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First biological warfare in the form of diseased dodo bombs... now we're dropping moth mustard gas on people... Does the ARK have a Geneva Convention?


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This excites me more than I can express lol. Giant flying moth is something I didn't even realize I wanted so badly till just now. I think some species of moth have poisonous dust on their wings, I can't swear to that though. I shall research and come back.

Edit: Ok, so after some quick research I have returned with some light to shed hopefully. The dust on moth/butterfly wings is like "scales" made from hairs. Now Tarantulas can throw like barbed hairs into a predators eyes to blind them. Sooooo possibly this moth does something similar but instead of blinding its like a cloud of poisonous hair dust, kinda like a Venomoth from pokemon using Poison Powder lol.

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What is happening to Ark? Why do Mysterious Mysteries exist? Now hear me out, I'm NOT against creativity, I want Ark to evolve I want them to be creative, but they're just taking it too far with these non existing creatures. It's bad enough we got the Broodmother, Megapithecus, Dodorex and Dragon. We don't need anymore fictional creatures. The reason I started playing Ark was because of all of the prehistoric creatures that once existed. I got to see some of my favorite prehistoric creatures such as the T-Rex, carno, mammoth, trike, giganotosaurus and all the rest of them. I am really excited for the Pelagornis and Allosaurus in the next update. I liked where Ark was going with the Dino Dossiers. Now it has been 3 weeks since Tapejara was confirmed. When are they going to reveal the Gorgonopsid and Giant Crab dossiers? What happened to those?! All Mysterious Mysteries is is a complete waste of our time (well, a waste of my time anyway.) Again, I'm NOT against creativity, I just personally think that these Mysterious Mysteries are taking it way too far. That's just my opinion. Other than that, I love Ark.

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