and from Scorched Earth to the Island or Center. You may not travel from the Island to the Center, or vice versa directly. You must be carrying no items in your inventory, including equipped armor.

  1. To initiate a character transfer, access the inventory of either an obelisk or a supply drop beacon.
  2. Click on the button in the top right corner of your screen, labelled "TRAVEL TO ANOTHER ARK!"
  3. A server list will appear, select your intended destination server.
  4. Click the "Join w/Survivor" button in the bottom left of the screen.
  5. You will now load a new session on the target destination server.
  6. Select your preferred spawn point and click on "Spawn Survivor."


  • How To Transfer Items and Creatures:

You may only take items and creatures from Scorched Earth to the Island or the Center, you cannot bring creatures or items to Scorched Earth.

  1. To transfer items and tamed creatures,  access the inventory of either an obelisk or a supply drop beacon.
  2. Click on the button centered at the top of the screen labelled "TRANSMIT ARK DATA"
  3. On the new user interface that appears, you can drag and drop items into the ark for server transfer.
  4. Below you will find the "UPLOAD CREATURES DATA" button, click this to upload animals.
  5. A new creature upload user interface will appear, select the creature you wish to upload.
  6. Press upload creature.
  7. To download items and creatures its the same steps as above, except you need to drag items out of the ark, and use the "DOWNLOAD CREATURES DATA" button.


  • How to Host ScorchedEarth dedicated server
  1. Just like a regular ARK dedicated server, except the map name is "ScorchedEarth_P". You do not need to own Scorched Earth to host the map via dedicated server, of course.
  • NVIDIA Ansel and new Cinematic Depth of Field UI
  1. To use NVIDIA Ansel (requires NVIDIA hardware) to take super-cool 360 degree (optionally stereoscopic) screenshots and Super-Resolution screenshots, run the game with the "Launch ARK with NVIDIA Ansel" option on Steam (or run with -allowansel), then specifically in a singleplayer game (without a UI open) press Alt-F2. With the Ansel overlay open, you can alter the various capture settings, and snap away (you can also drag the mouse and use WSAD keys to move the camera)! Personally I recommend entering ARK spectator mode beforehand with the "enablespectator" console command, and there is a new "Depth of Field" menu you can access in Spectator mode by pressing the [Delete] key, which allows you to control and save cinematic depth of field fx (very useful for cinematics creators as well). Note if you're taking 360 degree panoramic screenshots, we recommend leveling the spectator camera with the [Home] key before you open the Ansel UI, otherwise your panoramic screenshot might appear screwed. Have fun and let your inner nature photographer run wild!
  • Scorched Earth Cosmetics
  1. If you own Scorched Earth, you'll gain immediate access to the "Safari Hat" and "ARK Thorny Dragon Saddle" cosmetic skins. They're pretty nifty! There are more cosmetics to be gained as rewards within the Scorched Earth map as well.
  • Size of PC Update
  1. The PC update was so large because we repacked nearly all Textures in the game (using mip sharpening to make them look better), and all meshes (removing unused secondary UV's to save memory), and all Shaders (to support a new SkyLight rendering technique). We had to do this at some point for visual and memory reasons, and determined that this large update was the right time to go ahead and make this one-off change.
  • Primitive+ on ScorchedEarth
  1. The Primitive+ TC is not currently officially supported on ScorchedEarth -- it will be soon, but first we need to have Cedric go through and make sure that you can actually, you know, survive on the map using such simple tools! That will happen in September, and we'll then host some respective servers for that configuration too.
  • Xbox TheCenter Update
  1. It's being worked on, and will be released in September.
  • PC TheCenter Update, Archaopteryx, Tapejara
  1. These are being wrapped up and should be released in about a week. Stay tuned for them!
  • Scorched Earth Dino & Item codes
    Here are the various Dino & Item codes for the Scorched Earth content. Even if you don't own Scorched Earth, you're welcome to spawn/add these to your server or non-ScorchedEarth game to try them out and add more variety. Have fun!
  1. Dinos

  2. Items
  • Modding Scorched Earth
  1. The Scorched Earth content will be made available for Modding (as part of the main ARK Dev Kit) in a couple weeks. Gotta package it all up for a massive devkit update. In the meantime, as far as we know, existing Mods should work fine on Scorched Earth itself.
  • More Scorched Earth Official Servers
  1. We will be adding more ScorchedEarth Official Servers shortly, including more Asia Scorched Earth Servers, OC Scorched Earth Servers, and more Xbox Servers.
  • Why does the Jerboa not warn of weather events on TheIsland/TheCenter, and what about Wind Turbines on TheIsland/TheCenter?
  1. I'll be getting those fixed up to work on all maps early next week. And yes, the Jerboa's sound & animation is different depending on which weather event it is predicting.
  • Can the Mantis wield any melee weapon?
  1. All except for the Stun Prod & Chainsaw!
  • What about Primitive Scorched Earth servers, Engrams list?
  1. Properly configured Primitive Scorched Earth servers will be going up now, and to host your own, here's the INI and the Engrams list: http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/10/535150948605081777/
  • Why is my generator taking damage on Scorched Earth, and why are my water containers leaking?
  1. Due to the intense heat, generators take damage when powered on Scorched Earth, and most water-containers have the water evaporate over time. Use clean-energy Wind Turbines (at a high-wind location), Molleratops and Water Wells for longer-term water needs!
  • Why is my screen all white-streaked and my view input oscillating?
  1. You have likely spent too much time in the heat, and have become seriously heatstroked! Cool yourself down to de-heatstroke, and you can also now make Ice Water by putting a filled waterjar or canteen into a Fridge for 60 seconds, which will cool you down even faster when you drink it (and iced water provides general hyperthermic insulation so it's good to have on you in hot climates!)
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
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I just wana say I love the game and the idea of scorched earth but why make it need 2 servers for private servers to make use of it why not make it so u can use the oblisiks similar to boss arenas but instead they warp you to the scorched earth with out needing artifacts to summon the portal and obviously having the oblisks on the scorched earth map players can summon the manticore boss and warp to and  from the DLC Zone please look into re working the DLC to work this way 90% of us private server owners don't have the money to waist on another server just so we can make use of the DLC. Also where you began to give the spawn commands for the creatures it just says .TBD so is there another place we can get the commands from ? ive tried google and for once google has no answers lol


