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ARK: Scorched Earth Expansion Pack!


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Hey 'Jat', one quick question : Are you insane?

I don't care how you want to justify the price tag.  This is an early access game release on xbox one that's still completely unoptimised and bug ridden.  Your team gets leeway on that BECAUSE it's still in early preview.  It's acceptable.

But trying to push paid DLC content when your base game isn't complete or even running to a quality standard smacks of exploitation of your playerbase in the worst possible way.

Your Studio's development priorities here are insulting and regardless of the reasoning put forward, understand that the gaming community at large will call it for what it is and slap it down as it deserves.

For a release like this with great potential in a sea of online survival experiences, you need to focus on nailing the core structure of your game before you even CONSIDER development work on new content.

If Ark development was the primary focus and we had a solid performing final release on Xbox and PC, I have no doubt the gaming community at large would 100% back the studio on a release like this.  Paid content is not a problem at all for a hungry playerbase.

But pushing paid content when the core gaming experience still has so many issues is a glaring insight into the development studio's priority process.

At the end of the day, this discussion isn't even about whether the 'new content' justifies the price tag.

This is about whether the studio should even be focused on content development at all when the core gaming experience on base technicals needs so much more attention.

This DLC looks good on paper for sure, but for the struggling and supportive Ark playerbase riding along with their early access dollars to see a quality release, they will react very angrily to this move on behalf of the studio.

If WildCard thinks the early payoff of new content is worth the risk, they may want to think again.

They may have just signed the death warrant of this franchise.

I paid to be on board with the Xbox One release under the preview program because I like the core concept design and wanted to support the studio to realise the full potential of this game.

But this game is still far from finished and not even ready for final release yet.  It runs poorly at the best of times on Xbox One with shockingly low frame rates and countless bugs and glitches.

Wild Card's focus here clearly hasn't been on getting this game up to a quality standard on console and in a sea of half finished survival games on the market that's still growing, I just cannot continue to provide support for this DLC.


I refuse to support it at this point in time & I certainly won't pay a dime for it.  If anything, I'm likely to just quit supporting the game completely.

Wild Card needs to understand that their business priorities currently conflict with their supporting playerbase.


* We don't WANT 'new' content at this point in time.

* We want a quality, core Ark experience first.

Your studio may think it's already meeting the objective of the second point, but if your community support team is active enough on social media, you will soon find out how disasterously wrong this assumption actually is.

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7 minutes ago, CryptedJeffrey said:

I bet your a great guy, if we would have some beers and a talk, outside of your function at WC, the true additional opinions would emerge. But to be fair it looks great. Just insanely bad timing.

Tomorrow we'll read about Elon Musk already selling pieces of land on Mars. Why not right?

Nope this is my true opinions. I was bored of the ARK, I didn't actually play much, as with most games after a while it's repetitive. This is exactly what was needed for me because there is so much to drag me back in again. Yes paying for a DLC sucks, but i'm happy to support it so I see no issue.

I understand people won't like the way it's been handled etc and people will want the Devs to focus on ARK first, but just because I have my opinions doesn't mean they aren't real opinions.

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I'm so noob... so just want to say awesome release already bought it I support the game can't wait to play it....but I am upset that the game is in alpha testing and send then it has had a mini game release and expansion that I had to download with no intent on playing until I realized I have to download it to play my old game.. but now that you have released these 2 add-ons can you please work on the basic game I'm glade to see the expansion but deeply... deeply saddened by the lack of attention to the actual game so please focus on the bugs and optimizations before starting on the next expansion. That being said great job and please work on your priorities before other games get appealing because I really love this game 

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so where are all the items like saddles and whips and stuff i cant find any of them, i tamed a moralloceratops thingy and have no saddle for it. also i understand why some people are mad for having to pay for it when the center and primitve puls were free, but this expansion is too cool i've only played a couple hours and already love it but i want to be able to ride that thing. also anyone else having trouble with the quick keys like o and t not doing what they are supposed to do in the inventory

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On the Xbox I lost my base, my dinosaurs, and everything I worked so hard for! Really! I am very disappointed in the WildCard Studio, instead of making new DLCs they need to focus on the core game itself and fix the saving data issues when the  customer updates their game and etc. but still though I am very disappointed and I really do hope WildCard finds a way to bring my dinosaurs as well as everyone else's back to the game cause they did not spend good money on this game to loose all the stuff they probably worked on for months but the point is to fix your darn game it's really insulting to the people who spent good money on it and it makes them feel like they aren't being heard! Wild Card instead of focusing on what'll look good on the game and get you more money, focus on the customers and see what they think maybe then you'll stop getting a ton of complaints and start getting more and more players and buyers, very disappointed.

