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Spotlight: Procoptodon, and New Years Eve Ball!

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Are they going to create an automatic queing system for trying to enter lobbies? Battlefield 4 has that... 


Also, what if the more time you spend on a server is logged and helps elevate your position in the lobby que? Many players feel at home on a main server of theirs thst they enjoy for many reasons such as progress, tribal relations, domination, friends, etc. But make it so the server is checked for amount of daily use AND weekly amount of use and it averages the two numbers, compares it to others trying to enter and chooses who to move closer to the top slot off of that data. 

Also, how about a tow line and small anchor piece for rafts so they can tow each other, but waaaay better than dragging a body, lol? 

Speaking of boats, can there bea connector that enables rafts to be fixated together to combine weight and item maximum totals? Like a double pontoon system? I was literally 11 pieces away from finishing my boat and denied further adjustment.

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EXCUSE ME, people, I have a unique suggestion for game improvement. It is Ark. There are obviously alien overtones in it. There are many servers. Let's get clever with servers somehow. How about at the lobby selection screen a new indicator is implemented that represents the fact that within a single server that all the Ark towers have been activated and cleared. If a server is cleared then it matches randomly to another server that has had the same happen in its game world. 


The two servers,,being tagged by each other, ooerate by themselves but by special access there can be 35 players from one server and 35 from another server get transported to a new map that is all alien, wierd, and has countless wide huge caves all through it. A middle world. A place where fellow server players become friendlies and opposite ones are hostile and many new rewards can be gained from there. Players can be freely transported between their server world and the middle world.


The reward would be a single consummable item in a dangerous location that once aquired by a player transports that player and any of their pamrticipating tribe members back to their server world. PAY ATTENTION HERE, When it is consumed, the item gives the whole tribe the ability to craft any "learned" items for free for only 5 minutes. HOWEVER, it makes each member shine like a supply drop with a golden beam shooting straight up during the 5 minutes. It also reduces their defense rating for the duration. Any player character that is "unconscious" will also shine.


The item gets consumed, the Ark towers reset, the middle world dissipates, and the server that lost has a collection of untameable rampaginging beasts flung all over the map that have no rewards, but can be harvested. Such beasts would be a dragon, 4 broodmothers and something else. Or whatever.

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On ark survival Xbox one me and my friends were transfering they're procoptodons level 87 female and level 12 male and we were heading up to the volcano to make saddles for them and when I got off my quetzal I lagged out which made them lag out because it was on my server and when I got back on we were at the volcano and my friends procoptodons weren't there and we searched all over and didn't find them so can you  possibly help out and give us new procoptodons 

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