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Gigantopithecus twin babies vanished


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I had twin Gigantopithecus babies born yesterday sat and hand fed them for  round 8 hours to log off and go to bed. Logged on this morning and they had vanished. Tribe log clean and free of their deaths. Not around base. Can't see names anywhere at all were in a locked baby room I've raised 10 babies in so far never any issues. Destroyed foundations where babies were and not in them.

Wander set to off had been in same spot for the whole hand feeding stage. Had 3 stacks berries in inventory and 30 stacks berries in feed bin.  

Server friends also had issues with vanishing babies recently. 

193 server

Xbox one

Weirdos of tribe : Chunky Monkey

79.1 13.0

I have no picture of the babies but have profile videos of them being born and claimed as well a few pics from this morning of tribe logs and room etc. No idea how to get them off my profile to here though..

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