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This is disgraceful.

I'm really disappointed; you guys were going so strong with the "these devs do Early Access the right way," momentum you had going from the beginning. Frequent updates. Responsive to feedback. You made me feel confident that this game would actually reach full release, and not stay in development Limbo for years on end like so many other "early access" models.

And then you do this.

"We're holding off on polish because there's no point in making improvements that might get overwritten by future development."

Okay, but you're well over your projected deadline for release already, and you still don't seem to have a coherent end-goal for the game's content. You're just piling on hype-generating fluff while continuing to ignore the core gameplay. Sure, I'll give you some slack because of the legal trouble you ran into earlier this year... but I should think that would make you redouble your efforts to catch up, not waste development resources on paid content before you even finish with the game you initially sold to us.

Which brings me to my first question: why?!

Didn't you guys make buttloads of money off of initial sales? Off of the publicity you got from streamers? Why is this not playing out similar to the way Starbound did, where the developers made enough to continue development without any additional sales for the next decade? Starbound took forever and a day to come out, but it did, and the devs didn't need to dangle any paid content before customers who had already paid up-front before they even finished their first obligation.

Did you give it all away in SoTF tournaments? I haven't been too happy with those, either. 

Where is the polish?

Where is the end-game?

Where is the story?

Where is the dedicated single-player experience?

You pump out new content heaped on new content, but none of it seems to have any direction. It's just fanservice. Don't try to give me that whole "Ascension" mechanic you guys seem set on either. That's basically just NG+, and it doesn't do a darned thing to address how flat the base game is. Yes, multiplayer makes it dynamic, but I didn't get this game to relish in competitive FPS crap. The PvE game needs attention too, and at this point it doesn't have much meat to it outside of a resource grind.

I can't even begin to sufficiently express how completely this disappoints me.

Please... Finish. Your. Game.

New toys and dinos are fun and all, but there comes a time when you actually need to get around to doing your homework. When you get around to touching up awkward animations. When you get around to addressing the progression that has blistered out of control into a meaningless grind. When you get around to balancing your game so that players can be challenged by something other than an arbitrarily vast difference in stats. When you get around to making sure your game runs beautifully like your trailers on hardware that isn't quite top-of-the-line.

I wait for updates to the product I've already bought, not additional cash-grabs, and it is endlessly aggravating to think that you've spent time working on this thing.

I firmly believe that your fanbase needs to be patient with the speed of development... but patience has its limits when you do stuff like this.

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9 hours ago, JoeVandal49 said:

They released an expansion for a game that we paid money for already. A game that has not yet officially released. A game that i have been told constantly since purchasing that it is in "alpha state" and will be finished.

Im not happy. How about finishing and officially releasing the product people already paid for before you try to reach back into our wallets for more.

I may be done with Wildcard on principal alone.

Outside of that, the release looks awesome. 

I agree the release looks awesome, but it pisses me off so much that people actually bought it instead of raging to wildcard, about charging for this and devoting manpower to this when they dont even have an optimized game, and its still riddled with bugs. DILO wildcard. they should seriously issue an apology for being money grabbin devs instead of doing what they promised their players for a year now. DX12, Nvidia Optimizations! Finished Base game, .. then you wait and collect feedback.. and then .. mabey then you release paid dlc. Now they have to worry about 2 separate games essentially  on multiple game platforms which means they gave up on fullfilling their promise to optimize and release the dx12. Nope.. Never agian, this was my last early access, or open betta, gimme a full working polished game or get the raptor out! 

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P+ ? I Hope you fixed it. The PC Version got an absolutely broken build, the first patch was weeks after the release and this patch wasn't released on Mac nor Linux.

So fix your poop first or get some balls and communicate with your community. 3-4 Weeks no statement on P+ in the forums! One of the worst community works i have ever seen!

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raptor. You. 

Remember all those things you haven't fixed / added like ascension,  or the taming? I spent countless posts right here defending your practices, release cycles, on the assumption that you werent a big corporate sellout. I kept insisting that unlike other large indie survival devi you were actually going to finish your game and not use the "alpha" blanket to silence all criticism. But then you go and release a DEC. 


Congratulations, wildcard, you just turned one of your most die-hard fans into your biggest critic. 

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1 minute ago, Mikesoandso said:

Pay the guys.... you know you love how far its going! lets see how far we can go, they need our help to make the dream come true..... your 20 bucks will help make this game....

The 30 bucks we originally paid was supposed to make the game. They even did way better than they expected to in terms of sales. 

They never let down? I feel pretty let down right about now. The fact that they've made DLC isn't the problem... the fact that they've made DLC and their base game isn't even starting to resemble a finished product is.

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