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Hey guys, slightly off put here. My servers were set up through ASM. I know where the ini files are and a little about them, but where do i put the command lines....

ShooterGameServer.exe ScorchedEarth_P?SessionName=MySession1?AltSaveDirectoryName=Save1 -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=mycluster123
ShooterGameServer.exe TheIsland?SessionName=MySession2?AltSaveDirectoryName=Save2  -NoTransferFromFiltering  -clusterid=mycluster123


Probably looking dumb for asking but I would prefer that over breaking the server box

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14 minutes ago, MultiKore said:

Hello @Jeremy Stieglitz, Ark loaded twice during a cluster server transfer and now I no longer have a character on either server. Whats the next step?

@Jeremy Stieglitz @Jat @Jen  Im having same problem... happened to 3 of my characters... not too happy because there will most likely be no fix and the people it happened to are sol

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3 minutes ago, Twin said:

I read somewhere a certain blood cured disease on Scorched Earth - not Leech blood

The server is 6 hours old. You can't be around your tribe without infecting them. Can't tame without infecting them. Can't farm for this "special blood" without dying before you can even try.

The fact of the matter is that people weren't infected by leeches on Scorched Earth, they BROUGHT the infection over from another map... If you are on Xbox and have Scorched Earth go check out any servers...everyone is complaning beacuse everyone is just running around purposely infecting people.

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1 minute ago, Rene said:

The server is 6 hours old. You can't be around your tribe without infecting them. Can't tame without infecting them. Can't farm for this "special blood" without dying before you can even try.

The fact of the matter is that people weren't infected by leeches on Scorched Earth, they BROUGHT the infection over from another map... If you are on Xbox and have Scorched Earth go check out any servers...everyone is complaning beacuse everyone is just running around purposely infecting people.

Same post FYI twice in a row


Sounds very frustrating but I believe short of uploading a cure Wyverns blood is the only antidote on SE. 

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38 minutes ago, MillerAlert said:

Hey guys, slightly off put here. My servers were set up through ASM. I know where the ini files are and a little about them, but where do i put the command lines....

ShooterGameServer.exe ScorchedEarth_P?SessionName=MySession1?AltSaveDirectoryName=Save1 -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=mycluster123
ShooterGameServer.exe TheIsland?SessionName=MySession2?AltSaveDirectoryName=Save2  -NoTransferFromFiltering  -clusterid=mycluster123


Probably looking dumb for asking but I would prefer that over breaking the server box

I'd like clarification on this as well. I have two servers and I seen several posts about double loading and losing saved data when launching Ark + Scorched Earth. Don't want to modify until we know no ones going to get burned. 

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34 minutes ago, Zorendier said:

I'd like clarification on this as well. I have two servers and I seen several posts about double loading and losing saved data when launching Ark + Scorched Earth. Don't want to modify until we know no ones going to get burned. 

Under the Administration tab in ASM at the bottom there is a test field called Additional Args that these lines can be placed. Back up your poop and test to see how things work. That was you can revert if it breaks. Currently running this myself.   

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3 hours ago, FreshLEGACY said:

I just wana say I love the game and the idea of scorched earth but why make it need 2 servers for private servers to make use of it why not make it so u can use the oblisiks similar to boss arenas

This would require the entire Scorched Earth map to be hidden underneath The Island.
That's where the boss arenas are hiding, they're not on another server. Just fyi  

Will we in the future get the option to transfer dinos to the Obelisk? Not to get them to Scorched Earth, but to get dinos from official servers to unofficial. My girlfriend has many animals she has to keep fed and unclaimable every week.
The Scorched Earth obelisks could simply spot that the animal/items were uploaded from The Island and not allowed them to come through to keep the balance intact.

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Can we disable the transfer cooldown on our servers, so the players can go to the new map and come back whenever they want ? Plus it would be great if all the structures ownership was saved cross-servers. Then it could more or less work like a single server, thats what I'm looking for.

Edit : In my opinion these two things are vital to have a good integration of your DLC on our servers. I don't want to have two separate servers.

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